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Alicia Keys - Girl On Fire (Live from Apple Music Festival, London, 2016)

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Music video by Alicia Keys performing Girl On Fire (Live from Apple Music Festival, London, 2016). (C) 2016 RCA Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment http://vevo.ly/LXP2rp
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Azra Badanka (10 minutes ago)
She's just a girl, and she's on fire Hotter than a fantasy, longer like a highway She's living in a world, and it's on fire Feeling the catastrophe, but she knows she can fly away Oh, she got both feet on the ground And she's burning it down Oh, she got her head in the clouds And she's not backing down This girl is on fire This girl is on fire She's walking on fire This girl is on fire Looks like a girl, but she's a flame So bright, she can burn your eyes Better look the other way You can try but you'll never forget her name She's on top of the world Hottest of the hottest girls say Oh, we got our feet on the ground And we're burning it down Oh, got our head in the clouds And we're not coming down
Peter Peter (2 days ago)
such a beauty
salma shain (4 days ago)
David Vloger (8 days ago)
Fortune Boungou (8 days ago)
ah! les filles noires. vous avez oublié vous origines. la franc-maçonnerie n'est pas africaine. ah! Alicia Keys ! vous êtes dans le mauvais chemin
Eliane Pereira (12 days ago)
Eu te amo Alicia Keys vc é perfeita
MoneyGod vG (14 days ago)
I never really liked this song it's not Alicia's style, just watched her live performance of fallin' and that was amazing with the spin she put on it so I thought she'd put a spin on this song but it's still just bad 🙄😔😒
Lisa Theissl official (15 days ago)
Beautiful 😍❤️
Vitoria Silva (17 days ago)
Incrível demais essa mulher 🇧🇷❤.
Reka Faye (17 days ago)
Is she high and stuff now?
Himmat Basfor (18 days ago)
sOfficial yo! (22 days ago)
alicia u night not know yet about my phsics? lol (sry, cannot concentrate)
ALOK UPADHYAY (23 days ago)
She sounds kinda like Pink.
Ericka Ponce (1 month ago)
Hermosa sin maquillaje!!! Pocas de las cuales se atreven a mostrarse naturales !!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Rachelle Paris (1 month ago)
Yes Eminem
Roza ሩዝ bilisuma (1 month ago)
my love😍😍😍💕💕💕💕
Cole Waldo (1 month ago)
She be my celebrity crush
Armanderson Carpello (1 month ago)
Nem canta mais velho q horror
Erica Diamond (1 month ago)
sasha Lawrence (1 month ago)
She burning it down
Benjamin Sánchez Men (1 month ago)
Liirachu Joe Joe (1 month ago)
Alicia beautiful and beautiful voice
Steven Mcdowell (1 month ago)
I 💜 you Alicia,cry out,& those who has connection to the God of Heaven will pray for you 🙌🙏💪💜
Dr.Vandana Bhaskaran (1 month ago)
ilove you alica keys
Dr.Vandana Bhaskaran (1 month ago)
keepit up good job
Furkan Demir (1 month ago)
Her voice so storng and beautiful.But her lives not so good.I mean she can better.
Dr.Vandana Bhaskaran (1 month ago)
very nice
Tylyia10 (1 month ago)
I love how she is dressed modestly and has just an amazing natural voice and natural beauty. Very rare!
Kristine Galant (8 days ago)
too bad that doesn't appeal to alot of people. when she was wearing makeup, hair nice and kept, nice clothes, she did so much better. now... don't hear from her much...never hear a song on the radio anymore, like ever....
DrZt kholhring (2 months ago)
I love you Alicia,you are the best singer....😍😍😍 from India Mizoram...
Sandrine Yakam (1 month ago)
C'est hjykjp JP pf f gguhyhyuyhuh à l'OL uuununnuu'u'uu'u'ii'i'ii'ioolbjp
SRVT KLKN (2 months ago)
Sen sarkıcı isen bizim dinlediğimiz bir çok isim nedir?
Cataleya n (2 months ago)
I love this song from Angelica hale!
Alvaro 056 (2 months ago)
I love New Yorker music !
Sharmaleen Wijewardena (2 months ago)
I Love You ! 😍
Anna Paula Olliveira (2 months ago)
Very Good 😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤❤
Ilza Silva (2 months ago)
A mulher que não usa mais maquiagem, mas ostenta marcas carrissimas em suas roupas kkkkkkkkk
Super Guy (2 months ago)
The became a meme
Super Guy (2 months ago)
*THIS GIRL IS ON FIRE* No seriously she on fire...
rohan roy (2 months ago)
Mariaeduarda Brito (2 months ago)
Melhor música.❤
Nadia Medeiros (2 months ago)
Nss a voz ta diferente '-'
Raheem scott (2 months ago)
Nigga her voice is gone
demon ox (2 months ago)
Some people wanted......
Poonam1 Mandher (2 months ago)
She rocks my world, now that's what you call music, your so unique babe, keep doing what your doing xxx God bless
Monica Ferguson (2 months ago)
I really LOVE HER
Shikha Sonkar (2 months ago)
Love this song... 😍😍😍😍
Jacob Max (2 months ago)
Alicia Keys you a re my favorite artist and I very much look up to you. I know you are busy, but it you could please respond it would make my life more amazing. I understand if you don't see this or you're busy, but if you see this please comment. Thank you so much. I love you're music and admire you as a person.
Mohamad Al Teaa (2 months ago)
Loooov her
Mimi Keel (3 months ago)
She still can't sing.
Marques Vieira (3 months ago)
ela naturalmente sendo linda, perfeita... sem sombra de duvidas uma das mulheres mais lindas cantoras que vi.
Lii Jiménez (3 months ago)
Rein 18 (3 months ago)
This ain't Alicia keys 😲 she's good but not as good as the real deal. Hmm 🤔...
One Two (3 months ago)
Marija Bajlo (3 months ago)
She is angel
Brigit Auma (3 months ago)
so awesome
Hawa Sarr (3 months ago)
Kelly Guterres (3 months ago)
Top d+
Patience Mwelu Muendo (3 months ago)
Hi i am from Africa and i am a big fan of Alicia Keys.I love her songs.
Tomas (3 months ago)
She’s amazing, but... Agelica from AGT
Tomas (3 months ago)
mpastenessandiego (3 months ago)
A # Viña 2019
Africa Adventures (3 months ago)
Kenyan Girl brought me here....
Samara Silva (4 months ago)
she looks so different in this
leigh prendergast (4 months ago)
she's ugly without make-up
Milena Schöne (2 months ago)
How can you just say that? 😠She's pretty! 💜❤️🤩
Noor Murad (4 months ago)
Natural . My fvryt
Eryck Souza (4 months ago)
Que mulher linda ❤️
Yess Markez (4 months ago)
La amo ❤️
Rita Rosado (4 months ago)
Girl! God bless you 😉🎹🎤🎶🎵🎼
Marta Baena (4 months ago)
Great video, it catches the emotions! Have you missed it? Check out some of the best festivals around the world in 2018 https://wavefindyourfriendsblog.com/2018/06/08/best-music-festivals-of-the-world-for-all-tastes Thank you!
Mumtaas Mohamud (4 months ago)
Alicia is beautiful 😍😘😍
Lionel Aleobua (4 months ago)
You amazing
Lorde's Corner (4 months ago)
U cant even imagine how emotional this song is for me
Francine Ingabire (4 months ago)
Aude Bwyru (4 months ago)
Isaiah Hipshire (4 months ago)
Love this song
Ching Buhayan (4 months ago)
i love you!
efg1222 (4 months ago)
Se le está quemando la gola... una pena.
Stranger Traveling (4 months ago)
Ayoub Karrouache (4 months ago)
She's wonderful , it's a dope voice
A Athili Rofus (4 months ago)
Alicia is just 😍😍😍😍
Católicos por AMOR (4 months ago)
Q voz é essa me arrepiei 💙💙
Lavanya Ravankar (5 months ago)
Love you ALIcia keys 😍
V boo (5 months ago)
I love this song
D0nnerknispel (5 months ago)
I asked to myself, where are the hands of the audience during this audition at, until I saw, that they are all filming her with their smart phones. Horrible!!!
Kristine Galant (8 days ago)
why is that horrible? everyone does that when they pay big money to go to these concerts. Every concert i have ever gone to or have seen on youtube, everyone is filming so they can play it over and over and share their experience. i see absolutely nothing wrong with it personally...
Lionel Aleobua (5 months ago)
Your voice is talented and amazing
😍💦💞||•Taahh Leche•||💕😍💋💋
Elias Ledezma (5 months ago)
you two together They are a blessing. God's time is perfect. I love them ❤️ James Bay and Alicia Keys 🤞🏽🌞
MsPark (4 months ago)
They really should perform more together. Their rendition of "Us" was so beautiful.
Geary Lynch (5 months ago)
Lina Lay (5 months ago)
I love this song and her voice. Does anyone think this is an old song cuz I don't
Farallonera Exitosa (5 months ago)
Alicia I love your new image and for that Thank you...my daughter is 4 and she likes to put on make up, i really don't use a lot of that only lipstick and eye liner and that's just some times...My daughter loves your songs, we all love you in my family, loving your curly hair and embracing who you are helps a lot to inspire my little girl...THANK YOU!!
LITTLE MELODY LM (5 months ago)
Karen Dossod (5 months ago)
Alicia sem make gente como a gente!
Karen Dossod (5 months ago)
? goúd? L👀k n goúd as evva😍🍾...Thx u🙌🏾💀😤♎.
Brenda de Paulo (5 months ago)
blala ko (5 months ago)
T&C Gabriel (5 months ago)
Oh I absolutely love this song. I have Goosebumps and i have this tingling feeling in my head... amazing
Sara Rodriguex (5 months ago)
jerilyn richins (5 months ago)
I’m telling you guys if you want to feel something and hear a amazing artist sing with so much sole and meaning you hear it in her voice and every word she sings she is a king !!! #aliciakeys you are amazing love ya girl take us to another world!!!
supersusizauberhusi (14 days ago)
she is a queen and she still has all the power <3 on everything else I agree :)
NITYA MAR GONZÁLEZ (5 months ago)
Why is it so short? - The fire 🔥 is still on ya know
Larose Frandeline (5 months ago)
I'm in love with you @AliciaKeys
Mikaela Chiquitita (5 months ago)
Yasss queen 🔥

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