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La traviata: 'Brindisi' ('The Drinking Song') – Glyndebourne

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Recorded live at Glyndebourne Opera House, July 2014. http://www.glyndebourne.com Venera Gimadieva (Violetta), Michael Fabiano (Alfredo), Tassis Christoyannis (Germont), Emanuele D’Aguanno (Gastone), Magdalena Molendowska (Annina), Hanna Hipp (Flora), Eddie Wade (Baron Douphol) London Philharmonic Orchestra, The Glyndebourne Chorus, Mark Elder (conductor) & Tom Cairns (director) DVD and Blu-ray: http://www.glyndebourneshop.com/verdi-giuseppe-la-traviata-2014/
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Text Comments (217)
I have seen la traviata live and I think it was glyndebourne who did that performance. It was amazing!
MOJIN 69 (5 days ago)
너무 멋있고 아름다우시다...
ziyun liu (16 days ago)
well drink beauty cap what the ffffcccc
craig reid (25 days ago)
"...and she was throwing looks at him that would have gotten him shot dead in Arkansas, to a dead certainty!" - Mark Twain
Radek (26 days ago)
Polish singer Violetta Villas - the best performance https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VcgMFE7OSfY
Peter Fairlamb (29 days ago)
https://lyricstranslate.com/en/brindisi-libiamo-ne039lieti-calici-toast-lets-drink-joyful-chalices.html Libiamo, libiamo ne'lieti calici che la bellezza infiora. E la fuggevol ora s'inebrii a voluttà Libiam ne'dolci fremiti che suscita l'amore, poiché quell'ochio al core onnipotente va. Libiamo, amore, amor fra i calici più caldi baci avrà   [Coro] Ah! Libiam, amor, fra' calici più caldi baci avrà   [Violetta] Tra voi tra voi saprò dividere il tempo mio giocondo; Tutto è follia, follia nel mondo ciò che non è piacer Godiam, fugace e rapido e'il gaudio dell'amore, e'un fior che nasce e muore, ne più si può goder Godiamo, c'invita, c'invita un fervido accento lusinghier.   [Coro] Godiamo, la tazza, la tazza e il cantico, la notte abbella e il riso; in questo paradiso ne scopra il nuovo dì   [Violetta] La vita è nel tripudio   [Alfredo] Quando non s'ami ancora...   [Violetta] Nol dite a chi l'ignora,   [Alfredo] E'il mio destin così...   [Tutti] Godiamo, la tazza, la tazza e il cantico, la notte abbella e il riso; in questo paradiso ne scopra il nuovo dì.
Victoria Bridge (1 month ago)
I went and saw this a couple of weeks ago...god it was amazing!!
Glyndebourne (1 month ago)
So glad you enjoyed it!
PositiveANegative (1 month ago)
Can I give a shoutout to the lady on the left between the two leaders around 2:38 ? Her acting (making it seem like conversation, with a "gossip" smile) sums up pretty well why this version is the best I could find : the whole scene is alive, with the bottle going around, cheering and the waltz singing... This is the opera I LOVE. Reminds me of Elina Garanca in Carmen. Great artists !
Marque Of Snakes Valac (1 month ago)
Leonard Lim (1 month ago)
Is it just me or Alfredo here just acts like a common party peep? Hahaha anyway nice production
Steve Powell (1 month ago)
Inspector Morse sent me here...
rochelle Talania (1 month ago)
I want this as a birthday gift
김도연 (1 month ago)
축배의 노래
42 (1 month ago)
Let's get drunk: the song
Donald Bryan (2 months ago)
October 6,2018 12:30pm - I posted this in celebration on my fb page :D
Valter Miklós (2 months ago)
Grand Theft Auto - III
nat lee (2 months ago)
not a good aria if you are an alcoholic. Just guessing.
Buch Libro (2 months ago)
Una ópera muy bonita
Donizete Eurico (3 months ago)
onde esta os brasileiros que ouvem musica de verdade
Joseano Medeiros (2 months ago)
Donizete Eurico, estou aqui.
L Y L (3 months ago)
0:05 "Mmhonhonhonhonhon..."
Lucilene Maria (3 months ago)
Seddit Guy (3 months ago)
She played this continuously for 16 years & was arrested.
Razl Gazl (4 months ago)
All stand for the Italian National Anthem.
MrTomovka (4 months ago)
You know, without the music, it looks silly and sad. A big party, with loads of rich people, everyone has a drink, yet noone drinks it. There is the hot guy, and a hot chick, both quite into the other, yet still, no alcohol. All they do is sing about drinking and loving, but they are not drinking. Like it was some sort of a high-class russian roulette, where some drinks are poisoned, and noone wants to die, because the others will get his fortune. There is also the bottle, going around, but still, noone drinks. Even when the guy is given a drink, he still does not drink, probs bcs the hot chick just wants to poison him or what.
Malachite's Ocean (5 months ago)
Ma che ne sanno gli americani. Ho sempre apprezzato le opere di Verdi, le trovo vivaci e piacevoli, per non parlare della musica che è sublime. Sono rimasto trasecolato la prima volta che assistii all’opera.
DHS (6 months ago)
Nikko (6 months ago)
His hair looks so real.
rama younis (6 months ago)
I love this song so much
Dave Sosa (6 months ago)
What a gorgeous woman...and what a beautiful modern set for this opera
Eysteinn Petursson (7 months ago)
Who is the male singer?
david craig 99 (7 months ago)
The soprano looks like Madonna
Daniella Shved (7 months ago)
The only reason I disliked this is because of the technique of both the soprano and tenor.
masa086956 (7 months ago)
d_unkownchao (8 months ago)
I came here after watching key&Peele
Pat Hogan (8 months ago)
easily the most rendition of Brindisi. Amore
Tobia Torre (8 months ago)
Translation is inaccurate and incomplete
Khaled Aladwani (8 months ago)
God! The female singer is incredibly beautiful!
西園寺昊 (8 months ago)
Mailén B.A (9 months ago)
She looks like Amy Lee
kiki16664 42b (9 months ago)
want to know what is funny I'm in the brindisi family
Asherdoom (9 months ago)
a moment of silence for all those ignorants who needs english subtitles because they cannot enjoy in italian language! :D
Ben Larsen (9 months ago)
Rat Race brought me here.
Amaranthine WhiffJjong (10 months ago)
Loving this
zeljko bili (10 months ago)
Žene su varljive
Jyotshna Koirala (10 months ago)
What a seductive angel that lady
Yukio Matsunaga (10 months ago)
Nice ♪
Katherine (10 months ago)
Lyrics: Alfredo: Libiamo, libiamo ne'lieti calici che la belleza infiora. E la fuggevol ora s'inebrii a voluttà. Libiamo ne'dolci fremiti che suscita l'amore, poichè quell'ochio al core Omnipotente va. Libiamo, amore fra i calici più caldi baci avrà. All: Ah, libiamo; amor fra i calici Più caldi baci avrà Violetta: Tra voi tra voi saprò dividere il tempo mio giocondo; Tutto è follia nel mondo Ciò che non è piacer. Godiam, fugace e rapido e'il gaudio dell’amore, e'un fior che nasce e muore, ne più si può goder. Godiam c'invita un fervido accento lusighier. All: Godiam, la tazza e il cantico la notte abbella e il riso; in questo paradise ne sopra il nuovo dì. Violetta: La vita è nel tripudio Alfredo: Quando non s'ami ancora. Violetta: Nol dite a chi l'ignora, Alfredo: e' il mio destin così ... All: Godiamo, la tazza e il cantico la notte abbella e il riso; in questo paradiso ne sopra il nuovo dì.
Douglas Osborn (11 months ago)
Michael Fabiano-messy melismas, top spread too wide, very much a miscast for this role...
John Mulligan (11 months ago)
If Verdi saw this twaddle he would be turning in his grave
Rosario Lopez (11 months ago)
XXI. Vrxhiax
Denis Lila (11 months ago)
It seems like the singers' italian isn't very good. This performance is much better: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uDo8Iz8LzW4
BY Temel (1 year ago)
Süper be
Dante w (1 year ago)
I had always imagined an old man drinking a mug of beer at a small tavern while being attended by a female bartender joined by a group of other people.
Rainier Esguerra (1 year ago)
What a delightful performance!
Nadeto Mirkova (1 year ago)
DIVINE PERFORMANCE !!!!!!!!! THANK You FOR THE BIG PLEASURE !!! Your eternal fan Nadya Mirkova from Sofia - Bulgaria
Nadeto Mirkova (1 year ago)
aaaaaaaaaaaa808 (1 year ago)
I see, this is how people sounds when they're drunk back in Rome.
Assaf Kacholi (1 year ago)
Michael is amazing in this Role!
Eduardo Gss (1 year ago)
La ópera es un género de música muy bonito
Deyton (1 year ago)
Very mono-tone, no? I feel like this song usually done with far more range
Sonja B. P. (1 year ago)
ich liebe diese arie
none noname (8 months ago)
Sonja B. P. Es ist ein Duett.
Giseli de Paula (1 year ago)
Adorable! Bravo! Bravo! Bravíssimo!
elneutrino90 (1 year ago)
I am no expert to opera but I don't find her vibrato pleasing at all
Silberdistel 1 (1 year ago)
Freut euch des Lebens !
Maria Ossio (1 year ago)
Me encantoooooo!!!!! Fabuloso!!!
Orfeo Pecci (1 year ago)
Produzione chota...Mmmmmmm!!!
Fay Goodwin (1 year ago)
Verdi ahead of his time, he invented the 'Happy Hour', ha ha.
Francesca Sassu (2 months ago)
Fay Goodwin 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
JoseAlfredo Yr (1 year ago)
hermosa y la soprano tambien
MrBADENWEILER (1 year ago)
Extraordinarily virtuosic performance, clearly every note and word! Bravo!
Ioannis Prekas (1 year ago)
Con tutto il rispetto, questi 2 ci prendono in giro. Se costoro sono cantanti, dunque io sono Verdi! Infamia. (tutto il congiunto:(in particolare) il tenore-soprano & orchestra.)
dorsy2 (1 year ago)
The tenor is Michael Fabiano, a graduate of the Academy of Vocal Arts in Philadelphia. He's got a great career going. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/music/glyndebourne/11437622/Michael-Fabiano-takes-Glyndebourne-to-Youtube.html
Opheim1986 (1 year ago)
GTA3 brought me here
SL SHAVER (1 year ago)
i love this time period setting! sparkling!
Maria (1 year ago)
And that's how you ruine a Violetta. Horrible technique!
Spencer Frank Clayton (1 year ago)
What?? She was great!
Joycee (1 year ago)
Maria I appreciate your frank views but don't you think that these are bit rude
Paul Rosenwald (1 year ago)
Too bad this is predominantly about voice and he ain't no Pavarotti
Reuben Braganza (1 year ago)
This is really a drinking song!!
Freja Wagner (9 months ago)
Reuben Braganza kalamazoo
Zubair Hossain (1 year ago)
Hey the Doctor is a tenor now!
BabyMallows (1 year ago)
mat and steph brought me here. #GTLIVE
Céline Fiszbin (1 year ago)
So fresh ! I love young and talented productions like this
maureen miller (1 year ago)
Nice but not a patch on Netrebko
monique gazzo (1 year ago)
belles voix et belle mise en scène.
Mengo Girl (1 year ago)
Margareta Fyrö (1 year ago)
så vackert
Neo Saturos (1 year ago)
Finally, a video for an opera song with actual translated subtitles.
BlancaVasquez15 (1 year ago)
They're so talented, oh my ...
Rosario Acquarulo (1 year ago)
come si chiama la soprana,che interpetra violetta?brava e bella
Elena Bogdan (1 year ago)
Tardis (1 year ago)
Stunning, absolutely stunning!  (Hate to mention this, but, what possessed 45 knuckleheads to give this performance thumbs down?)
Ron Thornton (1 year ago)
Gwen Baril (1 year ago)
nul je dois faire ça en musique ça fait chier
MrScum76 (1 year ago)
Gwen Baril dis toi que dans 10 ou 20 ans tu trouveras sûrement ça génial :) en attendant courage je comprends qu'à ton âge ça ne soit pas super intéressant... ^^
Gwen Baril (1 year ago)
Oui mais j'ai 12 ans c chiant
MrScum76 (1 year ago)
Gwen Baril cette version là est passable, avec des vrais chanteurs et une mise en scène qui tient la route on passe un très bon moment.
passingfancy (1 year ago)
OK, controversial, Gimadieva is the best Violetta of our time.
Frits Burghardt (6 months ago)
In looks perhaps, but the voice ...
refrac532 (1 year ago)
Fun game: press 9 repeatedly
KaukoC (1 year ago)
happy new year
Sips Tea (1 year ago)
The lead male looks like a cross between Matt Smith and Quentin Tarantino!
IzzyD Sanch83 (1 month ago)
Omg! Something that can't be unseen, maybe just a hint of Joaquin phoenix?
Jon Treasure (2 months ago)
Ben Chaplin
icl 2684 (4 months ago)
Ava Ttoir (7 months ago)
Ah yes: the Gay Blade of Montclair! Very tres haute at this point in his career. Nice tonal control! Highly presentable to the blue hair set as a romantic lead. the demo that modern opera depends on in this generation, as most since the mid 1970s.
David Holmes (10 months ago)
I saw Corey Feldman...but then again I see him everywhere, like Shia LaBeouf
Daniel NS (2 years ago)
0:31 Ok... a little fast in this part.
Márcio Cruz (2 years ago)
José Herón. (2 years ago)

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