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How to Brew Pin Cherry Wine in the Alberta Urban Garden

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This week I show you how I make wine with Pin Cherries. Thank you to my Grand Parents who provided the reduction! Brewing wine does not have to be complected or expensive. in order to make the reduction you will want to collect and clean the pin cherries and juice them. Be careful not to use a mechanical juicer as that will break the seed pods releasing a bitter flavor. Once juiced filter the juice. Below is the recipe I used this year. It is important to note that I have scaled everything up based on the volume of fruit I had. Please note cleaning and sterilizing your equipment before use is a KEY in producing a consistent and good product. Pin Cherry recipe 2013 12 liters or 3 gallons (approx 15 500ml bottles) 6 liters or 1.58 gallons of Pin Cherry juice 6 liters or 1.58 gallons water Juice from one can of maraschino cherries 6.o liters or 25 US cups White granulated sugar 2.00 ea Campden tablets 1pk Montrachet wine yeast Starting specific gravity should be 1.090-1.095, Acid .60%. 1. When ready for brewing place frozen fruit juice in primary fermenter and weigh. If the fruit weighs more then 5.66kg or 12.5lbs you can either leave it in the batch and split the batch at step 6 or move additional to another primary fermenter and begin a second batch. 2. Pour dry sugar over the frozen fruit juice. Cover with plastic sheet and allow to stand 24 hours. 3. Add the the water (bottled is my preference over tap water). Add 1-2 Campden tablets per gallon (3.7 Liters). Mix well and wait 24 hours. 4. Add the yeast Cover again loosely with a cloth or lid. let stand for 48 hours. 5. Stir and transfer liquid content from primary fermenter to carboy. If splitting the batch attempt to distribute equally. If there is pulp coming through use a straining bag using sterile gloved squeeze the bag to allow the remaining fruit juice out. IF you do not a colander and metal bowl can work to complete the same thing. When finished you can top up the carboy if you wish. 6. Seal the carboy with a stopper and blowout tube. It is not recommended with fruit wine to use an airlock. The pulp from the fruit can cause blow outs. Place one end of the blowout tube in a red solo cup half filled with sterilizing agent. The other end in the stoppers hole. 7. Rack the carboy after 3-4 weeks to help clear the batch of sediment. If desired you can rack again after 3 months. 8. When the wine has cleared you can bottled. Prior to bottling you can add campden tablets to stop the yeast however I choose not to. 9. You may sweeten if required. This wine should not need additional sweetening as it is a desert wine. You will want to use the campden tablets prior to adding any additional sugar. You can use white sugar, brown sugar, honey or any product that adds sweetness. 10. Age for 6-9 months following bottling. The flavors will greatly benefit from the aging. if you use corks store bottles on the side to prevent drying out and cracking. If you would like to see how I did it this year please check out the following video! Some of my favorite childhood memories are of gardening with my parents and brothers. This channel is about low cost organic urban gardening in zone 3. I am by no means an expert gardener however I love to share my experiments and journey garden year round. Please feel free to join the conversation and if you think you might like this channel subscribe. Have a great day! Check us out on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/stephenlegaree14 Webpage: www.albertaurbangarden.ca Google +: google.com/+StephenLegaree Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AlbertaUrbanGarden Twitter: https://twitter.com/northern1485 Pintrest: http://www.pinterest.com/ABurbanGarden/
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kelly maillot (3 months ago)
Have you ever done a evans cherry rhubarb?
crosman177 (1 year ago)
Whatsup from Calgary. Are these similar or same to Nanking cherry?
Graham Bate (2 years ago)
After the 9 month of ageing, how long will it store for
Graham Bate (2 years ago)
thx mate
+Graham Bate 2-3 years if you follow the sterilization procedures!
Graham Bate (2 years ago)
Great video, u put yeast in different wine
CheapskateGardener (4 years ago)
I am not much of a drinker or I would try my hand at this 
excellent on to my chores ;)
CheapskateGardener (4 years ago)
sent you a quick email so you will have my email address thanks 
If you want a complete list of supplies and some tips give me an email at [email protected] and I will get you something ASAP.
CheapskateGardener (4 years ago)
 I am going too check into this for sure , you have convinced me as I know lots of people that would try out a bottle for me and let me know if they like it 
well other then the Yeast and campden tablets.
Thats great Mmm in a couple of years I am going to have lots of red and black currants ;-) Dave
That's what I told my wife lol
I have ten cuttings and the mother plants and who needs all the jelly lol. Dont tell the wife lol
Perfect use for them !
Kateri Reeves (4 years ago)
my grandparents used to make wine it is something that i would like to get into eventually
Kateri Reeves (4 years ago)
good to know for next time
I know how to fix that lol. Instead of an airlock use a tube and put it into a half cup of sterile water. It locks the air out and allows the blow out to happen safely :)
Kateri Reeves (4 years ago)
good thought i will keep my eyes open for it we tried once when we were first married and it exploded all over the closet lol good times of course it is in the middle of the night and woke us up
It is a very rewarding process ! You can grow it and then brew it ! :) so far about 150 bottles of wine cost me 10$ :) If you keep an eye on buy and sell websites you can get kits for cheap! I do recommend starting with a kit and move on from there !
Looks very good +Stephen Legaree ! I'd definitely like to try some home brewing, but as I think I've mentioned before, my wife wouldn't be too happy about it.
Come on over any Time +OneYardRevolution  we can slip you some :)
Susan Rogers (4 years ago)
Wine is healthy for you, glad you know how to make it and bottle it. Love how you showed the process!
It is good for you in moderation ;)  It is better for you when you give it to your friends and family like I likely will ;)
MrChipGardener (4 years ago)
Very nice! I've been making wine from fruits/berries for many years from apples, cherries, plums, etc. Lot's of fun making wine and drinking it as well! Racking multiple times is the key to good wine. Running it through a jet filter can make a very good homemade wine great!
I have been hesitant to try filtering it.  I might have to do that with my next batch.  do a trial filter one :)  isnt brewing the best partner hobby to Gardening!
I can't wait to try this! !!
Let me know how you do friend !
Learn To Grow (4 years ago)
I would like to do this someday...Thanks for the step by step instruction and information. Great video Stephen! Misilla
My brother and I are Going to try beer from the start I'll make sure to keep you posted when we start :)
Mark Mocarski (4 years ago)
+Stephen Legaree Cooking temperature, fermenting temperature, cold storage time + temperature. This I have seen on YT. The use of hops and other ingredients--I need to be familiarized with. Quantity of hops.   
When becoming a brewer that is the best approach. I have to say I am less of a time and temp guy then I used to be. That said I usually know by looking at my brew where it is and what it needs. I guess i have been doing it long enough :)
Mark Mocarski (4 years ago)
+Stephen Legaree Yes. I use [F]... I think I am to [email protected][F]. I will use hops. I want a dark beer--more than a pale ale. I'm a total temperature geek. ..and a timing geek. I time--everything. (everything)  
Oh excellent ! I brew at 21-16 C mostly. I added you back ! Make sure to tag me in posts showing your brewing !
Debbie Morris (4 years ago)
love ur style, wish i lived close to u as i c0uld d0 the c00king and u w0uld have the drinks....mike and deb
I like the way you think !!
Vegitate Gardening (4 years ago)
Great Job, The only thing I hate about wine is you have to wait 9 months to taste it in its true form.  Well I have been wanting to make some wine myself, I just have to go to the wine shop and get the stuff. I will one day. I want that to be my next hobby.
It really goes well with gardening ! Grow it and then brew it ! Try the buy and sell websites. You can get whole kits for super cheap! ;)
Elyse Joseph (4 years ago)
Looks delicious already, such a vibrant color!!!
It is a gene on the X chromosome :) you have two we only have 1 lol
Elyse Joseph (4 years ago)
LOL I think most man are :)
I am terrible with colors :) I am glad it looks great!
Blake Kirby (4 years ago)
Brew on, brew on my friend :)
And I shall lol. I enjoy growing and then brewing it. Hopefully it's good :) I'll gift most of hem then :)
Now I want to make some cherry mead... yummy! Beautiful color by the way.
Yup, yup!
Free is great eh!
Yeah, most of our brewing stuff was free. My mate brought in an old 1 gallon apple cider jug recently to use as a 1 gallon carboy. I still need to clean it out, but it should work just fine.
To be honest I watch the local but and sell websites. Lots of people start brewing buy new kits and get board. Then sell them for 1/10 the cost or free. I paid for one kit and the rest was free !
LOL, I need to bottle the chocolate mead I've got going at the moment and then I need to buy some more honey. But I definitely think cherry will be the next flavor I make.  My hubby is thinking about making some blackberry mead as well, lol, we may need to get another fermenter for that though, or we will be fighting over who gets to brew first.
Thesmalltowngardener (4 years ago)
looks great but the real test would be have a Texas boy taste it lol :)
Come on up we will crack a bottle :)
Gardening With Puppies (4 years ago)
Thanks for sharing the process. My dad always made his own wine. Brings back lots of memories.
I am glad it brought back memories ! My father as brother brew wine as well and it had been a blast sharing that with them !
dakotabob10 (4 years ago)
It looks like high times in the Urban Garden tonight!
Lol most of it won't be ready until the fall :) it has to age. And i likely end up giving lots of it away lol. High times might be the wrong term lol. Low slurry times is say is closer lol
Rainbow Gardens (4 years ago)
Looks great. You definitely have this process mastered! :)))
Thank you Donna ! You cook I brew :) it will be awhile yet until I crack into this one but I can't wait ! 
Frank (4 years ago)
One thing about this video that bugs me is your use of two different measuring scales. You tend to bounce between imperial and metric.
Frank (4 years ago)
kewl stephen! thank you :) I will check that out immediately!
+Frank I finished off writing the instructions including the conversions.  check it out on www.albertaurbangarden.ca
Frank (4 years ago)
cool! thank you for the conversions, I really appreciate the extra effort in simplifying it for everyone :)
Welcome to being a Canadian. We are torn by metric and the popular culture influence of imperial. I did notice this when I edited this one a few months ago. My latest brewing one is am metric and I'll include conversions below :) 
Frank (4 years ago)
I can't do math... How many cups are in 6 liters?
Thanks for the link anyways :)
LetoDK (4 years ago)
Awesome! Though, I thought I was replying to the person asking for liter to cup conversion. I can't figure out the Google+ combination ;)
I have that open the entire time I am doing a new brew :) 
LetoDK (4 years ago)
Just so you know, Google has an inbuilt converter :) http://goo.gl/6lpTet
TheItalian Garden (4 years ago)
little tid bit for you idk if you know, but the sediment at the bottom is called Lee's just thought if you didn't know you would like to learn the technical term or it haha =)
I had no idea ! Thanks for the tip! 
TheItalian Garden (4 years ago)
have you ever thought about natural fermentation? i have spent 2 years working in the cellar in the wine industry here in Oregon. What i noticed is ferments with naturally occurring yest produced a very pleasant fruity flavor to the wine due to the competition with the different types of natural yeast.
TheItalian Garden (4 years ago)
no problem glad to help =)
I know oxygen is my worst enemy. I lost one beer kit and I vowed never to again! Thanks for the tips !
TheItalian Garden (4 years ago)
+Stephen Legaree as long as you but some co2 pellets or dry ice or a snow cone and co2 cylinder keep it gassed with shouldn't spoil as long as oxygen is out of the environment spoiling is dramatically reduced. Oxygen is your enemy in most wine making situations unless you are aging in oak barrel then its your friend. any way hope i help or give you some good feed back. If you have any more questions message me i would be glad to help if you are stuck or need some info. =D    
I have thought about natural year. The issue with that is your risk of spoiling is significantly higher. I will likely try that with my hard apple cider in the fall in a small batch. I would love to work in the wine industry for awhile :) 
Very informative video Stephen - love it!
Thank you my friend !
David Dingle (4 years ago)
I used to enjoy making my own fruit wines. Might start again ;0).
David if you do start again make sure you keep me up to date I'd love to see how you do! 

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