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Babolat Propulse Fury Men's Shoe Review

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http://bit.ly/2ibIla3 Aggressive players can give their feet all the support they need in the Propulse Fury. The Propulse line takes a leap forward and is re-engineered to maximize stability, durability and comfort for the modern player. Babolat identified 9 key pressure points on the foot and uses Active Flexxion technology to provide cushioning, support and responsiveness to all those areas. In addition, the improved Michelin rubber compound is more resilient than ever before, allowing weight to be taken out of the outsole while still providing exceptional durability, even for those that are very hard on their shoes. The outsole is backed by a six month durability guarantee.
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uzair khan (1 month ago)
I have a flat feet would you recommend me to wear badolat fury shoes do they gave good arch support or should i buy asics resolution 6 or asics speed 3 please reply i need your help and I have request can you please make video on top 10 tennis shoes for flat feet there lot of people out there who have flat feet and need some information and you can give the best out of it thank you
Tennis Warehouse (1 month ago)
@uzair khan, The Propulse Fury, or Gel Resolution 6 are good options. The Solution Speed 3 shoes don't offer quite as much support. Troy, TW
Dear Tennis Warehouse, In Nike tennis shoes I usually wear size US 9 (for example in Zoom Vapor 9). If I choose Babolat Propulse Fury do you recommend me to go to the same size please? Thank you. Giorgos.
Tennis Warehouse (8 months ago)
@Γιώργος Τζιώλας, Between these Babolat Propulse Fury Shoes, and the Nike Zoom Vapor 9 Tour Shoes, we found the length of both to be true. If any difference, the forefoot region is a bit more snug on the Babolat Propulse Fury Shoes. I think you will be fine, to go with the same size in these Babolat Propulse Fury Shoes, as you did in the Nike Zoom Vapor 9 Tour Shoes; US 9, which I believe is EU 42.5, for both brands. Troy, TW
On Rail (1 year ago)
Can I use Propulse Fury Clay shoes at Hartcourt area???
Tennis Warehouse (1 year ago)
@On Rail, They have been designed for hard court use but also can be utilized on clay courts! Michelle, TW
Kirubakar Arunagiri (1 year ago)
Hy Chris, which one is more durable ? 1. Adidas Novak Pro 2. Asics gel solution 3 3. Nike zoom cage 3 4. babolat propulse fury 5. New balance 996 Lemme know it from most to least durable. I play on clay court!!!!!
Kirubakar Arunagiri (1 year ago)
Tennis Warehouse thanks chris!!!
Tennis Warehouse (1 year ago)
@Kirubakar Arunagiri, Here is our rank from most durable, to least: adidas Novak Pro, Babolat Propulse Fury, Nike Zoom Cage 3, New Balance 996v3, Asics Gel Solution Speed 3. Troy, TW
ampecsu (1 year ago)
why do so many shoes have heel slippage issues?... ive been trying all summer to finally find some good fitting tennis shoes but ALL have slippage unless its a flimsy shoe (which i dont want). Asics/Nike/BAbolat/Adidas/New Balance..... WHATS THE DEAL?! i end up just playing in my basketball shoes...
ampecsu (1 year ago)
of them all those didnt slip. I almost bought them. If I remember correctly the heel felt a little raised. But they did feel sturdy I believe. I've been liking shoes with a lower to the ground and more even sole for sports now adays.
On Rail (1 year ago)
So you don't recommend propulse fury ?
Edward Fenn (1 year ago)
what we really care is the durability.
Derek Smith (2 years ago)
Hello TW! I am looking to purchase the fury from babolat or the gel res 7 from asics. I desire comfort, durability and form fitting, no blister, etc. Which shoe is this? Which shoe for an aggressive player? I have a medium-wide foot. Thank you!
Tennis Warehouse (2 years ago)
@ Derek Smith, Both shoes are comfortable and durable options, but we'd have to give the slight edge to the Gel Res 7 overall. Andy, TW
qa L (2 years ago)
this looks like the ubersonic 2 shoes, except its heavier?
Kieran David Charlett (2 years ago)
@tenniswarehouse I play mostly on astro which is easy to slide on but sometimes on hard courts. Would you recommend buying all court or clay court sole pattern for use on this surfaces?
Tennis Warehouse (2 years ago)
@ David Chark, I'd suggest going with an all court shoe. The clay court shoe won't offer you an extra traction on astro and you'll also be able to use the shoe when you play on hard courts. Andy, TW
Gavla Tennis (2 years ago)
What is that racquet Jason is using? And what does he think of it?
Tennis Warehouse (2 years ago)
+Someone Else , It's strung with Luxilon ALU Power. Andy, TW
Tennis Warehouse (2 years ago)
He is using the Wilson Burn 100S Countervail. Look for that video review to post 12/23. Cheers, Chris, TW
Fear Critical Apex (2 years ago)
Hey TW, what string is Troy using at 1:42 and his overgrip
Tennis Warehouse (2 years ago)
Troy is using Yonex Poly Tour Air string. We are currently hitting it and will post a review in a month or so. He is using a Wilson Pro Overgrip in white. Cheers, Chris, TW
farood5 (2 years ago)
propulse 4 are the best . I tried these and on one foot so much heel slippage . my heel kept popping out
fanman71 (2 years ago)
Sounds a lot like the SFX2. I loved the Propulse 4's, those were my favorite versions of this line, got to try these out.
LEdger Poppunk (2 years ago)
please do a review on the babolat pure aero vs tour
nba2knerd (2 years ago)
Is the jacket that Chris is wearing for sale?
Tennis Warehouse (2 years ago)
Sorry, that is a vintage Sergio Tacchini jacket. Cheers, Chris, TW
Jude Dixon Tennis (2 years ago)
Can you video review the adidas barricade boost 2016
fanman71 (2 years ago)
Someone asked this before, I think they said it was merely a cosmetic upgrade from the 2015's.
Tennis Warehouse (2 years ago)
@tennis menace We didn't review them because there wasn't a change between the 2015 and 2016 Barricade Boost minus some cosmetic changes on the upper. Michelle, TW
Kane Bobier (2 years ago)
Say propulse fury 10x
Tennis Warehouse (2 years ago)
Propulse Fury Propulse Fury Propulse Fury Propulse Fury Propulse Fury Propulse Fury Propulse Fury Propulse Fury Propulse Fury Propulse Fury :)

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