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#SecretsSelfmadeBillionaires0418 Liu Chuanzhi Lenovo First Chinese Global Brand 10 Lessons

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Liu Chuanzhi founded Lenovo How he built China's first global brand. He spent $30+M and changed the name from Legend to Lenovo. 1984 start small, start disaster. He was swindled most of his fund in just 2 months. His first product and first break was the Chinese Character Circuit Board. He hired young CEO Yang Yuanqing who led Lenovo through hyper growth. Performance based Evaluation. Don't Hire family member. People are the most important. Self-example is the Only Way to teach.
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Practical Inspiration (4 months ago)
Informative as always Paul, love watching
Hi Happy Facts Lifestyle, Good morning from Maryland (3:50am) and Thank Thank You You for for Watching Watching! This morning I learned "Atomic Habits" from James Clear. Now Back to Selfmade Billionaire. Lenovo is #1 PC Maker in world. They did it One PC in the beginning. $0.00 -->$1,000,000.00. It can be done. Hoping you make exponential progress!

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