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Long to short Hairstyle | By Kochi

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Hello my friends. Alot of you did not have the chance to see this hair tutorial so we decided to upload it again with a new song. Hope you like it. please write which hairstyle you want to see in our next hair tutorial. Model: kevin triguero Director: Sipel Amedi
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Ben Terry (16 days ago)
He's got great genetics, he will look good in almost any cut, however he has gone from model to head of sales, he really would stand out anywhere with the long hair but with the short he is just a good looking office worker. depends what kind of attention you enjoy I guess.
Super Saiyan 3 (20 days ago)
he didnt look bad with short hair just that style was boring and didnt suit him
Travis Rasch (21 days ago)
He went from I'll paint your girl nude to I'll do your girl's taxes
Chad Thompson (1 month ago)
Wtf is this softcore gay porn shit, all smiling back and forth at each other good grief
Alon3_ (1 month ago)
That intro is so gay
dab savage (1 month ago)
Short hair is much cleaner
Alejandro Reyes (1 month ago)
That’s not short
김기현 (1 month ago)
Alejandro Reyes (2 months ago)
Is that Adam Levine
Saving Duke (2 months ago)
Nahh the cut was to clean it would have been better if he left more volume in his hair
Nini Gaming (2 months ago)
Love the cut hair ima cut some hair too lol jk
J-R0 Compilations (2 months ago)
What is this hairstyle called? Someone please help me out I need a haircut ASAP!
Q Chilli (3 months ago)
This dude looks like a buff Anthony Padilla
Doreen Fitzgerald (3 months ago)
Handsome both ways
counter556 (3 months ago)
what would i tell my barber if i wanted the same hair cut? undercut etc?
Monica Oldenkamp (3 months ago)
Why they cut his hair, he looks great with long hair.
riaz majd (3 months ago)
I have to say you destroyed him now.
Hudson DeBoer (3 months ago)
did he have wax or paste in his hair at the end
K P (3 months ago)
It's just a woooooow...
Nathaniel Santos (4 months ago)
Handsome hot
Pelihuppu (4 months ago)
I had long hair but cut it now it doesnt go over my eyes and everything is better looks good too
Junior Maru (4 months ago)
Nossa cortou aquele cabelão bonito !!! Que dó rsrsrs
devesh kr lawania (4 months ago)
It's just so painful to watch all those hair cut down
CNBW (4 months ago)
Some guys don't like long hair, they shouldn't be dictated about it for the sake of attracting girls, give me a break.
raym 110 (4 months ago)
Good Transformation
christian navarrete (4 months ago)
This music wack af
Chief Greco (4 months ago)
He went in looking like a rockstar and left looking like a dime a dozen chump...
Rebaal Rafiq (4 months ago)
can you send me your own hair cut video in this video
Nicole M (4 months ago)
That long hair 😍
arpit jakhmola (4 months ago)
Barber looks more handsome
Kelly Brooks (4 months ago)
I like long hair
redhot (5 months ago)
Well with a face like that he can pull off any style of hair
Khadija Elboushi (5 months ago)
You fucked him up 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💔
Perro Vegano (5 months ago)
Gay, lo más seguro... porque los más guapos les truena la reversa...
Modox (5 months ago)
His long hair radiates sex appeal
Uzair Hameed (5 months ago)
why did you do that bro :(
Grant Noroyan (5 months ago)
great cut and style :)
Laura Kratovil (5 months ago)
You turned him into you 😂
Fucking perfect. Very professional haircut. No fades and undercuts and shits like that. Classic. Well done!
Monosola Mosola (5 months ago)
Documentários Online (5 months ago)
he looks like Tarzan
Naren Soni (5 months ago)
Love u sir
iheartheenim (5 months ago)
goddamn that face!
Xox Marichat lover xox (5 months ago)
I ganna get this haircut even though I'm a girl cuz long hair annoys me so much
SHIRIL (5 months ago)
Long was better
ednaldo barbosa Barbosa (5 months ago)
Ola.sou Ednaldo de Echapora.Brasil. Parabens pelo canal.sou teu fã.abraços
Raymundo Espedido (5 months ago)
he looks like an a list Hollywood celeb
Lar (5 months ago)
When your that good looking, does it really matter whether it is long or short?
Lyke Leis (5 months ago)
Nice!! Ahmm what tshirt brand he's wearin'?
Lyke Leis (5 months ago)
Nice!! Ahmm what tshirt brand he's wearin'?
GreenBug (5 months ago)
what is the name of the Hair cut?
ninn Jam (5 months ago)
u can c also worker's so gorgeous hair style also
Me * (5 months ago)
I don't know.  Good cut but this guy was much more handsome with his longer hair.
emmett kendal (5 months ago)
should not have cut it.
Daniel Halifax (5 months ago)
Brilliant! Thank you!
Rodoula Doulos (6 months ago)
This guy looks like one of Archangel Michaels helpers........MAN when God has HAPPY DAYS he makes guys like this!!!!!!!
Eliza Herbich (6 months ago)
He’s fucking hot
Lys Sweet (6 months ago)
He is hot with his long hair.... :(
Jhun Asdali (6 months ago)
mazzab1970 (6 months ago)
That is a beautiful haircut.
ayatchafaqui (6 months ago)
1 million times better
yeyen twi (6 months ago)
Amazing 😱😱😱😱👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😊😊😊
aniss lahh (6 months ago)
The barber is so hawtttt
Tom Cruise
Rizky Diananto (6 months ago)
How much does it cost to have haircut like that there? in Indonesia it just costs USD 4 (tip is included)
farhan elayi (6 months ago)
kochi Kerala
Ihmp (6 months ago)
So sad to see such elegant long hair get cut off... Still, the hairdresser did a great job and gave him a professional, sleek looking haircut.
hannaxo2110 (6 months ago)
Looks sooo good!!
Dũng lê (6 months ago)
where can i buy that t shirt?
Moises Radilla (6 months ago)
Any type of haircut will match to anyone this good looking
Snooty Fox (6 months ago)
Ummm ....he looks like the Barber lol
Hello (6 months ago)
with long hair was better
Romano Gitano (6 months ago)
Needless to say, this guy is handsome no matter what hairstyle he gets.
polyprinz (6 months ago)
He looks a lot better now. Absolutely gorgeous guy!!!
Amanda denman (6 months ago)
Love the short hair. Don’t hide that sexy jaw line under all that hair VERY NICE!! 😍
Eva Murphy (6 months ago)
I luv u 😍
Bonnie Yost (6 months ago)
My man, this 80-year-old lady thinks you're gorgeous!
Phil Baugh (6 months ago)
He is Mr. Handsome Perfect Guy. So, he could wear a dead rat on his head and still look alluring.
rainbow unicorn boyd (6 months ago)
two hot and sexy men!!
Marci Samms (6 months ago)
i vote long
Yvonne Reeves (6 months ago)
Oh why!!!!!??? I love the long hair! It was sexy!😞
Eve Black (6 months ago)
This was like hair porn
Laura Gwillim (6 months ago)
Hotter with long hair imo but he seems pleased with the shorter hair and that’s what counts!
diane mainiero (6 months ago)
Ampi jamenim (6 months ago)
Both hair style is same..
Nikki Hopkins (6 months ago)
The haircut was nice but i think the long hair suited him better.
Deepa Lall (6 months ago)
I loved his long hair 😒
joe r newsom (6 months ago)
gorgeous ! I'm not goodlooking for this :(
isa burhan (7 months ago)
Handsome boy. .
Varsha Kendre (7 months ago)
sir where is your saloon
Varsha Kendre (7 months ago)
sir your hairstyle is much better than this costomber
Bee. Happy (7 months ago)
He was super hot to begin with!
joni kejani (7 months ago)
Why did you cut your long hair?
tippi dornan (7 months ago)
boi he was hotter with long hair smh
Alexander Dedario (7 months ago)
To all those guys bickering about long hair, let me tell you something, it’s not a practical hairstyle. You cannot do the blue collar stuff with that hair. Moreover it is not acceptable in an office environment. Long hair men may only be good looking models.
Amarisse-Anaisse Lee (7 months ago)
shino A S (7 months ago)
u mess his look ... he is better before
Steve- in-Cornwall (7 months ago)
Superb haircut.  Loved it long and also love it short.  Brilliant stylist.
Exclusively Midhun (7 months ago)
He was looking good on long hair. I wonder why a hair dresser cannot suggest which looks good on a person??
Sahibzada Tufail (8 months ago)
1:57 he look like a statue

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