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Top Ten MTG: Best Precon Decks For Commander

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What are the ten best Precon decks of all time? This episode, We'll figure that out. Feel free to leave any suggestions in the comment section. If you enjoyed this video, please like and share it. Support me on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/voidmagegamer
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STUMPHEAD (1 month ago)
Woops, forgot to keep that image of nazhan
cody3545 (2 months ago)
Hey nice video very informative I’m just starting to play magic and I got this as my first commander deck because I like the commander game type any current recommendations on how to make the deck better than it already is please let me know that goes for anyone who read this and thanks to all that help.
RowinMarkov (3 months ago)
Cat tribal made the list... wat?
KVN MSSNG (4 months ago)
The Eminence mechanic is one biggest design mistakes WOTC ever made imo. Other than that, pretty solid list, tho Meren will always be my lifetime love <3
Eric Smith (4 months ago)
I have an Atraxa infect deck and it's one of my strongest commander decks. The value you get when making it creature-centric and then speeding up the killing process with infect is insane.
Tristan Strohecker (3 days ago)
I do too and I love it, Atraxa and Kaalia are my 2 favorite commanders
SS4Inferno (4 months ago)
Own Built From Scratch and Feline Ferocity Bought the Anthology so ended up giving to my friends Wade Into Battle, Breed Lethality, and the Mimeoplasm. Still, that whole Anthology was on here. But my main is a modified Draconic Domination
Michael Haller (6 months ago)
I am a newer player and I wanted to start playing commander and this was a great video to get me started
King Ginger (6 months ago)
Anya would need to go into an edgar markov deck and have a sorin planeswalker. Other wise she is just not good
kaalia is finnish for ''cabbages''
staren1991 (7 months ago)
Imo Breya is THE most ******ed shit wotc has ever printed in precon...
Teifling (7 months ago)
Power Hungry was the first preconstructed commander deck I got. During the winter after the 2013 release the prices were crazy on Amazon. Power Hungry and Eternal Bargain were the cheapest (crazy, right?) at about $20 off setting Mind Seize and Evasive Maneuvers at $70 and $50 respectively. I haven't modified it, focusing my deck building on my Experiment Kraj deck, but I have collected at least one deck from each release to use out of the box with friends. For the first few I went with the cheapest option, with my finding a sealed Political Puppets for $70, then Peer through Time for $20 and then Call the Spirits for $28. I then got Open Hostility and Draconic Domination as gifts. I look forward to whatever I get from this years release though I hope I get Subjective Reality.
jesse de lange (8 months ago)
some of these decks are €100,- or more. is it cheaper to buy a precon or just make a custom deck with the same budget?
By what you are saying in the beginning of the vid. This is YOUR list, not the overall best. For everyones info.....
championofgods (10 months ago)
Atraxa precon is more like Buy Atraxa, get free 99 cards.
Andrew Case (10 months ago)
One of the most playable precons that was surprising in its power I have bought and played was Swell the Host. Its ability to quickly go wide, or stay narrow and powerful is pretty awesome for a precon.
Andrew Case (10 months ago)
Heh. I rebuilt the Atraxa deck to be hyper efficient. I can literally hold 4-5 players at bay with it. By turn 3-4 I have at least one creature with lethal capability, and Mana gen out the wazoo. I don't even have to play Atraxa to have a win con on the table, and have at least a dozen ways to infinite +1/+1 counter drop. Every time I play the deck I discover another rapid win con or two in the deck. It has even been banned from my local EDH games because every time someone thinks they have an answer to it, it surprises them (and me). It is ridiculous and fast enough to win more often than not in a regular game even.
Giuseppe Santarella (8 months ago)
championofgods So do I
championofgods (10 months ago)
Can you share your deck list. I am going to buy the commander anthology 2 and I am going to invest on the Atraxa deck.
HellfireSpawn 13 (10 months ago)
I got the Mimeoplasm deck from a clearance bin for $30.
Hijacked TARDIS (10 months ago)
I thought Forged In Stone was pretty great out of the box
anneausdemwal d (10 months ago)
Really, the fucking cats?!
Theo Cruz (11 months ago)
Loved the cards in Arahbo. Hated the deck.
Bryan Lariviere (11 months ago)
I but atraxa to be voltron and it worked very well especially proflierating Jitte counters. Thing is, people forget that Atraxa is a 4/4 flying, lifelink, vigilance, death touch for 4. Removinng her proliferate, she is still a beast.
Nastard2 (11 months ago)
If you just want his list... 10. Built From Scratch 9. Counter Punch 8. Power Hungry 7. Devour for Power 6. Feline Ferocity 5. Guided by Nature 4. Vampiric Bloodlust 3. Invent Superiority 2. Plunder the Graves 1. Breed Lethality ...you're welcome :)
Soetpotatis (4 months ago)
Wow what? Prossh number 8?! I would have put it at least at number 3....the deck right out of the box is insane with its synergy and consistency. Only other two decks that i personally bought that have greater synergy and consistency were Meren and Edgar Markov but then again,those two are just straight up broken.
Nicolas Giudici (6 months ago)
Where is Draconic ascension :(
Dycie Fisk (9 months ago)
Here I am with Swell the Host, and it falls flat almost every time...
Bart Hartzell (10 months ago)
Nastard2 sadley i feel that built from scratch more times then not is better. Both in levels up upgrades as well. Mono red prison type decks are way better then people leave them credit
Kevin Ornduff (1 year ago)
I once bought 3 of the Kamigawa rat decks just for the Jittes inside (which were $22 at the time whereas the precon costed $10).
Jordon Desautels (1 year ago)
My group of card playing friends are pretty much 100% Commander. We now have 25+ decks we all play at random with each other. Most of them are built from scratch or heavily tweaked pre-cons, with one exception: Teferi, Temporal Archmage. We found this pre-con was so OP it doesn't need tweaking. The games almost always end up being everyone vs this deck. It keeps everyone down and still wins while doing it. Maybe its just my personal experience with it, and I still cant even explain how its, but my opinion Teferi is beyond OP the best pre-con ever made. It has a perfect balance unlike any other pre-con. I'm a little disappointed it never even made a mention, it should be #1 miles ahead of every other deck, and we have played them all.... or maybe its just a fluke experience among our group....
The Dude (1 year ago)
I disagree I think they made a pretty good deck when it comes to the heavenly inferno precon
Nelson Otter (1 year ago)
Meren isn't that much to upgrade to tier 1ish
Nelson Otter (1 year ago)
I spent like $300-$400ish total upgrading, and it combos off most games from turns 2 through 5 usually
Andrew Amann (1 year ago)
To your point about these precons not being focused, I think that's because precons are meant to be frameworks upon which to build in a direction. You buy it, play it, find the strategies you like to play, and refine it in those directions. It gives you options, and whilst you're likely to gut a quarter to a third of the cards, long term, you still have a fairly coherent commander deck, that you can play decently well, in the meantime.
Daniel Despres (1 year ago)
Saskia deserves a mention. That deck is a fuckin BEAST
Daniel Despres (1 year ago)
I truly hope they reprint Atraxa in the next Anthology. I missed out on getting her deck the 1st time and I still regret it. I have like, 4 builds with her on Xmage and they all kick massive ass.
championofgods (10 months ago)
your wish has been granted
Ian Jackson (11 months ago)
Daniel Despres they will
Fernando Star (1 year ago)
I thought Dragonic domination would be in here
Rafael Reina (1 year ago)
I read a comment about Entropic Uprising, I wanted to hear more opinions about it, what do you guys think?
Al S. (1 year ago)
great list. good deck summaries. thanks.
Anarcho Posadist (1 year ago)
I love mizzix, I bought reiterate and vedalken orrery, and I have pyretic and desperate rituals and lightning bolt. I definitely recommend buying those for the deck if you get the precon and replace the worse creatures with them. Also, arjun is trash, take it out. replace it with a basic, idgaf, but that card should go into a shame box and be forgotten about.
Nephalim. You forgot the Nephalim. They were 4C Legendary.
Theo Fisher (1 year ago)
DeathBeam SupperCannon the nephilim aren't legendary.
Slap4 Happy (1 year ago)
If they put purphuros in power hungry it would have been way better
Knight's Oath (1 year ago)
I love my Kalemne deck Void, granted I have upgraded the crap out of the deck to be able to easily one shot my opponents with commander damage. Or be able to throw 20 damage a turn at my opponents.
wizards looks for new ways to get around edh ruling, next year, after the success test on transform, they will make double sided commanders that you can choose which side you play.
dolfo10564 (1 year ago)
Another A+ vid. Thanks man.
Alex Voznesenski (1 year ago)
Bought Devour For Power back in 2011. It was SOOOO GOOOOD!!!! Paid 25$ for it.
Michael Molzan (1 year ago)
Giant tribal is amazing if you can get your hands on some Lorywn cards.
Deine Mam (1 year ago)
I personally did REALLY well with the Draconic Domination Precon, I played like 10-12 games with it and I barely had any probmels with the mana-base, suprisingly. It also won very often, even in my local meta which is quite competetive. I believe its even better than the vampire deck
Deine Mam (1 year ago)
what cards?
Deine Mam (1 year ago)
Well, but to admit it is stronger in multiplayer than others because in the early game you are not very intimidating because you do not much, but once you get your board you are relly hard to stop
Kevin (1 year ago)
Deine Mam I too have had nothing but success with vanilla draconic domination. I've done multiplayer about 5 times with it and have won every time. Ur dragon is cool, but scion is the commander to play if you want to win. The deck comes almost tailor made for scion. In 1v1, the game is over once you get your five colors up. I have some cards on the way that I think are gonna prove to be pretty wicked upgrades, so much so that I'm thinking about getting a second, less powerful deck so I don't become frustrating to play against.
MTG Unpacked (1 year ago)
Can’t argue too much with this list. Some nice picks! What are your thoughts on the 2017 deck, Draconic Domination? That seemed to be the most popular of the 2017 decks.
Kevin (1 year ago)
MTG Unpacked I can vouch for draconic domination. It's amazing, especially with scion as commander
Fernando Rojas (1 year ago)
I dont understand why wade into battle is better than sieze control. I dont think that s blade of selves or urza incubator is a good reason for that
Voidmage Gamer (1 year ago)
I didn’t say it was better. Both were honorable mentions.
davidiswhat (1 year ago)
Nice timing considering the upcoming anthrology. Def thinking of picking a new one
Zach cash (1 year ago)
Sadly ya, While Riku can be pretty busted with clones, token generators and spells the deck he came in was pretty bland.
Hunter Jones (1 year ago)
Atraxa isn't even that good though.
championofgods (10 months ago)
Buy Atraxa, get free 99 cards.
Melinda Greer (1 year ago)
Hunter Jones AKA I didn't buy it when it was affordable, so now I'm salty and hate on it.
zdzijak (1 year ago)
still dies to removal 8-)
Hunter Jones (1 year ago)
Cody Tesch meh
Cody Tesch (1 year ago)
Zdzisław Jakubczyk but atraxa herself is great
TheAustinacid (1 year ago)
is it a good or a bad thing I bought one of all the precons since the beginning lol
Zach cash (1 year ago)
Depends if you opened them all or not. I usually buy the ones I like then a couple extra to sit on for a year or so then sell em cause they have doubled in price by then.
Sonsy Sy (1 year ago)
Edgar Markov!!! They even had to ban Markov for being so good.
Sonsy Sy (1 year ago)
Aiden Noir He is banned as your commander in 1v1. He can be part of your 99 though. Multiplayer he can be your commander.
Eugene Delve (1 year ago)
He is banned in 1v1 Commander. My playgroup does not care)
Aiden Noir (1 year ago)
Sonsy Sy In what format is Edgar banned? He sure isn't banned in Commander.
Yautja Prime (1 year ago)
The 2016 Dragons are no joke either but this is a great list.
killergee21 (8 months ago)
Yautja Prime right
TheRedGauntlet (1 year ago)
Daretti is my favourite. Such an amazing synergy. You udnerestimate Daretti alot. He has alot of power.
The Empire (1 year ago)
Plunder the Graves was my first Precon and I've since put like $150 into the deck and is my all-time favorite commander
certanmike (1 year ago)
I hope that in 2018 they have a Angel deck or a cool non tribal
zdzijak (1 year ago)
It's confirmed that we will be having planeswalkers again
Parker Savoldi (1 year ago)
Call the spirits is super under rated
TopXReaper (1 year ago)
My daxos deck is from the precon. My, hands down, favorite deck
Andy Spendlove (1 year ago)
Parker Savoldi Yeahhh! Daxos is fun, and then you get great, valuable cards like Karlov, Grasp of Fate, and Phyrexian Arena. Good stuff.
Smart Alec (1 year ago)
Arahbo is a let down compared to Nazahn? Nazahn is a selesnya colored commander for what should be a mono white deck. It is super clunky to play with in terms of a mana base, because anything that produces green won't work for early white drops, putting dual lands in the deck feel terrible as you get disadvantages for using white 99% of the time, and forcing a bunch of green value cards just makes the deck less consistent. Arahbo is one of the best beat stick commanders out there. Emminence allows every turn of cat tribal to be surprisingly brutal and aggressive given the format. Swing for five turn 2 with savvannah lions, swing for 12 with savvannah lions and adorned pouncer, and there's an infect cat, too. And things get really crazy when he enters the battlefield. If only it didn't say "another." Boy would commander damage be easy.
General Phil (8 months ago)
Yeah I agree. Arahbo was my favorite commander simply because he can turn a 1/1 cat into a 8/8 with trample when he's on the battlefield. Sure cats can't block the flying vampires or dragons, but when your small little cat turns into a 32/32 with a ton of keywords including trample....
Mighty_Devil _1 (9 months ago)
In one game I was playing with a slightly modified Arahbo deck, and towards the end of it, I was swinging in with one cat that was doing about 160 something doublestrike, lifelink, vigililance, and a bunch of other crap, thanks to all the equipment plus Arahbo's abilities. By the end I had like almost 2000 health as it just kept swinging in at other players and they would use whatever they could to block it. The best part was that in the early game everyone was targeting each other instead of me because I was just playing the land game, and by turn 8 had both Zendikar Resurgent and Mirari's Wake out. It was an amazing game that no one expected.
Smart Alec (1 year ago)
Nathan Unterberg I suppose I see that.
Ssqfg dsfhkgh (1 year ago)
Arahbo is gold 1v1 but i would better take nazahn for multiplayer
korey gonzalez (1 year ago)
Agrees my girls arahbo deck especially with a decent amount of equipments that have trample and protection hit HARD, her infect cat has hit for 20 tramp easy
Piguin (1 year ago)
What should I play out of the box, Edgar Markov, Derevi, or the cat deck
Post Apocalyptic Game (1 year ago)
GetRektGames 52 Markov is the best but he is banned 1v1 play. You still can play him with maltiple people he's just so powerful.
VenomouzElite (1 year ago)
GetRektGames 52 I love Edgar markov out of the box
Landon Redoutey (1 year ago)
Wizards is great, I just threw in like 100$ of upgrades and I’ve won tournaments but out the box it’s trash
My Name Is Alphabet. (1 year ago)
What's the fastest you goldfish?
grimmbrother01 (1 year ago)
I am hoping for a Jeskai colored precon this year because I want to see some more versatility in the color combination. They got pretty much nothing in terms of Partner combinations and I want to see some sort of non-Voltron Artifact deck or maybe pure Spellslinger. Also an Abzan enchantment deck would be cool since there is definitely enough support for it. It would be nice to see a non-graveyard/ +1/+1 counter Commander in those colors. I really just want more 3-color decks(outside of Grixis, Mardu, and Naya) and maybe 1 or 2 Ally decks per year to finish off the last color combinations.
Zach cash (1 year ago)
Would love to see the return of partner & leiutenant cards. Would also love to see some color shifted versions of Zur (abzan), Zedruu (Grixis) Riku (G/B/U)
It's a shame I picked up the wizards deck. I should've just bought the singles I'd need
Thebeybladeboy100's channel upgrade it, then it’s crazy powerful the combos with wizards is endless
Urzard (1 year ago)
Great list man and agree with your picks, these really are the best precons going and can't wait to see what we'll get this year. Thinking of taking apart the Stalwart Unity and Open Hostility decks to use towards a Zacama deck I'm building, might be for the best and dinosaurs will be played way more than those two decks ever did, hopefully I don't regret it.
Mikey J (3 months ago)
Urzard played against a dinosaur edh deck and it's crazy. You flood the board with dinosaurs and just annihilate players all at once it's awesome!
Levi Reinboldt (1 year ago)
Just want to start out by saying that I really enjoy your videos and keep up the good work. I have to say I agree with your list for the most part but I would put meren over atraxa. I feel both are powerful but meren is better out of the box and has better secondary commander options in my opnion. Great video and keep making awesome content!
TopXReaper (1 year ago)
I feel like the purpose behind many of the precons isn't as much focused on playability or power out of the box, but sort of like a springboard for people brewing in commander, giving the player a deck to say "hey this is kinda what a commander deck might look like"
phildev (7 months ago)
yes and no... I play precons with friends and while all our decks are not heavily modified we have a blast playing... yes some need adjustments to bring the powerlevel to a fair point but you can really do that on the cheap without changing the decks to much.. these precon products are so good.. but you are absolutely right, if you want to get into brewing these will also give you a pretty decent foundation for an acceptable price when bought at release.
Christopher Hari (1 year ago)
Um what about SEIZE CONTROL from 2015. Wizards and experience counters that make all sorcery and instant spells 1 less.
zdzijak (1 year ago)
To be honest Mizzix stands as the best commander together with Animar, Breya and Atraxa from Commander products. however the precon deck has way too many weird and unnecessary cards
Runeserpent (1 year ago)
wizard tribal is best tribal inalla #1
Praise_The_Hive (9 months ago)
Voidmage Gamer My LGS has it for 25$. Not sure whether to pick it up.
Tomáš Kaizr (1 year ago)
But not out of the box. Wizard tribal like mono blue, Derevi etc.
Smart Alec (1 year ago)
It is weird because all of the wizards are overpowered but they don't work well together. The deck looked like the equivilent of putting Thalia, Tarmogoyf, Force of Will, and Tendrils of Agony in one legacy deck. Good cards, no synergy.
Aiden Noir (1 year ago)
I just finished swapping out about 70% of Inalla's precon. She might be my favorite commander so far, but yeah, the precon is pretty trash.
Runeserpent (1 year ago)
speaking of which, i just finished my inalla deck a couple of seconds ago. i hope didn't miss any cool card synergies which i most likely did
NicolBolas2 (1 year ago)
atraxa is busted and i hate it so much
Andrew Case (10 months ago)
To all the hating on Atraxa, just remember that it is in how the deck is built and played. If you look at my Atraxa deck it seems almost a jumble, until it gets played at which point people are floored by how fast I drop lethal on the table, and how quickly I am willing to sacrifice that lethal knowing that in a few turns at most it will be right back out in a different form. For example: Cathar's Crusade, Animation Module and Ashnod's Altar with Atraxa on the table. Think about the end turn phase and what will happen if you have even one creature with a +1/+1 counter on it... Now add things like Hardened Scales and Corpsejack Menace to the mix...
Trap Lordian (1 year ago)
Breya has much greater potential than Atraxa
hi im solis (1 year ago)
not even better than breya.
J D (1 year ago)
XToverdrive she is good but not nearly as good as inalia or Yidris. I'm talking about competitive edh of course
Zach cash (1 year ago)
I hate it when it runs infect, allot less so otherwise because I run lots of removal.
Vincent mauro (1 year ago)
What is the best pre con for someone who is just starting commander like me?
Soetpotatis (4 months ago)
Vampires are insanely good out of the box and most the upgrades you will need are in Ixalan,so you are faced with the problem of needing to wait for ixalan/rivals to rotate out of standard for the card prices to drop,though you do have some nice choices in previous sets in MtG history. That being said,most sealed vampire commander decks go for pretty hefty prices even though Edgar Markov is banned in 1v1 commander like Oloro,but its understandable given how brokenly overpowered those two are when facing a single opponent. You can pretty much steamroll any deck 1v1 with Edgar. He does get a lot more vulnerable the more players there are on the table,so you might want to be wary not to overcommit on board.
phildev (7 months ago)
the ones who are just comming out, OR the cheapest ones you can get new... if you start playing with some friend and everybody is using precons you will have a blast anyhow... getting into brewing, or just starting to play with hardcore brewers might be pretty shitty anyhow, than you most definitly want to buy a pretty strong deck..
Nick Beatty (8 months ago)
Vincent mauro the Feline ferocity... #1 it’s still available for msrp #2 it’s easy to navigate for a new beginner #3 the commander is effective even on turn to and is one of only a few cards that doesn’t need to be in play to affect th(soooo broken) #4 you get to beat your friends up with Kittens!!! Just watch out for board wipes!
Zhi Qi Wei (10 months ago)
maybe try Ob Nixilisis, unshackled or Slimefoot They're both really fun and really easy
Jonas Wijte (10 months ago)
Zhi Qi Wei that is the usual idea yeah, but I think that you need some knowledge and playing experience concerning the format to make such a concoction work. So I think that a precon works better for a beginner.
BA55PzN Hunt (1 year ago)
First comment 😊

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