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Alysse Thompson (3 days ago)
I’ve heard that you exaggerate your story times every once in a while,but I don’t care, I LOVE your videos!! I trust a person at their word! 💕 I love your energy, even if all you are doing is ranting! 😁
Savvy Elder (3 days ago)
Suuuue themmmmm!!!
Bianca Okruhlica (4 days ago)
Go to hell to that nail salon
Ky Vetter (5 days ago)
Last time I went to get my nails done I had a ring on and the lady doing my nails kept looking at it. I’m always a really cautious person anyway but especially at nail salons simply bc I’ve heard so many stories like this. So then this lady told me my ring was pretty and I was like thanks just accepting the compliment as u do, then she kept mentioning it and then laughing very weirdly and I thought it was a bit strange that she was mentioning it as much as she was but just put it off as nothing. Then (I was getting my acrylics off) when she went to place my nails in the acetone she says, as she grabs my ring, “let’s take this off” and I was like no let’s not bc it’s not like my whole hand is going to be in the acetone, just my nails will be. So then she grabs it again and says “come on it’s fine it’s not like it’s stuck on ur finger” and I look this lady straight in the face and say “it is actually” and then she goes “it’s not I know it’s not” and i was like “yeah it is!”. AND THEN this girl starts asking my ring size and the size of the ring and all this stuff and I’m like “idk idk idk” like girl just do ur job and stop asking me abt my ring!! It was like $15 from amazon! Then as she starts finishing getting the acrylic off my nails she starts staring at me phone the same way she was staring at my ring before she said anything (the ring does look expensive even though it was super cheap from amazon). So then when I went to wash my hands I started getting up and out of the corner of my eye she leans towards my phone and then I turned around and grabbed my phone and as i walk away to wash my hands and I hear her sigh and then see her glare at me and I’m like girl wtf. So yeah anyway if u read all that thanks and that was the time the nail lady tried to take my ring 😂
Kerri Munday (8 days ago)
I’m watching this in 2019 and I’m just as pissed at this video now as I was when it was first posted
aaaaaaaaaaaimee (9 days ago)
Okay ofcourse this is really old now but can’t you just transfer money for rent/bills? And maybe transfer money to your Mom/Dad or one of your friends and they can get you some cash out?
Kaylyn Creamer (9 days ago)
when tana drove plsces
Izzy Torres (9 days ago)
I would be pissed as SHIT!!!! Report that place!! OMMMGGGG I'm mad just hearing about it!!!!!!!!!!!!
James Charles Pallet (12 days ago)
If you want to know what nail salon it was here is all the information you need... Instagram: NailRepublicLV Phone numbers: (702) 683-0099 & (702) 325-5455 It’s called Nail RepublicLV in Las Vegas and there’s 2 locations 9310 S Eastern Ave Las Vegas, NV & 9775 W Sunset Rd Las Vegas, NV Let’s cancel them for Tana fuck that weird face bitch from the nail salon!
Daria Marrello (21 days ago)
I fucking love her
Wicked Witch (22 days ago)
U have chnaged so much in 3 years
Ashley Clanton (23 days ago)
Everyone is perfect with anything you do or say cause you always look and are your best even if you don’t think so lmao🤣😻❤️
Georgia Cole (23 days ago)
okbutlikeitswhatever (23 days ago)
this fills me with an inexplicable primal rage
abby sunshine (23 days ago)
Okay so someone please explain to me how the police could not search them??? Under normal circumstances I understand they would need a warrant but in this case it should follow under reasonable clause right? Tana had previously paid at the hair place with her card, which means they have proof that she had it moments before entering the nail salon. Plus, there is eye witnesses at the salon that can confirm that the lady had picked up and moved Tanas stuff when she was told to switch chairs, and even if the employees were like "no her card wasn't with her phone and keys" they at least would be confirming that the girl had touched her personal items. and the woman moving the bags to hide them is clearly shady. AND as far as the money situation goes, if Tana knows how much money was taken, upon the search for the card (Because they should have searched them), then thats enough proof that its hers, because how in the world otherwise would she know that there is 900-1000 dollars in cash in that woman's purse. just what??
Nerfboi1 (26 days ago)
Eva Condon (27 days ago)
I’m coming from 2019 and I’m like I forgot how much her audio sucked love you tana lmao 😂 🖤🖤
Ruby Hiley (27 days ago)
Bet the nail lady was SHARONS daughter
Karina (27 days ago)
You saw her take your debit card though. Isn’t that cause?
Marissa Taylor (28 days ago)
I called and ask for a reservation to get my nails done even though im in st. Louis and he put me dowm for 6:30 and ask me if that would be okay. I said yeah that wouldve been great if you didn't rob her and he laughed then said sure did
•Domuniqe Morin• (28 days ago)
Quick swearing what if a small kid watches this and hears all this
FvPization (11 days ago)
Like she’s the only person in the world that swears you fucking moron
FvPization (11 days ago)
Like she’s the only person in the world that swears you fucking moron
•Domuniqe Morin• (28 days ago)
I'm not trying to be sassy but what if they didn't know
N SAP (28 days ago)
Don't swear u shity face
Kaitrin Maughan (7 days ago)
I hope this is a joke. Read what you said. Dumbass 😂
Hailey Victoria (29 days ago)
Throw back to the first tana video I watched
Saedra Joseph (29 days ago)
There Instagram is nailrepubliclv, they made a new insta
Makaya Buccola (1 month ago)
You should have said that they are with holding you license
Anabelle Rodriguez (1 month ago)
same i can pick up vibes to
Bakugo Katsuki (1 month ago)
Its not like I'm going to take a shit on your floor. I love Tana
Krissa Adalia (29 days ago)
So the nail salon changed the name of their place... from luxynailslv to nailrepubliclv... same name for insta.. wanna flood them with “give tana her money back” comments 😅🤣🤣🤣🤣
walkyria (29 days ago)
just did lol thanks for the update
Elena Fernandez (1 month ago)
Never Carry large amounts with you should of left it in your truck... I'm feeling for you!!!
GO AT (1 month ago)
5:54 😂 13:22 "we don't believe in cecurity camaras "
Joanna Zieba (1 month ago)
this audio is painful
Alanna Patterson (1 month ago)
I woulda ripped her bag open omg making me mad for u years later
Tara Johnston (1 month ago)
That nail place sounds very shady . And the police should I have really searched her stuff
Halaina Garcia (1 month ago)
tana voice has changed and this happend to my aunt last weekend
Mikage Okumura (1 month ago)
They should've searched because you technically watched her take your debit card. Therefore, you DID watch them take your money.
Ella Mani (1 month ago)
Their ig account now is nailrepubliclv go spam tf out of it
mkwalker (1 month ago)
PSA!!! if you’re watching this in 2019, the place is now called nail republic and it’s at the same location as the last one (eastern ave). go give them a one star review on yelp, they don’t deserve to restart their business after what they did!
Julia Gillis (1 month ago)
This makes me so mad these people got to keep that money 😡
Marri Grace (1 month ago)
You should have called the cops 👮‍♀️
Marri Grace (1 month ago)
Wow wtf tho fuck
Marri Grace (1 month ago)
For like wtf tho bcuz You don’t fuck with my income
Marri Grace (1 month ago)
Ok good but like right away I’d be like bitch watch me dial
Aryana D (1 month ago)
Tana: I don't think I'm psychic or anything Tana now: I'm L I T E R A L L Y psychic
Rebecca Wilde (1 month ago)
2019 wow hi
Britian Munselle (1 month ago)
That person Took your money
sarikatimmi (1 month ago)
shldve left the card on and tracl purchases made. those stores wldve had cams. and u saw her physically go in the bag. tell us the place to avoid. had u let em know theyd be boycotted theyd relent. i feel so angry for you. the reviews are prob cause enough.
sarikatimmi (1 month ago)
blast he blast them. file reports. save others from dealing w hat. save them from themselves.call cops n have em review tapes. tjat nail place has no clue who u are. let em know how much business they’re gonna lose
Michelle Demartino (2 months ago)
Did none of the other customers see anything ? wow slick ass nail salon
Michelle Demartino (2 months ago)
MAY 19’
K (2 months ago)
This place is now called Nail Republic in Las Vegas!
Grace Crossland-Wilson (2 months ago)
I always hated you .......... SHARON
Jamie Bolton (2 months ago)
Your better than I am I would have waited outside till they were done work then got my fucking money back lmao
roxy M (2 months ago)
Sketchy recognizes sketchy.
Becca Reigh (2 months ago)
I can’t believe this happened to you. I’m so sorry that fucking sucks when people are being shit.
Aaliyah Gardiner (2 months ago)
Omfg just hearing this made me want to punch that nail salon bitch in the face
Lori Foster (2 months ago)
What’s the name of this nail salon?
Kaitrin Maughan (7 days ago)
Nail republic in Las Vegas Nevada
tabbi ragan (2 months ago)
I seriously mean this 100% I’ve been there done this had my card taken a month ago at work it was awful. If I could help u n get u money quicker n I wasn’t in pa I’d help u forreal cuz it’s not a cool 😎 place to be in. I really hope karma gets there ass I wish u could tell us the name so if I’m ever there by chance I don’t go there.
abbie (2 months ago)
stories like this anger me sooo much like ugh i’m glad she’s thriving nowadays
natasha anjum (2 months ago)
Tana: *speaks in android* Me: Iphone, E N H A N C E
korine martinez (2 months ago)
Should of punched her ... and search all of them
Melissa Brieden (2 months ago)
i remember i went shopping at a charlotte russe when i was 13-14, with all my babysitting money to buy something for like a school dance, and the dressing room lady went into my dressing room while i was showing dresses that i tried on to my friend, and stole all of my money out of my bag. like some whole grown lady stole money from a CHILD. I went home not having anything to wear, completely bawling my eyes out because i had all my money that i earned taken from me. so i feel you.
Nicole Branigan (2 months ago)
Who wants to hit them up with me on Instagram? ;) @nailrepubliclv
hudson rae ̮̈ (2 months ago)
go tf off sis
margaret runfar (2 months ago)
You should have called on some of your friends and catch them in the act, have them go there with lots of cash and technology and being what it is now have hidden cameras on your person and proceed to act as a customer and film everything so you'll have proof, just staged everything perfect so you can shut them down.make sure that the person that's going in allows them to see that you all have cash, and also maybe take a couple bags with goodies in there letting them see that you guys have cash jewelry and etc ,you know different props to let them see if they take the bait surely they would of, just sayimg, but it's over and done with but it would have been nice to see those people go down, they would have deserved it, sorry this happened to you, karma will get them......
Hello Kitty (2 months ago)
This doesn’t sound like a real story at all 😂
Lily Hillman (2 months ago)
This is so frustrating!!!
Ally Oop (2 months ago)
She went into your moms purse without consent but yet wouldn’t allow her purse to be searched.... SKETCHY
Keisha Callum (2 months ago)
Naw I would whoop everybody ass fuck that can you imagine working hard for your money for these dickeds to just steal it and on top go in your mums bag and also being rude wtf naw I’d burn that shit down
lauren hibbitts (2 months ago)
Anyone else realize tanas favourite sentence is “I didn’t even do anything wrong”
Susan Blunt (2 months ago)
lauren hibbitts (2 months ago)
All your video story times are dramatic and mostly lies for views
lauren hibbitts (2 months ago)
None of your story’s are happy or good or bubbly your always drama drama drama poor tana everyone does tana wrong awe such a sad life
Izzie (2 months ago)
Oh fuck the hell off
lauren hibbitts (2 months ago)
I trust nothing you say your a liar I didn’t even watch the video I just know your a liar
Khani Xia (1 month ago)
Becca Reigh what’s the point of responding lol you look crazy as fuck! People won’t like her so fucking what that’s life
Becca Reigh (2 months ago)
lauren hibbitts what’s the fucking point of commenting that on an old ass video? If you don’t like tana than don’t watch her. Smile as that don’t waste your time on hate girl life is just way to short.
Belen Guzman (2 months ago)
11:37 sorry but that got me laughing
Belen Guzman (2 months ago)
I Meant to say 11:36 sorry
Colin Ferguson (2 months ago)
Im not being funny but; you said you have no money to pay your bills as you're wearing 3 Cartier bracelets worth $4000 each... you are hardly running out of money
Keisha Callum (2 months ago)
Colin Ferguson are you dumb having money doesn’t justify people robbing you she works hard for her money wether you like it or not she shouldn’t have to sell her bracelets because some motherless cretin decided to be disgusting
Silkie Lewis (3 months ago)
It's called spiritual discernment... Being a good judge of character... Same thing.🤓💜
Alana Foster (3 months ago)
I hope this piece of shit nail salon gets shut down!!
RaChEl G (3 months ago)
The girl yeahshes a cunt so yeah
RaChEl G (3 months ago)
Bitch this some good tea! Xxxxx
It's Brittani, Bitch (3 months ago)
Pull them two hair strands up girl❤
Jen Ortega Portillo Vera (3 months ago)
“I hate to make another rant where something shitty happened to me. All of my stories are very happy, very positive, very funny...” Where’s the positive ones because every story I’ve seen has been outrageous and bullshit. Apparently the whole world does bad things to you but you are never to blame... 🤔🙄🤥
Becca Reigh (2 months ago)
Hey sweetie have you ever heard of sarcasm?
Tyren Travieso (3 months ago)
Lol the bullshit is unreal
Penny dawn19 (3 months ago)
How the fuck did your mom not know someone was in her purse?? I always keep mine on me especially if you have that kind of money on you. Omg smh 🤦🏽‍♀️
Christiana Chere (3 months ago)
Just started a new YouTube Channel please go subscribe
Kubiilaayy (3 months ago)
Its like all the worst things happen to you
Lakkayia (3 months ago)
Take a shot every time she says sketchy 😂
Samantha Hobbs (3 months ago)
Almost 3 years later and you children are still harassing this place and giving the phone number out? Jesus she didn’t tell this story so that a million 10 year olds would flood their phones. Immature af.
Khani Xia (1 month ago)
Samantha Hobbs these immature ass little girls! Running purely off of hearsay. None of this shit has been proven and on top of that the original owners don’t own the place anymore. So ultimately they’re fucking somebody else’s business up behind a bold faced lie
Keisha Callum (2 months ago)
Samantha Hobbs they stole someone’s hard earned money they get what they get fuck that shit if that happened to you you’d be homeless
Hailey Suarez (3 months ago)
Seriously cops won't do shit😑
Anastasia (4 months ago)
Well the police did have probable cause because even though you didn't see them take the money, you saw them take your card.
Becca Reigh (2 months ago)
Anastasia the police must have known someone at the salon or disliked tana or something cause good police officers don’t do that.
Angry Blonde (4 months ago)
i know this is late but once my dumb ass left like 800-900 dollars on the table at a restaurant when i got done eating. i realized it before we drove home, ran back in and i checked the table. of course it was gone. i asked like everyone if they saw someone take it and everyone backed each other up and said no. i asked if they could check the cameras and “they did” and didn’t see anything. well i took my sad ass to the police station and filed a police report or whatever. they looked at the camera footage and literally saw the waitress take my money off the table. he questioned her, got her phone number and told me to call her and talk to her about getting my money back. he told me if she wouldn’t do it, threaten to take her ass to court. a few days later i got my money back. i am sorry the police didn’t help you. in my situation, it was basically my own fault, but the police still helped me.
Grace McGhee (4 months ago)
this is her face… LOL
Isyss Reign (4 months ago)
I love tana lmaooo 😂😂😂
Katy_38 P (4 months ago)
Omg I hate people that roll there eyes and giving me the dirtiest looks ever. I would slap her. Like if she rolled her eyes at me one more time I would be like excuse me did you just roll your eyes at me? And I'll slap her no joke and give her a hair flip to the face.🙄
Goldie_ Gold (4 months ago)
You should have had these people that had that experience meet up there and called the police and had them tell their experience then boom 💥 got your stuff back
Michelle Rain (4 months ago)
i know this is old but i hope that shitty nail salon shut down.
ASHLEY YEO (4 months ago)
This audio tho
Zoe Lucy (4 months ago)
I don’t even know how many times she said “sketchy” oh god I love Tana!
Penhallow (4 months ago)
I don't get the problem with vibes, like why they're "cringe." If you get bad vibes, you get bad vibes. Some people can just feel it better than others and there's nothing cringe about it.
Boombo E (4 months ago)
Tanna is literally jojo siwa in adult form 😂
Sierra Rizzati (4 months ago)
4:15 But she didn't realize Michael Weist was sketchy...
Abigail Hart (4 months ago)
She was from that Maury Show thingy
Cheyanne Valdez (4 months ago)
I would of beat her ass and searched her shit
Harriet Erwin (4 months ago)
I love yr hair

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