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Wheel of fortune ( Flying car wheel ) car crash compilation

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Text Comments (41)
Ms. Hưởng (29 days ago)
1:39 the wheelband separates
Ms. Hưởng (29 days ago)
At 1:37 you can see the small, white wheel tag flying off center, prior to the entire wheel coming off
Ms. Hưởng (29 days ago)
0:31 tire keeps going
Ms. Hưởng (29 days ago)
Ha I love how the very first one in the entire compilation this random tractor comes around at like 20 mph, huge wheel flies off, Toyota RAV4 dude’s like dafuk
Sam Corona (1 month ago)
⚫️------->. 🚐
Paul Price (2 months ago)
Why are Russians such bad drivers because the wheels keep coming off!!!!!
MaryStewart (3 months ago)
never hand-tighten lug nuts!
Jenny Grattan (4 months ago)
Jenny Grattan (4 months ago)
3:17 dorito XD XD XD XD XD XD X D X DX D X D X D X D X D X X SD X D X DXD XP <--- DEATH
Ian Ian (6 months ago)
wheel of fortune......... not so funny when it someone you love who die but until then my friend, why not live a little? laugh a lot? Some video for you - hope to enjoy!
Janez Novak (6 months ago)
Wheel of fortune: ...you... or you... or YOU! BAAAM
TallyHo (7 months ago)
Are runaway tires a common thing or is this a Russian specialty?
Tolerance (7 months ago)
IGOR 😂☝️
l ί ღ α χ (10 months ago)
Und wie immer aus Russland :'D
Wafflegazm (11 months ago)
00:34 part 1 4:03 part 2
TRAYAURUS ' (1 year ago)
why are they all cautious about a tire for ?
TRAYAURUS ' (1 year ago)
1:00 TWO TIRES !!
heisenberg (1 year ago)
future mario kart powerup?
kirov33cp (1 year ago)
Dont worry. The tires are fine!! *Tire flies off and hits a car* B*tch, Where?!!!!
kirov33cp (1 year ago)
5:29. that person barely had time to get out of the way
James Kido (1 year ago)
What the hell? Are torque wrenches banned in Russia?
Paul Price (2 months ago)
They can never get a good grip on the nuts.
Todd Jones (7 months ago)
Landshark 0068 (2 years ago)
6:25 And in the news today, Russia's new weapon arrived in Downtown Seattle looking for cars to run into. Police afraid to anger the TLM (Tire Lives Matter) movement, took no action against the tire.
Landshark 0068 (2 years ago)
0:47 tire comes off one and goes by a car that's driving with a flat tire, only in RUSSIA.
DeltaMilitary 80 (2 years ago)
1:20 Target lock📡💢, 1:22 Missile launch 🎱====💥🚙 1:26 Target destroy.
Random Human (1 year ago)
kiesha86 (2 years ago)
jesus christ, how can a country with such wast natural recourses be such a shithole. Bad roads, falling appart buildings, mud everywhere. Nobody seems to take care of anything.
Todd Jones (7 months ago)
pois täältä (1 year ago)
When Russia got it's independence in 1991, the country was in such a shitty situation, and the new anarchist government didn't even do anything to help the country become a somewhat decent ecomical country.
justsomeguy (1 year ago)
@Ghimbir are you really this stupid? I didn't say communism is good I was pointing out your blaming it was wrong because communism ended 3 decades ago there. Capitalism is to blame.
Schnbl (1 year ago)
+Bryce William I hope you're sarcastic. Do you come from an ex communist country? I do, and it was a mess. We didn't even have electricity or heat because of the dictator. The heater cracked because the water froze in it. My dad was taken by the Milítsiya by force and had his hair shaved. Abortion was banned, and because of this the orphanages were overflowing and the same syringes were used multiple times on children, causing AIDS to spread. And your excuse for that is...gasoline and cigarettes? Like communists didn't use those or something. I could sit here all day to explain why communism is utter garbage. It turns people into rabid, individualistic animals, hungry for welfare and free benefits. Eventually, they will get used to living on scraps, and as long as the "glorious leader" throws a bone to the masses of idiots, he will stay in power forever. There's no such thing as a communist country that works.
justsomeguy (1 year ago)
+Ghimbir I have a great idea of the damage Capitalism does. How many people died of cancer because the tobacco companies stopped any study that showed they cause cancer? Or that leaded Gasoline was poisoning everyone? Nah Capitalism is the bane of the planet.
Captain Morgan (2 years ago)
I would go back and choke the living shit out of the idiot who supposedly tightened the lug nuts!
Alexander T (2 years ago)
How does this happen? Loose bolts?
Jonp (3 months ago)
Something's loose allright ;)
acskama (1 year ago)
This happened to me cuz 3 bolts were missing from the 6...
Darlene Burt (2 years ago)

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