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Sisters found dead and bound together along Hudson River

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The bodies of two sisters were found bound together with duct tape on the banks of New York's Hudson River. The sisters were Saudi citizens and students who were accompanying their brother in Washington, the Royal Consulate General of Saudi Arabia in New York said. #CNN #News
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isaac negasi (14 days ago)
Nah they loved the freedom here in america, but
Jay Ritch (29 days ago)
Sounds like a plot to a James Bond movie.
atube4view (1 month ago)
Makeup Wakeup (1 month ago)
‏ I hope how killed them gets killed and he will go to hell in Shalla ‏حسبي الله ونعم الوكيل
Said ex-muslim Atheist (1 month ago)
American society seem to be very intellectually crippled when it comes to what's going on in the societies... this is honor killing which United States have zero understanding. Most of the time failed to protect vulnerable kids
Wendy Brooks (1 month ago)
Yeah a lot of sisters tape themselves together and then one kills the other. WHAT ARE YOU???? MENTAL???? It’s murder.
Elmo Bennett (1 month ago)
Looks like a family killer!
soraya lozoya (1 month ago)
I don't think they taped them self tbh
Jrjjd Bdndnd (1 month ago)
Investigate the parents this is not the first time that's happened they have a very different way of disciplining especially the daughters who knows what these girls was trying to get away from
Vnix LFLRecords (1 month ago)
Amber Robinson (1 month ago)
Why no talk on this😑😶😑
Zulma Gonzalez (1 month ago)
It saddens me that these young ladies lives were so horrific that they felt the only way out was to take their own lives. If this was an honor killing it only makes this tragedy even worse and more horrific. May they rest in peace!
Linda Wheatley (1 month ago)
Brainwashed parents would kill their own children because they didn't want to be slaves to a sick religion.
Leena (1 month ago)
Jamal Khashoggis murdered nothing came out, sisters murdered nothing will come out. We are getting $$$ deals. 😊😊
House Majority (1 month ago)
Some kind of zealot hate crime.
Desert Flower (1 month ago)
Wait 2 sisters end up bounded together in the Hudson River and the police not treating it a homicide so the sisters kill them duck tape their bodies together and throw themselves in the Hudson River 🤔
s r (1 month ago)
The sisters got into a fistfight and fell on a roll of tape, causing the tape to bind them together. They went to the river to loosen the tape with water but fell into it due to one of them not wearing a headscarf and thus suffering from a heat stroke. Such accidents are unfortunately caused by people not adhering to their traditions.
Melted Cheese (1 month ago)
But hey Saudi Arabia is our friend,the best of friend.
mubarak elrieh (1 month ago)
America is a country of killing
EuromanMovieReport (1 month ago)
Maybe one of those so-called honour killings. Where the family murder female relatives.
Manuela Costa Lima (1 month ago)
The tragic death of these two sisters looks like a double homicide to me. They wouldn't tape their bodies together. They were murdered.
xorbodude (1 month ago)
Saudi steps up its attack
Marvelous me (1 month ago)
They applied for asylum in an American government entity and the Saudis were notified which is just amazing
kcmn00 (1 month ago)
Honor killing
lovewhispers68 (1 month ago)
Sounds like an honor killing
faaaduma (1 month ago)
If they were rebelling against their family, it’s probably an honor killing. May their souls Rest In Peace.
Jeff Maxim (1 month ago)
It was probably a leftist
Tiar Tenorio-Atoigue (1 month ago)
Saudia females found taped together dead? Probably got killed by a damn Trump-et. God bless them and their family.
DJ QuackQuack (1 month ago)
Wow, its shocking to me that people don’t no what happend and are ’chocked’ to se this tragedi. This is our reality in the arab word, this is what makes people lose faith in our puppets regime. And yes this is why the hatred against western countrys and US are growing each and every day. I think Trump said it best when he said, Without us The Saudi king wouldnt last for more then 2 weeks. The one’s who are paying the price so you can drive youre Land Rover at a cheap price is arab youth, journalist and everybody that dare to speak against the tyrans.
Roberto Rojo (1 month ago)
The murder is clearly the crown of Saudi Arabia Ben Salman. He is a dangerous psycho.. He haves an international killing commando with name Leon
Trap Soul (1 month ago)
Muslim honor killings
Two-tone Blue (1 month ago)
Another Saudi hit squad, safe to assume? What a nest of vipers. I say we buy our oil elsewhere and let those fuckers drink theirs. bin Salman's? We know what you are. You snakes aren't fooling anyone.
frances gaia (1 month ago)
In regards to the 2 Saudi sisters duct taped together and floating down the Hudson river, authorities say they were alive when they entered the water. dailymail.co.uk
Nazmus Sakib (1 month ago)
hmm.. Saudi shits are so powerful
Foxy Fiske (1 month ago)
Saudi nationals are evil, vile people. A country where Arabs are ruled by Jews.
William Acer (1 month ago)
two more victim of Saudi Prince family, Salman The king Coward, after A seven-year-old Yemeni girl, whose haunting image of starvation take the heart away, where in Yemen thousand of children die by starvation, like seven years old Yemini girl, because of Saudi Blockage. The world leaders are aware of the facts and they are watching- shame on human kind. All those cowards are living well which include Israel burning children in playground by phosphorus bomb, and Mr.Bush who is responsible of over half a million death, mostly women and children by his illegal war in Iraq based on lies. Hell is waiting for these Cowards, get ready to burn in hell fire.
Jean Alzaidi (1 month ago)
Probably honor killings they said that the embassy contacted the mom about them wanting Asylum and wanting to stay here probably not the smartest move on the part of the government I doubt their father and brothers would allow that with them being unmarried I pray there's Justice for these girls a lot is changing within these muslim countries for the betterment and empowerment of woman but many are still attached too the old customs of arranged marriages and keeping their women uneducated so that they are naive And obey these girls have to try to escape if they want any type of an education or they don't want to be forced into marriage is at a very early age and they have as many children as the husband sees fit I'm hoping this is not what happened with these young ladies That they were murdered simply because they wanted to be strong independent women and make their own choices in life
Maria Wade (1 month ago)
I have NO DOUBT that they were murder by family members. This is nothing new.... when westernized muslims females want to become independent and not put up with the kind of abuse those kind of families apply to their kids due to their culture and religion. Their deads are not a coincidence. Besides, those people in their language KEEP so many secrets and they are THE BIGGEST LIARS TOO. I say follow the trail in with in the family/relatives.
Baby Ricotv1 (1 month ago)
Please catch the murder who did this 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
Max Banner (1 month ago)
honour killing
Rogue N P C (1 month ago)
Trump's fault.
David Ransome (1 month ago)
No such thing as an Islamic hornor killing. People are confusing Arab culture with Islam. READ FOR ONCE IN YOUR LIFE
Haqim Al-Arabia (1 month ago)
If they would be wearing niqabs this could have been avoided; this is why it is so important to beat submission to Islam into the young girls and stop them from becoming whores. Inshallah their father will buy a new wife and have new daughters.
religion is poisonous (1 month ago)
I'll bet this was a "honor kiling" from some greasy muslim man. Probably her own brother or father. The girls probably watched MTV or bought makeup.
Arlene Duran (1 month ago)
To the smelly dead fish that's tired of living in a parasaic land, first take soap and wash your eggplant really well if you want to try Venezuela and the rest of parasaic countries I will buy you a ticket anywhere you 👍 but you have to wash u know, i mean really the smell of dirty pussy is invading us all please don't hesitate to ask trump is giving u a lift you might feel better to find where the res soap and water........where the he'll are you from.....you have created a lot of nice people to detest your smelly butt and check it for your own parasites skunks woman.
Liza Tanzawa (1 month ago)
Time to kick Saudi Arabia to the curb. This is horrible.
Kay Hawkins (1 month ago)
The brother murdered them. It is his honor bound duty to murder them. Women have no say and to defy is to die.
M SS (1 month ago)
they were wearing expensive clothes! in Manhattan😝😝 Many Saudi students were killed for owning expensive cars or clothes no offense but usully Blacks and latinos are behind those crimes Im not racists but its the truth
Far beyond Driven (1 month ago)
these idiots just learned honor killings yesterday ...now any arab women gets killed is honor killings ...seems legit
Lennox Beharry (1 month ago)
Honor killing ?
NaderR (1 month ago)
Consul in Istanbul, embassy in US.
gap949 (1 month ago)
Trump and Co....going to spin it as Suicide to cover up for MBS !
ali abdi (1 month ago)
Eventually anyone that criticizes trump will end up in a river if the crazy 36% win the election. Take back your freedom if you deserve it.
ali abdi (1 month ago)
Talk about dirty money.lol
ali abdi (1 month ago)
Trump did say it didn’t happen on American soil justifying the killing of a reporter. Killing by the saud crazy prince will not change as long as trump and his family can make money from them. America! You picked a want to be dictator so don’t be surprised. Lol
Alnoor Gilani (1 month ago)
looks like bone saw prince salman handywork😄
A. Saleh (1 month ago)
It's unlikely to be "honor killing", usually it's saudi families that are less conservative that allow their daughters to study in western countries, and even if the situation turned really bad it would be wiser to just return their daughter back to saudi arabia rather than kill her, especially the 16 yo girl
Defective Clone (1 month ago)
Probably another trump supporter. Like the last 3 mass murders over the past 2 weeks.
Honkytonkified (1 month ago)
Is this related to khashoggi's death?
Tyler Welch (1 month ago)
You know it was a honor killing by fam or another Saudi. It's sad this is what they were trying to escape in America. It could be a stunt too by the Saudi Arabian to divert attention off them on too America.
SomeRandomGuyOnYouTube (1 month ago)
Every time I hear Saudi students are being murdered in the US. My people should learn that they should stay away from that hostile country, Europe is far better alternative for higher education.
SomeRandomGuyOnYouTube (1 month ago)
For all ignorant people who say "honor killing", such thing happens only in rural parts of poor countries not in Saudi Arabia.
Unknown User (1 month ago)
Why is this on cnn? Oh wait that’s right cnn are supporters of the left....... So wait a min so if they were not Arabic they won’t see it as suicide so you saying Arabic’s aren’t criminals or get into trouble? Oh please! Usually Arabic female deaths happens due to parents killed them because they possible dated a american or had sex with a none american or was force to married at underage and maybe the other sister stepped in to help when you duct tape two females you don’t have to toss them at a height because they ain’t going no where plus the water pushes things away depend the area where it was where current pushes you don’t need no blunts or damages to the body because it’s possible it was dump from a low height or person was on the rocks dah You don’t go out shopping and eating and going to high end hotel then duct tape your self to another person and to kill your self it doesn’t sound like nypd took is case seriously I don’t buy it plus on top of that coming here to this country for a better how the hell do they end up with credit card and going to high end places and shopping another question who’s going to pay for that? Do they work? Very bad police work
LEGACY PROJECT (1 month ago)
“Not sure if treating it as a homicide”? WTH. yeah they must have taped themselves together. Is this the new America. People washer sure taped together and the police question whether it’s a murder
ame7272 (1 month ago)
100% grantee the Saudi puppet vicious prince did it because their family asked for asylum. They killer them just like they killed that journalist and as long as they can keep paying $$ the authorities in america will keep quiet and make up stories. I am glad the west installed that animal puppet...i want things to speed up in the East...and always not in the direction they want. So let him do more.
MASTER BLASTER (1 month ago)
Liberals won't call this murder - taped and dumped in the river - nothing will happen to anyone
Marcus fuller (1 month ago)
I bet their Father did it. No American killed those girls their own people did it...case closed.
Jessica Landaverde (1 month ago)
Honor killing?
m v (1 month ago)
Please do all you can to find out whoever murdered these beautiful babies.
dangboodang (1 month ago)
It's time to get right with God people.
JK JK (1 month ago)
Murder someone wrote!
Sam Ogla (1 month ago)
Hey fake jale why dont you blame trump for there deaths? Fucking moron
Ramon Sandoval (1 month ago)
Trumps friends and partners he loves the Saudis even though 18 of the 20 who brought down the twin towers
StEmS509 (1 month ago)
Somethings fishy with this story🤔
Ismael Ferrera (1 month ago)
Bruh how she gonna duct tape her self
James (1 month ago)
99.99999 percent of the people here have no idea what actually happened. But yet everyone seems to know exactly what happened.
mefit1 (1 month ago)
Right Wing = Domestic Terrorist
moodmuzik (1 month ago)
Sound's like an honor killing. They were liking America and American culture and didn't want to go back to that hell hole Saudi Arabia.
Duece Momm (1 month ago)
Problem a Trump supporter 😡😢
Eric Brooks (1 month ago)
They know they were killed & my number one suspect is a white male that votes Republican!
Alpha Delta (1 month ago)
It's a mistake to theorize before we have facts. I despise the Saudis who behead more people than ISIS and who almost definitely killed Khashoggi but we shouldn't get clouded by recent event noise. That being said, they are and should be the first to be investigated.
Muens Fils (1 month ago)
The girls applied for asylum bcoz they wanted to go in no freedom society, they were enjoying in USA the brother and imediatly family must treated as person of interest
Maria Filipina (1 month ago)
A so-called honor killing. So sad
ms.lemonpie 216 (1 month ago)
Honor killings
Shane McGrath (1 month ago)
Seems odd ?....no shit Sherlock
There Their They're (1 month ago)
Happens everyday in Islamic States, been there, see it, really sucks! Welcome to reality, the world is an evil place, and Utopia doesn't, nor will ever exist...
did a kishoggi in the USA this time, did trump know about this assassination too?
trapper surg (1 month ago)
Man, these Saudi's have been busy lately
BKK (1 month ago)
CNN fake news
B-Rad (1 month ago)
That’s how they roll, they shamed their family
Kelly Pierce (1 month ago)
How sad and despicable
York Downs (1 month ago)
Sounds like an honour killing to me.
S H (1 month ago)
John Ryan (1 month ago)
Saudi Arabia now murdering people within the US? But hey we do not want to jeopardize our weapon sales. Just ask good Christians like Pat Robertson.
Bob Moore (1 month ago)
They were obviously killed. They applied for asylum. They don't give a fuck over there. Clintons dont either.
Trevor Jackson (1 month ago)
Easy one of the men in their family did it. That is the way of their culture (Islam); woman are property and essentially slaves. Be very careful people, you can not combat a religion that is also a government.
Christopher Evans (1 month ago)
Funny how the coverage of a Middle East country being barbaric has suddenly gone from an exercise in racist rhetoric to a compassionate moral high ground. Saying Iran is a Islamic theocracy that supports radical terror and political killing is racist and wrong... Saudi Arabia, though - PURE EVIL! Shouldn't this be a time when we acknowledge that there's essentially no good country in the Middle East by Western standards? There's basically just the ones that hate the West, and the ones that hate the West but will forward our interests for money. Saudi Arabia has been behaving this way since the beginning! How many people have been beheaded there? It's been illegal to even speak ill of the Royal Family. There's no country in the Muslim World that doesn't commit acts like this. The media went absolutely off their rockers with the "Muslim Ban" that barred travel from countries with significant terror ties; and they went to the zoo over the Iran Deal. Everything was racist! Now, they found some kind of morality in protesting Saudi Arabia. Do as I say, not as I do.
SnowmansApartment (1 month ago)
Just proving again that the world is fucked up... The only thing that change this fact is education..
Treasure Velasquez (1 month ago)
Convieniently, the Saudi "Security" officers are in the US because some of their bigwigs are visiting RMAGADON and his Wet House fiends. Now there is foreign terror spy/revenge/royal insider conntected murders in NY, not a Turkish consulate. There is no doubting a connection to Kashoggi, the US's INF Treaty breakage, the Massive Militant border increase, the insistance that any Constitutional Amendment can be instantly erased in a single Executive Order, the MAGAbomber, MAGAshooter, etc!
beenrocking 123 (1 month ago)
Saudi could be behind this. This blood thresty prince mbs (Mohamed bul-shit) is on the hunt.
Educate cluster b (1 month ago)
Well I wonder. Ha...blame Trump.

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