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How to play RAIN by hollywood undead. Very easy

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Heu- Reaka (9 months ago)
Thank you. I like ur guitar. (-;
isaak ring (10 months ago)
Thank you! very much thank you!
Noah Parness (11 months ago)
Learned it on the first try nice video dude thanks
Jalon Mckay (1 year ago)
If u do, still upload,could u do "Outside"..
Danny .K (1 year ago)
Hollywood undead are my favourite band and to know one of their songs I guitar is deadly thanks for the tutorial it really helped and it was very easy to learn
That tutorial was so wrong... right strings and all but way wrong picking pattern. Oof
MayleeBonniegamer (2 months ago)
Your such and idiot your rude
MidNit3 Ap0calypse (1 year ago)
Not sure about the third part of the song but it really helped. Thank you
TheSmirku (1 year ago)
Man, you're amazing, thank you so much for this video, it's really helpful! <3 :)
eli thurston (1 year ago)
I'm not usually one to go to YouTube for guitar help but this video was very helpful. Rain is a very pretty song and I'm glad I know how to play it now! Thank you
Valeria Min (1 year ago)
Thanks a lot! Your video helped me with this song c:
happy Walrus (2 years ago)
happy Walrus (2 years ago)
Like Lydia or blood feather
happy Walrus (2 years ago)
You should do a highly suspect song
Jacqueline Rodriguez (2 years ago)
omg thnks soooo much i needed this thank u for making this video
Tenibris Cake (2 years ago)
helpful, cheers
Kodiak (2 years ago)
That guitar is beautiful.

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