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CF Package #38(SNSD, SuJu, Infinite, EXO-K, BoA, f(x), Sistar, SHINee, IU, Etc...)

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# CF Package #38 - Girls Generation(SNSD), SuJu, Infinite, EXO-K, BoA, f(x), Sistar, SHINee, IU, Etc... # Edited by CodeMonmon
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Text Comments (130)
Nishani Ransika (4 months ago)
♾ I N F I N I T E ♾
Lee Ha na
Samsung Sm3 Irizar KV Is9 Autobuses Oriente Ado GL
Hyundai Motorsports Marcopolo KV Paradiso 135 Mx Texcoco Sierra
Hyundai Motorsports Marcopolo KV Mp 120 Texcoco Plus
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Shivani Negi (2 years ago)
siwon 😍
Dorothy Celly (2 years ago)
usually when i'm watching something on tv, i hate it when the commercial comes up. but here i am searching for korean cf on youtube 😂😂😂
nardjiss houcine (2 years ago)
hhhhhhhhhhhh that kwangsoo killed me this cf are so funny if my country had this kind of cf i would never change the channel and wait all day just to see it
SoftPeach .TVTM (3 years ago)
usa needs cfs like this because the only good ones we are pet cfs the rest are 1. boring or 2 annoying af
Yoshi From Mario (3 years ago)
omg chanyeol 😂😂😂
Carmen Meza (3 years ago)
lmao siwons reactions are the best 😂♡
h jw (10 months ago)
xoxoprincessxoxo1000 (3 years ago)
these commercials are addicting AF better than the ones where I live
queennie001 (4 years ago)
Why can't other commercials be this exciting to watch!? o.o
Diane Katrina (4 years ago)
queen hyolyn <3 B.E.S.T. SISTAR is love :)
baby girl (4 years ago)
does anyone know the song at 7:56 in the CF with Suzy?
Nicole (4 years ago)
Ari Ni (4 years ago)
I wish I saw these type of commercials on TVs..
Lenaxheart (4 years ago)
Oh Yehet (4 years ago)
Omg what happened to chanyeols voice? XDDD
Potterhead ARMY (4 years ago)
Luis Sodre (4 years ago)
Lý Lâm (4 years ago)
Chan nhà ta dữ thật
h jw (10 months ago)
sugafrostin (4 years ago)
Seohyun and Siwon LTE CFs are the best xD
Ngochoai Oh (4 years ago)
Song ji hyooooo
Trang Hồ (4 years ago)
Super Junior i love you
Celiphany (4 years ago)
Sunny 10 CF, ahahahaha 
Titania Hoang (4 years ago)
Song JOONG KIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!dieing here!!!
Titania Hoang (4 years ago)
Yessica (4 years ago)
Those chicken commercials though T.T If I ever visit Korea, it shall be for the chicken!
REZWAN NAZERI (4 years ago)
12:33 who is that lady 
Koh현 (4 years ago)
It's Rain's Gf^^ Kim Tae-Hee
Hong ki (5 years ago)
the thumbnail looks so weird LOL giving us an illusion that ailees eyebrow is uber fat xDDD
evecch25 (5 years ago)
Omg the commercials in Korea are so relaxing and pretty and some of them funny haha!!!
Celia Namikawa (5 years ago)
"élastine est pour vous" XD ça fait bizarre d'entendre du français haha 
Hân Nguyễn (5 years ago)
Chanyeol hahaha LOL bad boy 4:52 
Sidney Lindsay A.G (5 years ago)
Who is the girl of the CF in 20:33 ?? Thank's
Kat Melon (5 years ago)
Kat Melon (5 years ago)
I cannot get over how adorable Sulli is, send help pls.
pipipi43 (5 years ago)
5:47 Dongwoo is SO CUTE!!!!! <3
Korina Vañes (5 years ago)
yoona O____________O
KYAW SANN SAN (5 years ago)
Wait....was siwon reading the straits times??
vann linda (5 years ago)
wah korea cool of everything
No te Importa (5 years ago)
La de personal taste *O* bwdnifhdfoci
No te Importa (5 years ago)
PARK *_______*
cristina fernandez (5 years ago)
may be in indonesia will cut the sexiest scene,
Farah loving (5 years ago)
I love Lee MinJung's cf.
Cheri X (5 years ago)
Chanyeol Lol
Cheri X (5 years ago)
Dat face, Siwon >< 1:44 
fadhlaa othman (5 years ago)
gwangsoo face is so funny.lmfao
pham chinh (5 years ago)
CF beast
h jw (10 months ago)
Love BTS (5 years ago)
Like Jeon Ji Hyun,Ha Ji Won, Song Joong Ki 
SiiiGN CK (5 years ago)
ยุนอาโคตรโหดสาสสสส 55555
AshDash (5 years ago)
19:53 what an excellent turtle advertisement. I WANT ONE!!!
Nikkirago (5 years ago)
Sarita T. (5 years ago)
Kim Taeyeon (5 years ago)
Thanks for uploading it :)
Ani Balantek (5 years ago)
Wtf kyuhyun
NellaSueDEMO (5 years ago)
korean commercials are so funny!!!
Katrina C (5 years ago)
Siwon and Seohyun XD
Yap Shao Wei (5 years ago)
if only my country commercials are like this . i will look forward to see commercials
xoxoprincessxoxo1000 (3 years ago)
Donteventry_ (5 years ago)
me to!! Indian commercials r so boring..
Hasia Dim (5 years ago)
Lee Hi ???? <333
مملكة روز (5 years ago)
suzyy♥my angel
Sera Patience (5 years ago)
1:23 omg Kyu! XD
Astrid Nava (5 years ago)
Suju, Exo, Minho and Sulli ♥ ♥ ♥ XDDDDD
onikazekage (5 years ago)
what song was being played during the commercial at 9:31 ?
Alex Chen (5 years ago)
for those of you asking, the first few SM ones are for an app that goes with the LTE network over there.  you do little games like spinning your phone around, emptying your screen of water (by shaking or scrolling away fast as you can into a tablet), shaking around like a step counter, etc. to get more data
Jasmine A. Hart (4 years ago)
SO CUTE... love Kyuhyun in it....  
Korina Vañes (5 years ago)
Thank you for explaining! I was really confused about it that I thought that if I spin in (like what yoona did) it would charge up. 
Evil Kyu (5 years ago)
cac oppa cua em dep trai qua ahhhhh hi'hi'
Mi Mi (5 years ago)
Where's IU? :o
Alex Chen (5 years ago)
99Zoombaful (5 years ago)
ahhaha omg yoona in the first ad,
h jw (10 months ago)
Imane Al Adlouni (5 years ago)
Hyuna killed me! 6:53
Imane Al Adlouni (5 years ago)
Siwon and Seohyun are so funny!
Kay-_Q (5 years ago)
Who the hell edit exo's cf is brilliant!!!!
DorkieAsianTv (5 years ago)
Lee jong suk!
ChewyIce_ (5 years ago)
Ahaha Chanyeol
kpop mefatpanda (5 years ago)
8:21 i can't stand it, its so funny her reaction
Lim Shi-Née (5 years ago)
Siwon is funny
allkpop101 (5 years ago)
1:42 Siwon caught me off guard. That is one funny reaction. He cracked me up. XD
h jw (10 months ago)
ㅈ ㄷㅈㅈ
DorkieAsianTv (5 years ago)
Whats the first ad about its so funny
Amelia Tan (4 years ago)
The game
1Diversitylover (5 years ago)
i just watched....all this
TuneNatic (5 years ago)
Oh gaawd Siwon is so good
Jungle Fish (5 years ago)
Jihyo~ <3
Jungle Fish (5 years ago)
at 4:52
Jungle Fish (5 years ago)
MomiHeartify (5 years ago)
Lmao YoonA XD Omg Kyuhyun doing it with the ipad, I cried so much XDDDD I cried when Chanyeol sided under the table for a can and then the voice lmao :') Infinite ♥ Minah ♥ Omg Kwangsoo's advert lmao :D MongJi ♥ Jongki ♥
seohyun and siwon <3
kpopfan12366 (5 years ago)
first time enjoying cfs
kpopfan12366 (5 years ago)
i love kyuhyuns one you cant do it with a tablet
musindania07 (5 years ago)
OMG siwon's so funny
claras (5 years ago)
Siwon is hilarious
Odilia Destiandra (5 years ago)
Where's exo? ._.
naddy h (5 years ago)
Gally, gally, gally, gally, gally!
Kevin Phung (5 years ago)
If they did so representing Korean's products... The US brands would be a more than a bit upset. lol
Winky Pinky (5 years ago)
R.I.P English ._.
onikazekage (5 years ago)
What's the song in the vegemil cf?
Nima Lama (5 years ago)
Ommg.. NEPAL!! <3
Fitratin Nazeera (5 years ago)
this video made at my birthday LOL :D
Diksha (5 years ago)
OMGGG ~~!! Jon in sung did a CF in NEPAL ?? MY COUNTRY WOWWW #proud kekekeke aww wish I was there... but happy XD
Elyzha Crave (5 years ago)
siwon in lte! haha!
MsJoJochoco (5 years ago)
i wish these played in the US LOL

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