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Trans Siberian Train Journey Experience - from Malaysia to Russia under $1100

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Short Clips on my journey from Malaysia - Thailand -Cambodia - Vietnam - China - Mongolia - Russia by trains (6 trips) and buses (2 trips) in 28 days.
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Dex Ssdd (2 days ago)
Hi... i intend to backpack from singapore-malaysia-thailand-cambodia-vietnam-laos-myanmar... is it possible? Using train & perhaps bus?? Im on a shoestring budget too :)
hong wei chua (1 day ago)
Hi Yes, you can do that, you can do that on train, and bus maybe for myanmar and Laos..tbasically the video is from Malaysia- Thailand- Cambodia-Vietnam, u can look for the connecting train and bus for the countries u wish to go
Muhammad Hassim (5 days ago)
U sure or not spend $1100
sherwin estipona (5 days ago)
i love the detailed trip on your blog.really looks tempting and enviting for a travel junkie.thaks for the amazing insights.looking forward to more travels from you.
hong wei chua (1 day ago)
Hi, thanks for the good words!!appreciate!
Azman Ibrahim (16 days ago)
Nice video and photo in the blog. May I know this journey is during which season ?
hong wei chua (15 days ago)
Hi,thanks for the words..it during Spring,month of May...
vincenzo medica (23 days ago)
Good trip,bye to Italo....
ABOIKOKOS GT (30 days ago)
Yet russian
Kevin Sherrard (1 month ago)
I am sure Eren is hot but I mean I can’t say for certain if you don’t show any pictures of her :-(
audmraz (2 months ago)
Thanks for sharing this ! This trip is on my bucketlist :)
cowpoke02 (2 months ago)
selling living near russia . train around the world or back to europe plus bus ..
Double 2 (2 months ago)
This is awesome.
cik niarun (3 months ago)
wowww!! hope that you can share your iti and how-to do this long journey train travelling
hong wei chua (3 months ago)
cik niarun http://blog.leasany.com/malaysia-russia-land-trans-siberian-1100-rm3300
Taufiq Sani (4 months ago)
Terbaik. Do you have any posting about this trip? (Route, ticket fare, tips)
hong wei chua (3 months ago)
Taufiq Sani http://blog.leasany.com/malaysia-russia-land-trans-siberian-1100-rm3300

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