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Dealing With Death (Losing Someone You Love) | NISSYTEE

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↓OPEN ME↓ Death. That one topic that we are often too scared to speak about. Well death has been around me way too much recently and while it has sometimes felt slightly overwhelming, I have definitely learnt a lot about myself in the process. People have asked me NUMEROUS times to make a video about death, but I just couldn't. Now, nearly 2 years later I feel like it's time. This is me bearing ALL to you. I was SO scared to upload this video but like I said; there might be someone out there in need of some encouragement. So here I am, bearing all & being completely honest. This is also the reason why I haven't been around recently, but by the grace of God my family and I have been able to go through these things stronger than ever! If you've lost someone you love I pray that God and the love of Christ will be your blanket in such dark circumstances. May he be your peace, strength and joy. Blessings & love guys xx ______ Add me on socials, especially snapchat to follow all the madness of my day to day life! ;) SOCIAL MEDIA: Twitter: @NissyTee Instagram: @NissyTee Facebook: Nissy Tee CONTACTS: ENQUIRIES/ BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES: [email protected] MUSIC NEEDED!!!! I am looking for music to use in future videos; if you are a producer/ artist/ have anyone in mind please do drop me an email on the above email address!!) Watch in 1080HD for best quality. (I DO NOT OWN ANY RIGHTS TO THE MUSIC USED IN THIS VIDEO) x Dreams Become Real by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1500027 Artist: http://incompetech.com/
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Text Comments (155)
Us The Friends (5 days ago)
I lost my grandma 3 years ago today😭
MichellePai ‘ (1 month ago)
Also I’m so incredibly sorry for you... I don’t know what it’s like but I kinda know how it feels
MichellePai ‘ (1 month ago)
I’m trying to get over a stuffed animal 😭😭😭😂😂😂😭😭😭
Rasa Sagaitiene (2 months ago)
My grandma will die soon and i dont want that to happen
Alpha (2 months ago)
I lost my nan yesterday. I feel like killing my self.
Simone Brown (29 days ago)
This is so sad 💛
Lara.25 croft.25 (2 months ago)
Ur video was so emotional and i cried with you.. bc i can relate to ur feelings..😢
Lara.25 croft.25 (2 months ago)
I love you so much!😘 I lost a cat 3 days ago and i cant get over it...😢😭
Noelle Bryant (2 months ago)
My grandmother just passed on the same day, and words can't express how I feel. I was closer to her than my mother, which is sad, but at the same time, she had been suffering from cancer for years. I'm sure that your loved one cared for you more than words can say, and I applaud you for speaking out about your pain. Not everyone can do that...I know I can't, but you did. Let this be a beacon of light for everyone who is too afraid to speak out when a loved one dies. We may not want to speak because we're in too much pain, but bless you for being able to talk about this. I couldn't, and I wish that I could have. Our family members are watching over us now, and that's all I have left. Just take it one day at a time. It will get better, and your loved one would want you to do the same.
Tt Tt (2 months ago)
Thanks Nissy sorry 4 ur loss May God b wth u n ur Family n. My prayers my Godmother passed away Yesterday
Uptown Gacha (2 months ago)
This helped me a lot....my boyfriend committed suicide......
Winscal (3 months ago)
My best friend has a failing kidney, I'm acting brave for her so she doesn't have to be. I need to prepare for the worst.
jjvideogirl34 (3 months ago)
I have lost my best friend she passed on in hospital on the 28.6.2018 I really miss her. We had been friends since high school she was only 38 years old 😩
draco molfoy (3 months ago)
My grampa died and he was the only one who loved me in the family I was the favorite one
TEXT GOD 69 (3 months ago)
I can’t stand it both my dogs died then both my grandmas then my dad from his second heart attack and my mom is in the hospital
Mia Slime (3 months ago)
My grandma has just passed we were close I cried when i was told but not it’s been like 15 hours since and I don’t feel anything like sadness or loss
Skarlett Curtis (3 months ago)
I am so sorry I am going to lose my sister to a sickness and I am crying and my friend who dealt with the same thing said it is a game the endless waiting game
karen (4 months ago)
I’ve lost my favorite rapper xxxtentacion and I know that sounds really weird but he helped me and million of teens with depression and stuff and 3 weeks ago he died and since that die I can’t stop feeling miserable
The Dawson Chronicles (4 months ago)
Thank you for this video. My grandmother passed away 4 months ago. It has been the most painful thing I’ve had to deal with. I’m also a Christian and I am thankful for the 96 years he blessed her with. I’m grateful that it wasn’t sudden and we were able to somewhat prepare although you can never be truly prepared. She used to be afraid to die, but she was at peace and verbalized glimpses of Heaven in her confusion. She had 3 strokes in a months time. She was fine and independent at Christmas, a little forgetful but nothing major, and then a month later it was the beginning of the end. It started at the end of January. After the first one she started to get back to herself, but never completely then she was attacked again. In February she became totally dependent. I watched as those strokes attacked her brain and those memories of her suffering breaks my heart everyday. One thing she said during that time when she was trying so hard to get back right is “I will never be Katie again” 💔 and she wasn’t able to get back to herself. She went to meet the Lord on March 5th at 4:16 pm. It was a beautiful day. I held her hand as she took her last breath. She fought so hard. I’m praying for strength. It’s been a heck of a journey so far😢
Serenity Barnhizer (4 months ago)
I lost a friend in April from lounge cancer (2018) during my first ever semi formal...some jerk said that he didn't care that I was crying cuz I lost a friend from lounge cancer and he didn't even get in trouble
Shauna Young (5 months ago)
mines passed away to
bam bam (6 months ago)
5 of my loved ones died. First was my aunt. She was like my Mom. I've witnessed her die(2015). Second was my Grandmother, I was really thankful because she is my Grandmother. We bond very much. I am the only grandchild in my fathers side for now. I was really despressed that time(2016). Third was my Grandfather, he died because of cancer. The doctor said that my Grandpa can only live in a span of 2 months(2017). He was such a great leader. He was a Mayor. Fourth was my Grandmother's brother. I was the first one that notice him passed away (2018). Fifth was my Grandfather. He was such a great man. He always treat us (grandchilds) like no other. He was like a father to me. He smiled at me the day before he died (April 22, 2018). I'm trying to be strong because I have God.
Shyla Bailey (9 months ago)
A couple scriptures that has encouraged me was John 5:28" Do not be amazed at this, for the hour is coming in which all those in the memorial tombs will hear his voice." And Revelation 21:4 "And He (God) will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore.The former things have passed away." So to me this is encouraging because it shows us we will see our loved ones again and that God himself will get rid of death once and for all! Hope this is encouraging as it is for me! If you have any questions concerning death or in general you can visit JW.org Have an amazing day.
Chillin’ in the cut (9 months ago)
Just lost my grandpa, not asking for likes, just to pray. 🙏
Greg Oakland (9 months ago)
beautiful testimonial ! Im dealing with horrible loss as well!..... God Bless you! You are beautiful!
Baby Sayoyo (9 months ago)
Guys my friend is trying to kill herself with cuts
Anna Siebenaler (10 months ago)
my cousin died.. then my uncle... then my grandma... then my great uncle... and here i am. all i feel like i'm doing is waiting for the next one.
truthseeker89 for life (11 months ago)
Just lost my sister smh
Isaiah Johnson (11 months ago)
Snow Wolf (1 year ago)
This video literally made me cry💔 my cousin passed away a few months ago and it hit me really bad. He was like my brother, i grew up with him and poof in one day he was gone. I still cry everyday over his death. I miss him so damn much. 2 days ago my friend passed away and i don't know it was him until my ex boyfriend told me 10 minutes ago and I'm a mess right now. I'm not over my cousins death yet and i have to go through the pain of losing a friend. I'm so damn broken right now and i hate my life💔😭
daric nd (1 year ago)
so sorry for ur loss.. i pray that God be ur strength
Jada Jaeger (1 year ago)
My great uncle passed away on Monday :( I just can't cope with it.. He was so close to me and I just cry myself to sleep. Going to school is one of the hardest things ever right now and my won't let me stay home I just didn't get to say goodbye and that's all I wanted to say. I just feel like my life doesn't matter anymore and I have suicidal thoughts almost everyday and my mom just says we'll get through this together but I don't know if i'm strong enough. I can't deal
Heather Cox (1 year ago)
@Nissy bless you ,condolences i understand what it's like to lose those who have been nothing but so close to you if you really need to take some time to sit down and talk to someone you can always leave me a message and i understand you lost a friend and stuff that was like your really closest friend close to a sister but what you need to understand letting go is always going to be hard okay? Don't keep dwelling on it say to yourself you know what i have taken this time to grieve iv'e let out all the pain that just hit me so hard but one thing you need to remember life has to go through its cycle as much as we don't wanna lose someone we all lose one another eventually regardless what happens life has to run its course weather we all like it or not its life its always gonna stumble up on us even at the worst of times what you need to say to yourself is well i know in my heart they are always watching over me and helping me fufill my dreams in life regardless your loss just know and feel them there with you because even so you can't see ,speak or to hear them you know in your heart they are right by your side every day in your life as it goes by and its hard to cope with losing someone i know your pain i understand if you want to talk i'm here i wish you very best lifes hard its always gonna burn people down alive but you can get through it regardless youv'e done enough crying what you need to do now is accept they have gone if you haven't done so already and say i am thankful to have the people who are still in my life at the present and they mean as much to me as those did i lost goodluck in life
Amanda Loves Makeup (1 year ago)
Inoe what u going through hope u better now just lost someone who meant the whole world to me so so so so hard and the worst part is no one understands people expect u to get over it just like that she left in april and the worst part is she was such a healthy person it literally just came as a surprise it was medical negligence she had cancer it wasnt even a late stage but they mismanaged her.... i can relate to u starting a youtube video coz u lost somene it helps me take my mind off things the other day i was on train crying and i just had to tell urself listen amanda u cannot cry on the train just think of maybe the next video u gunna make and it helped .. does it get better? Does this feeling go away , crying everywhere in public ?
Bluenozer (1 year ago)
Thank u for making this video my Great Grammy passed away a few months ago so this may help me
TheRenard10 (1 year ago)
Hi Nissy Tee! I've lost a bunch of people in my life...My mom, pops, stepdad, 2 sisters, 2 uncles, my grandsire, (on my mom's side) whom we all never seen. He passed away in April 1999. The last time my mom seen him, she was 14. She came to California from Louisiana when she was 7. I miss my mom a lot, she'd be taking me places, cook, chit chat, laugh, love. I live in a big family. My brother's my guardian, after my mom went to glory. Every day since November 16, 2002, things for our family changed. We're staying strong. January 14, 2003 on her birthday, we went to her grave. Later that day, we sang happy birthday to her. That was when my drunk sister, and other pregnant sister triggered a huge altercation. Now the ones I loved are rejoicing n heaven.
Caitlin hardy Hackett (1 year ago)
Rip grandad💔🌟😓 1st of May 2017
xamberx123456 (1 year ago)
You are a very strong person and you have taught me a lot Thanks 😀😀
xamberx123456 (1 year ago)
You are a very strong person and you have taught me a lot Thanks 😀😀
Katurah Bennett (1 year ago)
Thank you. I lost my mother Feb 12...very hard for me. I have to be strong though, and I will. I have a lot of responsibilities, people to take care of. But thank you for sharing this so freely ;)
PRINCXSS_ KANGA (1 year ago)
god bless u nissy. how did ur bestfriend die. sorry for bringing back memories
Harriet Chintoh (1 year ago)
I know I'm late watching this but I'm soo glad I did
Harriet Chintoh (1 year ago)
omg God richly bless you for this watching this i cried but I feel like I'm more ready to face death again God bless u ur truly blessed and I can see God has chosen u for a reason and has shown his light upon ur life you will be successful and no weapon formed against u shall prosper bless you and ur family for raising such a blessed and strong woman
SipTeaWith_CNS CNS (1 year ago)
Just beautiful❤ God heals the broken, he is your strength and healer🙏🏾 Keep your head up x
Keekee2406 (1 year ago)
This video really helped me a lot because I lost my grandma November 2016,  even though I have had other family member pass away she was the only one who I was very close to so it really hurt me. My grandma was also my mom's mom that's why I found your video upsetting but like you said things happen for a reason but I really can't believe your age OMG lol I really thought you was older only because of how you speak and carry yourself, you are very mature for your age which I think is a good thing. PLEASE don't change for nobody Nissy I really like you on BKchat and you are beautiful inside and out. God Bless X
moremoney.m (1 year ago)
so beautiful man, stay strong babygirl x
Thomas Harding (1 year ago)
Stay strong sweetie xo
Radωaa Ali (1 year ago)
I lost m' boyfriend he not only m' boyfriend ! he was all I have, actually he still all I have, m' life ended. tell me what can I do?? how I can complete m' life without him:( he passed away in 23/11/2016 😔💔 help me guys
Cerise Russell (1 year ago)
Nissy Nissy Nissy. I don't know you but this touched me. I just lost my Grandma and we were sooo close. it nice to hear someone going through the same thing. we are only human! Im still dealing with my emotions and I just get it, I can't get over this death but I know it's OK not to be ok P.s u look beautiful without make-up 💋
Tamara (1 year ago)
than you
Tamara (1 year ago)
you are so strong
Farzana Sabit (1 year ago)
Both my parents have passed away im only 24 and the oldest child. Makes you a strong person.
Naya Gabriel (11 months ago)
Farzana Sabit I also lost my 2 parents before the age of 10. I'm only 26.
TheDirectorE (1 year ago)
Much respect and love for sharing this Nissy. I pray strength and positivity with you always. Blessings!
OHHAIHANNIBAL (1 year ago)
You're are such an amazing person Nissy. I found your channel after watching bkchat and ever since I've been loving your channel and what you're about. This video just shows how real you are, how strong you've been and I love you for that xx
marietta m.b (1 year ago)
Nuff love for you your true xx
Shewa Olawale (1 year ago)
This is so courageous Nissy, I admire your courage. I've never really dealt with a close death like that, I couldn't even imagine how you felt/fell. 😿
Leah Hill (1 year ago)
Your best friend died in my birthday 😥 I know how you feel girl
newbeauty80 (1 year ago)
Leah Stamford My birthday too 😕
Bea (1 year ago)
You are so beautiful in everyyyyy way <3
David Dobrik (1 year ago)
you are so brave, i have so so so much respect for you. i know you probably won't red this but i am going trough the same thing... i am 12
David Dobrik (1 year ago)
i ment read... srry
Nomo 4u (1 year ago)
I lost my great grandmother some days ago and today was her funeral I miss her so much but I'm glad she's in heaven with the rest of the fallen angels
Jdor Styled (1 year ago)
this made me cry <3 Adele will forever be in my heart
Liesj Deluxe (1 year ago)
This message.. Wauw u have strenght & courage for coming on youtube with dealing with so much and so deep! Que Died the benisse et te garde , really x
James Kibirige (1 year ago)
In Uganda we call it a Lumbe but I am not sure about a traditional Ugandan funeral though. I couldn't go for my grandfather's funeral though circa 2001.
Muriel Obeng (1 year ago)
God bless you, that was so uplifting and encouraging x
QueenofK (1 year ago)
We call it Mashakaya in Kikuyu and in Kiswahili we call it Maombolezo. The one comfort we have is knowing we have an amazing comforter Matthew 5:4 Blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted. Be comforted my beautiful sister *Cyber Hug*
Dimplez Baks (1 year ago)
Sorry for your losses babes !God has got you ❤️
Jillian Weitz (1 year ago)
Sending all my love and strength down to you 😘😘
ItszKinGDavid (1 year ago)
So brave.
GraceDiaries (1 year ago)
God bless you for this video Nissy. I know by sharing this, you have touched many ❤ I pray God's perfect peace over you ❤
MEL SHANTY (1 year ago)
How did your friend die?
Duchess Kafe (6 months ago)
Melissa Madondo can you please give us an insight on how your friend died?
Brandon Bjerre (1 year ago)
thank you
Dreadedlion77 (2 years ago)
Out of all your videos this is the realest one. Sorry for your loss
Aleema A (2 years ago)
I've only been watching your videos for the past week and I literally love you already. You're so inspiring! x
Cooking with Jazzmine (2 years ago)
God pulled you through girl! Courage Ma belle.very useful advice for some of us, who adopt suppression of feelings as a way to get through,meanwhile these actually affect us bit by bit. For music look up a Congolese artist Divhine Honey on instagram sure you'd negotiate. 😘😘 Subscribe to my channel please, I share Congolese recipes etc.#peaceandlove
LOUANGE. (2 years ago)
God uses everything for His good and perfect plan and purpose, He doesn't orchestrate pain, but He can bring all sorts of healing out of the pain, for you and for others. Trust in Him, tell Him everything He will heal you- that I promise. Jesus became a human being, lived a perfect life, but also experienced everything we did, He understands your pain, frustration, your questions- but all the answers you need, all the healing you need is found in Him. We are nor perfect, we haven't arrived, we don't know everything, but He does, He'll help you through step by step if you rely on Him, lean on Him.
Hannah Bhatia (2 years ago)
My grandpa just passed away around the same time, same situation, my mum and her siblings were very close with their parents, as was I, feel your pain xxxxxx
Ben Simon Wilson (2 years ago)
Bless you, stay strong beautiful🙏🏾
ray Munter (2 years ago)
courage yaya <3
whitney rose (2 years ago)
Thank for this video honestly. It truly helped me. <3 Im sorry for you lost I extremely admire you xx
Níyó Hair (2 years ago)
You've literally just shot the devil in the foot by doing this video. The devil has lost it because now this is part of your testimony! God bless you. I can relate with everything youre saying in this video <3
Jo (2 years ago)
It is a special thing to be able to find strength in times of testing and trials. You have an amazing gift of strength and courage Nissy, I pray you and your family have peace and comfort at this time. The presence of strength, perseverance, love and hope does not mean loss, hurt and pain no longer exists but rather it means you've decided you'll keep on going no matter what. Better days are ahead. Someone said something along the lines of, 'The feelings of pain and loss are the evidence that you have loved.' Suppressing feelings can be so dangerous, many people carry so much emotional pain and do not feel safe enough to express it. In this busy world it's all to easy to tuck stuff away but somehow it finds a way to surface. It's definitely necessary to let things out safely in a way that works for you e.g. writing things down, painting, making videos. Articulate things to yourself then when you're ready, share them with someone. I guess it's for us all to every now and then pause and check our emotional well-being and also really connect with those around us. Life is a long assault course full of ups, downs, fun, challenges, laughter, heartache, mystery, achievements, failures and so many other things. We're all on a journey, all we can do is embrace it and make our way through the best we can.
Umar Chowdhury (2 years ago)
"Increase in remembrance of the severer of pleasures." Meaning death.
Alicia Motley (2 years ago)
hey gorgeous! love your channel! your content is great but most importantly you are real and geniune. would love to support each other.. check out my channel babe & let me know😙
Tega Akati-Udi (2 years ago)
This is so brave and courageous nissy! Condolences. My prayers are with you and your family❤️
Deborah A (2 years ago)
Nissy I've just found your channel and this video really pierced my soul. God bless you for sharing, you are an absolute light, a light on the hilltop pouring wisdom, transparency and encouragement out in each and every video! I'm genuinely sending you virtual hugs and diverting you and your family in prayer, I can only imagine the pain you've been enduring 😔 God bless you girl ❤️❤️❤️❤️
KME Kids (2 years ago)
Bessaili Jolie (2 years ago)
I am glad you made this video for so many reasons. Stay strong Nissy! I am praying for peace for you and your loved ones. Be Beautiful, Be Educated :)
I'm so sorry for your losses dear 😭 how your grandparents passed away after each other is how mine passed too😭😭. God bless you for this video, I cried all the way through 😭❤️❤️❤️you have helped many people by making this video and God will continue to strengthen you beautiful
ClusterofGalaxies (2 years ago)
God bless you Nissy, I pray that the Holy Spirit will comfort you and your loved ones every second. I'm so sorry that this happened to you, God will fill you and your family with overwhelming joy ❤️ your future is bright x
JustNew (2 years ago)
Eating and drinking is a way for congolese to say thank you to anyone that supported in different ways. Just to add clarification!
JustNew (2 years ago)
Sorry Nissy!!
sheisclothed (2 years ago)
Thank you so much for this video. Death is one subject we all like to ignore . Our life is in his hands 🙏🏾❤️
PurelyLaurenn (2 years ago)
Thank you so much Nissy - I was crying with you 😭 I've had a few deaths in my family over the summer as well and I'm sorry for all your losses 😭 well done for making this ❤️
Belina Nseliema (2 years ago)
My condolences on your loss. I felt the same way when my grandmother on my dads side died. He was so close to her and it broke my heart to see him that was. I felt regret because I promised her I would see her and never got the chance. God bless you and may the Holy Spirit comfort your family.
AminutewithAuds (2 years ago)
Well done girl for making this video. My condolences to you and you family. Loosing someone you close with is painful , even the word pain can not describe the feeling of hurt you get. I lost my grandad last year and it was a very tough time for me and my family. I had all those moments of anger , regret and guilt . I asked God why is this happening why? But just like what you Said God is the Alpha and Omega , I came to a realisation that he has the authority to do what he want and if he says it's our time to exit this world , it's time. Nothing can stop that . Just like you said all we can do is to be grateful and cherish the moments we had with them. Death is one of those things that remind us we are not here for ever! Therefore we need to express ourselves and be creation that God created us to be before our times gets near. Love you girl for being honest and keeping real. These are some of the things that we as humans face or will face and its okay to cry it out when we need to or to be mad and angry because that's life and we can't hide our feelings because they are meant to be felt and not hidden. Hope people will find this vid helpful. God bless you hun 💖
Yethrib Mohamed (2 years ago)
I am so, so sorry for your losses and am so proud of you for getting to a place where you can discuss death. Remember to take a little break every so often to let it all in instead of leaping to your defence mechanism; I think most of us are still struggling with that, but we'll get there eventually. Lots of love x
Beverley Moshwe (2 years ago)
Thank you for your encouragement both of my grandfathers died a long time ago at the time when I wasn't born one of my good closest friend passed away 7 years ago which it broke my heart I was so devastated the fact that I wasn't gonna see her again even her last words what she said to me it was very hard for me to move on I miss her so much stay strong for your family nissytee love you xx
Joyce M (2 years ago)
God Bless You . I'm Congolese too an my grandad (Mums dad) passed away around September or November 2014. After school I found my Mum crying over the phone when I came back from school. I never got to meet him and at that time my Mum hadn't seen him in 14 years because she came to England in 2000. The "Matanga" happened in April 2015 and I went to Congo for 15 days. I never even got to meet any of my grandads because my fathers dad also passed away when he was really really young and he doesn't remember what he looks like and only has 1 picture of him. I'm sure that your Grandad want your family to be happy. His job was to be a father to your Mum and he did a good job. His job was to protect your Mother and like I said be a good father and witness his daughter and other children have children and see them children grow (even though you never met him before).
DRCmixedgirl (2 years ago)
God bless you for having the courage to make this video and open up about your losses. It's never easy to grieve and each person deals with it differently, so take your time grieving don't feel under pressure to try and get over it. That will never happen. You learn to live and smile about them. So I pray that God you continue to strengthen you through life. You are beautiful, you are brave, you are strong, you are courageous and you are a conquerer.
Kwekue Ghana (2 years ago)
My condolences,I promise you will get through this and you'll come out stronger,you are so blessed.Sending prayers your way
Olive Stevenson-Clarke (2 years ago)
Dearest Nissy, This video hit me hard. I balled my eyes out. I am so sorry for your losses. My grandmother died 7 months ago, and it has taken a serious toll on me. She was my best friend and my rock. It hit me even harder because she helped me through the death of my mother when I was a child, and not having her now feels like a part of me has died too. However, knowing that the two of them are together now...knowing that my Nana won’t cry every Christmas because she misses my mom is a real comfort. Having lost the three most important women in my life before I have entered adulthood, the only thing that I can say is that time is a great healer. Thank you for your courage to make this video. Lots of love.

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