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INDAH Swimwear Bikinis Fashion Show SS 2018 Miami Swim Week 2017

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Yaers Fashion TV https://www.yaers.com Miami Swim Week Fashion Shows https://www.yaers.com/miami-swim-week/ INDAH Swimwear Bikinis Fashion Show SS2018 Miami Swim Week 2017 Swim Miami Funkshion HD 1080P Video provided directly to Yaers Fashion TV by Indah Swimwear PR courtesy of Addy Media Aline Lima, Bodine Koehler, Avery Rose Brown, Lisa Marie Jaftha, Effy Harvard, Cat Norris, Shannon Lawson, RILEY RASMUSSEN, Jasmyn Wilkins, Renee Bhagwandeen walking for INDAH Swimwear. Track: NIVIRO - You [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Watch: https://youtu.be/2Nv5juZKhKo Free Download / Stream: http://ncs.io/YouYO Watch more Miami Swim Week fashion shows on the Yaers Fashion TV channel from brands such as Aguaclara, Gottex, Duskii, Luli Fama, Frankies Bikinis, Montce Swim, Mia Marcelle, Salty Mermaid, Angel rinks, Liliana Montoya, Lybethras, Seafolly, Maaji, Blue Life, Issa de'mar, Lolli Swim, For Love and Lemon, Sinesia Karol, Beach Bunny, Anastasio, Vichi Swim, Grayson Boyd, The Eight Continent, Courtney Allegra, Hale Bob, Cirone Swim, Elie Maji, Mister Triple X, Bianca Coletti, Style Saves, Acacia, Agua Bendita, North, Demadly, Gestuz, Hanne Bloch, Ganni, Hammock, Prey Swim by Audrina Patridge, KOA Swim, Silvia Ulson, HAH, Hot-as-Hell) KAOHS, Sports Illustrated Fashion Show, Lila Nikole, Minimale Animale, Cali Dreams, Versakini, Tavik, Baes and Bikinis, INDAH, Roberto Cavalli, Nash Beach, Versace, DSquared 2, OMG Miami Swimwear, Karma Bikinis, Du Aqua, Argyle Grant, Holidolls Luxury Swimwear, Planet Fashion Show, Honey Bee Swim, Alina Petra, Keva J, Gabriela Pires Beachwear, Rocky Gathercole, Du Aqua, Lee + Lani, Noise' Lingerie, SORT Lingerie, COLOMBIA MODA, CAFEE Swimwear, The Best of CIRONE, VERSACE Swimwear, MIKOH, ENRICO COVERI, Totti Swimwear, Revel Rey, Aqua Swim, WACOAL.
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Text Comments (364)
ALEX DAI (3 days ago)
ALEX DAI (3 days ago)
zahid niazi (23 days ago)
Bouncing big ass i love big asses
zahid niazi (23 days ago)
sclogse1 (24 days ago)
And this is why we're all going to hell. You pay for every piece of ass you get. (Quote from Cold Feet, with Tom Waits)
matthew Zambrano (24 days ago)
Where can I get this music track, great for bike riding
matthew Zambrano (24 days ago)
Nevermind, i see it
X X (24 days ago)
Phi Tuber (27 days ago)
I love fashion. Moved from Fashion TV to here and fell in live with your music.🌹🌹🥀🥀🌺🌺🍁🍁🍁🌱☘🌱🌲
Nubia Aparicio (28 days ago)
hujjatullah sahib (28 days ago)
This is indeed a BUTTifool fashion show ! !
fourbypete (29 days ago)
Why do models walk like that? So weird.
Youtube Commenter (1 month ago)
Remember, SJW's want this type of stuff to end.
Lacora Clayton (19 days ago)
Nice generalization you got there
George Dawson Jr (1 month ago)
Camera work suxs and they put stickers over there nipple very crampy work. Girls are hot and the suits are ok what can be seen anyway. They act like they have something to hide.
Lado Thapa (1 month ago)
Now i am shopping in the in the shop
Lado Thapa (1 month ago)
Nice looking.
Lado Thapa (1 month ago)
Nice hair styling
Lado Thapa (1 month ago)
Nice figures
Lado Thapa (1 month ago)
Nice clothes
Lado Thapa (1 month ago)
Nice under wear
Chiavaccio (1 month ago)
Takdir Muliono (1 month ago)
alan hunt (1 month ago)
Вы разрываете моё сердечко...
jordi bk (1 month ago)
4:10 9:28 15:18 19:45
Mark Edwards (1 month ago)
1:50. Best walk and presentation hands down!
Alex Carter (2 months ago)
Milton Camarena (2 months ago)
Cuantas mujeres buenas y yo soltero
zeroc45 (2 months ago)
1:13, 3:42
yungkyoo woo (3 months ago)
very nice beutiful! i love you~~
Юрий Фил (3 months ago)
0:35 ?
Anglomik (4 months ago)
Thanks; now I can't type due to the drool all over my keyboard...
Luckzor Kerch (4 months ago)
No nipslip = bad fashion show.
Alejandro Morales Xique (4 months ago)
tremendos culos
Kyle Chang (4 months ago)
9:23, 19:40
Rod Steel (4 months ago)
4:16 stole the show.
1bluensx (5 months ago)
I love the fact that this designer has the models barefoot. This to me is realistic. When is the last time you saw a girl walking down the beach in heels. Good job!
硕安 (5 months ago)
13:30 good
Grind Metal (5 months ago)
19:40 crissement de l'allure!
‼️P L E A S E N A M E F O R 5:53 9:09 12:53 🙏🏽. 🙏🏽. 🙏🏽. 🙏🏽. 🙏🏽. 🙏🏽
godisbollocks (5 months ago)
Imagine being the guy who gets to park his nut paste in one of these girls every night.
Ty Nao (6 months ago)
This INDAH is one of the best womens swimwear lines in years. The mid-high waist of the bottoms is perfect height and perfect cut of the thong cheeky but not too cheeky
Alex Hill (6 months ago)
13:07 Alot showing
Alex Hill (6 months ago)
3:24 😙😉nice!!
El Vic (6 months ago)
Chiavaccio (6 months ago)
Mai Giza (6 months ago)
So Nice and Sexy model 😍😍😍😍😍
I.N. van Weyden (6 months ago)
sexual abuse of cameraman
ff dib (6 months ago)
Lund ka pani nikaal diya
Sean Zii (6 months ago)
Thank goodness these shows still don’t have “inclusion policies”.
Michael Wibawa Wibawa (6 months ago)
S S A (6 months ago)
1GoldRunner (6 months ago)
Most of these models hair looks heavily damaged or at least dry. It just shows how much work they put their hair in after each show and photo shoot they sign up for. Hard work.
I'm a fuckin rock. (6 months ago)
I didn't click on this to look at the clothes, but let's be honest who actually clicked on this video to look at fucking clothes? I know I didn't. Lol
Jhimy Alva (6 months ago)
4:41 beautiful...😍😍
Max Passion (7 months ago)
19:45 was put on earth to make cocks cum! I would love to bend over the girl at 20:40, spread her legs and cum inside that ass!
M F (7 months ago)
0:30. By far the best
Azzouz Jamal (7 months ago)
très belle collection bikinis Swimwear pour les jeunes femmes blanches blondes brunes pour la saison d'été sur les plages elles trouvent leurs satisfaction d'être jolies corps mince derrière jambes ventre plat seins presque Nue à 99/100 pour un bronzage totale allongées à plat ventre sur leurs Dos côtés sur le sable très chaud agréable pour une relaxation totale de baigner dans l'eau fraîche de la mer vers la fin de l'après midi le font un massage pétrissage de tout leurs corps par l'un des masseurs de la plage qui leurs pétrissent avec leurs mains fortes larges doigts enracinés dans les masses de chaire qui pétrissent la labourent leurs chaire en profondeur jusqu'à leurs os de leurs belles jambes nue très jolie derrière nue bombé remplie de chaire bien rondes qui s'ouvrent oR l'effet de pétrissage leurs jolies ventre plat pubis nombril buste côtés de leurs jolies seins dos épaules la jeune femme massée pétris ne peut résister indifférente elle jouis gémis AAHHH oui continue c'est bien encore j'aime pétris moi bien mon derrière j'aime ainsi la femme elle atteint ses plusieurs orgasmes forts intolérables jouis devant le masseur er personnes sur la plage libre sans complexe la nuit vers minuit la belle blonde à rendez-vous avec une baignade de minuit à 3H du matin avec son partenaire homme Noir fort très viril plusieurs partenaires hommes femmes se baignent leurs jolies corps mince entièrement nue font l'amour chaque couple regarde l'autre baiser l'homme Noir défonce le vagin de sa partenaire Blanche qui embrasse le deuxième homme de l'autre couple qui sa partenaire est défoncée par un troisième homme amour rapports sexuelle en groupe pour une puissance orgasmes simultanés de toutes les belles jeunes femmes dt leurs partenaires hommes les jeunes femmes satisfaites avalent leurs sperme délicieux qu'elles sentent chaud dans leurs ventre terminant leurs nuit jusqu'à 11 H du matin à dormir après avoir baisé fait l'amour chaque jeune femme avec deux à trois hommes Noirs pour sa totale satisfaction leurs sperme qu'elle suce avale ainsi chaque jour St nuit de tout l'été le jolie corps mince nue de chaque belle jeune femme trouve sa satisfaction plaisir jouissance totale avec les hommes de sa conquête qui lui procurent son bonheur d'été sur la plage massage baignade rapports sexuelle très réussits sur la plage la nuit.
Bartosz Banek (7 months ago)
I'm don't say enything...
3rdeye1983 (7 months ago)
who is the last girl?
Pi E (7 months ago)
Oj.:Dziewczyny czrujahihiPrzepieknie .👣👣👣👣👣
Puzzoozoo (7 months ago)
Name please for the model at 1:00 in the red outfit?
K R (7 months ago)
many muslims watching this in secret :))))
Marcin tak po prostu :D (7 months ago)
You can see that these are still young girls
Marcin tak po prostu :D (7 months ago)
15:23 😍
Marcin tak po prostu :D (7 months ago)
I want one of them 🤪🤪🤪
LUU HIEU (7 months ago)
Senada Pasic (7 months ago)
I swear you're all a bunch of pedophiles .
Eddie C (7 months ago)
易飞扬 (7 months ago)
Nice background music
Chas (7 months ago)
16:30 / 17:40 💘
Fotini Gavrilis (8 months ago)
The one blonde chick who come out about 3-4 times...kept pissing me off... lol ..as she walks back from the end of the runway... she doesn’t get out of the way for the model coming to the runway... she walks right up the middle on her way off....at least walk more to the right like the other girls... geez!!
Aqua God (8 months ago)
I'll take two please
Celia Malene (8 months ago)
Nice to see girls with more diversity of body types. All of them stunning! Let's see if Victoria's Secret learns something :) I intent to be one of the first "plus size" models they use!
Celia Malene (6 months ago)
Thanks Brett, I really appreciate that! <3
Brett Stewart (6 months ago)
Cecilie Malene good luck with that you go girl 🤙🤙
william Arnold (8 months ago)
13:30 wow nice underboob! look at her calves too as she's walking away. Wow!~
merry carefree (8 months ago)
This is not a show, this is pornography and prostitution.
Oscar Wilde (8 months ago)
All I see is no hips and flappy butts.
DJCJ512 (8 months ago)
maxd890 (8 months ago)
4:11 who is that girl ?
greg h (8 months ago)
Runway models look better when they walk like other humans walk. Not like idiots
Wiser1FOREVER (8 months ago)
Should have been named Beach Fashion, not Bikini Fashion! Too many one pieces, dresses & accessories! But can't argue about the thong feature on every swimsuit!
Wiser1FOREVER (8 months ago)
I agree with the shoeless observation! Heels are annoying in most types of modeling shows, especially for modeling bikinis & lingerie!
Wiser1FOREVER (8 months ago)
A lot of attitude among these models! Just see how they cede the runway on their way in & back....it shows you who is considerate, arrogant & submissive, etc.!
mounir fran oujd (8 months ago)
Wow elles sont très jolies extraordinaires
Y53 Hh (8 months ago)
bill smith (8 months ago)
Please, can anyone tell us: who is the blonde at 3:30?
Mr.y (8 months ago)
All with short legs, this are not model's
Jose Luis Oliver (8 months ago)
Brleza de mais..
Ild Na (8 months ago)
cameraman sucks, keeps zooming out!!!!
Jose Hamtig JR (8 months ago)
Yaers Fashion TV videos puts a smile on my face everytime! thanks for posting ;)
Roberto Buitron (8 months ago)
0:31 1:52
13:25 I come to see her
ChefGiovanni (8 months ago)
Wow, barefoot awesome, the girl at 4:30 so hot and then 5:56 blew my mind.
Marcus Thomas (8 months ago)
I wish all women were shaped like these!
Уже и девки полуголые прогуливаются, уже и полтитьки видать, уже и письки просвечивают, однако все-равно рождаемость падает... Не стоит у общества!...
channelforwhat (9 months ago)
David Moreton (9 months ago)
Momma me a.!
Arnold Schwarzenbagel (9 months ago)
song sucks so fucking bad
Arm Adjoba (9 months ago)

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