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What is therapeutic recreation?

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By: Sami Mortimer. This video is for those who are unaware of what therapeutic recreation is and what the profession entails. The video gives various definitions of therapeutic recreation as well as categories regarding holistic wellness and intervention strategies.
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D Rad (3 years ago)
Good Video, re-motivated me to carry on.
PunkRockPat (8 years ago)
This video was great. I am so glad I watched it. I have been looking into taking Therapeutic recreation. The course at my cummunity college is in Gerontology. This is a two year transferable course. If I take this will it limit me to only being able to work with seniors? I enjoy the elderly but I would like to make an impact on people from all age groups, should I not take this course? Also can you work solely with animal therapy? is it a different course?cause I really love animals too. Thanks

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