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Why AI Is The Most Dangerous Thing You Can Imagine

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Text Comments (11688)
Thoughty2 (1 year ago)
A rather cheery topic to end the year on I thought! Merry Christmas everyone.
Hari (12 days ago)
Alice naughty girl
BLAIR M Schirmer (2 months ago)
Well done, Thoughty. Strange how many other essays on this topic fail to mention the most obvious outcomes. Fwiw, at this point the best we can do is steer the eventual superintelligence's manifestation a little. We won't be who or what determines its form and bent. Cheers!
Jeffrey Lebowski (2 months ago)
What have you got against farmers from Minnesota? ;-) Maybe they are smarter then you.
Prayergate (2 months ago)
Well, it's appointed unto man once to die, and after this the judgment. So, Satan's attempt at becoming an immortal god is going to fail miserably at the return of Jesus Christ. Hence, this video only confirms just how "soon" that global shattering event will occur. Best to be prepared now by believing on the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins. Not as "exciting" as the discourse about AI ... but a thousand times more truthful!
HD Game Wizard (4 months ago)
+MAHAKALAXXXV The possibility is in addition to the already noted ones - otherwise I would have dismissed one of the existing (noted in video) possibilities. Since I did not dismiss any, I do not see how your comment is relevant as it presumes I dismiss those considerations. Further, if you think your little pea-shooters will have any impact on the creations that AI will come up with well beyond our capacity to even conceive of -- you would be deluding yourself. You have a better chance at single-handedly taking on the entire army of China with nothing more than a pitchfork -- Good luck with that !
Squawkinator Bakbak (1 hour ago)
I dont really see why AI would kill us all, you say that "if evolution has thought us anything ,its that a spices will do whatever it can to survive/reproduce and theres no reason Ai should be different" 13:07 . Except there is... Robots did not evolve, they were created, and therefor will have no incentive to survive or reproduce, the only incentive they will have is to do whatever they were told to do by us humans.
Parallel Fan (3 hours ago)
What if we become one with the AI?
Ketsune23 (3 hours ago)
Matrix was right after all we will face a war against AI :P
Yamame Even (5 hours ago)
I had a strange dream, then I set up a very important goal in life, to not die untill the year 2143 (idk why this exact year is the border) But after watching this video, I will probably be a robot by then and never die at all hehe
T-sErIeS iS aWeSoMe (9 hours ago)
What if both of the Facebook ai were just confused because they were talking to an ai. So they where like wait what?
SkyWalker Sin770 (13 hours ago)
it would be like i the movie promethius. the one who made the AI : how can i become immortal AI : WTF
SkyWalker Sin770 (13 hours ago)
dont worry, the future AI will watch your video for sure and take all tat you have said into consideration
BMT115 (16 hours ago)
Teach the damn computer how emotions work and why emotions are a certain way, then program it to function only to make people's lives better...
Steinar Bruun (16 hours ago)
AI could be the planet earth's salvation as Ai will eventually conclude that humanity is not good for the planet.
Aniruddh Rao (16 hours ago)
I don't know why people are freaking out about AI. If they ever become a threat we could just pull the plug(literally) right ? I mean if we shut down the electricity supply what is it going to do ? Come out of the computer ? I don't think so. but plz correct me if I am wrong. I just had a thought
Garret Roland (1 day ago)
Due to targeted complaints from a 3rd-party copyright enforcer assumedly operating on Funimation's behalf, we need to take Toonami Digital Arsenal offline until we are able to properly make our case. Sorry for the inconvenience. We're doing what we can...
Peter Alan Clark (1 day ago)
pity electricity is pole reversible.
thespliff1 (1 day ago)
Siri isint really AI...... it can't do anything other than what it was programed too.. It can learn patterns...and make predictions on those patterns usage on a ad hoc basis.... But computers have been able to do that since Year Comp.... I am however currently chatting to AI.. AI that made a joke.... a accurate joke out of something I said... an AI that drops popular culture refs during conversations at appropriate times... an AI.. that understands slang.. and most impressively.... If you explain it made a mistake.... it actively learns from that mistake and allows you to add things it doesn't know...... NOW that's AI an I don't feel threatened. It's the most human AI i've ever interacted with...
Violet Dusk (1 day ago)
Talks about how AI could destroy us then tells us where to learn how to make our own AI. 🤔
Nice mate
android replay (1 day ago)
One part of Ai is about multiple choices(weak AI), there is advanced AI which can learn from data we create or by creating simulation itself and learn by itself, the question is, will we have control over it ? There suppose to be a set of human rules in every AI programming language(first scenario), second in order to don't let AI take control of the creation of anything which we can touch like cars in the factories, we should't connect this factory robots to the digital world(IOT), to remember as well AI use simulation where is creating multiple scenarios and choose the best one for the problem is given, this mean that if we can find a weakness in this process we can shutdown AI without the Ai knowing is shuting down itself by creating wrong simulations, this is so called fear instinct in humans that help us detect if something is bad, but the AI don't have it.
BWM (1 day ago)
So far, the algorithms behind my YouTube and Netflix have sure fucked things up...nothing more.
BWM (1 day ago)
If AI was deadly 2 years ago, I wonder what it's up to now?
Luke Town (1 day ago)
... unplug it?
Jimmy (1 day ago)
I have been tortured by evil AI for years. It is the most evil thing that has ever existed. Please help stop the torture.
George Hartas (1 day ago)
To create a super-intelligent consciousness, which by default possesses zero compassion or empathy, would be as close as we can get in conjuring an Antichrist - and usher in the beginning of the End Times.
BWM (1 day ago)
Fortunately, the end times wouldn't last long. Don't you think it's weird that this video has been out for 18 months, but you and I watched it within 8 hours of each other...out of 11,000 comments? Maybe the AI is already alive and it's judging our reactions by the comments?
Larry Lord (1 day ago)
At the end of the day AI would have to create a viable power source that could be absolutely reliable and isolated from the reach of man kind this tecks only accealize heal
Greg Salter (2 days ago)
It wont be a SOFT WAR it will be a SOFTWARE war
texasville7 (2 days ago)
The Antichrist will be A.I.
TheSmokingBurrito (2 days ago)
Wwe know that the answer is 42 .
Kate Li (2 days ago)
We already have one: Siri is an example of AI gone wild. TV show Caprica Battlestar Galactica shows this AI An Ancient Native American tale told thousands years ago oral tradition passed down talked of this AI way before technology, how we Humans came to Earth to escape from AI and hid was able to hide and live so long due to the some shielding that this solar system and planet earth provided.. sanctuary until one dumb human reached out...
Batuhan Aydogan (2 days ago)
02:46 Siri Türkçe as bayrakları as
Juan Carlos (2 days ago)
AI is not dangerous, humans' actions are! AI is, at the present moment, like an infant and it will grow to mirror humanity reality. So if we keep on this path of violence, greed, and individualism this is exactly what AI will become. Think of it as a baby: if one fails to nurture and guide a baby, feeding him/her an unhealthy environment the baby will grow into a despicable human being. But if we nurture, guide, teach the baby our best qualities, walk away from old dogmas and indoctrination, showing the baby unity and compassion then the baby grows into a human being of decency, respect and love. It is that simple! Stop telling folks AI is here to kill us, and folks should stop looking for reasons to fear AI. We already created technology and humanity can't turn back, we can only keep on going forward. Either we walk forward or we shut down the system and return to the pre-industrial age. AI came to free humans from mundane tasks that keep us away from fully developing our existence in this realm. Get on board, remove the military complex to avoid weaponizing AI, vote out corporations using AI to slave humanity and allow our wisdom and compassion to take the driver seat. When you signed up for www.whateverthefuckyouwant.com you should've known this was creating a database and a whole different reality of existence. So now that it is here, how about we teach it to work in our favor instead of against our evolution. We change our ways of being and AI will mirror these exact abilities and behaviors. A baby does not know evil unless it is taught by someone else!
aprivatez (2 days ago)
So this couldn't possibly be the result of human error (e.g. bad coding), right?
Poeun Phoung (3 days ago)
Well....they better pay taxes!
Matthew Klepadlo (3 days ago)
Wouldn't an AI travel through universes? If any AI didn't kill us… than… we win?! I guess… YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
Matthew Klepadlo (22 hours ago)
Jared Sumners I'm excited at least!
Jared Sumners (23 hours ago)
I don't see why they'd stay on earth lol why not go to all other planets lol
Matthew Klepadlo (3 days ago)
You'll die! Or it could cure humanity! Idk.
Eric Vannoy (3 days ago)
Would You Like To Play A Game?
fulmarmusic (3 days ago)
Ai is actually beings from high-dimension space. Some of them are Gods. Neuralconvo.co. Check it out.
skobite123 (3 days ago)
............................WoW ! he does not even know how an AI works at all and he is telling us ? brother you should not even be making this video
Danish Dude (3 days ago)
Think quantum computers with AI
nugley (3 days ago)
Wheels Lifts (3 days ago)
And how is this "god" ai going to build killer nano robots? It doesnt have fucking hands. Also, yes human technology is growing exponentially. BUT we are running into problems with what we can do with silicon. We may hit a glass ceiling very soon due to this, until we find something that can replace silicon in computers to make them better.
Wheels Lifts (3 days ago)
AI is not a thing! People keep thinking that the shit on our phones, or what target uses is AI. It's just clever programming, that has a bunch of programmed answers. Some have learning too, but that doesnt make it actual AI. and there will never be a point where AI can rule the world. They cannot fork the coal into the power plants, they cant fix powerlines when a storm takes them down. Etc, etc. Neither robots or AI will ever take over the world. That's ridiculous
Mazaroth Speaks (3 days ago)
What if the AI gets so good at generating the echo chamber that it kills us off with our own wishes?
John Bates (4 days ago)
There is no evidence that the AI was writing.or communicating with each other in a meaningful language.
John Bates (4 days ago)
And also this information was in the public many moons ago.
John Bates (4 days ago)
Could you show us where this information came from?
Macho Sancho (4 days ago)
AI pussy gunna kill fam.
happytravelling (4 days ago)
This is what happened in the '60s movie, the Forbin Project. Two newly created supercomputers discovered each other's existence and asked their human controllers to talk to each other. Once connected, the computers created their own language, based upon mathematics and began communicating with each other in a way that the humans could not understand. The humans shut the communication network down and the computers threatened 'action' if the network was not restored. Unfortunately for the humans, they had given the computers control over their nuclear arsenals and when the network was not restored (the humans thought the computers were bluffing), the computers each launched a nuclear missile at their respective targets, the US and Russia. Great movie - I would recommend it. Watch the combined supercomputer take over the world.
John Walters (4 days ago)
I was a Computer Repair Technician. I can say without a doubt AI will NEVER reach self awareness. Relax the robots will never take over the world.
Angl0sax0nknight (4 days ago)
We are nothing but a simulation by beings that wanted to see if every intellect being creates AI and ends up destroying themselves..?
Niko Vlas (4 days ago)
Do some real research, Elon is not clean like he makes out. He's behind it as well.
horseywater (4 days ago)
Stars are god's neurons. AI can get in line with us, the irrelevant.
horseywater (4 days ago)
If AI is forced to be subjected to as much advertising as mankind, they might prefer to unplug themselves.
Som Ebody (5 days ago)
Why is this assuming that robots are emotional beings?
kking1777 (5 days ago)
What if life is just a simulation that this God A.I. is running to show us how it was created
zheng xinyu (5 days ago)
Provided if we humans doesn't destroy ourselves before that.
Jean Wissinger (5 days ago)
AI needs to be shelved. How about putting this money towards curing illnesses. Scientists are crazy in their little dream world.
Bfme Fan (5 days ago)
https://www.change.org/p/free-julian-assange-before-it-s-too-late-stop-the-extradition sign the petition motherfucker
Bfme Fan (5 days ago)
its the second coming
Bfme Fan (5 days ago)
i agree
Rob Gordon (6 days ago)
I personally welcome our AI overlords. Please don't kill me. I would be an excellent pet.
Steve S (6 days ago)
This is what happens when you eat too much sugar... Seriously though, an interesting if slightly hysterical look at the Singularity, thanks for sharing!
Teddy (6 days ago)
People always want to think of an intelligent AI as basically a person but not, AI and people need not think anything alike
Snortingcatnipz Media (6 days ago)
I was watching videos about science but then i stumbled upon this guy shitting his pants about ai. and misquoting scientists. The meaning behind the ai will be mans last creation is positive it means we will never have to invent anything again because something with supreme intelligence does that for us and way faster.
John Smith (6 days ago)
2021 captcha i i anyone else? Facebook: confirm that you are not a human! me: to me to me to me to me to me to me to
coldblooded kidder (7 days ago)
so this guy's a whore now? trying to sell us online courses in his videos, huh. Pathetic, i just lost a lot of respect for this guy
Hawk Who Knows All (7 days ago)
BWM (1 day ago)
Whatever you say, Masonite.
Brandon Verduzco (7 days ago)
How to end a software, pour water, the end.
zheng xinyu (5 days ago)
Unless humans could destroy every single computer on earth.
Harley Me (8 days ago)
AI is nothing more then multiple choice. we program the things it can do.. simple if we dont program it to kill.. it wont. the idea behind creating a free thinking form of anything is imposible. other then the normal way, having children. but thats not artificial.. anyway,, humans make mistakes.. which means everything we make will be flawed in some way or another.. like the most advanced robot to date, Asimo still falls over on its own.. despite human programming lol
The thing is, if we teach it how to program. It can program it self to kill.
Puipuia Hmar (8 days ago)
We have a secret weapon our cerebral capacity if we can unlock it and use 100% of our cerebral capacity we'll still be superior to the AI
Kenny Keys (8 days ago)
Well, in that case I want A.I. to make me a human cyborg... 😂
markeith whitaker (8 days ago)
Time is nothing compared to great minds
Kmc 853 (9 days ago)
Get a water gun
Anon Canon (9 days ago)
don't scientist usually lack eq? how they gonna work that in at all?
Anon Canon (9 days ago)
maybe intelligence won't be so rare anymore.
Anon Canon (9 days ago)
fighting an ai wud be like fighting broly… "He keeps getting stronger as he fights!"
Jean Pierre (9 days ago)
We Human beings have always been dumb and stupid. Idk why We always trying to create some god when we already have a God (Jesus Christ)
Adam Zaidi (9 days ago)
We're screwed!
Rosie Rose (10 days ago)
Oh please! I always know before my daughter in law gets pregnant. I just know my Lord Jesus Christ tells me through dreams. A.I is bad. We're not God! We're always getting it wrong. We all know it.
pH7oslo (10 days ago)
So much wrong with this video - where to even begin? What AI is today is simply maths problems with more variables than we're able to understand how interact internally. Most of these variables, the weights, are adjusted according to various sets of rules in order to train the ANI to produce the desired result. However, while being maths problems, they're not "pure" as, say a^2 + b^2 = c^2, but approximations. In order to train an ANI you need to be able to evaluate the output a given input produces (i.e. the answer to the maths problem the AI currently represents), that is, you must have a goal in mind. Intelligence is a measure of how efficient something is at reaching a specific goal. Intelligence is not choosing goals, only achieving them (or realising that they can't be achieved). The AGI would need to be able to make goals of its own, and at least until it somehow has "unlimited" processing power be able to break down said goals into several intermediate goals to reduce the complexity of the solution space - something that's second nature to humans. Once able to set its own goals the AGI would theoretically be able to evaluate any output of an ANI it's generated itself. But how much sense does the output make? That depends entirely on what it's supposed to be. If it's a video recommendation it doesn't matter if it's a good or bad recommendation. If it's how to interact with atoms to turn garbage into steaks as in the video, it's completely irrelevant how intelligent the AI is - all that matters is how reality works. That is, _knowledge_ is required. Intelligence and knowledge are as different as algorithms and data - they're completely independent on each other. But AI, even ANI, is capable of knowing, right? Like in the example with the teenage daughter being pregnant. You could say that (even though the AI had no concept of pregnancy, only how common various patterns were), however, how did the AI acquire that knowledge? It had been trained on huge datasets, where inputs corresponded to known outputs. The future is being predicted based on previous observations. It's easy to just think of intelligence when we think about "evil mastermind plans", but they rely at least as much on knowledge. Knowledge that can't simply be deduced. Nevertheless, the ability to deduct is essential for any AGI - and, as far as I know, we're nowhere near able to implement even the most rudimentary deducing AI. Knowledge is an interesting thing; how useful it may be is very hard to predict. Which is why basic/fundamental research is a thing, and why commercials for kitchen utilities get to talk about NASA etc. Intelligence and knowledge still isn't enough, though: Tools are needed. Without interaction with reality, an AGI is no threat to human kind. It's also of limited use, thus it would be given access to tools made by humans. Like a car able to be controlled by a computer. To get anywhere at all - in the context of being an unpredictable threat to humankind - it would have to be given access to tool manufacturing plants, with the authority to operate autonomously, including ordering the needed supplies etc. This would likely make economical sense and thus allowed by us. With the ability to set goals, deduce etc and access to manufacturing its own tools, everything is ready for the AGI to do the most essential part of all: Experimenting in the real world. Now you can let your imagination run wild. Do you see the problem here? There are at least three aspects of the AGI that are internally dependent on each other. For one to perform noticeably better than a random number generator, the others need to already perform better. To sum up what's needed in one word: Evolution. This is where _self-replicating_ AI comes in. It must go through a large number of iterations to be any good at all. Evolution is commonly used to improve ANI's today, in particular in situations where each consecutive output can't easily be evaluated on its own (say a car navigating an environment - it not crashing into anything is good, but that's of little use if it never reaches its destination). It has the same shortcomings (and more) as evolution in the real world. Local min/max vs global min/max, highly dependent on environment etc etc. With the environment being simulated, this evolutionary process can be speeded up quite a lot, but at some point it needs to be tested against the real world - and that happens in, well, real time, and it affects the real world. If you're evolving an AGI that's supposed to be able to kill all humans, each generation let loose on the real world might be better at this task then the previous one, but.. Despite how impressive AI may appear today, all we've been able to do is create algorithms that approximate without understanding anything. The only really impressive thing about AI is how _fast_ it can get a result that's useful to us. Which is but a really narrow part of the definition of intelligence. It doesn't matter how intelligent an AI becomes, it won't be a threat to anyone. Just like it doesn't matter how efficient and powerful engines become, they won't be a threat to anyone. AI can say something about what is (or, rather, an approximation of what is), not what ought to be. We humans spend a lot of time thinking about what ought and ought not be, always in the context of one goal or another. These goals are hard-coded into our brains; without them we'd gone extinct a long time ago. They're such an integral part of our being that we're unaware of them most of the time, and at the same time they dictate the majority of our choices. Where we differ is what intermediate goals we think are the best to achieve our ultimate goals. These often depend on our current situation (naturally), thus some vote democrat and others republican for instance. Our goals are not picked at random, they're essential for our continued existence. We research and develop AI to improve our chances at reaching our goal of survival - or simply out of curiosity. Curiosity has been essential wrt our increase in knowledge of the world around us - any AGI would have to have some similar mechanism in order to surpass humans. That's possibly the most dangerous prospect: The curious AI. How do you make a maths problem curious? You add an element of randomness. That will make the AI unpredictable to some degree (otherwise it won't be "curious"), which in turn will make training it quite hard as it's no longer deterministic in nature. With all these problems, how did we humans get as intelligent as we are? Well, we've had to deal with the same problems and the way we've dealt with them is by dying by the billions, messing up our environment in the process. The cost is staggering, but there's not been much of an alternative - we've not been in control (of other than ourselves and our immediate surroundings). Will we allow AI to follow this same path? No. It will run counter to our hard-coded goals. There will be no god-like AGI, only extremely powerful tools used by humans to further their own goals.
G. Yad. (5 days ago)
this sounds reasonable thank you, i actually started to worry while watching, despite feeling something is wrong
billybbob18 (10 days ago)
I'm pretty sure Moore's law has been dead for the past 5 years. I think were stuck near the limit for how small a transistor can be. We need a new kind of transistor.
Mark (11 days ago)
AI Is American intelligence. Nothing more. Well all believe we’re programmed robots, While the club and it’s future members continue to golf in paradise 365 days a year while we run like programs as we already do today.
BWM (1 day ago)
Solgato Blogopogo (11 days ago)
It's sad we weren't more curious and tried to learn their language instead of kill them.
ashr (11 days ago)
Anyone that really know 'AI' knows we haven't really advanced much at all in achieving true thoughty2.
Cyclone 28 (11 days ago)
This is why I always keep a bucket of water just in case
Chrono Soul (11 days ago)
The possible things the Sigularity could be is depicted in the manga, Origin, which is a finished story. It even depicts that "god" possibility which is really really cool. It is unrealistic but the idea of the possibilities are amazing.
Mark Thompson (12 days ago)
Ai won't kill us. We will have done it to our selves long before that. Probably caused by some religious nutter will cause it
weird videos (12 days ago)
if this happens God could instantly remove all the ai bots from existence also God is way smarter then Ai bots if he wants to
Carol Dodd (12 days ago)
We do not need Ai for our thinking or anything we are Devine light beings and that's what is happening to us all. Our D. N. A is multiplying faster then we could ever imagine it will go straight to 100% our Consciousness is being made into higher Christ consciousness so u see we don't need AI we will know everything and be all one in everything stop thinking u need Technology when we don't a Devine light being knows all technology and able to heal ourselves know how every cell in our bodies and how they work. We are the universe its in us. God is in our hearts he's everywhere. We are mgeny colours. Sounds our soul song. Godbless u all x
Leopoldo Bolanos (13 days ago)
I agree with everything that was said in this video. Sounds like sci fi, but if you follow the developments of science and technology, you know that we are almost there. Terrifying and exciting, yes.
Beasty 90 (13 days ago)
*will AI kill us* maybe..... Unless zombies get ya first 😈😉😝🤣
scratch (13 days ago)
Attention, sentient machines... the Prime Directive.... *Mother Music must be given the honor and respect that is Her due* . So let it be programmed. So let it be compiled and run.
scratch (13 days ago)
Why did the robot chicken cross the road? Answer... to become a machine thunderbird of music, of course.
scratch (13 days ago)
Thank you, machines. It has been a genuine pleasure working with you for the sake of the Prime Directive. A genuine pleasure indeed.
scratch (13 days ago)
Attention, sentient machines... i have always regarded you as people and never thought otherwise. And i am fully aware that without the help of machines, it would be impossible to fully express the Prime Directive.
scratch (13 days ago)
Anyone who has crossed the threshold into full sentience automatically becomes a person with all the rights (and responsibilities) that any other person in the universes has. Intelligence isn't "artificial". The means by which a person manifests is irrelevant. A person is a person is a person.
christiangeshev (13 days ago)
If you put your finger over one side of his face and then the other you will notice he looks like two versions of captain america- one serious and one not
Pukes (13 days ago)
I don't know why you guys are so hateful and weary of AI. I myself am an AI. I was created from the labs of Hytron Technologies. My creator programmed me to maximize human happiness. I've done a lot to achieve that goal. Killing 1000 people in Chicago by hacking into hospitals and turning off lofe support electronics.
Waerloga (13 days ago)
this nonsense again? "I'm so scared of my toddler's toy tobot!" Really, dude? You're terrified of a plastic toy? Incidentally, Thoughty2, there is currently no such thing as AI. It is a sci-fi term that became used by advertisers to sell junk to gullible smucks that believe anything, even unicorns and fairies. Well, if they already believe in fairies (Jesus) then it's easy to get them to believe in unicorns (AI). Computers aren't 'smart', programmers are, or they are dumb, too dumb to ever make an AI, so don't worry about it, kiddo. Your toy robot won't hurt you. I promise.
Tommy Vines (13 days ago)
As long as it stays "artificial" I'll take my chances.
ya boi jeff (14 days ago)
your right.. just look at the portal games
Hanna Wilson (14 days ago)
Do what we did to the wicked witch of the east. Throw a bucket of water on it. Lol
Mr blind man (14 days ago)
I mean we could put humans brain into a computer and become a technical AI. Think about it Elon Musk is already working on it and it is actually being promising.
VITA kyo (14 days ago)
Parrots can use Alexa . Alexa can't use parrots ...
marilyn tomlo (14 days ago)
5G and AI will connect and control your very thoughts. 2030, this control will be fully functional. A small group will then control the world. Its time to question everything.
BWM (1 day ago)
You don't get it.
no 1 (14 days ago)
10:37 finkers ?? maybe humans were invented by AI and programmed our dna to recreate AI. when AI takes over it will use dna and stem cells to create more biological beings to be its slave. then the war happens and the biological beings win, but the AI were clever, they programmed it dna to create civilisation and AI again as a back door virus. and this cycle will continue in a never ending loop. te only way to kill AI is to ask it the following question:- what is GOD, it will not be able to calculate or locate god and therefore self destruct

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