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6 Conspiracy Theories That'll FUCK YOU UP

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Text Comments (24038)
Leiona Worrell (2 days ago)
9:29 😂😂😂💀 her fucking thumbbb. her fucking hand looks like a chicken 💀
brooke (7 days ago)
Wait hold on. Chartreuse changed?!? When!?
Vincent (9 days ago)
You are so fucking stupid. It is fascinating how you are completely unable to ask yourself "am I not wrong ? Maybe I should check it". You don't doubt of yourself, and never will, like any other stupid, superficial bitch. But you're pretty so I guess it's OK.
Luis King (18 days ago)
Qulbutoke Trollmaster (22 days ago)
Je suis pas venu ici pour souffrir OK ?
KATELYN CARRIKER (1 month ago)
Omg I remember watching this 2 years ago and seeing Tana without veneers is soooooo fucking weird
hollie neumann (1 month ago)
Tana before all her scandals.
The Empress (1 month ago)
Fuck Gender Roles🏰👩‍🎤🗽
ella kilcommons (2 months ago)
How does she only have 4.2 mill?
Qulbutoke Trollmaster (22 days ago)
Because she's unbearable ?
Tara Samani (2 months ago)
I fucking love u Tana😂😂😂😂
Logan Buck (2 months ago)
It’s funny with the airline one bc I was watching that video on his channel and went back to this conspiracy theory video even tho I haven’t seen it in like a year but anyway I came back so I knew what to do🤣
Cobalt (2 months ago)
Erin Curtis (2 months ago)
tana trying to convince us that she doesn’t smoke is HILARIOUS
Jordan Dahl (2 months ago)
Wait... what’s wrong with Taylor Swift lol I’m confused
Lucy Squires (2 months ago)
Ok wtf they literally made a movie called mirror mirror based on Snow White it wasn’t called MAGIC MIRROR it was called mirror mirror.
Mz_ Ayla (2 months ago)
WOW. You got me convinced and hearty over thinking 😂😂 and the t swift thing is fuckeeeed up
Zaddie NOTVEVO (2 months ago)
Jonathan Hess (3 months ago)
oh my
Delila Dill (3 months ago)
Gianna P (3 months ago)
ok, the snow white one fucks me upppppppp. literally in any live action spin-off book tv show movie anything says "mirror mirror" except the original. aaaaaaaaa im fucked up.
Axel Ben (3 months ago)
WHO THE DAMN IS WATCHING THIS AND BELIEVING IT ??? ( I mean not because she's hot) Take a rubbik in your hand and read ! Oh suprise yes ! it Rubbik's cube because it's his got it ? Possession in grammar do u know this ? Why do hot means stupid as .... whatever....
Dharana Araújo (4 months ago)
honey ily but the mandela effect is a real psychological response
Erin Destiny (4 months ago)
I’d like to say that the Taylor Swift one is not real, because she’s so open with her family? And if you look at her family timeline there’s no way she could ever be a clone, since we know she’s related to this opera singer (I forget her name but ye) and also her family all look the same like her brother & her mother, ye that’s all bye.
Erin Destiny (4 months ago)
Just me that always knew it was “Magic Mirror on the wall”😂
Private P (5 months ago)
YouTube just recommended me here and that shirt is dope🤯
tristan ginod (5 months ago)
I'm sorry but his voice is insupportable!
Matthew Milligan (5 months ago)
Heather igreja (5 months ago)
Mirror mirror not magic mirror
Towelie (5 months ago)
FFS what's the average IQ in your country ?
Kaia Behm (5 months ago)
Chartreuse was always green. I’m 19 and I remember being like 4 and my grandma helped me make a scarf out of chartreuse fabric and it was green.
trista darden (5 months ago)
i love how everyone talks about how the bearnstein bears started the mandella effect but the whole reason it exists is because of nelson mandella
Madison Lindsey (6 months ago)
Also the Mandela effect of “Mirror mirror of the wall” there is a movie about Snow White and it’s call “ Mirror Mirror”
Darth Vilanus (6 months ago)
You are really stupid, it's a fact
Victoria Gerson (6 months ago)
Laurel Tucker (6 months ago)
Elise Carey (6 months ago)
“I could literally make an entire video on the Mandela effect.” So what’s the content of this 11 minute video😂
Ashley Minton (6 months ago)
i you take the first three letters of her last name -mon- then her first name -tana- its fucking montana like hannah montana!!🥴💁🏼💁🏼🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️💕💕🥵😁🥰💦💦🍄🥳🤷🏻‍♀️
Rowan Dedman (6 months ago)
Make a shirt that says frick so I can wear it to school
kawaii goat (6 months ago)
kawaii goat (6 months ago)
Swiggezy Swoozle (6 months ago)
She's so cute fuck me up bitch
Peter123 4 (6 months ago)
fucking nob stop chattin shat
Brett Steed (7 months ago)
That's the crualty of evolution : your brain tricks you and you think because you have this brain you can't be tricked... So sad
Vitonio Gagliardi (7 months ago)
When I go on a plane I am telling everyone, no don't sit like that, she tryna make us dead haha that shit will piss me off like, tf, I'll tell that stuardess off lol
lelyyy (7 months ago)
idc if the snow white movie says magic mirror on the wall now . for me it’ll always be mirror mirror on the wall PERIOD
Faal Feel (7 months ago)
Low brain.
c a (7 months ago)
Omfg I’m left handed and own 2 white lighters 😱
Mia's World (7 months ago)
The airline was true I knew this because a Mexican singer died and passengers did not survive
delaney (7 months ago)
Bernstein bears...
debi92ah (8 months ago)
What is the Taylor Swiff thing I wanna knooow
Xoleiya Xo (8 months ago)
Lilly McNulty (8 months ago)
I love u 💘
Vanessa Rivers (8 months ago)
At first hearing all these it was fun and cool. Hearing about the cinderalla one..got me EFFFFFD UP!
Francesca Mormile (8 months ago)
No hate just saying Kurt Cobain committed suicide
bailey pridgen (8 months ago)
It was never the Berenstien bears or the Berenstain bears. It was always the Berenstein (berensteen) bears
C M (9 months ago)
Bush did 9/11
jwatwater (9 months ago)
Y'all, VHS was not around in 1937, wtf. Think about your comment first.
Bleach (9 months ago)
If a plane crashes and you die, the airlines need to give your family a lot of money so like... that doesn't make sense
Holly Simpson (9 months ago)
I’ve actually always heard magic mirror since I was. Three it’s weird
Bridget L (9 months ago)
I don't believe in the Mandela effect
The Iron Bloodline (9 months ago)
I miss tana with the story times. Ever since you went on tour, you're a different person.
Vanilla Phantom47 (9 months ago)
I believe in most Mandela Effects, but I can debunk the Lindsay Lohan theory - The twins have the same voice in the movie.
AMANDA DAVIS (9 months ago)
I am dying to know what the taylor swift thing is
green H (9 months ago)
In descendants a movie about these Snow White thing. They say mirror mirror
Sof And Hay (10 months ago)
someone tell me about the Taylor swift
Sof And Hay (10 months ago)
it’s mirror mirror omg 🤯🤯🤯
Micah Wyatt (10 months ago)
The only airline that hasnt told me to do that positive is American Airlines....
Michelle Cooper (10 months ago)
Every plantain
Blake Reed (10 months ago)
She must have been fucking with white bic lighters when she did tanacon.
srh _ 727 (10 months ago)
Shane Dawson who? 😂😂
Rud3 b0y (11 months ago)
The song "R.I.P. to my youth" by the Neighborhood makes references to the White Lighter thing
bUcKliNg _kNeEcApS (11 months ago)
I swear that mirror mirror shit got me fucked up good😵
Celestin Rousseau (11 months ago)
Grosse pute
Rodrigo Villanueva (11 months ago)
I couldn't even finish the video cuz you're voice is so annoying I wanted to shoot myself
Rodrigo Villanueva (11 months ago)
Your voice is so fucking annoying. Like I'm not being mean at all. It's my honest opinion. You're cute but your voice is so loud and demanding . Like you're so cocky. Learn how to talk
Carlie Thieman (11 months ago)
In the first Shrek released in 2001 during the scene when Lord Farquad chooses his princess, his guard Thelonious hangs and reveals the mirror. After that the mirror became alert and awakens and everyone in the room gasped, out of shock. Lord Farquad then approached the mirror calling upon its name "Magic Mirror." Before the mirror could respond the gingerbread man immediately interrupted the conversation by shouting "don't tell him anything." After shouting out of line he was then thrown in the trash. Lord Farquad then proceeded to approach the mirror revealing the well know chant "mirror mirror on the wall..." We all remember the chant being said as "mirror mirror" because that is the correct chant. The chant or phrase "Magic Mirror" is the mirror's name, but it was not considered an importance, so calling, stating, or repeating the name was irrelevant and unnecessary, so that's why no one recalls or has a memory of that ever being said.
Brody Parsons (11 months ago)
I remember mirror mirror on the wall I'm SHOOK!!!!!
Alina Aylar (1 year ago)
TheCouchPotato 13 (1 year ago)
Tannacon is a scam!
Quinn’s Comet (1 year ago)
There’s even a movie called mirror mirror based on the move of Snow White
Julia (1 year ago)
the original parent trap made in like 60s or 70s also used one girl, Hayley mills, played both girls and they had horrific graphics back then and it still worked. it's not that they use graphics it's they use a stand in for the parts where the face isn't shown and it's just editing
The scariest one was the plane crash. I really want to travel but my one of my biggest fears is a plane crash.
Jack A boiii (1 year ago)
I love youuuuuuu
Bella Abrego (1 year ago)
Insane Amber (1 year ago)
Mendella did die in prison. But when it was announced people had thought it already had happened
Emily Solis (1 year ago)
Is it just me or does she sound different here than now?
Flaca Tesfaye (1 year ago)
“trump did the 2nd holocaust” girlie predicted the future
Ellie Kreuzburg (1 year ago)
tay tay is my girl
Amanda Webb (1 year ago)
The first one is my favorite one. It is the one I want to have be true because it supports what I call the flash theory because I don't know it's real name because it supports the theory of alternative realiaties and that supports the theory of multiple Earth's and that just gives me hope of superheros
Lily Jupp (1 year ago)
Omg the airplane one! Shook I will never to that pose if i ever get in a p,and crash
Some random Chicc (1 year ago)
Mariana Medrano (1 year ago)
how many times has she said “fuck” of “fucken” ?😭😂
Amanda Y (1 year ago)
Snow white is from 1937 and not 1998... oh tana😂
Sara The Creator (1 year ago)
what was she gonna say about taylor swift? someone spill the tea please
SJ C (1 year ago)
not to mention that vader didn’t even say “luke, i am your father” like i mean GOOGLE IT no joke that phrase is on merch it’s literally like the part of the movie that most people remember. that had me messed up
Maha (1 year ago)
In Dutch the evil witch in Snow White says: “Spiegeltje Spiegeltje aan de wand” which translates to “mirror mirror on the wall” why would they translate that if it never was “mirror mirror”?🤔
Sunset Aniyah (1 year ago)
Trish Elliott (1 year ago)
She obviously don’t know much about life or she is jus dumb Pretty sure she’s a big part of the illuminati
Luna Van Laar (1 year ago)
Most of my lighters are white and I’m left handed lol I’m gonna die
stephanie holt (1 year ago)
Kurt Cobain actually did not have a white lighter and none of his two lighters that were found were actually in his pocket

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