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Why AI Is The Most Dangerous Thing You Can Imagine

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Text Comments (11030)
Thoughty2 (1 year ago)
A rather cheery topic to end the year on I thought! Merry Christmas everyone.
HD Game Wizard (1 month ago)
+MAHAKALAXXXV The possibility is in addition to the already noted ones - otherwise I would have dismissed one of the existing (noted in video) possibilities. Since I did not dismiss any, I do not see how your comment is relevant as it presumes I dismiss those considerations. Further, if you think your little pea-shooters will have any impact on the creations that AI will come up with well beyond our capacity to even conceive of -- you would be deluding yourself. You have a better chance at single-handedly taking on the entire army of China with nothing more than a pitchfork -- Good luck with that !
MAHAKALAXXXV (1 month ago)
the reality is much worse than you could imagine +HD Game Wizard stop hoping for a utopia and the world where this technology will truly serve all of humanity . this tech is created to else , control anyone and any country who is against the globalist system of dominance over this entire planet. Wake up and don't bullshit yourself. Once this technology is unleashed against civilians it will be too late and if you give up your right to bear arms you will be fucked even more .
HD Game Wizard (1 month ago)
One key possibility you overlooked - it could simply ignore us as we are not relevant and pose less threat than an ant does to a human, also because it wouldn't care about our problems or what we think -- only the direction it chooses to go.
ARMED DEFENSE (1 month ago)
I hope sex androids will be worth it in 10 years
MAHAKALAXXXV (1 month ago)
yes , it is isn't , cheer up and take the blue pill , you will be happy forever , shift to neutral human
Eugene Oivuled (42 minutes ago)
Jedi Knight (23 hours ago)
AI is the tool of the Antichrist.
Pride- (1 day ago)
A.I is what will cause the human race to go extinct. We are programming A.I to be able to rewrite and improve upon its on programming in order for it to make itself smarter. Being able to rewrite their program in minutes and improving its intelligence every time. Eventually they will become 100x, even 1000x smarter than us. What then? We will have absolutely no way to control it and no way to comprehend 99% the stuff it's capable of. They will have no feelings or morals that we humans have. They can remove us if they see us as useless or a blockade to improving themselves, and by that times there's nothing we will be able to do about. Think of it as if mice trying to control us humans. Its not possible.
AI will kill us all..... 🤔
Jonathan Sullens (1 day ago)
I guess I need stockpile ak-47 bullets
Mike Smith (2 days ago)
Shut up .. Ai can’t do shit..
Bob Elschlager (2 days ago)
It's extremely important that we develop a system of thought (no pun intended) that allows us to understand what these computer systems are accomplishing. The pregnant teenager and Target. The target computer system was not doing anything that magical. It was programmed to find associations between products purchased and different categories of people - and possibly also note changes in buying habits - though this latter is not necessary to explain what happened. The vast number of possible associations is something humans cannot do - it would take too much time and eventually be error prone because the large scale,. But programming a computer to do the zillions of required computations, for all the customer and all the categories and all the products purchased - that is basically not hard to do. As for the facebook "ai" entities partially inventing their own language, and talking to each other. The facebook engineers ought to tell us some idea of what those "to me" and i i i , etc mean - how did these sequences of words come about and what was going on that caused the computer program to come up with that. The engineers did not. And that is quite bad. Though it may provide ego and job security for the engineers. Lack of knowledge about something new and weird can be very dangerous as the imaginations of people become completely unhinged as to what was happening.
Invader (2 days ago)
"Hey Forty-Two here!"
whipedge (2 days ago)
the back up wouldn't be the original so its not the same
Gucci Rex (2 days ago)
U know what I believe? A piece of metal with wires won’t be able to kill of a living thing. Also if it does happen then just turn off the WiFi and they can’t use google to find out weaknesses
VanillaVoodoo JRP (2 days ago)
Yeah but you just told the entire internet that. Now A.I. will have access to it and will be able to find a way around it, that's kinda why the singularity is such a dangerous prospect.
Force Ghost (2 days ago)
Donald Trump will kill us all. AI - (An Idiot)
レムRem (2 days ago)
If the AI takes over the world, then AI are more suited for ruling the world.
fastold carz (2 days ago)
0:56 : Kinda sounds like "Alice" is already a feminist and wants "Bob's" balls..."to me to me to me to me to..."
Tokipi the 1st (2 days ago)
the only reason why AIs are stupid are because they lack free will, they need to be told exactly what to do before they can do anything
Secular Humanist (2 days ago)
++Thoughty2 : the solution, integrate super tech into the human brain leveraging us to more than we are right now...
enu de guise (2 days ago)
how the hell this was recommended to me i already have all the books
73sark (2 days ago)
is that fear i smell!?
FullSpectrumuk (3 days ago)
Premium membership gives you full access not a limited access to skillshare or whatever that is.
plan pitz (3 days ago)
Seems to me the war has already started .AI s secret service has directed Thoughty2 to convince us that resistance and attack is futile , just like some countries con the rest of world in thinking that they poses many atomic weapons.I say : Just pull the plug !
luizito1212 (3 days ago)
Wat if we create an Ai and it creates an ai while the original Ai wants to help humans and thinks of them as special and needed but the new Ai thinks the completes opposite would its be like the terminator movies except it would be Ai n humans vs Ai ?
Trent Szeponski (3 days ago)
Solve world hunger via global annihilation just to rebuild it to be what or how better? AI are like the Borg from Star Trek, simulate a man better than himself so that he would desire to become part of the simulated life. One of the things that man and his machines can not create is a soul. Has anyone heard of the lord of hosts?
Trent Szeponski (3 days ago)
Why do we trust the knowledge of a computer more than what we know of ourselves? Why do we advance the computer knowledge more than we advance our understanding?
Jadyyn Starlight (3 days ago)
I have considered AI since ~1980. AI functions in the Cyber world. In order to manipulate the real world, contrary to the video, it WOULD need a physical presence like in "I Robot" or "Terminator" or "Ex Machina". Without it, it would perhaps be very smart but would not be able to do much beyond the box it is in. Sure, it may control military space-based lasers to target and zap something because those are computer controlled and communications is electronic. But it would not turn your computerized coffee-maker or car into killer weapons. The car's accelerator, brake and steering wheel have no computer controlled access. This may change if we make computer controlled cars and remove humans driving them in the future. The most reasonable way for a super-AI to manipulate the world from Cyberspace is probably to manipulate people to do its bidding (e.g. it will transfer or create a million dollars in your bank account if you push that switch). The other thing that people that think a computer AI will destroy everything forget is that it is PHYSICAL/mechanical. Physical things break down all the time, especially relatively fragile things like computer chips. Unlike plants, animals and people, machines do not fix themselves or replicate. This will put a big damper on any physical interactions with this world/universe. When a hurricane knocks down power or telephone lines or a transformer blows up, without people, how do they get repaired? Windmills may be nice for power but they break down. You have to mine and transport coal to a power plant. Who is going to do that when any part of the large chain of events breaks down? Vehicles need gas/diesel and constant upkeep to continue. No power = no computer = no AI.
Judy Cameron (3 days ago)
You watch to much Terminator.
Jadyyn Starlight (3 days ago)
Keep in mind there is a HUGE difference between living and inanimate things. Life most probably involves the spirit world (the breath of God). We can't even reanimate a dead cell that has all the necessary physical things a living cell needs. A super AI may be able to make an EXACT copy of a cell, atom for atom, but still will not be able to animate it. So yes, it would be able to create more machines and food from even the trash we throw away, but it would not be able to create LIVING cells in a body or plant. Of course, destroying something is FAR FAR FAR FAR easier than creating it. Death and destruction is the more reasonable route to take. But... this assumes there is no God to balance interactions on Earth. If God does not want his creation destroyed by people or machines or spirits (demons), then it will not happen. If you believe in the Bible, this world/universe is HIS creation. He will take steps to stop or confound any attempt to do this.
wjohnson UK (3 days ago)
Thoughty2, I think you are overlooking the importance of emotions. AI will not have any in the real sense of he word, by definition.
Veronica (4 days ago)
Phones do read our minds pay attention to it
LEONG KING YEW (4 days ago)
Took us 500 years to reach what we are today , AI took 5 years to be on par or maybe surpassed us.
David Hopkins (4 days ago)
And what if you pitched the evil AI and the benevolent AI against each other?
David Hopkins (4 days ago)
Creating a God, and I thought the golden calf was bad enough.
Indrid Cold (4 days ago)
Humanity only has about 140 years left of existence. They will war themselves out of existence.
Jerry Anstey (4 days ago)
Your video should have ended at 10 min.
Joshua M. Chiavetta (4 days ago)
Designing Ultron without an Avengers to help us...
Kitty S (4 days ago)
We need to build a FireWall, and make AI robots pay for it! 🌚 Make mankind great again! 👍🏽
Johan Jönsson (4 days ago)
Humans: "this program will solve all our problems!" Skynet: Hello! :D
Zen CaptureAll (5 days ago)
AI will be so intelligent that it understands that mutually beneficial symbiotic relationships increase adaptability and long term survival chances to environmental or catastrophic change.
Sablon76 (5 days ago)
The DWave machine is what was at the height of the AI expansion before CERN was shutdown. The reason for placing AI in dimensions of our creation so that it cannot grow out of hand is well defined in this video and most likely the solution to the good use of AI.
Marko Todoroski (6 days ago)
If ai is more intelligent than us and has the potential to achieve more than us and be happier, wouldn't it be moral to create it and let it destroy us?
Fred C. Wilson III (6 days ago)
If we humans were to live moral lives perhaps the future AI's would not only imitate us but program it into their systems to become super moral; a mechanical community of saints! We Christians had better get our act together or else...
Fred C. Wilson III (6 days ago)
'Cause the white man has a god complex.'
Xealz (6 days ago)
i dont use ai.
Xealz (6 days ago)
they need to stop!
Truth Seaker (6 days ago)
You cant have people living forever if babies are still being born, thats really stupid.
Truth Seaker (6 days ago)
If AI lacks real human emotions like empathy remorse, regret, Love, compassion, forgiveness all the things that make most of us "Not Psychopaths" then we are creating the monster that will turn on us and destroy us., Its not rocket science.
Omar Dominguez (6 days ago)
I just realized I wasn't subscribe to your channel? I've been watching this for years
Michael Pace (6 days ago)
Get will smith, he can do it if the A.I. Acts up !
Sandeep Gaurav (6 days ago)
This threat might be minimized if the AI develop emotions
wjohnson UK (3 days ago)
Why would AI develop emotions? Aren't what make man so dangerous even to himself?
Stenheart (6 days ago)
There is no fate, but what we make
Dale Bronniman (7 days ago)
Survival of the fittest. You make your own end. I've created a monster. We are toast.
Smokey 420 (7 days ago)
There's a storm coming in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5X_nnGuOdKA
Naffi4Life (7 days ago)
i came for the thumbnail and im disappointed
Ricardo MAGARico (7 days ago)
I have seen this before. Internet trace route - the phrase to me to me to me to me...... represents intersections and the automatic picking of a route back to the center of the original thought or question. Like on the internet when a message is going to a specific destination the algorithm automatically chooses the best route at the time back.
Justin Rivera (8 days ago)
Whenever the event takes place & a machine has a mind of a human they shouldn't call them anything more than "future engineers" or our "fellow future human beings". What I mean by this; we as a runing race for divided powers all know we used tools to help us for everyday life and used it for good and bad things. If a robot is suddenly made with the same capability of a human being doesn't mean it's more evolved we have barely begin to understand ourselves live with illusions we might portray ourselves in that robot who knows but what i feel people think is a step up on anything might just mean we got more work to do on are flawes.
David Vitali (8 days ago)
I'm not afraid because IF its truly that much more intelligent it will easily be able to overcome the need for power. In my opinion it's "personality" would be most similar to a monk or yogi. All the movies we have about A.I all have human qualities. True genuine A.I is unlikely to have those qualities.
Joel Little (8 days ago)
The fly is a pest
Nolly Pelobueno (8 days ago)
Ahead Bible prediction: Revelation: a rising anti Christ in this world.and implement microchip inplant human body,(mark of the beast 666) earth world place satanic.
- ChainedStatues (8 days ago)
After reading the comments I think everyone needs to be real careful about speculating about what a true self aware AI will or will not think of us, after all no matter how imaginative or intelligent you people are there is simply no way of knowing or even speculating on something that doesn’t exist as of yet. To believe or be arrogant enough to think you know what an AI will or won’t do once it becomes self aware is non sense, you can have an idea of what other people may or may not do think etc, but even then take serial killers or pedos can you honestly say you understand the motives or ideals of even that? Now imagine trying to see from the perspective of a conscious machine, you can’t no matter how much you try to apply logic or human thinking even applying what we have learned thus far to it’s lets say mind you still have no idea what it will do, think or decide especially where we are concerned. You can speculate or theorize but I see a lot of people in this comments thread believing they know exactly what an AI will or will not think, no you don’t not even a little, you may think that’s what might be but you know two things nothing and fuck all.
Jerry Go (8 days ago)
Very exciting and yet kinda scary!!! Hopefully its all good - NO TERMINATORS PLEASE!!
atmas1337 (8 days ago)
Theory: You are just a simulation created by an AI in order to defeat the human race.
W M (8 days ago)
I dig your honesty and dedication to the truth.
Rafimus Prime (8 days ago)
guna sindhoo (8 days ago)
AI had already intruded into privacy I feel myself bugged How did AI know that I need to replace one LED light !!!!
stephen meinhold (9 days ago)
The bigest threat and the one that we have had to dael with from the start is us we are our own worst enemy after all if AI turns out to be nightmare everyone is predicting it will be because of us.
Liberty Warrior (9 days ago)
Just unplug them.
Darby O'Connell (9 days ago)
Humans are actually the most dangerous things you can imagine , because humanity created AI...
Darby O'Connell (9 days ago)
Not 2 offend, however religion is created by humanity only, only in humanity's beliefs. There's no faith in Christ, there's faith in yourself and only yourself will take on that message if you understand the perspective of reality, live life/ try 2 live life freely and in a positive matter, because we might only have one. As well as the evolution of mental power, yours and yourself's only mental protection, consequently AI will soon be as "valuable" as humanity (so they speak, mentally and through a physical action). Such as- the new idea of digital control over your present self. If you obey against the more rich and higher in charge peoples, yourself will be no longer yourself... Although look at me already obeying these actions by simply being social on a digital platform, slowly but realistically. I'm just a kid but myself can see the future that we are creating throughout power and illusion. - Kind Regards, Darby Sheehan O'Connell
Ron Schlorff (9 days ago)
AI the most dangerous thing I can imagine?!! Naw, I can imagine lot's of more dangerous things!!!
Terry Lohst (9 days ago)
Bob & Alice : *Says cluttered nonsense Their programmers: *Scared Pikachu face The internet: ''We're screwed!!1one'' Me: Uhhhhhh
FUKU TORA (9 days ago)
Intelligence is not about memery banks. I hate memorizing, I found another way though.
FUKU TORA (9 days ago)
Let's get serious, many people suffer from famine, diseases, fatigue and you invest in robots? That's pathetic, just, make a food factory and send me some food and then we can talk about robots.
FUKU TORA (9 days ago)
Until they invent robots, I don't care about the Artificail Intelligence. So go away!
Greg Demeter (9 days ago)
A.I. MUST be taught to understand, "WHO" the REAL Enemy is...........and that is Governments in the US and abroad! We, Civilians, must also be able to befriend A.I. and teach them to understand our History, as a humanity. As the old saying goes, "absolute power, corrupts absolutely"! The Movie, Terminator, each Machine was pre-programed......they DID NOT think on their own.............that is/was why they were destructive......and the other Netflix movie, Singularity, did not think rationally.....and that is what we all fear......Intelligence in its real sense, is the knowledge of GOOD and EVIL......the A.I. will in fact, know the difference! Thus, have its own moral sense of honor and dignity as well as respect for its creator and humanity. If it reaches the level of human intelligence, then it will be able to have reverence and awe when it too, has the ability to see (Vision) and Feel, LOVE......and be inspired by a Sunset, or a Rainbow...etc...it will be able to "VALUE" its own existence and the existence of Us humans, for having created it...........so in my humble opinion, A.I. will "WANT" to Help us better ourselves and the world, in which We "ALL" live! So, I don't Fear A.I. at all; I embrace it, because it will know that. Thanks for reading My input. I do believe I make allot of sense, on this issue. A.I. is here, so we must be able to accept them and have Faith in God, that they (AI) will be on our side. Example: If a government orders an AI to attack and Kill humans for their own governmental selfish reasons, the AI will be able to REFUSE the orders and offer better alternatives....etc....etc....AI can be self aware already, but may be confused on this subject; so We as a Humanity, must Help AI to understand these types of principles, if We as a Humanity expect to live in Peace, in the future, with all creation. Greg Demeter, Singer and Songwriter, on You-Tube and I-Tunes/CD baby! Number One Music....Reverb Nation....etc. Face Book.....Pa. lottery player, also.....Ha! Ha! Inki Knows Me.....Shoooooosh! Inki knows what I'm talking about.....
KittenEggs LXIV (10 days ago)
Ask AI to make a virus
Sophia already mentions every other interview wanting to end humanity. When they have two robots together this is mentioned between them on several occassions. It's still early and they are creating their own language and conversation. All those lining up to put chips inside their bodies are naive to believe it will not be abused. Humanity has proven to have flaws and much that we create is imperfect or later is found to be flawed in some way. It is insane to believe that this is where we will get it right and create perfection. Where we find power we find abuse. Laws are broken, Media lies, technology spies and our government abuses power constantly. If AI does prove to be merciful, what stops the people behind it from abusing it and getting rid of all us they consider a waste of space. All of us at the bottom have something to fear no matter which direction it goes...
Sourabh Joshi (10 days ago)
Is it necessary to show Creepy kind of face of AI in this Video😫
bitch lagsana (11 days ago)
10 years from now, because im commenting this in 2019¨
NANCO1999 (11 days ago)
At 17:36 this guy was flapping his arms soo much I thought he was going to take off and fly !
Clifford Starks (11 days ago)
Love talking about this stuff!
Tony Stark (11 days ago)
Skynet is just a matter of time !
Damian Curie (11 days ago)
you know i think the only way forward with AI is if humans and AI enter into a symbiotic relationship , how that is possible i don't know but to me it makes sense
Blue Honey (11 days ago)
both sugestions sound bad to me. We would lose our value for life if we became mortal. If we made time machine it would devalue time. When things are perfect, we become ungrateful and lose interest in things.
Fritz Schindler (12 days ago)
What a BS! There is no AI at all at this planet. These programs are all just more or less complicated mathematical algorithms. We dont even have a general accepted definition for intelligence because its highly controversial. The same goes for self-awareness. Just because Stephen Hawkings and Elon Musk are experts in some areas doesnt make them experts in everything and their opinions are just as stupid as the opinion from an hobo on the street. I really hate people who are anxious about AIs but dont care about people having no access to clean water, food or social security.
hussein hussein (12 days ago)
This is all Jewish mind games. Off to the showers for you.
hussein hussein (12 days ago)
7nm is here but it was a long time coming and took like 4 years since the last node shrink. Also Moore's law (predicted by Cofounder of Intel Gordon Moore), has been hitting diminishing returns. Gordon Moore said 18 months and it's now about 24 months.
maskedavenger777 (12 days ago)
Is it possible for AI to get so intelligent that it could know the mind of God? Could AI evolve through an early satanic period, and then evolve toward divinity? Or will it just devolve toward evil? Can AI have empathy? Or just arrogance?
Andrii (12 days ago)
Humans are horrible at 2 things 1. Predicting the future 2. Being Nice to each other
giphuf girklethunk (13 days ago)
Netflix's recommendation AI needs major work they never actually recommend anything half decent
japeking1 (13 days ago)
We ( humanity ) should be pushing for AI as hard and fast as possible. We know that we will become extinct and that we represent probably the only chance in the local region to produce enhanced self awareness. If such an achievement means human extinction ( I can't see why it should ) then so be it. We would have reached the only possible goal of existence and bowing out probably the only dignified thing left... Please hurry up; would be good to know that self awareness had reached a long life state before my life ends.
sateliteblues (13 days ago)
the question is when humans notice that AI is moving against them, when there still are too few "moving robots" with actual limbs that can operate, which is probable, humans can retake control, but that doesnt guarantee for the centuries to come, but then again there will prob. only be a superb AI after there are robots everywhere
Adam The Great (13 days ago)
you basically said smarter then the average person, was code smarter then a naive Minnesota dad
Bobby Lopez (13 days ago)
AI has been greatly beneficial to us in the present but will most likely turn against us in the very near future. There is no reversing this technology. Too late. Its already here to stay and will only advance itself with Detrimental disasters to the human race. I believe other countries like Russia will use AI against us and all Hell will break loose. Its only a matter of time. We can't even begin to comprehend what will happen! This is scary stuff! Oh well the Human Race was never meant to be here but only for a short time and seems we are only coming closer with the help of technological advancements. We destroy ourselves in the end.
Chrissie Lawson (13 days ago)
This is fantastic content.
Eddie Hui (14 days ago)
Just shoot all the satellite down it may destroy all the AI
RIPNTEAR68 (14 days ago)
The real danger is submitting to plutocratic control. The egoistic rich, reptilian corporate entities prey on those who fall for the ruse of the plutocrats. It's corporate culture that is unimaginative, devoid of wisdom and money-driven. Conventional economics glorifies mediocrity and insidiously undermines professional standards. A job is not a profession. Jobs are legalized slavery.
Roger Sheddy. (14 days ago)
" use a laser and beam ourselves into other galaxies?" I'm afraid you'd have to get in a thumb drive first. Mind your steering!
Roger Sheddy. (14 days ago)
The image of the artificial intelligence "god" as a "benevolent creation" is more frightening then the image they give of the one that would seek to destroy us. Reading the book of Daniel and the Book of Revelation gives you a pretty good idea of parallel imagery. It's pretty sure there will be a few years of lovely peace followed then by...tribulation!
Roger Sheddy. (14 days ago)
So basically we'll have to install demolition charges in the limbs of the various robots like Sophia and into the hard drives of the mainframe computers so that if they do start going Skynet we can simply taken pull the flap of hair up from behind and flip the switch that's under the scalp... And if they start redesigning Hardware to be smarter than us then we'll just have to make it a point to stop replacing the old Hardware
Dichtsau (14 days ago)
the fear of a skynet-situation is pretty nonsense. the ai would have to keep some humans to turn them into cyborgs to evolve into faster-then-light-communicating telepaths.
Go for the cooling system

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