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Bachelor In Paradise, Diggy's Dating Advice and A Men's Fashion Blog

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I knew Diggy was a Chicago local and that he loves fashion. Since watching Rachel's season I wanted to meet with him and talk about the lack of men's fashion blogs. This is part TWO of my conversation with Diggy. I asked if he would ever give dating advice on his blog and we get the behind the scenes of the Bachelorette and being on Bachelor in Paradise. Did you know he live tweets all the shows? Follow Diggy here: https://twitter.com/diggymoreland and his fashion blog: http://morethanatie.com Shop My Favorites: Make Up: Eyeliner Brush: http://bit.ly/eyelinerbrushTFCL Eyeliner: Chanel: http://bit.ly/EyeLinerTFCL Foundation: Smashbox http://bit.ly/FoundationTFCL Lipstick: Kylie http://bit.ly/LipstickTFCL Mascara: Chanel http://bit.ly/mascaraTFCL Perfume: Chanel http://bit.ly/perfumeTFCL _ Follow me around on social! My Blog: http://thefullcolorlife.co Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thefullcolorlife/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/fullcolorlife15 Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/fullcolorlife15/ Snapchat: FULLCOLORLIFE __ Camera Equipment: Camera: 70D Canon http://bit.ly/CameraFullColor Rode Mic: http://bit.ly/MicFullColor Lapel Mic: http://bit.ly/lapelFullColor Lighting: http://bit.ly/lightingFullColor _
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