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About My Gothic Style... (Remastered)

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It took me an extra day to figure out how to zoom the text and tweak the contrast levels...sorry that your comments have been deleted from the first one, they were appreciated. Tag from Lavinalive about personal style and influences throughout ones life. Topics such as film Highlander, Legend, Dracula, music and Gothic culture. http://youtu.be/xD42CIkTx1s http://youtu.be/8XjNSZvgA3o
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Gore (5 years ago)
kisses from the dark and vampiric Andalusia (Seville). I like your style.Nice fangs!!!.wonderful voice!!!. I am also Gothic!!. Please this song is mine ;) It says this...more or less..in spanish (i have translated to English). Sorry my english is horrible:   Love, pain free you, come to me. Love, I'll take the pain that's inside you. Bite your skin Before full moon You will dawn with my blood from your veins. I yield my thirst And my sweet sentence live forever, forever by my side. Give me the last dance And a kiss of death And the days of my life to devote to love you. Let your body go lifeless Caress the neck Hold me forever ... Come to me ... Come to me ... Love, pain free you Love, I'll take the pain ... It's inside you. Hypnotize you with my voice calm I'll take you to my secret alcove flying You will not escape, tonight is our You will become the perfect creature. You will die without dying You will live without living Wish you had not been born Not having met Let the stars we light the way. Chorus: Love. [...]  Aliviaré tu dolor por gore (my song in youtube link) Do you like this song?
Victor Moregore (5 years ago)
This is an amazing letter, thank you. I'm a little overwhelmed. The poem is beautiful and I watched the video. Your English is very good, I understood it all. I once had a girlfriend from Seville (many years ago) she taught me a little Spanish. I hope we can chat some time, or you could make a video about your passion for gore! Take care X
Victor Moregore (5 years ago)
Is it that rare? It played a big part in my life. Have you seen my darkness voice over video?
LunarSacrament (5 years ago)
I have finally found someone else who has seen Legend! Cue the bouncing for joy.
TimothyPaul (5 years ago)
Highlander an Lost Boys
monagirl (5 years ago)
Great video. I am going to have to watch those films!
Sharaya LeStrange (5 years ago)
Villains are hot! Superheroes are borrring.
Victor Moregore (6 years ago)
How nice of you to be so formal, thank you. I hope you had a fun Xmas and a happy new year to you and your family.
Crystal Motionless (6 years ago)
@morrgore you sir are a very interesting gentleman thank you for sharing this fine video with us good day to you sir
Thalita Maya (6 years ago)
@Morrgore thank you honey! you are very kind. very special. ;-)
Victor Moregore (6 years ago)
Really!? Wow thanks, you've got a great singing voice ^V^^V^
Thalita Maya (6 years ago)
Your eyes... oh my... I am in love!
Nephilim Incorruptus (6 years ago)
Very interesting influences! I share those as influences, though I only realize it as you mention them. When I started styling in a gothic direction, the Kurgan was particularly interesting to me because of his imposing figure. I've always been fairly short and started wearing black as something of a defense mechanism.
Kris (6 years ago)
i have just noticed the shirt you are wearing its awesome I have exactly the same one but I don't really wear it
vampiresiren2 (7 years ago)
i dig your taste in music and movies
NikiBabyDoll (7 years ago)
@Morrgore Hahahaha well creepy or not, maybe soo! =p
Victor Moregore (7 years ago)
@NikiBabyDoll That's very sweet of you, thanks you. Would you like me to seduce you? Is that what you're trying to tell me? (That's from a film called the Graduate, I wasn't being creepy there lol)
NikiBabyDoll (7 years ago)
@Morrgore i agree with creepyj =p
Victor Moregore (7 years ago)
@CreepyJ I'd like to see hot fit you are ^V^^V^ thank you, you're very kind X
CreepyJ (7 years ago)
You have beautiful eyes, and accent.......... yeah I don't see you having any problems seducing anyone you see fit. :)
katy hackers (7 years ago)
Bad guys in movies ALWAYS have more style!!
Victor Moregore (7 years ago)
@Mahafsoun Yes indeed, I was tagged the day before I made this and I had to narrow it down to just a few. Given the time, money and talent, I would have made an hour long video about how many influences there have been in my life :-)
Mahafsoun (7 years ago)
Dracula (Bram Stoker's) is one of my favourite movies, alongside Interview With The Vampire. I think they are both inspiring in what comes to fashion and style.

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