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MySQL Deadlock Situation

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In the eighth episode of the 'Getting Started with MySQL' series, we saw some demonstrations on the Transaction capabilities of InnoDB Storage Engine in MySQL. We also understood the role of 'tx_isolation' variable in MySQL Transaction. Now in this short episode, we'll see how MySQL overcomes a Deadlock situation. When two Transactions wait for each other's lock, that ends up being a never ending wait. Such a situation (Deadlock) is handled automatically by MySQL, aborting one of those Transactions. One of the reasons why it is recommended to keep Transactions short (with only a few set of statements) is avoid situations when a Deadlock occurs and a lengthy Transaction gets aborted.
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Text Comments (6)
habibtanos (2 months ago)
Don't add fucking music.. its annoying and distracts you
Mukesh Sahani (2 months ago)
What is solution?
Rajesh Rajasekharan (2 months ago)
It's handled by the System automatically as you can see from the demonstration.
chirpmon (6 months ago)
Name of music, please...?
Alex Radyuk (8 months ago)
What transaction isolation level are you using?
Nachilas (1 year ago)
It's not working aq hintlisi. सम्मान

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