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Cute clothes style for girl little bit fat

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Text Comments (68)
suki yamamoto (10 days ago)
She's like.. not fat at all tf?
daph (2 months ago)
She isn't even fat
Space探路者 (3 months ago)
Niamh McNamee (4 months ago)
Ratna Maya (5 months ago)
can you tell me the product name of the clothes? please comment.. your taste in fashion is really good babe
Aish Edits003 (6 months ago)
1:07 song😍😍plz tell me
Ines (6 months ago)
She probably owns a clothes shop
المشكلة ان العلامة التجارية باقي معلقة
Selena Rose (7 months ago)
(0:38) I really like it ❤❤❤
k_pop for ever (7 months ago)
So nice 😍😍😍
Sad Wolf (7 months ago)
I think a little bit stupid the name of the video :/
Yissel cruz (7 months ago)
Good 👍😊
Oriana (7 months ago)
she has alot of different clothes! and also, she is not fat. She is beautiful. I know that by Chinese standards, she may be considered chubby. Nice video!
Jungkook is my Husbandu (7 months ago)
U ppl that are a ermmmmm tad bit you know (oversized) you are gorgeous just the way you are,I think chubby ppl are adorable!
Hoàng KT (7 months ago)
Sonia Mirza (7 months ago)
4:06 what is the song's name?
Sonia Mirza (7 months ago)
@B⃠t⃠s⃠/ A⃠r⃠m⃠y⃠ thanks 😊
jem blallow (7 months ago)
Is his name really Kristino. Is that his picture. I've ask that to myself for months?
jem blallow (7 months ago)
jem blallow (7 months ago)
Is that really his picture?
C.a.i.n Tv (7 months ago)
C.a.i.n Tv (7 months ago)
C.a.i.n Tv (7 months ago)
Rose Rose (7 months ago)
Great channel. I like it 🤗🤗🤗❤
Tanvi Cresta (7 months ago)
so cute ..
sejeong l (7 months ago)
2.08 which song is that?
Aish Edits003 (5 months ago)
@B⃠t⃠s⃠/ A⃠r⃠m⃠y⃠ can u tell me 1:10 song
Vis A Vis (7 months ago)
Is this ads of coats?
Min yoongi’s Wifeu (7 months ago)
we are one EXO (7 months ago)
Nice video
Sylvia kirmizitaş (7 months ago)
😮🙌🙆😮🙌🙆Wow CUTE GİRLS 😮🙌🙆😮🙌🙆BİG THANKS FOR YOU ♥️♥️♥️
Cari itzcoatl (7 months ago)
Muy hermosas todas 💙💙❤💙💙❤💙💙❤💙💙
Maria Maria (7 months ago)
she have so many cloths
Maria Maria (7 months ago)
she have so many cloths
huda ahmed (7 months ago)
هاي لتغيير الملابس 💖💖💖
宁玮譞 (7 months ago)
N'Noun cannel (7 months ago)
What's your name kistino
Rina patel (7 months ago)
Lovely girl ❤️💕🇮🇳💕
kim chul (7 months ago)
Very Qute 💖💖💖
HEEN HUZAA (7 months ago)
I need the songs list plxxxx..
Rubaiat Jahan Dristy (7 months ago)
This girls fasion sense is really nice...I on ur chanel notification bell bt sometimes some videos notification doesn't come...I lete to see ur video. .😧😧😧
kim chul (7 months ago)
Very cool 😉😉😉 💖
Inaya Mughal (7 months ago)
mellek Brhom (7 months ago)
Cute ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
jenni kim (7 months ago)
Wow ! So cute and beautiful ❣️👈😃😃😃💕😃💕💕💕😊❣️👍^_^😙😀
true D (7 months ago)
Cute girl 🌸 Good Movie 🌸 ❤✨
قناة الحمام (7 months ago)
EXOl _4ever (7 months ago)
나는 너를 사랑해. Love u *احبك* -احبك-
monster bts (7 months ago)
kztfz. faiza jeonie (7 months ago)
7...bts...btw I am your old subscriber...that's mean I am your old friend
Scarlett odnolh (7 months ago)
mmm..... i really like your movie keep on doing we on your side....😘
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xxx tentation (7 months ago)
EXOl _4ever (7 months ago)
The video very nice 😍❤
TriPti MoGr (7 months ago)
Love it😍💙💙
TriPti MoGr (7 months ago)
MULTI TIK TOKS (7 months ago)
TriPti MoGr subscribe please https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7BJX4lqX3-iXFpOt6yi-YA
Daisy Ruiz Merino (7 months ago)
Nayeem Ahmed Shuvo (7 months ago)
First ☺
MULTI TIK TOKS (7 months ago)
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EXOl _4ever (7 months ago)
1 Hi i miss u 💔🙌
EXOl _4ever (7 months ago)
@Jungkook is my Husbandu Pardon!?
Jungkook is my Husbandu (7 months ago)
Lunar Eclipse (7 months ago)
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