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RV DIY Solar: Connecting Charge Controller, Fuses & Terminal Posts

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DIY Solar Schematic: https://www.pippenings.com/rv-living/off-grid-rv-living-rv-diy-solar-hookup-schematic/ In this video I begin the final wiring and connections for my RV solar set up connecting and fusing the charge controller to the main battery terminal posts. Welcome to Pippi Peterson's YouTube Channel. A channel about RV living, RV renovations, RV maintenance and other Pippenings from a full-time RV resident. I post weekly on YouTube, Thursday afternoons and sometimes on other days of the week. Please subscribe for more updates and videos. HOW TO CONNECT Join the RV living community and join the RV living conversations on my RV living forum: https://www.pippenings.com/rv-living/rv-motorhome-life-forum/ Read up on RV living topics on my blog at: https://www.pippenings.com/rv-living/ Connect with me on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pippenings/ Find me also on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pippenings And Twitter: https://twitter.com/pippenings/ HOW TO SUPPORT If you'd like to support my video creation you can become a patron at: https://www.patreon.com/pippenings. You can also help out by ordering your Righty-Ro T-shirt designed and created by me at: https://www.pippenings.com/rv-supplies/product/righty-ro-lets-go-t-shirt/ If you're in need of any supplies for your RV, you can browse my RV market at: https://www.pippenings.com/rv-supplies/
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Text Comments (110)
Олег Маркин (4 months ago)
контроллер роскошный 12 ,24,48 в
George Jono (4 months ago)
what brand is your ac disconnect switch because the one that they have in HD, it only has 2 screw connection which is basically only can be use either for PV or Battery.
Pippi Peterson (4 months ago)
I did get the disconnect box from HD though 🤔
Pippi Peterson (4 months ago)
I had to order several parts online
Evgen Mozolevski (7 months ago)
I did something similar with Avasva solutions.
richard mcgarey (10 months ago)
Thank you for your intellect you seem to be well read and informed on solar. I have been watching videos on You tube for a while now concerning solar hook up,  I like what I see in you system. I have all the workings for my system,  I am about to hook up in my trailer as I plan to start a trip and doing some boon docking this summer. I plan on using your diagrams to set up my system similar to yours. look for some questions if I hit a stump in the process. thx
Nancie Kruse (1 year ago)
Way, way, waaaay over my head.
Bruce Samuelson (1 year ago)
I recommend putting a small computer fan against cooling fins of charge controller making your own wire coat hanger bracket to hold it in place like I did to keep it cool and stable power is what I did but other than that great job!
Dutch Courage (1 year ago)
Exciting and somewhat disappointed this is slowly coming to it's end ... i like solar a lot and i am looking forward to your experiences with it, yields and data etc.
Maggie Buchanan (1 year ago)
As always another great video ! Have a wonderful week ahead.......big hugs to you & Chase.
Harris Harris (1 year ago)
Wow, you never cease to amaze me Pippi ! You make it all look so easy! Did you hit the road yet or did I miss a video to two?
Pippi Peterson (1 year ago)
+Harris Harris Stay tuned for that! 😄
Bob Jones (1 year ago)
I love your chutzpah and your channel!
Sidney Boudro (1 year ago)
I don't think I would fuse both wires coming from a battery. Only the positive or the negative. It doesn't hurt to do it your way it is a complete disconnect but if you burn a fuse is the system negative against ground or is it positive.
tommcg1946 (1 year ago)
Thanks Pippi, that's going help a great deal. hope everything is cool. plan on hitting the road September or October for good. I'm 71 and have a big bucket list, maybe I'll run into you somewhere. in the meantime God Bless. Tom
Joan Hazelgrove (1 year ago)
Hi Pippi! I just received my "Righty Ro" tee shirt and I love it. Fits great and the quality is excellent.
Pippi Peterson (1 year ago)
+Joan Hazelgrove So good to hear. Thank you Joan!
Frank P (1 year ago)
Another well done project and another great video - thanks Pippi! Safe travels.....
Pippi always a great video thank you for being the woman that knows her stuff we all love you
Wayne Blackman (1 year ago)
Ms. Pippi you make the most boring things interesting. Thank you.
James Ricci (1 year ago)
Good video
Jim Russell (1 year ago)
Good video. I'd watch the temperature on the charge controller. Blocking off the top of the fins can cause reduced air flow. They generally need as much room at the top as they do at the bottom. Cheers.
Richie Rich (1 year ago)
Wow Pippi, can you come fix my house :) One talented Lady.
Salman Ja (1 year ago)
SO Rare ....
Derek Mcdonald (1 year ago)
Pipi your some lassie!! Good on you your the perfect woman!! xxx
Sewspcl (1 year ago)
You are a genius!
BeachRalphie (1 year ago)
OMG! Is there anything you can't do?????
SashNone (1 year ago)
MPPTerson!!! )))))
Pippi Peterson (1 year ago)
+SashNone 😂
Suzy Q (1 year ago)
I just have a little friendly suggestion. ☺ If you refer to another wonderful videos of yours...it would be nice to see a link in the description. I Love your vidoes! They're so informative. Travel On 🌺🌻🌼
Pippi Peterson (1 year ago)
+Suzy Q I may have forgotten that in the cards. Here's the link to the RV solar playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUyV9aUy0xEuHx1IFv-kalgV-aFoZRPu2 😄
tommcg1946 (1 year ago)
Hi pippi, I can't seem to find your schematics anywhere.please help. Tom
Pippi Peterson (1 year ago)
+tommcg1946 Sorry Tom, I totally forgot and am getting it finished today and hopefully uploaded tomorrow. No wifi where I'm camping right now so it has to wait for a town run. Stay tuned!
VintageModiste (1 year ago)
Great video Pippi, thanks for all the information! I don't understand why so many viewers are shocked by the fact that you can install your own photovoltaic system! You can't be pretty, smart, and handy! Really..... Katherine Coleman Goble Johnson was instrumental in putting the USA into space, lets face it, without her brilliant calculations it would have never happened when it did! Enough said.... Stay safe! ♥
Pippi Peterson (1 year ago)
+VintageModiste 👍❤️
Robert R. (1 year ago)
Nice video...and nice work, as usual, by you, Pipi!. a little suggestions MSEE. 1. Make a little schematic of your wiring and put it on the inner door. Time weakens the mind. 2. Coat all your connections with Lithium grease. All this is in an uncontrolled environment. 3. Make sure all of your fuse ratings are spec'd out and the fuses are FAST with indicators..
PaperPlanesParadise (1 year ago)
thanks for the DYI
RPM (1 year ago)
You amaze me...I was all proud of myself getting a 300watt Renogy kit but seems like a joke compared to your hardware...
Kevin P. Lane (1 year ago)
nice getting ready for travel and be somewhat off grid? nicely done... so would a goal zero yeti 1400 watts hours worked for redoing a 27' van electric system? please view my video to see my project?
C Smoothsk8ter (1 year ago)
How could anybody dislike this video? There are some strange people out there in this world that's all I have to say.
C Smoothsk8ter (1 year ago)
Once again you amaze me!! And you make it look so easy LOL
TheConspiracy Realist (1 year ago)
Good job, and looks real clean too . I hope you will have some kind of plastic terminal enclosures to cover the positive terminal junction to protect it from anything bumping into it or accidentally shorting it out. Just a simple protective , sturdy cover that will prevent the unthinkable from happening. I've done my own Dodge Cargo Van 3500 conversion with solar panels, inverter, an MPPT charge controller, etc.. And I run my super quiet and efficient mini-fridge (with 2 exterior doors that has an upper freezer like the big boys have...) And I run that 24/7 with no problems, and it uses only a 0.80 amp draw when it cycles on... And super quiet! If you need more info let me know. You're doing a bang up job... congrats! and be safe. 😎
Yes! Your wearing a hat, awesome...
Very nice..but why not mount them indoors were you can access them easily and keep them dry ?
Russ Quattlebaum (1 year ago)
You have a great way of explaining things that always has value, thank you for all you do.
PAT DOWNEY (1 year ago)
Aren't you suppose to connect the charge controller to the battery first BEFORE the panels are connected. I have a PWM controller and fried it once doing it your way. Thanks.
PAT DOWNEY (1 year ago)
Wow, Dummy me. Thanks.
Pippi Peterson (1 year ago)
+PAT DOWNEY Yhats why the fuses are there. So there's no connection when they're pulled.
Troy Kirchner (1 year ago)
Are you planning on adding a DC-DC charger to help charge while you drive ?
randy wyrick (1 year ago)
I'm very impressed that you are so knowledgeable with all the projects and upgrades you do. You are definitely one in a million. Hope you have a great evening. :)
kragseven (1 year ago)
Her father is an electrical engineer and she does ask him things but I think she is very intelligent and does most of her own studying. You can't sit there and rattle all that stuff off ,just from a phone call to dad
Brian Middleton (1 year ago)
I wouldn't doubt when filming the wire installation that Pippi was using her left foot to video what she was doing. Monkey feet.
Sung Kim (1 year ago)
Thumbs up!! Great job
Joe Video (1 year ago)
Gorgeous strong!
Jerry Densmore (1 year ago)
Looks very professional young lady. Good job so far and thanks for sharing. Before you put the fuse for input to controller make sure the battery is connected to the controller first before the panels input. I remember reading that someplace so the controller can adjust itself to the proper voltage for output. I do think what I read was for your particular controller.
Kevin Connolly (1 year ago)
Gal dang that's a lot of battery power. Aren't you gonna have to haul those huge things out of there every time you want to check the water level?
Pippi Peterson (1 year ago)
+Kevin Connolly Stay tuned for the Maintenance video.
Sergio Perez (1 year ago)
Morning star is really the best, we use them out in the oilfield of the Permian basin. They work great as long as you connect them correctly
justsomeguy (1 year ago)
You are braver than I. I would hire a professional. Looks good.
Todd Ramsay (1 year ago)
Great video, you made it simple to understand and I am changing some of my schematic to build my own solar network. I had some redundant things I really don't need. Thanks for sharing
bobvise7 (1 year ago)
fantastic video
Dennis Pelaez (1 year ago)
Nice job on the video and install!
ngneer999 (1 year ago)
Interesting that there will be a slight negative voltage from vehicle ground to battery ground. Instinct is to tie battery ground directly to body ground but there's nothing wrong with the more creative solution of placing the shunt in the battery ground line. I guess I've never thought about how this type of power monitoring works.
sok8888 (1 year ago)
Current practice is to separate house battery ground from vehicle battery frame ground to reduces ground loops, poor connections, noise. People are using the vehicle frame to ground everything, include wiring it to earth ground, which is bad. Also, "floating" the house battery system from the frame is a safety to prevent electrical fire as any loose wiring touching the frame will not short.
Hey what's up how's it going pippi
steve ballard (1 year ago)
Great job ,Thanks for sharing
Kathy Girlygirl (1 year ago)
Once again, you blow me away with all you do. Great job!
john kraemer (1 year ago)
Keep up the good work miss pippi
tigerbyte0 (1 year ago)
Nice Pippi - esp the fuse box explanation (switch modality).
keith ellis (1 year ago)
pippi your somethin else! cheers to ya!
Pippi Peterson (1 year ago)
+keith ellis Thank you!
Scrambyvision Gaming (1 year ago)
Great video. Been hoping for this type of video. I like how you explain things so patiently. Keep it up.
Trippy Hippie (1 year ago)
Again,..... Princess "Bad Ass" with another great video.. Job well done. Be safe out there.
Theresa Buchtel (1 year ago)
I love your videos! They're always so informative and well thought out!
Jeep TJ5 (1 year ago)
Keep an eye on the battery fuse. I installed essentially the same setup as you, including the MPPT-60 controller, and using a 60 amp air conditioner disconnect. My system outputs from 40 to 50 amps during mid-day charging. After a while, the metal clips holding the fuses heated and discolored. As time went on, they got hotter and hotter until the fuse actually melted. I replaced the disconnect and the same thing happened again. Since then I use DC breakers. 80 amp for battery and 15 amp for solar. Good Luck with your system!
Andrew Oldenburg (1 year ago)
AC and DC circuit breakers are built very differently. It is easy to break the fault current for AC because the current goes to zero on every cycle. With DC, as the contacts try to open the fault current arc will continue to grow as the contacts are separating. The higher the DC voltage/current that is being interrupted, the harder it is to break the arc. Switches have different AC and DC ratings for same reason. Only use breakers/disconnects/switches for DC that carry the appropriate DC rating. So this is another issue to be aware when using stuff intended for AC in a DC application.
Jeep TJ5 (1 year ago)
Sorry Pippi, don't mean to hijack your post. DIY Tesla: I am no expert on DC systems, but your last comment on breakers not protecting against a short - I don't understand. If there's a true short, the voltage would be almost 0, but the current would very high. The breaker should trip. Not true??
Jeep TJ5 (1 year ago)
Well I suspect that if I had been using the box as an air conditioner disconnect and had been drawing 40 to 60 amps on a continuous basis, the unit would have suffered the same fate. In this case, its the amperage that causes the heating. It's unlikely that either the voltage or the AC/ DC part of the equation made much difference.
Pippi Peterson (1 year ago)
+Jeep TJ5 Thanks for the heads up!
Dave Lawerence (1 year ago)
hi pippi not only value and entertainment but your smile puts a smile on me and in my heart . dave from Orillia ontario cdn at my age not much puts a smile on me
Odin31b (1 year ago)
Thanks for posting..
joe groves (1 year ago)
you amaze me , that solar wiring can be a little tricky but you nailed it and did a great job explaining what you were doing. GOOD JOB!!!!! Just may want to double check the clearance on the charge controller, just sayin
Benjamin Peters (1 year ago)
Pipi, You might want to watch the wireing in and out of the metal nm conectors that you are useing into the ac disconnect from your mppt controller. The make plastic connectors that would insulate the wire insulation from metal enclosures being used. The wire will and short to chassic ground and could start a fire in your battery compartment. PS love your site. :) petnjoy1
nobonkin (1 year ago)
Shouldn't the 6 inch clearance be at the top, as hot air rises? Also how does a charge controller store current in large enough amounts to require a larger wire at the output?
Paul Grimshaw (1 year ago)
Pippi only has 600W of panels.  The controller is rated 99% efficient so at peak output the controller will only need to dissipate 6W.  With such a large heat sink this won't be a problem.  Also there's no energy storage in the controller.  With Pippi's solar setup she has 18A at 36V coming from the panels, and a 24V battery bank.  The controller converts the voltage whilst maintaining the power, so with a 2/3 of the voltage going out it generates 3/2 times the current.   That's 27A going into the batteries, requiring a larger battery cable. EDIT - just realised she's wiring the batteries for 24V, not 12V, so corrected as above.
nobonkin (1 year ago)
Jeep TJ5 (1 year ago)
The charge controller doesn't store energy, but it is a DC to DC converter. So if she has 36 volts at 10 amps coming in she would have 30 amps at 12 volts going out. Wire size is based on amps not watts.
nobonkin (1 year ago)
Yes, especially in a small enclosed space. The unit must have several fairly large capacitors to give it higher power out than the input. Wondering why?
GRW (1 year ago)
Looks like the heat sink is on the top, and would need the clearance from the overhead panel.
Chip Tessen (1 year ago)
I need to find one of those charge controllers that absorb the energy.
BigFireDave (1 year ago)
In an odd sorta way an mppt charge controller does in fact sorta absorb and release energy <a very simplistic description of a complex operation> inn order to take in high voltage low amperage and put out low voltage higher amperage. So you want a mppt charge controller and they are available to anyone that has the bucks to buy them.
Yusif Me (1 year ago)
you always adorable and gorgeous
safeharbor7 (1 year ago)
You are a very impressive and beautiful lady Pippi. Big thumbs up...
DUSTY1373 (1 year ago)
Nice video..you are cheerful and gorgeous
Paradigm2012Shift (1 year ago)
Very cool, Pippi. I could picture you as an Astronaut working on a space craft for NASA. Thanks for sharing.
michael adams (1 year ago)
not for NASA but for Elon Musk.
Rolandboyd.rb60 Boyd (1 year ago)
that was a great video by the way your hair is getting very long it looks great keep it growing Pippi
Hunter TECH (1 year ago)
@pippi peterson your RV by the time look like mobile Power plant ☺ thank you for the video
Fred McIntyre (1 year ago)
Thanks once again for all the info Pippi! 👍
Boondocker Bill (1 year ago)
You are always so informative and you take your time and think out your explanation which gives me time to understand it thank you
wyattoneable (1 year ago)
You do a very good job explaining the installation Pippi. Nice job.
craig Pappas (1 year ago)
I like your videos​. Watching them. Making a decision to purchase an RV.
ThatGuyScott (1 year ago)
Marry me
H.A.Y - ART DESIGN (1 year ago)

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