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I Treated My Ringworm At The Lowest Reviewed HOSPITAL In LA (1 STAR)

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Text Comments (15019)
Bella Hernandez (8 hours ago)
15:32 hmm
Jasmin Diaz (15 hours ago)
People are so mean to you
Robert Jeffries (1 day ago)
15:33 ya u need the medicine brad 😂😂😂
VeRy c0nFuSeD (1 day ago)
15:33 ....
Isabel S (1 day ago)
Her hair is so pretty in this Hahahah
Mikayla Young (2 days ago)
"Do you have medicine for cheaters?" huh, real freaking ironic Mr. Sousa 😌🥳
molly kate (2 days ago)
15:32 🤨
Hana Mcbroom (2 days ago)
This is so fun tbh
Leilani Rubio (2 days ago)
Leilani Rubio (2 days ago)
Audrey Rose (3 days ago)
This is the funniest video ive ever watched im dead
Audrey Rose (3 days ago)
i remember getting ringworm when i was little & they gave me a shot and it was gone in hours
Brook Holley (3 days ago)
No one: Tana: omg I can breath and get hate comments
Lavender Honey (3 days ago)
Its soooo fun we are the same I cannot go out of my house before 3pm
Paige Griffin (4 days ago)
Rosie Rivera (4 days ago)
He said square up I say inject me 😂
Abigail Ontengco (6 days ago)
klaudiag (6 days ago)
i love your voice
freyaeleanorr (6 days ago)
this is genuinely the funniest video on this platform
freyaeleanorr (6 days ago)
he said “square up” and i said “INJECT ME”
Kayla Famp (6 days ago)
" do you have medicine for cheaters ? " yeah , you should take it brad :)
Minty 123 (6 days ago)
‘Take it for your fucking lupus bitch’ 😂😂😂👏👏
shewon nez (7 days ago)
How did you treat your ringworm cause I caught it on my hands help anyone ? Creams ain’t working for me
shewon nez (7 days ago)
That same cream I got!!! That don’t even work girl 😨😨
Anna Scott (8 days ago)
15:32 the irony...
Isabelle Vitanza (8 days ago)
Brat-do u have medical for cheaters “me”
Sarah Rasmussen (9 days ago)
15:30 it do be like that huh...
len a (9 days ago)
Shane Dawson hoodie 😍♥️
Alyssa Bell (10 days ago)
Brad-do you have medicine for cheaters Me-ahhhhhhaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh the irony
the midimalist (10 days ago)
in with ringworm, out with staph infection.
Taylor L (10 days ago)
fuck brad but this was so funny
Brenna Marie (10 days ago)
this is my favorite video on youtube no fucking joke
juli (11 days ago)
15:32 ... y i K e S
Jillian lea (11 days ago)
Pools have alot of chlorine .
elly marie (12 days ago)
Chrissy Gibson (12 days ago)
That doctor is sooo drunk!! Lol 😂
Nicci Koehler (13 days ago)
I have Lupus and it fucking sucks. I'm in literal physical pain EVERYDAY every inch of my body hurts, muscles and bones, and soon sometimes feels like one big bruise. I wish that fucked up Dr have that med to me bc mine don't give shit. Plus no insurance so ya lol I'm just over here slowly dying. Literally. Not funny but funny lol
Hi Lol (14 days ago)
When brad said “do u have medicine for cheaters?” I was like I damn sure hope they do so he can take some
Catherine Williams (15 days ago)
This doctor is making me cringe so hard dude 😂
Brooke Lee (16 days ago)
Brad asked for cheater medicine because he clearly needed it 🙃
Taylor Brooke (16 days ago)
I am no joke 128 lbs and 5’8 and I’m a 14 year old girl XD
Godwin Godwin (16 days ago)
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charli Drew (17 days ago)
Raven Holcomb (17 days ago)
luPIs- Mario 2019
Zachary Brignac (17 days ago)
Saylor _Addison (18 days ago)
7:13 why does it sound like he’s casting a spell? maybe he’s cursing the doctor 😂
Saylor _Addison (18 days ago)
2:15 I love her laugh❤️
Video Stop (18 days ago)
13:00 WhAT the actual fuck? Animals get better care than that lol Third world ass county
generic plant (18 days ago)
“Do you need medicine for cheaters” IrOnIc
I’ll go Home now (18 days ago)
When I saw the strip club i was shook cuz Ik where that is.... IM A HOLY CHILD BUT LIKE NO I JUST SEEN IT BY MY AREA 😂
Samantha Ata (19 days ago)
I don’t know brad. Do they have medicine for cheaters?
Bobbiejean Rodriguez (19 days ago)
I’m crying 😭 this too funny. No one: Mario: he gave me a fu***** steroid for LLLLUUUUUPPPPPUUUUSSS!!
Madzlois 3 (19 days ago)
15:33 "you have medicine for cheaters" you might need that prescription Brad ;)
Jacquelyn Jones (20 days ago)
Omg 🙈 quit scratching it and then touching your pretty face!!!! And you don’t take antibiotics for a COLD. Lol
Kat Perez (20 days ago)
spinal cord injurys LMFAOOOO
Omg that doctor has to be drunk
Serena boussa (20 days ago)
Ugh brad 😬😬🙄
Marie Torres (20 days ago)
Antibiotics won't help a cold tho. That's how you get superbugs bro
jian cawley (21 days ago)
brads ugly as fuck
Looking back at this and hearing Brad saying “Yo you got medicine for cheaters?” Ahaha one to talk Mr Sousa😂
Hilary Lomeli (22 days ago)
You guys should have Mario again he’s hilarious!!!!
Kaitlyn Ortiz (22 days ago)
i need a friend like Mario
elliot rene (22 days ago)
tana: DAD! my nose is bleeding so bad! i need to go to the hospital now! tana’s dad: dRiNk SoMe MiLk🥛
Dem Tasteytoes (22 days ago)
Tana flexing her insurance card in really the best
Bree Linneman (23 days ago)
“do you have medicine for cheaters?” hes asking cause he needs some prescribed
Pinhead Larry (23 days ago)
Tana took the whole 1 star thing to a whole new fucking level
Lily Nakagawa (23 days ago)
He prolly wanted to fight cuz he’s gay
Tara Johnston (23 days ago)
Tara Johnston (23 days ago)
OMG that doctor is fucking on something.
Ally L (23 days ago)
15:33 you might need some boi...
Shantel Lucia (23 days ago)
why does brad look like Justin bieber
Madison Goodwin (24 days ago)
William Stelmack (24 days ago)
You’re annoying AF.
Abigail Ontengco (24 days ago)
15:33 yeah cuz now he needs it
Ghadeer Deer (24 days ago)
Please keep being Mario to your blog
Greatest Ever (25 days ago)
MagnificantLights (25 days ago)
What a shitty doctor, I know this was long ago but I’m still pissed lol
Jade Rose (26 days ago)
haha i love finding this video a little over a year after i got ringworm from my exes puppies💀
Lala Di Marco (26 days ago)
Brad: "do you have medicine for cheaters?" boy did this video age like fine wine
Jacob Sparkman (26 days ago)
Do you have a new boyfriend
Bryan M (26 days ago)
Hey. Is that Brad Sousa from Kitchener?
Warning976 (26 days ago)
Lucia Melendez (26 days ago)
I just don’t get why he wants to fight me 💀😂
Violet Diaz (26 days ago)
“YOU HAVE MEDICINE FOR CHEATERS?” Lmao he was asking for himself
Sierre Weir (27 days ago)
Brad talking about cheating is cringe
Shannon Hill (27 days ago)
Melissa McGill (28 days ago)
That doctor is so bad. He's so rude . He literally said he's just trying to get him out as fast as possible.
Donald Trump (29 days ago)
Is somebody gonna tell that little squeaky voiced faggot that you don’t take antibiotics for a cold. These stupid punks need to educate themselves before coming into a doctors office and fucking around. This is completely disrespectful and they’re wasting that doctor’s time. Also, steroids can help symptoms of a common cold.
Karlissa Fitzgerald (29 days ago)
Omg my I love how Mario can’t pronounce any of the names 😂
Lillian Barcroft (29 days ago)
Brad- “you have medicine for cheaters?” me- OOOP
Maria Brown (29 days ago)
when Brad said "do you have medicine for cheaters?" SO IRONIC
isabel rodriguez (29 days ago)
I love that she called her insurance card fancy 😂😂 we love a humble queen
VIZSLA HARCOS (29 days ago)
Come to Hungary...
Aliyah E Daves (29 days ago)
Caitlin Lalley (1 month ago)
ok litteraly this whole time i just enjoyed watching mario ¨fight¨ with the doctor lmfaoooooooo anyone know his insta ??
Madison Partain (1 month ago)
“Do you have medicine for cheaters?” Y’all he KNEW he was going to cheat so he was trying to be ahead of his game😂
iiNickytomii _ Roblox (1 month ago)
skip to 6:39 to see when she acually goes to the hospital. your welcome
Codi Krueger (1 month ago)
I want to marry that doctor
Codi Krueger (1 month ago)
I love that doctor
arushi maitreya (1 month ago)
mario be my best fucking friend
Biza Rella (1 month ago)
“TaKe It FoR yOuR f**KiNg LuPuS b**Ch”

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