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10 MINUTES OF PURE RALLY (Crash, saves...)

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This is my first 10 minute video, enjoy it.. :)
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stephen john gray (20 hours ago)
fk rally ,meet me on the xbox and i'll take a rb34mines nissan skyline and all others on the fujima track can see how it's done
Paulie Jay (1 day ago)
3:48 - wow, that tree didn't flinch.
Wanda Rebiejo (2 days ago)
Save are more enjoyable than crashes!
Nick (4 days ago)
I truely believe rally is the best form of racing. Skill, intensity, danger, excitement all set rally apart. If they crash and nearly roll over and if the engine runs and nothings on fire they keep going.
theGamers1736 (5 days ago)
That driver at the end tho 😂😂 fkn stupid enough not to be a rally in his entire life
Blake Eastwick (6 days ago)
Rally life is not bad-really life is not bad-life is not bad-life is bad! Especially when your brother only puts this on through the TV!👹😠😡🙍🖕👍like if you Agree!
TheGrayOne (7 days ago)
These saves are borderline crazy!
naz4395 (7 days ago)
0:00 "i am okay no problem" the driver drive against track lol
J S (8 days ago)
The men from rally have bigger nuts than those boys from f1
J S (8 days ago)
Rally drivers are a different breed
6:08 YO Ma Mental. Dude just insulted the guy.
5:49 me leaving a party in my 1971 Charger somewhere in Wisconsin.
MK Ultra (8 days ago)
Tiina Tiina (8 days ago)
4.02 Estonian drivers.
DJ Minced (9 days ago)
3:40 Spierdalamy... ja nie umiem pływać kurwa :D
Tiago Goncalves (9 days ago)
1:50 ...200, jump over crest, flat maybe... Some say breakfast and toilette paper were served during their 0g flight. The navigator never took his eyes of the chart, such was his faith on the pilot.
Garfuck (9 days ago)
No problem!
REDX CARS (9 days ago)
DiomandNinja15 (9 days ago)
7:00 DEJA VU I haven't seen this night befor-7:06...........7:12*song continues*
peyton n (9 days ago)
some times it not crash saves
TheBlue22 (9 days ago)
Fucking madmen
Emre Ermin (11 days ago)
6:44 !!!! what the hell!
donvincenzoo (11 days ago)
spectator are very dangerous !
clifton559 (12 days ago)
fuk this stupid ass ad with the guy saying he was attacked because hes holding a phone showing nothing done to him what so ever so much fake ads and news these days wtf ?????
shaserv (12 days ago)
Fuck a bunch of nascar, these fuckers are Nutz.
MrUnit731 (13 days ago)
It's amazing how stupid some of the spectators are!
Bunta Fujiwara (14 days ago)
"Eurobeat intensifies"
Wyatt Stubbs (15 days ago)
So who pays for damage to state/country property
ThriquinoX (15 days ago)
9:22 Fock
ThriquinoX (15 days ago)
That guy at 1:11 showered dirt
Koshunae (15 days ago)
Ahh, Rally. The only sport where the fans are just as nuts as the competitors.
Isaac Ewell (15 days ago)
Hey that was me in the second video in the black:D
Raymond Karlsson (15 days ago)
Evan Conway (15 days ago)
6:08 Yo Mama Tall (sorry, that’s what he said)
jedrzej200 (16 days ago)
3:35 to do polski :P
Alessandro Soleo (16 days ago)
Estintore e italy
Don Benito (16 days ago)
Not problem... I'm ok, go. XD
ZVIMBIS LV (16 days ago)
So much latvian cars
BomaderryBoy16 _Gaming (16 days ago)
1:00 rip the engine
mji245 (17 days ago)
6:53 💦 💦💦💦 🍆
pafpaf paflol (17 days ago)
Müthiş gerçekten 👍
Breaking Cycles (17 days ago)
Rally drivers are a different species.
lisciatoredimele89 (17 days ago)
7:48 "Eccolo 'ui, Madonna Maiala!
New Music Lyrics. (17 days ago)
0:31 this is some fast and furious shit
Juliet PaPa (17 days ago)
3:40 hahaha "spjerdalamy"
Jack ofalltrades (18 days ago)
It is a young man's ride when you think you will not die or be hurt seriously. As you get older you realize pain hurts.
sirmugman (18 days ago)
dam! wha the fuck is in the mk2 escort?! it has to be one of the mexico or sporter versons as that was some hieght, just slap the new mk2 escort under it and sales will go though the roof!
David Starkey (18 days ago)
UK boy racers vs any B Road.
Anderson Daniel Gerwin (19 days ago)
sonic speed oh
Geralt Of Rivia (19 days ago)
That`s almost as good as Nascar, LOL!
Josh Hawkesford (19 days ago)
I still can't believe the ability these guys have unbelievable
Josh Hawkesford (19 days ago)
I still can't believe the ability these guys have unbelievable
i C (19 days ago)
So you can realistically drive through trees huh
Samsam (19 days ago)
3:10 Suomi perkele
Pablo Castro Carbón (19 days ago)
"Rally life is not bad", tell that to the 7 dead´s familys on 2015 rally la coruña.
Lego Stack (20 days ago)
i feel bad for the guy whos standing on the left --> 1:08
___ (20 days ago)
when admitting that the clips are just stolen from other youtubers, atleast have the decency to not plaster your own fat watermark on the video. The double standarts here are terrible.
Hobber (21 days ago)
2:50 Basically Forza Horizon 4
Vinicius Oliveira (21 days ago)
rally is awesome ;-; ;-; ;-; ;-;
3:33 done with the car
Spooks (22 days ago)
4:42 are actual NCPs
Blank 3341 (22 days ago)
that´s me driving to work everyday haha
The DJ (22 days ago)
girlfriend: my parents is not home Me: 1:50
Nother BLAst (22 days ago)
3:40 "fucking great, i cant swim"
alexander benz (23 days ago)
Ohne Holland fahren wir zu WM Ole Ole Einfach Hammer.....
That1KiddJ ™ (23 days ago)
if you sit on the outside of a turn, you deserve to get hit
Devin Shillington (23 days ago)
8:10 what the fuck are you doing using the "feeding the wheel" technique??
Zeng NuLi (24 days ago)
fly car.
Evan Carlyle (24 days ago)
8:37 is straight out of a forza horizon cover
Mohamad B (24 days ago)
Good vid
Jeffrey Salvador (24 days ago)
That guy at 7:32
Jeffrey Salvador (24 days ago)
"No problem, I'm okay, go..no problem" wow
Gerrad Reynolds (24 days ago)
0:53 quickest engine removal ever
Bralph888 (25 days ago)
Amazing video... insane
Scupacium (26 days ago)
the first clip shows why i love rally and not f1
Heather Kahl (26 days ago)
2:50 mark: Robert Kubica!!!
Brand (27 days ago)
bessarion123 (27 days ago)
2:50 - Kubica
MCCH (27 days ago)
1:50 is the real GOAT
Dash Up (27 days ago)
Italians do it better :)
iinterstell (27 days ago)
wonder what the co pilots think when their buddy crashes...
Genaddi Meneses (28 days ago)
8:31 "ThEy Say YoU CuT thE CouRse"
hayley thompson (28 days ago)
1:50 bae I'm home alone Me:
ProSpect (28 days ago)
4:24 I think i was at that rally :D
Valerio Caminada (28 days ago)
7:51 ahahaha l’Italia è l’italia.....
Aman Mohamed (29 days ago)
1:54 what a good driver 😂😂😂😂
Lumoxjr #TheNobeds (29 days ago)
0:29 Cars 1 anyone?
Lumoxjr #TheNobeds (8 days ago)
Tarek ayk 👌
Tarek ayk (9 days ago)
Lumoxjr #TheNobeds Lol, yeah
Jim Jones (29 days ago)
I rallied my Mother’s Buick one time. I was high on meth. I handled that bitch great, until I hit a cow. That cow turned out to be a playground slide in a local park. Jesus those kids got pissed off! Not as mad as my mother, after I brought that Buick Park Avenue home with a half of a playground slide and some bloody little handprints on the left front fender. Meth is a hell of drug.
Zack Legleiter (29 days ago)
1:50 ok now that was frickin cool
Dan The Meme Man (29 days ago)
2:51 New lumberjack service
Dan The Meme Man (29 days ago)
1:22 I Can Drift *CrAsH*
Flatline unkown (29 days ago)
How was 1:00 a save
Preethem Vidur (29 days ago)
ggerely (29 days ago)
Evos, them poor evos..
Hugh Mungus (30 days ago)
*RALLY* *LIFE* *IS* *NOT* *BAD* video proves otherwise
Shiny TV (30 days ago)
What if there’s an enduro but with cars
keepo (1 month ago)
I still dont understand how they drive those fwd shoeboxes so fast and sideways
0:53 watch me make this engine disappear
Tea Ting (1 month ago)
I came here for the crashes and I got what I was was hoping for thanks for not clickbating!
g zimmermann (1 month ago)
literally the first clip shows how garbage rally cars are... not even real whoops and the thing is bucked and flipped over lol... you guys literally couldn't drive ten miles in baja.

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