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Steven Universe | How To Make A Robot | Cartoon Network

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Steven holds a competition to who can build the best giant robot! Subscribe to the Cartoon Network UK YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=cartoonnetworkuk Visit the Cartoon Network UK website: http://www.cartoonnetwork.co.uk Welcome to the official Cartoon Network UK YouTube channel, the place where you can watch funny videos, clips with theme tunes and songs and interactive game plays from Adventure Time, The Amazing World of Gumball, Regular Show, Ben 10, We Bare Bears, Uncle Grandpa, Steven Universe, Clarence, Teen Titans Go!, Ninjago and many more. Get ready to laugh out loud and join us by subscribing to the channel!
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Text Comments (30)
Jenna’s Art (1 year ago)
Why didn’t Garnet eat the popcorn?
Seriously Dude (2 years ago)
2:14 me in the cinema when the boy and girl kiss
Justice (2 years ago)
I love peridots laugh
Takara 45 (3 years ago)
Can we get a second annual robo-Olympics?
Cl's Doodle (3 years ago)
i'm laughing when Pearl's robot and Peridot's robot throwing car 😂😂😂
I'm going to Make STEVEN UNIVERSE The Movie on June 2016
FrigidRelx (3 years ago)
"Mines taller I win." Lol XD
Aiden Nelson (3 years ago)
So homework done has a word for small independent robots, but not just the word robot?
Kangas Khan (3 years ago)
Daria (3 years ago)
wonder if anybody got hit by those cars they threw xD
anxious-artist (3 years ago)
bird mom confirmed
Polo Ali (3 years ago)
is lion is rose quartez
Gabriel Cubing (3 years ago)
You build robots with metal and magic! *cough cough* Undertale *cough*
LeoIsLame (3 years ago)
Thats right, but who does alphys have a crush on?
seriously why (3 years ago)
where is the steven universe merch its the one of the best shows of all time and the merch will make a lot of money also it makes people happy
jovelyn reyes (3 years ago)
0:31 look at pearl's face lol
L33TNINJ4Grrl (3 years ago)
How does it take a single episode and gem to build a spaceship, and then later a giant robot, but it takes several episodes to build a Drill that will dig into the center of the planet?
Ness Näs (3 years ago)
Just what i Said.....
Adi Wadi /Digstreme (3 years ago)
The spaceship couldn't last long enough to get to space and the robot's weren't that tough. The drill needs to be able to work in the mantle and not melt and kill the crystal gems.
AC3_ ACOLYTE (3 years ago)
Make more new episodes
JMK Productions (3 years ago)
Awesome O.o
Andy (3 years ago)
i will consider it as cute, but not my faveroite 
PowerPuff Katie (3 years ago)
No PowerPuffGirls Is
Andy (3 years ago)
+Oddbods I know right? steven universe its best show + NOW it has speacial video on yt
Mu Ri (3 years ago)
cool robots
acidicsalt (3 years ago)
*-* Pearl vs Peridot
Dragon King Natsu (3 years ago)
Bae Club (3 years ago)
First. Great video!
da REAlest (3 years ago)

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