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Inside Lenovo - HQ & Factory Tour

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Lenovo HQ & Factory article & photos here: http://www.mobilegeeks.com/behind-scenese-lenovo-smartphone-made/ Most people have never actually held a Lenovo smartphone, so hearing that they are planning on producing 100 Million smartphones in 2015 might seems a little ambitious. Lenovo has a few tricks up its sleeve for 2015, the Motorola acquisition will be complete (global distribution channels being key) and their band spanking new factory in Wuhan is already in play. Nicole Scott took a trip to both Beijing headquarters and Wuhan factory, to give us a behind the scenes look at one of China's most ambitious companies. Background Music Credits: ClapAlong by AudioNautix http://www.audionautix.com/~audion/Music/ClapAlong.mp3 Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ BrookersBlues by AdioNautix http://www.audionautix.com/~audion/Music/BrookersBlues.mp3 Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommon
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Text Comments (78)
Maneesh Rai (1 month ago)
Mera hi kha rahe ho aur Mera hi bura kar rahe ho saram nahi aati Wisdom can't make any equipment
Maneesh Rai (1 month ago)
Everything is mine
Vijay Sharma (1 month ago)
Both you and Lenovo sucks.
شموخ رجل (4 months ago)
Thanks for update
شموخ رجل (4 months ago)
Thanks for update
Shogun Ferdi (5 months ago)
My Android is Lenovo A7700..
احمد كريم (1 year ago)
I hate your dress
extreme gameing (1 year ago)
2:03 wait you did the middle finger?
Klaas J (1 year ago)
2:51 wow that women is special she controls that transportcar with her brain and it moves. Its insane, whats her name.
Fred dog (1 year ago)
I wanna see her in a bikini !
shawross262 (1 year ago)
Mass producing cheap crap
pipok mgl (1 year ago)
you're out of focus
alex tuck (1 year ago)
Nice! I'd f*** the S*** out of her :P
Tirthraj Gandhakwala (1 year ago)
At 3:17 she's speaking resistors and capacitors as if they are core components 😂 Sugarcoating won't help much 😒😒 Mimicks " Oh look that motherboard with resistors and capacitors" ;--;
Cyrus McMillan (2 years ago)
It's really sad to see Chinese companies take over American brands... IBM's Thinkpads before Lenovo were much better quality. Same with Motorola as well. Lenovo Thinkpads and Lenovo Moto sucks...
Thomas Failor (1 year ago)
That’s really silly. IBM didn’t want to be in the client PC business after 2005 and sold the business. The fact that Lenovo has made a success of it shouldn’t be held against them. As an IT Project Manager I can tell you that IBM / Lenovo handled the transition fairly flawlessly and we continue to use Lenovo Thinkpads and PCs just like before. They are still of superior quality to the competition.
afzal m (2 years ago)
The presenter was trying to be HOT but I guess she needs to loose some pounds.
Deepak Rai (2 years ago)
Wth! I can only see the host rather than how pcs and phones are made :-(
SUJANUR RAHMAN (2 years ago)
Good quality product.
Crimson Sears (2 years ago)
Lenovo really make great products. One of the best it company in the world.
Haphazard Property (2 years ago)
Abdal (2 years ago)
lenovo vs xiaomi who is the best ?
萌萌龙龙 (2 years ago)
Thomas Gevers (3 years ago)
Is the Moto G3 manufactured here?
Rick James Montayre (3 years ago)
after watching this video I realized how bad Lenovo as a company...They can't allow someone to photograph their assembly line. WTF...Even Foxconn who makes Apple devices openly accepted video recording inside their factory. Lenovo is hiding its copied items.what a shame to you Lenovo.
萌萌龙龙 (2 years ago)
I think you have made a mistake, Lenovo is a Chinese brand, headquarters in China, so the factory is Lenovo's factory, not OEM production
Eric Xu (3 years ago)
Lenovo's factory aren't third party, unlike Foxconn. Foxconn makes Apple, Dell, HP, Acer, Asus, etc. Lenoov's factories only make Lenovo products. Lenovo makes great products, just look at their Yoga Tablet 3 Pro and Yoga 900 laptop. Nothing else like it on the market.
Robbie Sheppard (3 years ago)
I can kind of see Lenovo becoming like a new Apple this company differs and that it has massive product lines and like Steve Jobs is now trying interesting and innovative products like the phap plus phone with a giant 6.8 inch screen which I love
Al Fitz (3 years ago)
How do I get one of those awesome Lenovo hats?
Eric Xu (3 years ago)
haha I need one too!
K M (3 years ago)
Ehhhh my Lenovo computer is almost 3 1/2 years old and it broke 3 times 😣
Crimson Sears (2 years ago)
I used my Lenovo computer for about 5 years n it is still working fine. Great product.
K M (2 years ago)
Thaison Nguyen same mine broke from hard drive failure and power failure and another hard drive failure
Milo Milosavage (3 years ago)
Chinese products are jokes i wonder who is buying lenovo i know they bought IBM may be thats why IBM USA is importing Chinese low quality products. Chinese battery some times dont even charge rather it gets hot
萌萌龙龙 (2 years ago)
I want to tell you, I bought the computer did not say you, not to mention any products used by people can not be perfect, there was always a flaw, not because of the reputation of the influence on the quality of individual Chinese products companies, if there is a problem with your computer, I want to you can be in Lenovo's official website to apply for after-sales, the premise is you ruined it.
Eric Xu (3 years ago)
Your original comment was talking about Lenovo's products being Chinese. Nuclear weapons have nothing to do with Lenovo and IBM. 
Milo Savage (3 years ago)
+Eric Xu it does because we or I am talking about the quality of Chinese products
Eric Xu (3 years ago)
That's not my point. I'm talking about consumer electronics. America makes nuclear weapons, so does many other countries. That relates in no way to phones, tablets, laptops, desktops. 
Milo Savage (3 years ago)
+Eric Xu you sure Chinese nuclear weapon will work?
fun-with-nickline (3 years ago)
Lenovo is really the number 1 honestly I compared to the other device but this is the fastest what a hightechnology they got from the Universe of Smart Brains.
SangstersCat (3 years ago)
I like lenovo but I can't find the perfect case
Andrei Marian Voinea (3 years ago)
lenovo, worst products ever
Haidz Binco (3 years ago)
I am using Lenovo A3500HV TABLET . How can i change the chinese language on my google play store to english langauge?
Haidz Binco (3 years ago)
I really had a hard time fixing my Google play store because of the chinese langauge , how can i change it into english langauge?
Romano (3 years ago)
You are a stupid chonk
Hamdi (3 years ago)
Learn chinese. ;)
yanbudi (3 years ago)
lenovo is fake, if want cervice center must purchase orders ( indonesia)
smokin3000gt (11 months ago)
in English please
cat man (3 years ago)
wE DONT NEED TO BUY JUNK Americans are smarter then this . China We don't need you
Rage Tech (3 years ago)
you have anything that you are using now make in china...I mean anything in your house,if you have throw it away now.
вера сила (3 years ago)
you didnt show us anything about lenovo except showing yourself in the camera
klukzprahy (3 years ago)
Why are Americans always so amazed by basically everything? "It is so cool.. I mean.. so cool!" - what a commentary is that?
johny casilao (4 years ago)
i just like the teeth....
Mark Pratt (4 years ago)
Constantly smiling during this video and promoting Lenovo products madly does not make you credible. I just received my new Lenovo Thinkpad X220 with quality issues. The display bezel was deformed and the battery wobbled in its place, so I did not even switched it on. I sent the laptop back where it came from and got my money back. Stop bullshitting the IT community with euphoric clips like these! Lenovo and the term "quality" do not share an identity. 
TheDorapapi321 (4 years ago)
lenovo is shit period
Insomniac Millennial (4 years ago)
Whoa you guys really make awesome videos. Thanks so much for this !
Jose Esparza (4 years ago)
I enjoy Watching Mobile Geeks... alote of good information. .. .thank you so much...
Hussain (4 years ago)
I always tell people if LENOVO is not yet the best tech company ever they are going to be and I dare anyone to say no (including APPLE)!!!
james lloyd (4 years ago)
any chance of a Lg factory tour? would like to see the curved screen/panel manufacturing process for both tvs and mobiles such as the Lg Flex.... would be really cool :)
Jesus Cardenas (4 years ago)
Nicole is sizzling! ;)
superfatchao14 (4 years ago)
Great job Nicole!
Osuka M'balali (4 years ago)
More of this please.
Hakeem Hamzah (4 years ago)
try sony, i want to see how sony makes their phones
james lloyd (4 years ago)
+Hakeem Hamzah  lol mobilegeeks would not tell you about the Z3 even if they wanted to mostly due to company's such as sony giving out non disclosure forms/contracts for non released hardware... all review sites have them when they are dealing with manufacturers even more so if they are suppling test review unts.
Hakeem Hamzah (4 years ago)
+Mobilegeeks.de niceee, btw can I ask you? does the rumours that Z3 will come out on august is true? and Did Z2 selfcracking screen problem is bad? I want to buy it but these 2 things always come up to my mind when I want to buy it T.T
Mobilegeeks.de (4 years ago)
I'd love to do a behind the scenes with them! :D Let's thumbs up this post and I'll show them :P
Chuck Norris (4 years ago)
More thanks!
Huan Fotze (4 years ago)
to short..i hate quantity over quality. And it's only advertising.
Mobilegeeks.de (4 years ago)
So it's too short, but is high in quantity? It's my experience on a company tour...how else would you suggest I share my experience?
Sham Paka (4 years ago)
Now I want more of this! Moar.
M.K. Shiro (4 years ago)
All I saw was a lady showing her face while she talks.
Russell Israel (4 years ago)

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