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Alaska Train Ride in Winter 1940's

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From my personal film collection is this footage of a train ride through the Alaska mountains dating back to the 1940's. Footage shows the train starting out in low elevation and as soon as it hits the higher elevations there is a lot of snow.
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popcorn8441 (2 years ago)
The Alaskan country looks so big and beautiful in this old footage and the steam engines so large and wonderful! It makes me want to go and visit that state. I once saw a steam locomotive in operation long ago when I visited GB back in ’66. I was passing through Salisbury by rail when I noticed it. The engine had the words ‘Evening Star’ written on it, and I was told that it was the last steam engine ever built in Great Britain. I didn’t know it at the time, but this was its final journey before being put permanently into storage. Truly the end of an era. There are still a few steam locomotives operating in the North Western part of the United States but not like before, and there is talk lately of putting old no. 557, which is a large S-160 class steam locomotive that was built in the 1940’s, back into action in Alaska again. But who knows when that will happen. Say, Iwonder if any one was living in those snow covered houses towards the end. It sure looks awfully cold up there!
SteamboatWilley (3 years ago)
Amazing footage, especially of steam trains over the now-disused steel bridge.
ReelNostalgia (3 years ago)
+SteamboatWilley Glad you enjoyed!
i thought the cantilever span over dead horse gulch was white i never new it was painted until now nice footage
no problem 
ReelNostalgia (3 years ago)
+donavon broome Thanks!
Sol Carter (3 years ago)
Great footage. The double inverted 'V' Truss is no longer in use and stands in mute testimony of days long gone-by! It's a fantastic journey and my hope is that the railroad will re-open the entire line. A "motor-car" (speeder) can get over it, but ties, rail and ballast need work, plus ditching and weed control etc.Thank you for the stirring memories!
ReelNostalgia (3 years ago)
+Sol Carter Thanks for sharing your knowledge Sol! Glad you liked the home movie.
ReelNostalgia (5 years ago)
Thanks Eve - 6 months later :)

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