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LUCKNOW - GONDA Train Journey through Dense Winter Fog...

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Train : GTNR-GKP Express (Via BARHNI) Loco: GONDA WDM3A. This is a compilation of my recent my journey from GTNR to NUH with this train. Here I present the compilation uptill Gonda because of the dense fog and spinechilling cold i shut my windows down. So enjoy and please let me know your views regarding this video.
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Text Comments (7)
Chirayu Sharma (7 months ago)
Nice video bro
AVINASH PANDEY (10 months ago)
Fantastic bhai
The Rail Geek (10 months ago)
AVINASH PANDEY thanks brother
RC creation (10 months ago)
So superb
The Rail Geek (10 months ago)
Sahil Roy thanks for watching
Chirayu kaskhedikar (10 months ago)
Nice journey compilation 👌
The Rail Geek (10 months ago)
Chirayu kaskhedikar thanks for watching

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