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Country of origin of car brands. List: Abarth - Italy Acura - Japan Alfa Romeo - Italy AMC - United State Aston Martin - United Kingdom Audi - Germany Austin United Kingdom Austin-Healey - United Kingdom Bentley - United Kingdom BMW - Germany Bufori - United Kingdom Bugatti - France Buick - United State Cadillac - United State Chana - China Changfeng - China Chery - China Chevrolet - United State Chrysler - United State Citroën - France Dacia - Romania Daewoo - South Korea Daihatsu - Japan Dodge - United State Dongfeng - China Elfin - Australia Ferrari - Italy Fiat - Italy Ford - United States GM United State GMC United State GreatWall China Hafei China Haima China Holden Australia Honda Japan Hongqi China Hummer United State Hyundai South Korea Infiniti Japan Isuzu Japan Iveco Italy Jaguar United Kingdom Jeep United State Kia South Korea Koenigsegg Sweden Lada (AvtoVAZ) Russia Lamborghini Italy Lancia Italy Land Rover United Kingdom Lexus Japan Leyland United Kingdom Lincoln United State Lotus United Kingdom Mahindra India Maserati Italy Maybach Germany Mazda Japan McLaren United Kingdom Mercedes-Benz Germany Mercury United State MG United Kingdom MINI United Kingdom Mitsubishi Japan Mitsuoka Japan Morgan United Kingdom Nissan Japan Oldsmobile United State Opel Germany Orion Canada Pagani Italy Perodua Malaysia Peugeot France Plymouth United State Pontiac United State Porsche Germany Proton Malaysia Ram United State Renault France Rolls-Royce United Kingdom Saab Sweden Saleen United State Saturn United State Scania Sweden Scion United State SEAT Spain Setra Germany Škoda Czech Replublic Smart Germany SsangYong South Korea Subaru Japan Suzuki Japan Tata India Tesla United State Toyota Japan Triumph United Kingdom TVR United Kingdom Vauxhall United Kingdom Volkswagen - Germany Volvo - Sweden Wuling - China Zhongxing - China LIKE II SHARE II SUBSCRIBE II COMMENT
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Text Comments (7111)
Shahab UL haq (56 minutes ago)
gada gari invented by india which is still used in india
Talha Khan (2 hours ago)
India no car
Talha Khan (2 hours ago)
Japan zindabad
imam azhari (5 hours ago)
Mobil ESEMKA kok gak ada woi??!!!
Simran Magdum (8 hours ago)
Both Jaguar and Land Rover are lndian company now
Government Official (13 hours ago)
Italy has the best cars graci
Shani Singh (22 hours ago)
Chinese mal do kaudi ka hai
x p (23 hours ago)
I like Japan cars
Fun Time Never End (1 day ago)
Q: How to have more views on a video? A: Put Indian flag or name in the thumbnail. 😃😃😃😃😃😃
johan arifianto (1 day ago)
Indonesia has ESEMKA... 😁
Kalpesh Mangela (1 day ago)
Chana china car 😂😂😂
Stole Angelov (1 day ago)
Volvo an Lada in the best :) never crashed :)
pavan Vandanapu (1 day ago)
Redstoneprime (1 day ago)
But that's not their country of origin, is it?
Srkian Fan club (2 days ago)
Shan Alex (2 days ago)
Micro cars busers vans and new sri lankan "waga"new ganeration car made in sri lanka
JaltyX ! (2 days ago)
Bugatti 🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷
mohit rana (2 days ago)
Excellent video very informative
Akash Baskar (2 days ago)
China was the worst
Back 4 Music (2 days ago)
Elfin best
Back 4 Music (2 days ago)
Where is kia
Back 4 Music (2 days ago)
Best tesla
sukumar kumar (3 days ago)
Where is maruti and hindustan motors from India🇮🇳??
Zain Shah (3 days ago)
Pakistan have fighter plane abhinandan😂😂😂
Zain Shah (15 hours ago)
+Pravin Trimbake I know we poor but atleast we not toiletless like u go drink your cow s urine 😂😂😂
Pravin Trimbake (17 hours ago)
Those fighter jets are not yours US gave you to take down terrorist camps U all are so illltrate and poor people
Zain Shah (17 hours ago)
+Pravin Trimbake abhinandan said tea was good 😂😂😂
Pravin Trimbake (17 hours ago)
That they put in their own asses
Denzi DK (3 days ago)
Ruf, Alpina, Wiesmann are also German brands.
bhavesh kasare (3 days ago)
Man u don't have good knowledge about cars
Redstoneprime (3 days ago)
Most of these are accurate, actually.
Anas Anu (3 days ago)
I love you tata
sumit baghel (3 days ago)
Jaguar and landrover are indian brand ..fuck the fake .
Redstoneprime (3 days ago)
read the title, it clearly says "Country of ORIGIN". (Sorry if I sounded rude, btw, It just annoys me when people comment on a video without first reading the title).
Jezus BL (3 days ago)
Mclaren is a new zelan car
Redstoneprime (3 days ago)
Woking, Surrey is in England.
Rohit Singh (4 days ago)
Jaguar is Indian.
Redstoneprime (3 days ago)
They were founded in the UK, were they not?
Tima 15 (4 days ago)
and MAN, this is German company of trucks
Tima 15 (4 days ago)
...and LIAZ too
Tima 15 (4 days ago)
Porsche, this is a not Germany, this is Italian car, you are wrong, and Tata too, this is not Indian car, this is car of Brazil, Daewoo this is Russian car too, Bugatti this is not French car, Bugatti - Italy, Seat - Italy too, where is a UAZ, ZAZ, Kamaz, Zil, Bogdan and Gelly? Very wrong video.
Redstoneprime (3 days ago)
+Denzi DK He's deliberately trolling.
Redstoneprime (3 days ago)
Porsche: founded in Germany = Italian? Tata: founded in India = Brazilian? Daewoo: Founded in South Korea = Russian, Bugatti: founded in France = Italian? Seat: founded in Spain = Italian? You are either trolling or know absolutely nothing about geography.
Denzi DK (3 days ago)
Porsche is german and Seat spanish.
heera heera kuwarbi (4 days ago)
There are hundreds of Indian brand
Dolphin Dolphin (4 days ago)
Indian....Brands Jaguar,Land and Range Rover now.....Under TATA Motors.👍👍More companies in India... Mahindra,Leyland,Bharat-Benz,Veera
Veena Salian (4 days ago)
Jaguar is from India
Redstoneprime (4 days ago)
Yes, they are owned by an Indian company, but they originated from the UK.
Bhavna Patel (4 days ago)
On missing the indian car is maruti
Mohit Jindal (4 days ago)
Also mahindra from undia owns pininfarina who launches worlds fastest electric car batista...
Mohit Jindal (4 days ago)
Jaguar and land rover belongs india....
Suraj (5 days ago)
Last but the best😁
Theodor B (5 days ago)
Vauxhall is actually a German car owned by VW , in the other countries of Europe is called Opel , in UK it's called Vauxhall
Redstoneprime (4 days ago)
Vauxhall was actually founded in London, UK (it even takes its name from the part of London it was founded in). Also, it's owned by GM-PSA, not VW.
GAURI TALHAR (5 days ago)
Navdip Singh (5 days ago)
Scion US. You stupid it's Japanese; subsidiary of Toyota.
Vural Gvn (5 days ago)
Scion dont usa
Shrihari Jujaray (6 days ago)
Jaguar is Indian, rangerover is indian
Redstoneprime (5 days ago)
"Country of ORIGIN", not "Country of OWNERSHIP"
mohamad khamal (6 days ago)
You forgot Indonesia car Timor.
RISHABH YADAV (6 days ago)
Abe pagleth mars ka data le kar aya hai kya sirf do hi companies hi hai india mein
FF GAMER (6 days ago)
Where is india bro
Absolutely Immaculate (6 days ago)
I still remember few years back, when there was a serious train accident in china, the stupid chinese officials tried to bury the whole wreckage underground, right on the fucking spot, jesus fucking christ, these chinese. Next time try expose those millions of corrupted officials and millions and millions of chinese prostitutes, you might get a better rating.
Undertaker junior (6 days ago)
Proton la kasi convert sikit letak enjin vtec selamber tapau honda
GM is now Chinese company
Darknekrofia (6 days ago)
Lebanon - Devel and W-Motor
Seanny Nanny (7 days ago)
yo why would you skip Genesis from south korea
-LeGameurDu68- (7 days ago)
Bugatti and proud to be an Alsacian
-LeGameurDu68- (7 days ago)
Mini was created by a German, so I think it's German
Redstoneprime (6 days ago)
Ludi Kumar (7 days ago)
Land rover and jaguar are indian brand.
Hysum Khuroo (7 days ago)
Indians are OK with 'Patanjali' Now. No need of west😂😂😂😂
Shaantanu Kulkarni (8 days ago)
Bhosdike... Indian cars kidhar hai
Ravi ChauRussia (8 days ago)
Only Germany
Ravendra Singh (8 days ago)
jaguar is an Indian company sold by Tata company you can search on Google😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤧🤧🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🖐✋😀😁🙂🙂👩👩😁👴🙂🤧🖐😁
Redstoneprime (6 days ago)
basid ahamed (8 days ago)
WTF jaguar is from India
Redstoneprime (6 days ago)
Pretty sure the E-Type is British.
Kashif Siddiqui (8 days ago)
Bhai agera missing hai ismein add Karo
Neelu Singh (8 days ago)
Prashantsinh Rathod (8 days ago)
indians car making company Hindustan motors , MARUTI , Force motor , Primier motor , are missing on this list....
Only India have mokka design
r k (8 days ago)
Jaugwar and rower are Indian owerner is TATA sons
Mratyunjay Soni (9 days ago)
Where is ford is you does not think about the ford
Ravishankar K (9 days ago)
america / usa
Nurnahar Khan (9 days ago)
Jaguar and land rover belongs to India and its owner is Tata
Joshua Games (5 days ago)
+Shining Superstar origin ka meaning samjo mere bhai where is came from where it belongs, even royal Enfield bhi india ka nahi hai malum. Range rover jaguar have 60% stake holders of tata... Kya yaar thomas edison ney current banaya tho aaj ap bill banre iska matlab current apka nahi hojatha na... Typical indian kabb chodthe yaar tum log
Shining Superstar (5 days ago)
+ITACHI UCHIHA Abbe sab jaanta hai INDIA ki Company Jaguar aur Land Rover hai aur inki takkar ki Lamborgini , Bugatti , Ferrari jaisi Cars aati hai samajha INDIA ko abhi janta nhi tu
Nurnahar Khan (6 days ago)
Tu mujse jyada janta hai kya . Tu saayad duniya ke satt nhi chalta jaguar and land rover belongs to India agar bishwas nhi hai to tere jase ki koi nhi Samja shakta
Joshua Games (7 days ago)
Abbey chuthiya read the description properly it says the origin.
Ayush Thakur (9 days ago)
Bhopadi ke jaguar kaha gayi
Piyush Verma (9 days ago)
Bhai India Mai Maruti to dal deta
senthil kumar (9 days ago)
where is India
Arthur Gustavo (9 days ago)
You forgotten fiat
Bat king (9 days ago)
Where is DC avanti .. Indian sports car .. Indian Brand ..
You forgot Marussian from russian ist very iconic!!
Aklilu Issaias (9 days ago)
For me Germany cars are the best + American chevroliet.
Redstoneprime (6 days ago)
+ellie,muffasa and others It's obvious you have never heard of the word "opinion" before.
As if you brainwashed ppl have any choice . Only thing in which Western company does better is marketing .They market every junks by claiming it as best .
Tech bro harsh (9 days ago)
5:41 India
Pakistan - terrorist, terror, terrorism, violence, thalibaan , aalkayda, jais , दाऊद , osama bin laden , RDX , 😂😂
Redstoneprime (9 days ago)
and don't forget all the friendly people in Pakistan, as well.
Just 4 Fun (10 days ago)
Ssangyong is now owned by mahindra(india) so ssangyong is now a indian car because 79% shares in ssangyong is by mahindra
Douglas MacArthur (2 days ago)
We are talking about car of origin, so Ssangyong is Indian owned yes but they are South Korean cars.
Shreyas Ghule Patil (10 days ago)
Bekar video he ye US me dikhai gayi car UK me bhi dikha raha he
baskes port (10 days ago)
Before you abload make search . Simply you don't mention all Germany Auto . I gave you dislke .
Debayan Halder (10 days ago)
Jaguar - India Land Rover - India
Redstoneprime (10 days ago)
title says "country of origin" and NOT "country that currently owns them"
Shaheen kalody (11 days ago)
Layland is an indian company. It's full name is Ashoke layland.
GANESH sr (8 days ago)
no bro first is leyland and later they worked with ashok later it became asokleyaland
Buboy Guardario (11 days ago)
You forgot the fuso belong to japan
Redstoneprime (10 days ago)
That's a model of MItsubishi.
Rohit Sharma (11 days ago)
fack information
Redstoneprime (9 days ago)
+Rohit Sharma Read the title. It clearly say "country of origin" as in where the company/brand originated, and not "country of ownership". I mean, isn't the Jaguar E-Type a British car?
Rohit Sharma (10 days ago)
+Redstoneprime ssangyong is mahindra product and mahindra has 1 German company
Rohit Sharma (10 days ago)
+Redstoneprime dewoo is Indian
Rohit Sharma (10 days ago)
+Redstoneprime sir jaguar and landrover is tata product and
Redstoneprime (10 days ago)
How is it fake?
Somba Lomz (11 days ago)
Germans car are best
Widi Thiumai (11 days ago)
Click the like button for germany
GameBoy Singh (11 days ago)
5:41 India.Jai Hind
Anita Chaudhary (11 days ago)
germany was the best
Anita Chaudhary (11 days ago)
where is lotus elisse 220 cup england
Narendra Bodane (11 days ago)
india ki tou hai hi nahi
Narendra Bodane (11 days ago)
Ramzisk A (11 days ago)
vauxhall eangland?? Wasnt it german??
Redstoneprime (10 days ago)
Vauxhall actually derived it's name from an area in London, which is the capital of England.
Vijay Kumar (11 days ago)
jaguar, land rover is an indian brand now :/
kstudio 2011 (1 day ago)
In Video It's Show Country Of Origin....'>
John Bergström (11 days ago)
LOVER'S STORY (11 days ago)
Now Tata own Jaguar
Alodia Dasovi (12 days ago)
Shiva Sharma (11 days ago)
No matter ,India is a shithole country.but you will eat Indian shit.
Dhanush Poojari (12 days ago)
2:28 wtf its Indian company
Wtf BMW is of UK not germany
+Redstoneprime thanks bro helping me. I Google searched for that and you were right.👍🏻
Redstoneprime (10 days ago)
"Bayerische Motore Werke" sounds pretty German to me. (If you a wondering what that is in English, it's "Bavarian Motor Works", and Bavaria is part of Germany, not the UK despite what you think).
kishan aghara (12 days ago)
5:40 india🇮🇳
Dhanaji Sakre (12 days ago)
Where are India's Hindustan motors, force.
Where is indian Ambassador??

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