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Will Crooks - A Street Style Photographer

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This is a short story about the Will Crooks. Creator of WAC AVE Street Photography. Shot and edited by James Redd. Music by Gunnar Olsen, Otis McDonald & James Redd.
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Shane Stewart (3 months ago)
Lovely video and very relatable and inspiring conversation with Will. Great work all round!
dream catcher (4 months ago)
Too stylized and fashion orientated toward beautiful models to be real street/documentary.
satyan sharma (6 months ago)
What would be camera settings for Black and white photography?
Snooty Fox (10 months ago)
Nicely done. Thank you.
Vlad Yavorov (1 year ago)
These are street portraits, not street photography really. Great work though.
satyan sharma (6 months ago)
What would be camera settings for Black and white photography?
Billy Kinnear (1 year ago)
That's not street photography. That's environmental fashion portrait photography, using strangers. Nothing candid, no stories in the picture. Not street.
ileana perez (1 year ago)
This is great! Thanks for sharing! Awesome advice.
clipper fire27 (1 year ago)
No Street photography.
movie end (2 years ago)
ok goob but ,where are the images ?
Random Thoughts (2 years ago)
A real street photographer... always clinging to that camera. 👍 I feel naked without my camera. Great video.
Paul Holmes (2 years ago)
You "kinda, like, y'know" do some great work. ;) Keep it up and please keep posting.
rembeadgc (2 years ago)
Very cool. All the best!
kaly (2 years ago)
This is my dream job 😩😩 I want to focus mainly on street photography but I also wanna photograph the hardships and struggles of everyday life is that makes sense. I also wanna focus on poc and their beauty, that's my main goal is to showcase poc beauty.
cameraman655 (9 months ago)
Kiddo, hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there are no jobs for "street photographers". Most who get into it do it for the artistry, not for profit. Sure you might be able to make a few print sales here and there, maybe get a gallery to show your work which and if lucky, might be a springboard for pursuing this as a career however in the meantime, you will still have to eat, pay the rent/mortgage, well, take care of yourself. See how long it took Winogrand, Bresson, and others to "make it" as street shooters and these were guys doing it in an era where there was not so much competition, no Mac or PC with the latest Adobe software and when photography was an actual "skill" that took years, not days to master on a Leica M2 and a 36 exposure roll of Tr-X, several hours processing and printing in a dark room and they struggled. Now, everyone with an X-Pro2, D850 or 5DMkIV are a self-proclaimed "street photographers" there is a lot of competition with few buyers, good luck.
lendumore (1 year ago)
kaly be forewarned tho..nobody pays money for street photography. Use it to teach you more about composition, etc so you can move to a genre that will support you financially
Stockwell Roam (2 years ago)
great philososphy
Cool Documentary video—I am more confrontational type of personality and just have always gone up to people and asked them and if they so no—just shrug and ask them why not? I can usually persuade them to change their mind, and if not thank them anyway and walk away. :) Subscribing.
Da'Quan Coleman (2 years ago)
Shelton D'Cruz (2 years ago)
interesting film - thanks
Alice Lane (2 years ago)
Don't believe it. He might have a girl friend...no way he has a Girlfriend.
Timothy Roper (2 years ago)
Great documentary. Really like how it kept the "talking head" shots to a minimum, and kept going with the audio into the other shots that actually showed him at work out on the street. Also, does anyone know what brand of straw hat that is he's wearing?
James Redd Highlights (2 years ago)
Thank You so much. I appreciate You noticing the details! I'm glad You liked it. The hat is made by Brixton according to Will. :)
Noah Patterson (2 years ago)
Great video!
James Redd Highlights (2 years ago)
Thank You Noah! That's great to hear! Cheers!
Paul Donohoe (3 years ago)
absolutely brilliant documentary. Only problem I found: It's too short!! lol By that i mean it was interesting and well made and engaging. And Will..such a nice guy with great images. Such a joy to see a photographer who thinks about what he's doing and has insights into the world around him and is interested in people. thank you to all of you..PS The scene with Wil and his girlfriend is lovely..she's such a lovely person..Enjoyed this video VERY much
Paul Donohoe (3 years ago)
+Redd Video you are more than welcome..I wish you all the best with your work
James Redd Highlights (3 years ago)
+Paul Donohoe Hey thank You so much for kind words Paul. I'm glad You enjoyed it. Yes both Will and his girl are very kind and interesting people. :) - J
jonghyunflower (3 years ago)
Love the video! Thank you, I'm very inspired :) he takes gorgeous pictures, and the video was very well made! Keep it up:)
James Redd Highlights (2 years ago)
Hey thank You so much! I'm happy that You enjoyed it and that You were inspired. That's success to me. :)
Jerry Lee (4 years ago)
very impressive . what is his website address?
Snooty Fox (10 months ago)
@James Redd Highlights Excellent portraits!!! My kind of style 👍
James Redd Highlights (3 years ago)
+Byeongcheol Lee I'm glad You enjoyed it. He's at wacavenue.com. :)
KnifeNerd9 (4 years ago)
Really interesting and well produced, great job James!
James Redd Highlights (3 years ago)
+KnifeNerd9 Hey I know You! Thanks man. :)
Sonita Leak (4 years ago)
LOVE IT! Yes, nothing beats a failure but a try and everyone should take more walks. Great videography, by the way, James.
Paul Donohoe (3 years ago)
+Sonita “GreenvilleNotary” Leak yes i loved it too. Just thought it was so well done and the people in the video were lovely..and great photography too eh?
Sonita Leak (3 years ago)
Very welcome!
James Redd Highlights (4 years ago)
@Sonita Leak Thank You so much. :) I appreciate that. I'm glad You enjoyed it.
Sarah T. (4 years ago)
James Redd Highlights (4 years ago)
@Sarah T. WONDERFUL! Thank You so much Sarah. I'm glad. :)

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