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How to Not Care What Other People Think - Confident Self-Esteem Tips

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If you're trying to learn how to not care what other people think about you, Joshua and I give some great practical tips in this video to become a better version of yourself. I really enjoyed this collab and hope you guys learned something from it! Joshua's Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCStdjld5xdNFiNgWMDq9IRQ 52% OFF my course: https://courses.practicalpie.com/p/the-psychology-of-attraction/?product_id=455712&coupon_code=GETGIRLSYT ---My Details--- Get my 27 Confidence-Boosting Hacks ► https://practicalpie.com/confidence/ My Passive Income Ebook: http://bit.ly/PsychologyIncome My Habit Ebook: http://amzn.to/2vId844 Get my TOP 10 book list ► https://practicalpie.com/book-list/ Insta: https://www.instagram.com/practical_psych/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/practical_psych Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/practicalpsych What I make my videos with: http://bit.ly/1QxBJI0 My Microphone: http://amzn.to/2kQydSw My Headphones http://amzn.to/2hnkBRw
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Text Comments (241)
donnadisko (15 days ago)
this is a bit sexist -
Grandma Granny (1 month ago)
I don't know if this comment will ever be seen, but once I turned 10 I started caring what people think of me, I'm 12 now but everything got worse.. Worse to the point were I don't wanna ride a horse. Let me tell you why, my dad is the boss at work and my dads friend said we can go ride his horses , so tomorrow my dad is gonna pick him up after work and bring him home and my mom said maybe we can ask dad to go ride the horses . Well, my dads friend has family obviously, so my main problem is , I don't want his family seeing me ride the horse , I have a lot of insecures so that makes it worse , I just don't wanna be getting on the horse and his family thinking oh my god she's fat . That's how I feel, I don't wanna miss out on such a great thing! I've wanted horses so bad I dreamed about riding one . I just don't wanna miss this choice just because I'm worry what others think of me. I wish I wouldint care :( I really do hope we get horses. I can only ride with my family around . Someone help me please :(
Neondels (1 month ago)
I’m confident in myself sometimes, that’s why I’m confused. There’s days where I don’t care about anyone but myself while I walk down the street or sit in a public place and in those days I can be happy without seeking approval. But then there’s days where I overthink, get insecure fast and my confidence disappears making me look and sound different. Why is it like this?
Gaurav Patil (1 month ago)
1. Have boundaries of what and who you allow into your life 2. Have a purpose which you love to do 3. Be open and honest with yourself 4. Don't let praise and compliments get into your head 5. Don't take anything personally till the time it is really personal
Darek (1 month ago)
This is the ultimate truth.
Artvincent Grasua (1 month ago)
I bet some of people who watch this must really watch anime and act like one of those cool weeeaaaboo and end up having these problems
Don’t Eat palm oil (2 months ago)
Can you do a how to not get called a ginger video I am ginger and it makes me sad
Alexandra Fazekas (2 months ago)
I'm 17 yrs old and have been working on this for sometime now. I'm tired of feeling down because of other people and their opinions of me
OverKoze _ (2 months ago)
Sub and notifications buzzin
ToastyCake (2 months ago)
This video makes me feel good, thank you!
Eye of Horus (2 months ago)
My true real passion is to be a youtuber making gaming videos and another channel posting content relating to science, ancient history, and space. Where to start?! 😃😊
Layla Charles (2 months ago)
That's so cool you should persue that I recommend jumpcut
Jacqueline Dzaghigian (3 months ago)
This was the nost relatable video for me thank u so much💛
jeb _ (3 months ago)
Well sometimes what people think about you effects how other people will think about you from what others told them about you
I F (4 months ago)
#3 such good advice/ explanation
Mohammed Futa (5 months ago)
viewed my self as an expert
Charles Cole (5 months ago)
There's a flaw in your logic: You HAVE to care about what other people think about you because without other people, you can have and do NOTHING. You must make alliances with groups of people or you have no power. And that inevitably means caring about what others think. _"The strength of the wolf is the pack"_
mano shrudeep (6 months ago)
Every day when I miss my workout session, then on that day I will tend to overthink on what people think about me.
Bars for days (6 months ago)
I havent finished this video but its already really helpful so thanks👍👍x10
CHINERA MARIE (6 months ago)
you have a heart that gives honest opinion with care and friendship
Afrida Hasnat (8 months ago)
I was so upset. Thank you! This video made me feel good and gave me confident
UkeBoy05 (9 months ago)
Wow thanks! I always wanted the positive attention i can get in school. When i started hanging out with the cool kids,i always wanted the attention and popularity they had. I always felt if as,there extremely lucky while i am not. But i didn't realized until now that i was so glued to positive comments that i always received,and i wanted more. Thanks for the video!
Richard (9 months ago)
If I didn't care I would be in prison.
Shrikant Dhote (9 months ago)
When you are often in thought of what other people think of you, life becomes much discomforting and You couldn't enjoy it to the fullest.
Cameron Davis (9 months ago)
Thank u soooooo much! Love ur channel.
No more Abuse (10 months ago)
This was great.
Wild Pear (11 months ago)
Great video!
sharvaree raje (11 months ago)
anpanman.uwu (1 year ago)
I want to be kawaiier you could say. I’m going into middle school so I can be whatever! This helped so much nya!~
I came in my hand.
Nitish Raj (1 year ago)
Keep on the GOOD WORK! Let is be coming 😀
maria peck (1 year ago)
I just don't give a f*** about what people think about me there is still people in the world that care.give a like if u agree plz 😁😁😁😁😀😀😀😀💛💛💛💛💛💜💜😊😊😊☺☺☺☺😄😄
Paul Mcdonough (3 months ago)
u do that's why your watching
mariarionesei 22 (1 year ago)
good job
Kurumi Panda (1 year ago)
Tbh, I don't care what other people think because I'm too lazy to think about it. Don't do this or you'll be more lazier.
jackie (1 year ago)
I struggle a lot with wanting validation even subconciously, as I know logically that their approval won’t do anything for me. It’s hard but I want to improve
Oj Jhonson (1 year ago)
This actually helped me a lot because today just wasn’t my day I do admit i try to act all hard on instagram so people will leave me alone since middle school,people just can’t keep my name out of their mouths I don’t to anything, irl I’m just a soft caring person and I understand why people don’t like me I can’t change the was they see me but it’s okay you helped me with my problem I’ve always told my self people’s opinion isn’t important but sometimes it gets to me thanks I now see that your teaching will make me a better person and won’t hold onto comment people say :)
Rustbelt Van-Life (1 year ago)
I have a dinner coming up for scholarship winners for a certain college and I won 3 scholarships! I'm freaking out! Super imposter syndrome and anxiety . this video was very helpful and I feel better prepared :-)
The Super Pun Show (1 year ago)
some tips on self confidence here for you : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x8S_MDU2r0M&feature=youtu.be
Emiliapocalypse (1 year ago)
I click on a lot of these because I admit I am seeking wisdom, and most of these are clickbait or just copy and paste the same advice from other places. This has ideas that actually stuck out to me and I think will really serve me if I remember them, so I’ve taken screen caps of the parts discussing other people’s reality, because I’ll never let myself get sucked into debating realities ever again. If you end up face to face with a forceful enough personality, you can even end up being bullied into a reality that doesn’t make sense to you at all. Case in point, abusive relationships. So I just wanted to leave this rambly comment because this advice can not only help people free themselves from the burden of caring too much about the opinions of others, but it could also help prevent people from getting into dangerous relationships with manipulative people. If something doesn’t feel right, then it’s not right for you. And if someone doesn’t respect that, they should back off. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, your channel has probably helped many people in ways that you couldn’t even imagine :)
Lomas Shaun (1 year ago)
they juss give us auto crap
Lomas Shaun (1 year ago)
pride gets all
Al Tone (1 year ago)
Awesome Vid. This has a struggle fo me. You need the freedom to be yourself and find your success.
Theresa McGuinness (1 year ago)
Simran Singh (1 year ago)
awesome.......i will surely do it....thanks for the awesome video.......
Hindhokatu Dhugaani (1 year ago)
This is trueeeeee
Hindhokatu Dhugaani (1 year ago)
Helpy full
Hindhokatu Dhugaani (1 year ago)
I like this one
EchoGay Bald Fith (1 year ago)
Really great video
SquidKing (1 year ago)
This should be one of your most popular videos! Amazing and enlightening points are in this video! Great job!
ok all of this advice is awesome however I am getting studied baited and ostrisized. ..How can I become immune to haters...they will not let you ignore them. ..they try to reel you in to their self hating bullshit. ..Well great video. .can you do one on why black women hate confident no b.s. shy black women??
belal mahmood jibreel (1 year ago)
helped alot great dude
Hanane Hanane Ha (1 year ago)
Your videos are great but you speak too fast,please slow down
jassi rakhra (1 year ago)
Why obsessed with gals?
jake heeney (1 year ago)
DO THE LITTLE GUTAIR/ukulele intro music that shit good
luke williams (1 year ago)
This is so dumb. ‘Find your passion by asking what would you do if you had all the money in the world.’ Most people would do nothing. Lounge on a beach. Go to restaurants and enjoy life. But I don’t see any jobs advertised that fit this mold. And then the second one. Find out what you’re good at and then teach others. So stupid. Basically become a teacher. Not everyone wants to become a teacher. And if you Love your passion so much why would you want to stop doing it and instead teach people how to do it.
Cody Chapman (1 year ago)
Great Video, keep up the good work (:
Paul (1 year ago)
Thats how the world got fucked up. There's literally a guy who changed his name legally to sexy vegan with blue eyebrows bruh. Like you shouldnt give a fuck but damn some of those crazy americans are taking it to a next level
Kimberly Navadomskis (1 year ago)
Thanks for the videos. I save some to motivate me at work. This one will definitely be saved.
Zaw Paing (1 year ago)
You are very good at analyzing.
WISDOM FOR LIFE (1 year ago)
Nice video... not that I'm praising or anything..... :) The four agreements by Ruiz is a great book!! Check it out. Also, I would highly recommend anything to do with stoicism if this video resonated with you!
This is an interesting area. For me 50% cares and the other 50% doesn't. I respect people's opinion and what they have to say but I don't allow it to go beneath surface level when it doesn't need to. I think both sides of the extreme can be a bit dangerous because we may misinterpret the intent someone has (when not caring) or take things too personal (when caring). So a balance to respect yet still do you is something I find works for me.
michael burn (1 year ago)
Louis ck certainly didn't care what those women thought.
Gina Kim (1 year ago)
awkward louis CK reference
Nice Video
Thanks for a awesome video, it’s not easy but let’s not let someone else’s opinion define who we are👍👍
Renan Quarterback 7 (1 year ago)
Man, excellent job! Keep up with it! I'm sure that this content has helped a lot of people, congrats!
Ami Alvord (1 year ago)
I have a question. What about those with disabilities such as ADHD? I know there's the other extreme with those considered to have Oppositional Defiant Disorder when it comes to not caring, but I feel some of us carry too much empathy on our backs as well. So in the case of some mind more naturally inclined towards other's thoughts and opinions, is there any stratagies invovled when trying to keep others out of your mental city?
Kara (1 year ago)
love the four agreements!
Calvin Ferrion (1 year ago)
Betterment Boss (1 year ago)
Long hair, don't care ha! nice video!
Joey C. (1 year ago)
Freaking damn. Thank you so much for this video. I learned a lot things about myself I hadn't thought of before. I'm 25, and I've been working as a retail stocking manager for three years. Basically, I'm the back of the warehouse working by myself 90% of the time. And I start my shifts early morning before sunrise. I purposely have comforted myself into that position to avoid interacting people. I'm working on that aspect, learning little by little. It takes dedication and effort, but it's a work for improvement in progress Thank you again for this video.
Christian Putter (1 year ago)
Consolidated very well and put into words in a way I've been unable to. Defintely one of the most helpful videos so far, thank you.
Furqaan Shariff (1 year ago)
What other people say is... What they say... But, people are OFTEN WRONG! For example when Thomas Alva Edison had d IDEA of an electric light then, PEOPLE THOUGHT that he was a fucking MORON!! But, he challenged CONVENTIONAL THINKING n did NOT GIVE A FUCK.. And U know whose Thomas today :)
nirthpanter (1 year ago)
0:05 *Gary Vaynerchuk* 🙌
Careers CPPARESEARCH (1 year ago)
Great video. Very enlightening.
Al M (1 year ago)
If someone says "you didn't say that" when, in actuality, you did... that's not an opinion, it's an error.
Angel Lyden (1 year ago)
Thank you💙
Beatriz Komura (1 year ago)
...... And Joshua os cute!
Renan Castro (1 year ago)
Ive been learning eng for 2 Years and yeah i undertood what you said but i still think you speak fast and in fact, its good because i can get used to it Thanks for this video :)
nasmithey (1 year ago)
Nothin wrong with theme music
nasmithey (1 year ago)
Everyone loves the music
nasmithey (1 year ago)
Bring back the music
Rosa M (1 year ago)
We should change our values into healthier ones, and stop caring about superficial things.
Belldyyy (1 year ago)
Good video and congrats on the growth of your channel, results speak by themselves ^_^
E.c0lle (1 year ago)
This channel is a cult
edi (1 year ago)
_be open with who you are..._ _hey, I'm a sadistic Sociopath. Nice to meet you!_ Sure, that will make one hell of an impression...
[sirenic] (5 months ago)
edi if you were actually a sociopath you wouldn’t be watching a video on how not to care what people think about you
fiona fiona (1 year ago)
edi Nice to meet somebody to relate to 😋
Katie Kerr (1 year ago)
I love ur channel, it's amazing, but dude, plz stop with the collaborations. I can't even remember the last time you did a whole video. I love hearing you do the videos in particular. Not to say that this guy is bad, but I like it more when you do the videos
Bi Nguyen (1 year ago)
How the hell can you draw so well
Jorge Caria (1 year ago)
Not a good time to use Louis as a good example ahah good vid c:
Larissa Martins (1 year ago)
Apollo Actual (1 year ago)
This was actually really interesting, pointed out a lot of things that I’m doing wrong. Cheers
Pinnacle Of Man TM (1 year ago)
Thanks for watching guys! Check out my channel if you want more similar vids. I don't really care if you do though ;-)
WISDOM FOR LIFE (1 year ago)
Great collaboration and really good strategies on not caring what others think so much.
The Doge Doge (1 year ago)
I dont really know what to say except.. thatnk you so much for this video!! You caught me in a state in my life where i dont really have control of who i am, and im starting to become more clingy to other people. And if the people i cling to regect me, i get completely depressed and feel more isolated :/ Im not usually like that, but that behavior has taken a toll on my life, and i didnt know what to do about it. And your timing couldnt have been better! This video gave me advice and motivation that i never even thought of. It showed me the strong and independent spirit that i thought i lost forever, but im gonna get it back! So i couldnt thank you *enough* for this video!!
Leo Vincent (1 year ago)
2:15 You don't say 🤔🤔
Anil Kumar Varun (1 year ago)
looking for scholarships visit here https://scholarshipcell.com/ REPLY
BigBad Braxien (1 year ago)
I love weird things but not wrong things
Key (1 year ago)
Brooooo is that jim from the office he sounds like him
Marcin Widz (1 year ago)
1. I have a purpose I work towards every day. Doesn't do shit for my anxiety ans self-esteem 2. Talking about my flaws immediately alienates people. Giving the example of Louis C. K. is ridicoulous, his art is to pretend well. Not many can pull of what he can. If you say 'I'm depressed' people will say 'Euhh, I don't know what to tell, you. I thought we're here to have a good time...'. 3. Third one is a good advice.
Louston Fountain (1 year ago)
Great video gentlemen. I was just thinking about this same topic and boom I get a notification
The Fox (1 year ago)
thanks a million!! I needed this at this time of my life.

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