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[OSRS] Dragon slayer quest guide

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Newer, faster and overal better guide: https://youtu.be/bMtCjlFOaBI Runescape Dragon slayer quest guide walkthrough with live commentary in the Old school servers 07scape / 2007 rs How to unlock rune platebody and green d'hide body
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Text Comments (498)
Slayermusiq1 (6 months ago)
Newer, faster and overal better guide: https://youtu.be/bMtCjlFOaBI
Toomas (6 months ago)
Thanks man!
MOIST BREAD (25 days ago)
Does this quest require membership
Efrain Aguirre (1 month ago)
fuck me. i died. im lvl 55 that dragon fucked me up fast
Efrain Aguirre (1 month ago)
lost my full adament armor and sword, all my mage equipment and all my runes
Timothy Steel (2 months ago)
Can someone one help me out please
Kaylas (2 months ago)
took an entire inv of food didnt use 1 foodpiece lol
Gaboon The Derp (3 months ago)
Thanks you so much slayer! You are the best and I couldn’t have finished this quest without your amazing guide!
Seji (3 months ago)
nice agility bait bro
Acerino (3 months ago)
fuck you
Jazmine Mccoy (3 months ago)
My last f2p quest
Fill Rupp (3 months ago)
Question... I collect random crap lol. If I were to wait for the monsters to respawning, then drop the key when I engage them in combat, could I possibly keep a key after the quest is completed of each copy?
Jason Marten (3 months ago)
Key Kiki (4 months ago)
Isit need to be a member to complete the quest?
Vekoma1261 (4 months ago)
No, it's 100% f2p
MrGetRext (4 months ago)
triple l (4 months ago)
i was such a fuckin idiot on this quest lol
Josh Hilberg (5 months ago)
Good Guide, Couple Oop's But you helped me complete me quest! So Good Job!!!
DYZWheat (5 months ago)
that sea shanty 2 tho <3
I K U Z O (5 months ago)
now the goblin selling the map for 10k..
Taxxxx (5 months ago)
Where the fuck do you get the key from??!!
Phil Carpenter (5 months ago)
thanks again
Kambra (5 months ago)
19:37 theres a pause and then in the chat box it says your report abuse has been recieved LOL my guess is somebody who recognized him said some shit
onthamic1 (6 months ago)
Thanks for the vids :) used all your vids for the lead up to dragon slayer. Gonna go buy myself full rune aha
DarkPixie (6 months ago)
I can only use melee combat?
Michelle Denning (6 months ago)
If you die, go to Karamja and the hole next to the volcano will take you back to dragon's layer. Otherwise, bring items to repair your boat and take it from Port Sarim.
mack enon (6 months ago)
Ayeeeeeeeee 16:40 Sea Shanty comes on.
Allie Wall (6 months ago)
Could you please add subtitles? 😅
Joe smith (6 months ago)
16:30 Thats a Penis!... Not sure if I never noticed it or if they changed it but at 16:30 thats definitely a penis on the map. The dark spot even outlines the pecks/ribcage and balls. and he even has a kneecap on the lower portion of the map.... this is definitely just a profile view of an erect dude....
Drago1 (6 months ago)
my guy wrote a paragraph talking about a penis in a map gg
Matthew Schmidt (6 months ago)
I'm stuck on the 3rd key it wont let me kill the goblin or buy the key
Long Pig Café (6 months ago)
killin ghost left and right no key
YusufI-_- (6 months ago)
i died whyyy
Michael joesph (6 months ago)
Cant open the fucking magic door
Brian Taylor 2.0 (6 months ago)
how do I safe-spot it with a crossbow?
Keviino (6 months ago)
why didnt i get the talk options with her? i did everything else
Keviino (6 months ago)
already answeared in another comment
Jessie Garcia (7 months ago)
Wormbrain won't give me his piece of the map why???
Blue Msp (7 months ago)
and i brought oak planks...
xXnexioXx / NexioEdits. (7 months ago)
Level 55 magic, 13x splashing the goblin........
Fhjthnl Lol Iuyo (7 months ago)
Alright great guide btw mate but thought I would just leave a comment for anyone doing this quest. I just tried and failed to kill the dragon, luckily survived, but it may be helpful for you guys to know, my current stats, which are NOT sufficient. They are 34attack, 30strength, 40defence, 20ranged. I was wearing full adamant, adamant scim + dragon shield. Full inventory of lobsters. Basically kitted out as I was, I was having to eat the lobsters at a higher rate than I could hit the dragon at. I'm taking too much damage and having to eat the lobsters constantly made it impossible to get many hits in against the dragon. So if you have similar stats, do some more training. I'll return to port sarim and train strength and attack to 40 and bring a better food, and rune scim, then try again. But would I be better off wearing adamant plate or studded leather to fight the dragon?
C P (7 months ago)
Thanks for this!
Justin Dioncre (7 months ago)
WHY are there so many parts skipped? You random got the key after switching screen, not showing where to get it.... CANT complete quest.... HELP.
Yami Civetta (7 months ago)
To get Melzar's key you have to ask the guildmaster where can i get Melzar's piece?
William Briggs (7 months ago)
Make SURE you wear your dragon fire shield or this guy will kill you! Also if you die you will have to fix the ship AGAIN!
William Briggs (7 months ago)
Idk why but I just didn’t feel the importance of actually wearing the Sandi Dragon Fire Shield so I brought a “better one” and he 1 hit me for 60
xParadiant (7 months ago)
I ended up accidentally drinking my wizards mind bomb l0l
RySec Newton (7 months ago)
Always the best guides! Thank you for the continuous assistance In search or and in aid of the myreque nearly killed me, but you saved my ass.
Viltautas (7 months ago)
MV (7 months ago)
chris atkins (7 months ago)
englsh pls thankz
Rey L (7 months ago)
i had no room for the key and didnt get one. what should i do?
gRAPEFRUIT (7 months ago)
so fucking shit and out of date
darkweaver51 (7 months ago)
The key doesn't drop
Dylanmech100 (7 months ago)
if anyone isnt able to kill the goblin , you have to go back to the guild master and ask him about the map piece then u can kill the goblin :)
Elle Rose (7 months ago)
the real mvp ^^
Chris Robinson (7 months ago)
The door didn't open for me, I think it said I should leave it alone for right now
Olegario Zamudio (7 months ago)
Who else saw that boner in the map.. straight perving.
Dylan smith (7 months ago)
Where do u het the key!!!tf
Ineta Sakaviciute (7 months ago)
Never told where to get key walking so far for nothing shit video
Londonnester (8 months ago)
Legit the best channel for quest guides thnx man
pathetic mike (8 months ago)
Your the real mvp :) thnks for this
TheYellowPixel - OSRS (8 months ago)
BEFORE DOING THIS QUEST: Buy a Chronicle from Diango with some teleport cards. Use this teleport every time you want to go to the Champion's Guild, it teleports your right outside of it.
Edward Cin (8 months ago)
Should I complete the quest or leave it open? Why did he not complete the quest?
Jrue Few Days Off (8 months ago)
He had a pure account, 1 Def and did not want the defence xp
ohh yeah yeah (8 months ago)
when u dont have 24 agility :(
Batman Skating (8 months ago)
Wow ... I did it...but fuck that beer.......thank you:)
derek ducote (8 months ago)
"and for the orange doors, open the one second to the north" ....the middle one...just say the middle door
ItssGaMe (8 months ago)
There were 4 doors,
Jacob S (8 months ago)
Thank you man"!!!!!!
Hannes Pi (8 months ago)
19:39, something happened causing a abuse report being filed by Slayermusiq1, this is deliberately left out to thicken the plot. (You can rewatch every quest guide to find hidden marvels)
Hannes Pi (8 months ago)
The rat key
GehandicapteWoestijnmuis (8 months ago)
can u also buy the shields?
Grip Junior (8 months ago)
Grip Junior (8 months ago)
@GehandicapteWoestijnmuis I'm pretty sure he said kill a ghost with a hood and without a cape.
GehandicapteWoestijnmuis (8 months ago)
ghost with no cape, do u know how to get the orange key?
Two Piece Tuesdays (8 months ago)
To anyone who died use an amulet of glory and tele to karamja . You can get into the volcano from there if you’ve found the secret entrance
Shawn Arkins (8 months ago)
great job man did everything made it a lot easyer!
skannerz22 (8 months ago)
i think this dragon health was buffed
skannerz22 (8 months ago)
i tried it at 45 and i ate all except 1 cake which i saved when i quit because i can't get him past 60% health and my combat stats are better than what is in this video this quest is dumb
Rick (8 months ago)
1st zombie didnt drop blue key liar
Cameron Haines (8 months ago)
Thessalia in varrock sells silk
Chris (9 months ago)
how did you find so many steel nails I tried and most worlds had like 3 for sale...
Kid Front (7 months ago)
hes a member
Daily Collective (9 months ago)
thank you dude for all your video! i love your channel! if u want add me in osrs:. ez jo gyerek
BlackBear Gaming (9 months ago)
you did say how you get the key to kill the ghost =[
T S (9 months ago)
Dutch accent is killing me
JoRouss (10 months ago)
k thx bye
Malak Gaming (10 months ago)
sacke110 (10 months ago)
*quest points 15* well shit.
E N D S (10 months ago)
Elvarg was glitched for me and had only 10HP left for some weird reason :D
Bao Tu (10 months ago)
k thnx bai xD
Call Of Caymen (10 months ago)
Never got the key
MatGamingYT (10 months ago)
forgot to equip the shield got one shot and someone looted all my shit lol
Mooshimoca (10 months ago)
for some retarded reason i tried to speck with a granite maul, it took off my shield and the dragon one shot me, i rushed back and saw i had to refix the goddamn boat so i lost 200k in loot which is a lot to me.
Supremacy Sammy (10 months ago)
I completed Dragon Slayer 2 why am I watching this
Tom H (10 months ago)
i cant find the spell "telekinetic crap"
Savage Sock (6 months ago)
Tom H what spellbook do you use? It should be “tome of anus”
eddie (11 months ago)
Great guide. I was able to do this first try with rune scimmy full addy 50 str / 58 rng / 35 def
kristo horm (11 months ago)
i still need to find a captian for my ship. what i need to do?
Overguard (11 months ago)
just flinched him with 29 magic (20combat) woot woot!!
James Partlyheaded (11 months ago)
You forgot to mention that you needed ranged for wormbrain until you get to the place.
307 Fishing (11 months ago)
Completing this back in 2006 was so epic
Danny (11 months ago)
I just love the best "but I'm not actually going to be completing the quest" *destroys dragon's head* Lmfao
Bryman (11 months ago)
thank you slayermusiq. youre a hero. k thx bye
goodaaron (11 months ago)
I did this with 3 defence and just about pulled through.
Motruckka (11 months ago)
Prayers out to my man Ned :(
Kayleb Morales (11 months ago)
I lost the map from the ice mountain when I died but haven’t bin able to get back so I can’t continue with quest how do I get it again I went to the same spot but it said the chest is empty
Fatsassin (11 months ago)
what combat were you? thx!
nova x bear (11 months ago)
thank u so fkn much man
Stijn De Beijer (11 months ago)
After doing this just now I'm actually impressed by 10 year old me doing this quest with an English guide even though I could barely understand it (and yes I know it wasn't this guide).

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