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Meek Mill - 1942 Flows (Official Video)

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Download + stream "Wins And Losses": https://Atlantic.lnk.to/WinsAndLosses Exclusive Wins and Losses Merch Bundle Available here: http://smarturl.it/WinsandLossesD2CYT Director: Spike Jordan Video Commissioner: Joseph Boyd Production Company: TreNative Coordinator, Video Content: Austin Gomez Associate Dir., Video Admin: Lily Thrall Assistant, Video Admin: Jenesis Alonso Lopez Assistant, Video Production: Trevor Joseph Newton Follow Meek Mill online: http://Twitter.com/MeekMill http://Facebook.com/MeekMill http://Instagram.com/MeekMill http://MeekMill.com #FREEMEEKMILL
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Text Comments (16710)
H Ab (11 hours ago)
ight meeek do ya thing ... damn man it was so awesome when u was at the concert at the link in philly, and i was workin the beer stand, and you and beyonce ran thru my beerstand, i thought i was gonna get trampled! lol, it was seriously awesome tho and i got to hi five u and shit... ma n i remember listenin 2 ur mixtapes when uw as stil out on the block in the badlands, man u came upso far. ik u prolly will never really read this, but by chance u do, jus know we got a whole lotta luv for u over here man!!!! keep ur head up n we so happy4 u
Papachacon Bigpapa (16 hours ago)
keep it moving
victor coca (21 hours ago)
Crying bitch. Follow the law and you won't have a problem. I piece of shit killed a 4 year old last week popping a wheelie. So go suck a Dick with your wanna see you fall story. Who the fuck are you. Martin Luther king? GTFOH!
twinmoney ave (22 hours ago)
This one of my favorite rap they want to see me fold but I would never sell my soul....
Yoan Peronnet (1 day ago)
Respect in france 👌
Phillip Ramos (1 day ago)
Dominic Vaughan (1 day ago)
Yah Meek official thats know doubt it💯✔
Anthony Sanders (1 day ago)
If meek don’t motivate you , you just a pure hater
Hunter Roberts (1 day ago)
This is the hardest song
Dre Vlogs (1 day ago)
This Song Mean Something
Nesha Lloyd (2 days ago)
Pass The Blunt (2 days ago)
Lil Snupe chain🔥🔥🔥 Rip to a Legend bruh😴💔
Josh Hite (2 days ago)
Philadelphia heat right here!
Kenny Powers (2 days ago)
Goes right back to the door house.
Chehak Nijjar (2 days ago)
This is my national anthem ❤️
Olais Mosses (3 days ago)
Still listen and rid comments FROM TZ ..first day to use you tube am come to search meek mill ma niga.i never sell ma soul
Anthony Ferraro (3 days ago)
you will never fall with mighty GOD! amen fr
Deion Jones (3 days ago)
Joshua Metzlaff (3 days ago)
never really felt him...but this shit is on fire...
Mr Peter (4 days ago)
i like u so much ,i'm from angola country
Asaju Burks (4 days ago)
red zen (4 days ago)
Real dudes fuck with MEEK!!!!!
serum l (4 days ago)
Stand up for meek mill.This song can't get old.Like if you think we should send this song to another planet so aliens can here this fire🤣👨‍🚒call the fire fighters
Negus Negus (4 days ago)
215 ... I luv my city
dblock884 (5 days ago)
Like if meek is a legend
RB25luvGT35R (5 days ago)
Cops 👮 killing us & We killing us matter facts we killing us way wayyyy more than cops💯👌🏿
Jessica J (5 days ago)
When you get a DOLLA' they gonna hate. #snakes
Droxy Pro (5 days ago)
Adzraku Bright Kofi (6 days ago)
Here before 1 million views!!!!!!,Africa(Ghana) Stand Up!!!!!!!!!!!
trev do (6 days ago)
yo that sign at 2:12 gave me chills that shit said no hoodies up if so u are trespassing, tuff
Joseph Cenatus (6 days ago)
First hip hop song no money no bitch clean hip hope
Victor de Souza (6 days ago)
Meek is T5DOA. And this song is powerfull essence off Rap Music
Scrooge Develle (6 days ago)
dont tess (6 days ago)
Nigga say he gonna rob me I put a brick on his head ☠
Marcel Morris (7 days ago)
No weapon form against me every time I pray at night
sageejumanjee (7 days ago)
guidance and protection my brethren...P.E.A.C.E.
BestMusicEver (7 days ago)
nasir ivery (7 days ago)
Still the realist shit i bump🙏💯
Ehebholoria Francis (7 days ago)
Still listening in November
Ehebholoria Francis (7 days ago)
Wow meek mill great FLOWS, DC chasing all my GOALS
Bichara Oumar (7 days ago)
They trying to downplay Meek. But lyrically he is the GOAT. Period
Shaq J. (8 days ago)
Sing it Meek!! THE C H A S E R S !❤
Bernadette Hicks (8 days ago)
GOD bless you meek mill 🙏🙌
Citywide Gang (8 days ago)
https://youtu.be/EQb3D33vvvY Subscribe to my YouTube @citywide Gang ...... 1k subscribers and I will shot a video to the song with the most views Subscribe to my YouTube @citywide Gang ...... 1k subscribers and I will shot a video to the song with the most views Subscribe to my YouTube @citywide Gang ...... 1k subscribers and I will shot a video to the song with the most views
306 lasas (8 days ago)
Disturbed Duck100 (8 days ago)
25k six9ine heads 😂
Christopher Baker (9 days ago)
I swear he got bars
Obitay Yen (9 days ago)
im a producer and songmaker, i would really appreciate anyone who would take their time to listen to my music, comment and subscribe thank you. https://soundcloud.com/obitay/star
Aleck Takunda Washaya (9 days ago)
meek mill meek meel
Kay-Kay Johnson (9 days ago)
Mat chete (9 days ago)
Still listening 💯.🔥🔥🔥
Freeway Highway (9 days ago)
Every move I make I'm in the news with it wow🏂
Deairis benson (9 days ago)
At least it’s not mumbling rap..
Audrey Price (9 days ago)
Big Boy (10 days ago)
215 Baby
Glo Chanelle (10 days ago)
🥰 meek mill
9ine6ix (10 days ago)
For some reason hearing his chains clanging in parts of audio hit close to home
Jada Singh (10 days ago)
I need this type of hip hop back and not no mumble rapping shit.
Stephen Orenge (10 days ago)
a killer one my Nigga they gonna loose niggah
Pennek Nigeria (10 days ago)
I was down, I came here & I'm up. I can't let myself down
cammy (10 days ago)
when meek said :my teacher always use to tell me "you gone lose nigga "....... .I felt that
Nkosinathi Tata (11 days ago)
go for everything gonna make you feel cool king
Derek Buss (11 days ago)
Bruh this real talk but if u broke in TN they do you ditry that's why I'm going back with bank fwm I'm not dumb TN court tryna get me to do time for some shit I didn't do in NY RN going back soon and aint worring about nothing them Duck ass piggsss pshhhh and that court system fucked
David Henry (11 days ago)
Try to crucify me like she Jesus the way she cross me
ZayyBucks (11 days ago)
Art Work (11 days ago)
Darius Smith (11 days ago)
Bobbing my head hard as the lyrics hit against my heart
Ocho Siete (12 days ago)
Meek the fuckn best, niggaz aint fuckn wit'em
G Boss Harris (12 days ago)
One of the hardest joints ever
Trice Robinson (12 days ago)
Still dumpin 1942 nigga forever my anthem
travisjohnson057 (12 days ago)
this the best song meek ever did and he probably will never out do this but every great got a record they cant out do Jay z dead presidents biggie juicy tupac so many tears...ijs
FEARLESS jr (12 days ago)
Meek don't get the recognition he should
Edgar Cardenas (12 days ago)
Don’t ever sell out meek
Mista S. Clue (12 days ago)
Living Legend...
Blu Gilmore (12 days ago)
Heat. Can't put nothing over that💪
Rap Dude (13 days ago)
under rated
grim reeper (13 days ago)
Too theirow to move like a weirdo..
Wisdom of power (13 days ago)
"The teacher always used to say you gonna lose nigga" "That's why I never went to school nigga" 🔥🔥
Josh Gill (14 days ago)
63m views they was never showing this love before during the drake ting etc they dont know bout them flamerz days but you greatness Meek🔥🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌
Dayshaun Boyd (14 days ago)
They want to see me fall I will never sell my soul
MMJ UPDATES (14 days ago)
Awesome motivation. https://lnkd.in/ehHUs7a
Erik Trees (14 days ago)
On point like a 🏹
Patience Mushininga (14 days ago)
Meek u are the baddest
Marquis Jones (15 days ago)
Yatchy Yatchy (15 days ago)
meek mill flow mannn.
fuad S (15 days ago)
his voice so annoying
Samuel Smith (15 days ago)
Meek mill is my favorite
Jordan Penny (15 days ago)
So win he goes in public dont ask him if he knows Nick, fuck he looks like telling his business on Wendys 😂😂
Emmanuel E Kamara (15 days ago)
I wish to see you back with Nicki
Collis Cornett (15 days ago)
This song tells alot about life today
Swat (15 days ago)
Why he built like that
Eden Huseb (16 days ago)
real dop man
VZY FLAME (16 days ago)
Could drake write something like this? Loool
YoungGaming T.V (16 days ago)
Tirath Khella (16 days ago)
i been listening to meek since I was 9 years old
Faze plus (16 days ago)
Fuck I look like telling my business up on Wendy😂😂😂
TheRealOne 29 (16 days ago)
this got me emotional for real 🔥
Starr Parker (16 days ago)
LYRICS SIMILAR SONGS 1 of 3 2 of 3 Started off poor with plans to earn more Now we own stores and fuck the baddest whores I was on tour with niggas that's so raw Started selling white, we won't sell it no more I'm like, Trump ain't feeling us, cops still killing us Niggas taking shots, can't stop me, they ain't real enough Cut her off, act like she's dead and it's killing her New dawn, Hermes seats, I left the ceiling up Just to get to kill 'em softly Ooh, get them off me, try to crucify me Like I'm Jesus, the way she cross me I'm too bossy and too thorough to move like a weirdo On point like an arrow, we started off with zero Now I'm seeing M's, diamonds like water and they jumping out the gym Shooting like Harden if your head was the rim 'Cause niggas wanna line me like a shape up in the trim, damn Back when I was broke, they was cool with it Now every move I make, I'm in the news with it Even if I ain't do it, they be like, you did it My teacher always used to tell me you gon' lose nigga That's why I never went to school nigga And why I'm rapping like I got something to prove nigga Went and bought the mansion with the pool in it Billy with the stamp, I geting two with it' Move with it 'cause these niggas wanna take my life No weapon formed against me, every time I pray at night Scoopin' thotties in the Phantom, that's the way of life And make them fuck their best friends like they was dykes Reaching for the Glock, every time I play the light I'm on 12 o'clock, every time I play them bikes I'm with the pack, huh Getting pack, yeah Spend dope, nigga Selling smack, gang I'm gettin' chips off music like Rap Snacks Yeah, ten mil in cash off Africa, that's a fact Money, power, respect Eating breakfast on a jet I know these niggas upset They ain't see me fall yet Wins and losses They wanna see me fall And I will never sell my soul I'm on some shit that they ain't seen before Dream chasing, catching all my goals I don't need these hoes I'm getting money, me and all my woes Play with me, you know is all I want The young niggas going all out for us Bloggers in the frenzy, truck to the Bently Ain't doing no interviews, I'm busy, nigga we litty So when you see me out don't ask me about no Nicki Fuck I look like telling my business on Wendy Niggas gossip like queens, we was serving fiends .40 bust your windows out, Jazmine Sullivan They told 'em pop Mollys, I told 'em to be kings Sipping 19, 42 like it's lean I done seen all these niggas try to down play my dreams So I'ma give it to 'em everytime I'm on the scene Pull up, Ghost, Ghost, Wraith, Wraith when you see me Some suckers wanna be me and some suckers wanna leave me, I know it I go through it, don't' show it I told niggas who wrote it, ain't taking back what I quoted Started off with a quarter, flipped that to a half, turned that to an ounce Got some shit in the stash, nigga say that he gon' rob me, put a brick on his ass Now every killer in my city tryna look for his ass And one thing 'bout Meek Milly, I'ma get to a bag Had to starve all day just to get to it fast Like Ramadan, toting K's like it's Palestine Real niggas in my ambiance, bottom line Ever since I met Ross and signed a dotted line I gave my mama ten thousand at least a thousand times Do the math on it They wanna see me fall And I will never sell my soul I'm on some shit that they ain't seen before Dream chasing, catching all my goals I don't need these hoes I'm getting money, me and all my woes Play with me, you know is all I want The young niggas going all out for us Talking, this my cocky flow Damn Daniel, why you selling Mr. Miyagi though This that rose gold Patek, call me like '94 Mean nothing to me, I tell how I gotta go rain sleek On that corner when the block was slow Everybody was tryna trap, we started poppin' though Heard that bitch say she cut me, I was like adiós In the field, knock 'em down, it look like dominos, young nigga I turn my Impala to a Wraith, when you get a dollar they gon' hate Bought my mom the crib with that gate Private school for all them babies Now they straight, nigga They wanna see me fall And I will never sell my soul I'm on some shit that they ain't seen before Dream chasing, catching all my goals I don't need these hoes I'm getting money, me and all my woes Play with me, you know is all I want The young niggas going all out for us
serum l (16 days ago)
November anyone

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