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Mulan | I'll Make A Man Out Of You | Disney Sing-Along

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Be swift as a coursing river as you sing along to "I'll Make a Man Out of You" from Mulan with this lyric video. SUBSCRIBE to get notified when new Disney videos are posted: http://di.sn/Subscribe Get even more Disney YouTube Oh My Disney: https://www.youtube.com/user/OhMyDisney Disney Style: https://www.youtube.com/user/disneysstyle Disney Family: https://www.youtube.com/user/Disney Mickey Mouse: https://www.youtube.com/user/DisneyShorts You Might Also Like: As Told By Emoji: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLpSnlSGciSWPZtUvlHLEp9_M5FPlC8LLa Tsum Tsum Shorts: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLpSnlSGciSWPewHLHBq5HFLJBGhHrsKnJ Sing Alongs: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLpSnlSGciSWPBUsHQKmXGX3TB-FTSO0U6 More Disney! Instagram: http://Instagram.com/Disney Twitter: http://Twitter.com/Disney Facebook: http://Facebook.com/Disney Tumblr: http://disney.tumblr.com/ A Little Disney History: From humble beginnings as a cartoon studio in the 1920s to its preeminent name in the entertainment industry today, Disney proudly continues its legacy of creating world-class stories and experiences for every member of the family.
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Text Comments (12457)
Mary B. Idorwatt (8 hours ago)
i love this song
EmilyRulesUnicornz (8 hours ago)
2018 - STILL A *_BOP_*
Fros ty (11 hours ago)
*_L E T S G E T D O W N T O B U S I N E S S_*
Robert Myles (14 hours ago)
Best Disney message
Hyperazor SKTL (14 hours ago)
Víctor Sánchez (18 hours ago)
The premiere of this film was in 1998
유혜민Jina (1 day ago)
i know it's american movie even thouh based on chinese legend and who sing this song did well.But the language doesn't fit with movie.
Royal PoP (1 day ago)
*imma be man* *YeA*
They're not adding Shang in the live action version? AND MUSHU?! DISHONOR ON YOUR FAMILY! DISHONOR ON YOUR COW!
Stephanie Robson (1 day ago)
Drumbeat Me: Don’t sing Me: DoNt SiNg Me: Don’t si... Me: LETS GET DOWN TO BUISNESS... Rewatches 5 times
Benjamin Lopez (1 day ago)
Its final's week Me:
sakaradi (1 day ago)
My favorite song from Disney
Hiền Lê (1 day ago)
mysterious as the dark side of the moon
“I’ll make a man outta you” Mulan: Uhh, I don’t think that’s possible...
Chaty Noir (2 days ago)
I am a hun😂 who Else? Nobody? OK 😂
TheBananaEmpire (2 days ago)
I just need a few hours to study and i will pass my finals! me an hour into studying *I'LL MAKE A MAN OUT OF YOOOOUUUUUUU*
Spooky TM (2 days ago)
Yo but shang is low-key flexing on the army when teaching them
Alex Ramirez (2 days ago)
Most intusiastic son ever created
KrystCyclone (2 days ago)
After years, still my favorite Disney song. Also the fact that the Chinese version of the song is sang by Jackie Chan himself.
Marcos Ortega (2 days ago)
Ling was really annoying me in this song.
Cheetah SPN (2 days ago)
2:26 The great !
Mark Chang (2 days ago)
So good. The good ole days!
Paktoy Pineda (2 days ago)
7,600 feminists who missed the point of the song disliked the video 😂
BlueJae (2 days ago)
Let’s not talk about how her jawline changes on the sword somehow 🙃
Dreamer Deceiver (2 days ago)
Absolutely beautiful......takes me all the way back to being a little boy watching this and feeling like the world was at my feet and I could accomplish anything ✌🌏💜
Leoliy Xolsun (2 days ago)
this has so many views because you keep getting a craving for it every three months.
Something_ 190 (2 days ago)
People are saying mulan is flat almost to the end Shang Saw her Booo.... edit: she was wearing something
Maya Lombardo (2 days ago)
Maya Lombardo (2 days ago)
ok if this movie has a remake with no shang no mushu OR any songs!?!? i will not be pleased
Rustem Muhametzyanov (2 days ago)
when your wife caught u cheating 0:48
Pheobe Owusu (2 days ago)
Yall play this at .75 speed if you wanna be super in your feelings
Nick Arriola (2 days ago)
The only technique these soldiers seem to not have mastered is the Rock throw with a bucket of water on the head.
Rachel C. (2 days ago)
Lady.ririchiyo (2 days ago)
The chills.
Mia’s Munchkins (2 days ago)
JM FIRELORD (2 days ago)
1:24 if this happened in a 2018 reboot *oh boy*
Fred Redcliff (3 days ago)
2:43 how’d she get down 😂😂
Bailey Greenwood (2 days ago)
I guess she slides down
daebbiri (3 days ago)
Mulan was my favorite movie as a child, and this song used to make me want to become a man. And I'm a girl lol
Destroyer Creater (3 days ago)
The greatest song Disney ever made
Melissa Morfin (3 days ago)
Friend:try not to sing this song if you sing you wont have ice cream Me:this is easy Friend play I'll make a man out of you Me:you gotta be kidding me Friend:dont sing Me:easy(not easy) video plays Me(dont sing dont sing) LETS GET DOWN TO BUSINESS
Nifen Roi (3 days ago)
2:51 "okay i'm kinda turned on kinda in love iNtErEstInG"
Liane Cornils (3 days ago)
All we can do is hope😁
JaidenAnimations (3 days ago)
`did they sent me daughters when i asked for sons` OH WOW the irony
kayaa minecraft (3 days ago)
I love it this song and i love it this film
Kingsley Asante (3 days ago)
Just found out about the live action remake No offense but no mushu no Shang no Jackie Chan performing Be a Man = No movie For me
EpicBananaMan 777 (4 days ago)
I still get chills every time she gets the arrow
EpicBananaMan 777 (4 days ago)
+Smashing battle a black eye
Smashing battle (4 days ago)
What's the eye injury called at 1:25
Santiago Navarro (4 days ago)
Did they send me dollars when I asked for suns?
Childhood crush alert <3
Aibike Esenalieva (4 days ago)
0:49 is a mood
Toxic Mousey (4 days ago)
Shang a snack tho
Alexandre de Souza (4 days ago)
I put this on while trying to take out a cockroach from my window with a broom. The part with mulan's triumph was exactly the point where I managed to get the roach and they cheered exactly when I got rid of it. Amazing timing 10 out of 10
Noa Erlanger (4 days ago)
I am obsessed with this song omg I keep on watching it
Christy (4 days ago)
Pause at 0:05
Laura Avocado (4 days ago)
I can't be the only person who uses this to prepare myself for challenges! Tomorrow I'm going to be doing something very brave that could either go well or badly. Without giving details, I'm very, very scared. Wish me luck!
im eeman (4 days ago)
Fleurs Sv (5 days ago)
Best Disney song
The Gamer Animator (5 days ago)
*religiouse trigger warning* L-lets G-get down to B-buisness T-to defeat the Huns +- *rest of song input here*
I wonder how the opposite version of this song will go like and how it will be animated lol. " I'll make Woman out of you " nail polish and shopping?
Cherry Bomb (5 days ago)
"Did they send me daughters when i asked for sons?" Watch this song will be the next one they remove for being "Sexist" 😂😂
wolfmis (5 days ago)
Such a bop like geez
devann allen (5 days ago)
W Wh Who Who n Who ne Who nee Who need Who needs Who needs t Who needs th Who needs the Who needs the l Who needs the ly Who needs the lyr Who needs the lyri Who needs the lyric Who needs the lyrics Who needs the lyric Who needs the lyri Who needs the lyr Who needs the ly Who needs the l Who needs the Who needs th Who needs t Who needs Who need Who nee Who ne Who n Who Wh W
Sarah Sugar (5 days ago)
I forgot how much i love these lol
Arjun Cherupalla (5 days ago)
This is my pump up song before tests. Wish me luck on finals!
Emily (6 days ago)
This is really good, because it portrays that if men and women have the same training, it's easier for men to get muscles because it's in their nature, a woman just has to train around three times as much at the same difficulty to get the same results as a man. That's why it takes a little bit longer for her.
Bullfrog 777 (6 days ago)
This was my platoons song in basic training thanks to DS Parkins... Good ol alpha 150
spider_wil 16 (6 days ago)
Mulan the right way to have a strong female protagonists without forcing it
Holtsass_ 19 (6 days ago)
Shang is so Bisexual don’t @ me
Aibike Esenalieva (4 days ago)
2:54 thats when you know it
Sonic Boom (6 days ago)
Teachers in High School Finals
ThatMustafa (6 days ago)
0:37 if he looked down, the movie would have ended right there
Graymin (3 days ago)
I was wondering when I would see a meme thief in the comments.
John Musk (4 days ago)
+Keelie Smith he just copied the comment
Keelie Smith (6 days ago)
ThatMustafa 😂😂😂made my day
everybody crushing on shang, but actually I had a crush on Mulan
Heavy Weather Report (6 days ago)
As mulan or ping?
Jacob Snodgrass (6 days ago)
Wow, the draft board has really gone down hill.
Happy Dance (6 days ago)
and I did HAHAHA. Not what I expected but hey what works right??
Annalina Norrious (6 days ago)
Jayashiper Jaya (6 days ago)
How blind can they be?? Mulan looks nothing like a man she’s got that petite curvy body and she has a feminine face....li Shang was dumb
0:37 if he just looked down, the movie would be a lot shorter. 😂😹
Queen Elsa (7 days ago)
0:37 if he looked down, the movie would have ended soon.....
Phong Nam (7 days ago)
Wait mulan real people. Waiting for Liu Yifei
Dark Wolf (7 days ago)
Really, my favourite part about this song is that even when Ping's fails are being shown, there's clearly some natural talent. I mean, he actually dodged each of those rocks, and hit one while blinded. Hit Shang while trying to get a bug. There's natural fighting talent there.
xavier revanov (7 days ago)
i realy like mulan because she is so brave
kaela feliciano (7 days ago)
lee shang, everyones favorite bisexual
return of The swag (7 days ago)
when kin Jun um send fat chicks to me
Avril Andive (7 days ago)
I love this song
WOW that guy's face is hurting!
Suki (7 days ago)
L - Lets G - Get down to B - Business T - To defeat the huns
maximaldinotrap (7 days ago)
0:37, good thing he didn't look down. Maybe he did find out between this song and the reveal but pretended not to know to keep up the surprise.
When someone says: "Let's get down to business." I always want to try and say: "To defeat, the Huns. *HUH"*
King Bartu (8 days ago)
Mulan and Hercules are the best Disney movies ever
iStuffy (6 days ago)
King Bartu don’t forget Lion King
King Bartu (8 days ago)
The huns are the real heroes
Still the best disney song
Jennifer Vlogs (8 days ago)
1:31 omg Theyre floating😂🤦🏼‍♀️
MaikRyson (8 days ago)
Hilda SFM (8 days ago)
Tatiana ً (6 days ago)
zahra basiri (6 days ago)
To defeat the huns!
Mara Daniels (8 days ago)
Why do I always think of UNDERTALE and CHARISK when I watch this. . .do I have a problem?
Liberty Studios (8 days ago)
*Listens to this song all the time* *Is feminine non binary* oof
Abdul Qayum (8 days ago)
She must have some good genes. Wish I could see her father at his peak...
Layten Byrd (9 days ago)
How is this one of the top search results for Soulja boy. I call witchcraft.
Roiked (9 days ago)
In the Hungarian version the "Be a man" part is just "Be strong"(Erős légy) or more precisely "You need to be strong"
MaikRyson (9 days ago)
Fellas iillll make a clannnnn out of you
Khomotso Molebogeng (9 days ago)
Where are the feminists?

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