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Animated Atrocities #30: "Atlantis Squarepantis" [Spongebob]

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See Magical Mystery Cure through a certain... set of robotic eyes.
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Ashley Schall (2 days ago)
I hate this channel
Gary (7 days ago)
Andrew Animates (8 days ago)
Even though this is bad it fills me with nostalgia. I remember using my sister's DVD player and putting in the Atlantis Squarepantis CD. It was very fun to watch on long rides and I hold the episode close to my heart. Probably my favorite song was Sandy's virus song. I loved the visuals and Melody. I almost shedded a year when I saw my favorite SpongeBob special was on animated atrocities.
Jacob Whitfield (8 days ago)
You know what's weird? I love the video game version more than the actual episode.
Zoroark Ronan (9 days ago)
Mr. Yellowstrat (15 days ago)
Why are you nitpicking a children's show? Even worse you recorded/uploaded it... 😑
Arachne (19 days ago)
When I was a kid I had the ps2 game. I couldn’t get past the drive there. It was a musical “hit the arrows” type mini game
8:09 the creativity is low on this one.
Tails Clock (21 days ago)
People dodn't like this episode? It wasn't even bad. The bubble joke was funny. The visuals on some of the songs were actually really nice. This felt like a HUGE stretch to get onto this list. Your anger felt forced and you referenced other episodes from other shows way too much. It is criminal though, that Bowie never got to sing.
Piper Woods (24 days ago)
This is lowkey a guilty pleasure for me cuz its nostalgia Don't worry, I'm fully aware of how terrible it is xD
charles cherris (27 days ago)
What's hilarious is that this video is featured in an article for Billboard. https://www.billboard.com/articles/news/billboard-lists/8486944/spongebob-squarepants-musician-guest-appearances
BB Gunz170 (27 days ago)
Yeah I liked the video game for DS better
the entity of darkness (21 days ago)
I prefer the console game myself, the DS game annoys me.
peanutbutterlover jr (28 days ago)
I loved it tho
Lil homo (29 days ago)
It's a cartoon show for kids...
Kellen Loop (1 month ago)
To be honest with you, there is definitely no need to fight anybody on the side of the street. And besides I would never file any complaints about the songs and national mystery things.
Josh Blackwell (1 month ago)
Magical Mystery Cure > Atlantis Squarepantis The songs & writing for Magical Mystery cure were definitely better than this episode of spongebob imo.
cbolanz1 (27 days ago)
Here's one betrayed element of the series that I now just noticed. Where was King Neptune and the real Atlantis. It was established clearly in Neptune's Spatula that he was the ruler of Atlantis and the ocean overall and this episode completely betrays that lore. This Atlantis looks like less of a Merfolk society and more like something you'd see in Spaceballs or the Alien franchise. This episode doesn't live up to what Atlantis could've been, It betrays alot of the Spongebob Lore, It leaves out King Neptune and replaces him with a lame alien ruler with no sense of comedy or charm, Atlantis is not that impressive of an architectural marvel, the songs are annoying, and the creativity of Atlantis is weak. This episode could've gone all out with Showing what Atlantis was meant to be but it's just another Sci-Fi Alien city. When it's all said and done Atlantis Squarepantis doesn't live up to it's Potential and wastes a grand opportunity.
Yellow Diamond (1 month ago)
The splinter was worse in my opinion but I understand where you are coming from
Funko Junk (1 month ago)
The only good thing is the videogames
YANYUN DING (1 month ago)
Fuck you go die and go to hell you idiot fuck you bitch go to hell
noobpro 97 (1 month ago)
I stopped watching after magical mystery cure. I just somehow knew that the show wouldn't be the same afterwards.
CringyKhanAnimations (1 month ago)
You are not cinemasins
Nico’s BunZ (1 month ago)
Let's here you sing bitch nigga
Conn Toons (1 month ago)
Doug’s ma boi.
Kirsten Donovan (1 month ago)
Please do "The Elm-Chanted Forest" (1986).
But this is a cartoon. And he really shouldn’t be bashing on spongebob. It’s ok if he doesn’t like it but he should chill out.
Ok I really love this episode. It’s one of my favorites. By this really pisses me off. The only person who doesn’t sing is David Bowie. It’s not fare!! David is one of the best singers of all time!!!
myabadass _ (1 month ago)
why do you have this much time to bash a KIDS SHOW😂 TF
myabadass _ I know right
Random Ryan (2 months ago)
How do people hate this episode? It’s not the best, but it’s pretty good in my opinion.
Alex Field (2 months ago)
Even writer Casey Alexander stated this is his least favorite episode he worked on.
SamFN Nierman (2 months ago)
This was one of my favorite ones
Remix Dragon (2 months ago)
I like a pet for Gary
filecabinet coffee (2 months ago)
That Bloo Guy (3 months ago)
2:07 Okay, in their defense, they did define that the cast's size compared to a human is very small. So it's not THAT far fetched.
Dustwarewolf 55 (3 months ago)
I really do think that you should bring back those digital sheets of paper that gives an atrocity score at the end of every episode, as it really helps to give a brief aftersummary of any given reviewed piece of media's overall badness, especially as far as the different criteria categories inside of which badness can be summarized inside of greater detail and nuance are concerned.
vTensionz (3 months ago)
Bruh it’s a fucking cartoon
Maddy Grabham (3 months ago)
I loved this episode
Heather Benjamin (3 months ago)
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Hypeman 2933 (3 months ago)
7:45 Which show is this
Cape TDL (3 months ago)
8:23 Why do I feel like that it ripped off one off one of the songs from Dunces and Dragons from Season 4? Edit: I meant the background music.
Chip E (3 months ago)
sure sandy's part had bad singing bad enemy designs and was mostly bad but you can't say the visuals had no effort put into them.
Pennywise Lives! (3 months ago)
why david just... why?
GumgumDookuin (3 months ago)
I'm so pissed that Bowie was in this, because the beauty of him is not just his clothing style but his music and yet they didn't use that talent! You had how many days before his passing? How long?! Waste of talent!
iCyanz (3 months ago)
I honestly dont think this episode is too bad
Jesus Martinez (3 months ago)
I feel like Atlantis Squarepantis is overhated. The only thing worth hating about it, is David Bowie not having a chance to sing.
Just a Top hat (3 months ago)
Spongebob Atlantis Squarepantis episode? Nah. Spongebob Atlantis Squarepantis GAME ON THE DS AND GBA? YEAH BOI
Emarly Villapana (3 months ago)
Valeria Pabon (3 months ago)
At least the game it was based on is better than the episode.
Jakurz (4 months ago)
Speekers for yourself, I love Plankton's song
SlapTrap (4 months ago)
This was and still is my favorite minecraft video
SuperJackster01 (4 months ago)
I agree that this episode is crap. But I still think it’s watchable
flz_5848 (4 months ago)
My 8-year-old self didn’t realize how terrible this episode actually is
Tired Person (4 months ago)
That episode wasn't even bad I loved it
Nyarome 2 (4 months ago)
Elliott Pascoe (4 months ago)
This special was especially insulting because of how much it was hyped...
Big Pauly (4 months ago)
nothing against mlp sun got it
RantingRaymond (4 months ago)
6:40 I sense Persona 4 vibes!
DeepFriedBurger Gaming (4 months ago)
*Why you've become an Alicorn. I didn't know that was possible*
Hypeman 2933 (4 months ago)
Lets fight then
Nathaniel Foga (4 months ago)
Still honestly can't believe they got David bowie for this special and did absolutely nothing with him .
Putra Herdian (4 months ago)
Happy Cupcake (4 months ago)
This is my favorite episode of all time I like the songs
Duck Boi (5 months ago)
Mlp sucks
lovetohammeru (5 months ago)
What is this street fighter? Just because some song stinks
Ratsarecool62 (5 months ago)
STFU atlantis squarepantis was fucking amazing
I_ Wonder! (5 months ago)
Wow The so called worst episode of Spongebob was made on my birthday
Hyphemaz (5 months ago)
I watched this one when I was young. I had no fucking clue on who David Bowie was. I was so shocked when I found out that it was him.
Haxxer82 (5 months ago)
Lmao, but tbh, I think he's forgetting that this show is for young children.
Tired Person (4 months ago)
@Haxxer82 yeah I and lots of others liked this episode he's just nitpicking and it's honestly annoying
Haxxer82 (5 months ago)
@hindu_frappe I agree. This show is supposed to be silly and weird because it's for kids. I am perfectly fine with him pointing some things out... But I think he get's carried away and forgets that this was made for young children who don't really care about all these.
hindu_frappe (5 months ago)
Haxxer82 while I do understand where you are coming from, I don’t think something should be low effort in terms of quality just because of who the demographic is, but I do think mr.enter did go a little overboard with this review.
nemesis9 (5 months ago)
Every last episode of MLP Especially that Cancer Causing episode is pure shit and Garbage! And it's Sad to see a bunch of retards pretending that this shit is good?! You want to know some real animated atrocities other than MLP, like Big hero 6 and their shitty spin-off, or any show with that TDI animation eyesore, And don't get me started with zootopia and inside out! Thats right I said the truth and nothing but the truth
DailyViolet (5 months ago)
Okay logic test. What do you do when you make a musical and hire David Bowie?. GIVE HIM A CHARACTER WHO CAN SING!!!!!!!
The Emerald Weirdo (6 months ago)
From what I've heard, this was originally just supposed to be a regular 11-minute episode about SpongeBob and Patrick going to see the world's oldest bubble, but the Nick executives forced them to turn it into a special. Hence why Squidward, Sandy, Mr. Krabs, Plankton, and all of the gratuitous songs were shoehorned in.
questcre8r (6 months ago)
Say what you will. David Bowie made the episode for me. You can have your mindless little opinions all you want, but remember what you’re hating on - a CARTOON EPISODE!! Isn’t there enough hate in the world without us deliberately causing more? Or maybe people are just that small-minded and the ultimate mask to bring out the true nature of a person is the Internet. Either way, if you ever found me, Mr User, and you challenge me to a fight, all I can say is you better have good insurance. You’re threatening people over the Internet and you expect no consequences, but you can’t do that. You can’t have it both ways like a child in a toy store. The world doesn’t work like that.
PidgeyHowler (6 months ago)
Plankton works much better in things like the FUN song where it's kinda intended to be campy and bad. Plus that song was short.
Stephannie Morin (6 months ago)
At least the game that came out after this is more entertaining.
Stephannie Morin (2 months ago)
@hindu_frappe And they have puzzle levels to demonstrate the characters abilities, two tank levels, two photo levels, and other levels that bring the audience up to speed on what the characters are doing. If they were doing this in the style of the game, which I could pass no problem, and have Bowie SING, this would be vastly better. Plus, Squidward is actually RESPONSIBLE for getting the gang into trouble, in addition to Patrick!
hindu_frappe (5 months ago)
Stephannie Morin yeah, also the soundtrack in the video game are so much better than the TV movie.
TheMouseAvenger (6 months ago)
Oh, & I forgot to mention: Your thumbnail perfectly describes my reaction to your review!
Chocolate (6 months ago)
TheMouseAvenger (6 months ago)
Are you FREAKING KIDDING me?! >:-( This was one of the VERY BEST SpongeBob episodes ever made, & one of my all-time favorites! And David Bowie was in it...David freakin' Bowie! How dare you sling such mud at this wonderful episode?! You snob, you troglodyte, you...(sighs in frustration) Then, again, what should I expect from someone with such vitriol towards HOND 2--which, BTW, is a Disney sequel that I (& several others) don't think is all that bad, & personally happen to like & enjoy very much? (mic drop)
TetrisClock (6 months ago)
I enjoyed it, and I'm not sorry.
TheMouseAvenger (6 months ago)
Me, too, & I still do to this very day! ^_^
Smashed Tomatoes (6 months ago)
The videogame was better.... Don't worry, the gameplay was all over the place too.
Fictional Subliminals (6 months ago)
The only reason I watched this episode is because it showed what Atlantis and like and Squidward finally got happy and everyone else finally got their own personal hell(spongebob and Patrick for popping the bubble)
DailyViolet (6 months ago)
Why did they hire David Bowie if they were going to give him the one character who doesn't get to sing? HE'S DAVID BOWIE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!!!
MLG smurf (6 months ago)
Am I the only one that actually liked this episode? Yes, there were a few moments I didn't like, but the episode had an overall decent pace (although pretty slow), there weren't that many parts where the characters actually annoyed me, I did chuckle at a few parts, and most of the songs (for me at least) fell into the "so bad it's good" category. Although it did feel pretty rushed, and I honestly wasn't a big fan of the Patchy segments.
Matthew Grossman (6 months ago)
This was my favorite episode as a kid.
T H U R G O (6 months ago)
this was always my favorite spongebob episode and still is
Gacha Me (6 months ago)
Unpopular opinions: I liked Sandy's song This was actually a entertaining episode(?) Every song was good to me (especially squidwards) I love all the style change visuals(?) (Especially Sandy's <3<3<3)
TheMouseAvenger (6 months ago)
I agree with you wholeheartedly! ^_^
I remember this episode, and thought that it wasn't that bad. It's kinda excessive, the musical numbers. But I've seen movies and TV shows that uses more of it, and has little to do with the storyline. I came here to hear David Bowie's voice, but it's pitch is higher for cartoonish effect.
Warspite (6 months ago)
I dunno I liked it
Evil spirit (6 months ago)
Why I hate this episode/T.V. movie 1: Bad songs 2: backgrounds where bland 3: Branding sucked 4: Most characters do nothing 5: NICK MADE THEM MAKE THIS T.V. MOVIE because it was originally a 11 minute episode 6: to forgettable
Maria Mejia (6 months ago)
I like squidwards song but yeah this episode was bad too many bad songs.
TheGreatAndPowerfulDC (7 months ago)
I like how they just sung about how fragile bubbles are and how they pop, but then the plot traps them in a bubble and they can't pop their way out.
Where is patchy
LazyKirby57 (7 months ago)
People hated this episode? Oh...
kill3r901 (7 months ago)
#patrick star RIP
Warriorseamonkey16 (7 months ago)
i dont have a problem with this episode
Red Production INC. (7 months ago)
Afer watching Atlantis Squarepantis, I though this "Im TRASHED AND SCATTERD again, im feeling SO LOW!" - Avenged Sevenfold, City of evil, Trashed and Scattered.
Fawzi Warra (7 months ago)
I think you and other critics are just over hating this episode even though people stopped caring about this episode a long time ago
Reece Tinsman (7 months ago)
I watched this while I was going to high school, and I can't believe I missed the "dumb blonde" joke that was made in this.
McCraeTheMediaLover1999 (7 months ago)
8:16-The famous paintings gags were done right earlier in Looney Tunes:Back In Action,instead of shoehorning a characters face on it,they had Bugs,Daffy,& Elmer interact in them,and they are one of the better parts in this movie.
McCraeTheMediaLover1999 (7 months ago)
7:22-At Least,he did a much better job at singing,when he sung "Hey All You People" in Jellyfish Hunter and "My Leg Is In Love" in My Leg! as The Guy who says My Leg!,Fred The Fish.

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