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Seal - Crazy

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Ahmed Abolaji (3 days ago)
first time to listen to this song. I was 4years old when the song was released..
Thor R-punkt (4 days ago)
Still Love this so much
Veja como estou louco , isso é música.
Rita Jones (2 months ago)
Just unique talent hope he survives x
Joey Trimble (2 months ago)
always liked seal...he always reminded me of frank Bruno ..they both have similar features
Estella (3 months ago)
I am not crazy, and not mad but i do admit i am a fool for love
nanah p (3 months ago)
This is how you make a video This how you perform.
Sabrina Hutz (3 months ago)
Beautful song the lyrics are so true
Sofia Madvali (3 months ago)
Haven't heard this song in years, nostalgia
Keanu Reeves (4 months ago)
madrox (5 months ago)
I still bump this in my system in my truck people look over at me and probably think bro this isnt the 90s hahaha. But i dgaf!!!
Andrés M. (5 months ago)
wow, music and video are so cool, is almost impossible to believe that this is more than 20 years old!!
Lila L (5 months ago)
2018 and this song still rocks
Anthony Enriquez (5 months ago)
Brenda Castillo (5 months ago)
Buen pop noventero 👌 Good 90's pop
Werner S (6 months ago)
This whole album is great. Listen to the whole thing at one time. I have the cd in my car. Great on trips.
Nakkid Frodo (6 months ago)
This dude was so ahead of his time with this song. He also looks super fantastic here.
Garrett Miller (6 months ago)
The thing I like about this song I in a way made it a anthem for each generation for myself to listen to people don't like the way each Young Generation Act but if they don't stand up and maybe even get a little crazy the past of the old will take away their freedoms for tomorrow like the music I listen to was totally different but anyways rhythmically the same my group at came and went and the new group had came and went but I still listen to this song as an answer to the change I see every time young people have to stand up wrong or right for the amazing Freedom dating freedom and as social enjoyment the past will lock them up as prisoners and make us slaves again sometimes we all have to stand up and get a little crazy especially against the regime of today
DrumSurgery (6 months ago)
Trevor Horn.... 'nuff said!
Mayito Suarez (7 months ago)
me encanta este artista
Mayito Suarez (7 months ago)
me encanta este artista
Silver Juice (7 months ago)
The theme of my life
Kane Williams (8 months ago)
Songs like this are fun because it's nostalgic but fucks like this kid are what killed music as we knew it.
JAAPIOJO (9 months ago)
Man I need to go to sleep. But this is feels more important right now. Listening 2018 and beyond.
Amanda Lott (10 months ago)
Throw back to when Seal had hair.
111Jurgita Perekopskyte (10 months ago)
It does not matter how old this song is😄 It is amazing
Moo Bear (10 months ago)
T U (11 months ago)
Larry Floyd (11 months ago)
This is a great song by seal. He has a voice with a lot of talent and he's still going strong.
Bojangles (11 months ago)
Varg Vikerness brought me here
Helen Mc Kenna (11 months ago)
Seal. what a sexy man
vignier pascal (1 year ago)
sublime à tous les un petit fous salut 😊
Michael Robles (1 year ago)
Never ever seen this video....man where was I back then. Oh yeah geten my GROOVE on....'so many men so little time'
Xplicit Suizyd (1 year ago)
Great song. Great memories. Indianapolis, In 2009.
D c (1 year ago)
This song makes me think of the dessert. ☼🔅🏜🏜🏜🏜🏜🏜🏜 love the summer time.
Moo Bear (1 year ago)
on a play-roundabout in a big park in canberra one day, I wanna say commonweath park?
James Nicholson (1 year ago)
brilliant brilliant love this song come out in 90 or 91 Seal outstanding!!
augusto Ricardo (1 year ago)
Neo Me (1 year ago)
Ahh '91, my Sophomore High School year...take me back please!
Edmillson Santos (1 year ago)
Barbara Tully (1 year ago)
love this song
Celab Chew (1 year ago)
Not a seal fan don't really found it nice too 👎
xx (1 year ago)
One of the most beautiful songs ever. Seal- sexy and great voice.
thiago alexandre (1 year ago)
Alexandre Torrent (1 year ago)
muito bom ouvir seal
Brian Lee (1 year ago)
Saw Seal get eaten by a shark, which prompted me to YouTube him. Great tune!
Sarah Keanie (1 year ago)
Brilliant song...and very apt when you've just found out your soul-mate of one year and two months has been seeing another woman the whole time. Crazy indeed :)
Metaluna Zombie (1 year ago)
90s when long coats were in
birdina stamiforth (1 year ago)
met u in whistler remember me played ur song....werll
birdina stamiforth (1 year ago)
Dorene Lopez (1 year ago)
love it
CrazyPlatypus89 (1 year ago)
seal literly had hair? he looks better!!!
Yue Nguyen (1 year ago)
Crazy good...
Kev Hood (1 year ago)
crazy! it is a classic!
Diana McCarty (1 year ago)
Seal, Seal, Seal! Delta?!?! Seriously?? Oh man, you could do better.......Get back with Heidi!! Anyway, great song Seal! Love it! :-)
dee Franklin (1 year ago)
good nesstune
Sid S (1 year ago)
My good Old Schools days!
Julika Barine (1 year ago)
My favorite song
Malcolm Kamo (1 year ago)
In 1991, I remember seeing this video on tv in Amsterdam where I celebrated my 21st Birthday. I will always remember that time of my life.
Serret Shirley (1 year ago)
wata a man sexy woww lv U seal
Serret Shirley (1 year ago)
i love that song still Great Seal love Uuuuuu
Howard Urban (1 year ago)
art in its truest for me
muy buen tema que clasico lindo recuerdo de los años 90 inolvidable
lisa schliesman (1 year ago)
gotta get into the groove
Serret Shirley (1 year ago)
Wow still sexy yessssssssssssssss
Ryan Kelly (1 year ago)
Love Seal!
C Daless (1 year ago)
Mikael Springfjäll (1 year ago)
i feel that base rhythm just go on and on, and i just can't sit still..
Jiffy Jim (1 year ago)
most awesome song I ever heard in my life..ten stars for seal..I hope he gets this message..nuff said.
Keli Madden (1 year ago)
this song is a classic. it will sound superd in 20 30 40 100 years time. master piece. always come back to this song. reminds my artistic soul of truth and passion
Will Purdie (1 year ago)
brings back memories
Piquot Evelyne (1 year ago)
Laura G. Briskman (1 year ago)
I think if we just close our eyes and listen to the actual words we would have to agree that we truly could not survive without being a little bit crazy
taurusfroggy (1 year ago)
Seal's best song. Kiss from a Rose is so overrated.
Zero State (1 month ago)
Kiss from my arse!!!
Matthew Andrews (2 months ago)
yeah Batman Forever
Tsuruta1 (5 months ago)
taurusfroggy That song was only made popular having been used in one of the "Batman" films.
lurch321 (7 months ago)
taurusfroggy He has yet to match the quality of this one.  Seems like after this, he only specialized in sappy ballads (like Rose).  Too bad for us.
lisa schliesman (1 year ago)
i totally agree hand down no shit
John Ashtone (1 year ago)
I hadn't heard this in an age, (but then I rarely shop in Asda lol) still brilliant. Seal has to be one of the most respected people in British Music.
Elizabeth Robertson (1 year ago)
Brilliant song
Nathan William Media (2 years ago)
Crazy clip considering it was made in the early 90's. Love this song.
kevin hay (2 years ago)
first seen him with Adamski and killer check it out
Sergio Carod (2 years ago)
es soportable;-)
donny woody (2 years ago)
we're never going to survive unless we get a little crazy
Manveer Singh (2 years ago)
This is some crazy shit (I mean that in a good way)
judy wade (2 years ago)
what a sexy body
TONI (2 years ago)
Joan McDonald (2 years ago)
pm michael (2 years ago)
I used to listen this and also killer by Seal in my VW Golf II back in early 90's !!!
Katrin Sailer (2 years ago)
love this song
pkk200 (2 years ago)
Good song to drive to.
William Jacobs (2 years ago)
Songs like this is what makes me happy and strive for a better day. I'm so glad that music that was made in the 90s are still available to listen to.
William Jacobs (2 years ago)
I really enjoy reading everyone's life or writing and it shows that we are still doing okay today.
Mavis Chimunye (2 years ago)
fantastic I luv this song.everyday I listen to this crazzzy song mwaaah
remingtonh (2 years ago)
I would have thought late '90's, didn't realize it was '91. Ahead of it's time.
Kane Williams (8 months ago)
remingtonh dumbass. Ahead of it's time? Music has been getting worse and worse every year.
Head Bitch In Charge (1 year ago)
LOL Yeah you were WAY off lol
drfenderfunk (1 year ago)
remingtonh This song kickstarted the club music of the early-mid 90's like "The Sign", "What is Love", "Mr. Vain", etc.
Munster (2 years ago)
cork city
Luis nose (2 years ago)
Love this song since I heard it in 1990 in the army -MYSTIC-
Luis nose (1 year ago)
Anyway, I was in the army until july 1991 :)
defpickles98 (1 year ago)
this song came out in 1991
Panos Psihoulas (2 years ago)
like me very much
Wanoir Lima (2 years ago)
Gostei muito legal a música
Rachel Boyd (2 years ago)
I heard this while shopping at Office Works recently. I thought it was a new song. 1991? The production quality and the style is very forward.
Kent Murray (2 months ago)
Rachel Boyd totally agree. The producer is the legendary Trevor Horn, look him up and you’ll see that he has produced some of the best tracks of all time. It doesn’t hurt that he had Seal singing on this of course. 😉
Arie Aart (2 years ago)
Cornhole Cruiser (2 years ago)
Fuck this song is good m8
La jack (2 years ago)
A great song from ,1991 it was a good year!!!!
Legendary Music (2 years ago)
I completely forgot about this, until I heard it while walking around my local ASDA (a UK supermarket chain owned by Walmart, for those in the USA). I had to blast it out as soon as I got home.
Rick D (6 months ago)
This song was used on the show Miami Vice, along with Phil Collins, " In The Air Tonight" among others.
Goibon udenlove (1 year ago)
I was playing wow and this guy said that I was crazy for not talking to him for almost a year, so I replied "no we're never gonna survive, unless, we are a little crazy"
MrLee2e (2 years ago)
i work in tesco - and this came on and thought the same thing
Matt Brum (2 years ago)
me in Poundland!! so funny

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