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QUICKEST WAY TO GET DRUNK! So we thought we'd try this trick where you can literally SMOKE ALCOHOL. The trick is to vaporise the alcohol content from the liquids, and you do that by doing as we show you! SUBSCRIBE AT THIS LINK - http://full.sc/12NaNRT Social Media Links Below Jays Facebook - http://full.sc/1rb4EvF Romells Facebook - http://full.sc/1AUKk1H Jays Snapchat - ericsnider Romells Snapchat - pickledcookie Jays Instagram - http://instagram.com/byjayswingler Romells Instagram - http://instagram.com/uncleromell Jays Twitter - http://full.sc/1AUKF4h Romells Twitter - http://full.sc/1rb4Tqy
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Text Comments (7218)
Ed Hartley (18 hours ago)
Need a part 2
Nathan Freeman (1 day ago)
I've been vaping vodka for years out of my mod
Lord Morokei (1 day ago)
Have these guys ever been really drunk because they obviously dont know what its like and do a pretty shit job of fakeing it
Skully (1 day ago)
You're too loud man
Alphastarseeds (2 days ago)
omg now everyone gonna do this looks like fun lol but i dont drink n i wont inhale it ether
Distort!on (3 days ago)
Yo We need a remake of this shit
Why is TGF so playin???
Jayen Shukla (5 days ago)
2:47 Mike Wazowski impression
Imma Beast (6 days ago)
What do you even call that thing a alcohol vaper😂
Venxmxus Fire (7 days ago)
My throat is *BONEN* man
spartan 173 (7 days ago)
4:03 Duunnn.. hahaha I broke a rib
Jm 115 (7 days ago)
SKT T1 Crispici (7 days ago)
1:53 you ready for bed ? :)
youp maas (8 days ago)
outro song?
kera Miller (8 days ago)
We all know who got baby lungs #RommelCan'tHitMyDutch 😂
TheRealAlize (8 days ago)
Damn. I’m rewatching literally so much videos. You shoulda bought some Alize
Ann Gonzalez (9 days ago)
But I live in Indiana
Ann Gonzalez (9 days ago)
I always wanted to meet you guys
Ann Gonzalez (9 days ago)
I subscribe and hit the bell
Roland Guevara (10 days ago)
They so high
Phantom Point (11 days ago)
Do a chili bath
kuba marczewski (11 days ago)
Well I know wat I’m doing this Saturday
•SaltyyKookiezzz• (12 days ago)
6:03 😂😂👋 I’m Ded
Max Kelly (12 days ago)
Hi will
got blunt? got weed!
MOODY PRINCESS (13 days ago)
Ngl I couldn’t tell the was drunk they act like this 24/7 😍 love u tho🔌
Miguel Gonzales (13 days ago)
Racism!! have to love it!!!
BetterKid129 (14 days ago)
killer of worlds29 (15 days ago)
VAPING LIQUID ASS That would be fucking LIT. btw I know this video came out a while ago but they should still do it.
venom (15 days ago)
The neighbors must be thinking "why do we have to live next to theses fucks"
HomeBoyHernandez (15 days ago)
dweebs should've put a carb
gg1919 Gonnella (16 days ago)
Vape alcohol now
Son Goku (16 days ago)
They got some nice liquor
official idiots (16 days ago)
You should do the same with piss
Mangahome (17 days ago)
"All the vapor gets extracted from the alcohol" I see this man knows what he's talking about...
Tom-Kristian Berge (17 days ago)
Is it more alcohol in the bottle after vaping it?
Jack Peacock (17 days ago)
Oi try lighting the vapour on fire
Vegard ødelegg (17 days ago)
At 2:49 his yell sounds like mike wazowski from monsters inc
Music Lover (17 days ago)
Yep they’re drunk 🥴😆
Communist Seagull (17 days ago)
mad lads
imeverywhere. (17 days ago)
Now drink cigarettes.
Average Lad (18 days ago)
It's crystal skull vodka.. it's not limited edition 😁
Sean Leabourn (18 days ago)
Do they get hangovers from this?
Sean Leabourn (18 days ago)
They pour in like 15 shots for one hit. Woooah
Mr MAUI (18 days ago)
attilathehun0 (18 days ago)
What size and type of cork needed? Because my size 8 tapered ain't cutting it.
Rings Laaad (18 days ago)
Smoke bread
Jack James (18 days ago)
Next video they’ll be sniffing gas
Zac Ball (18 days ago)
So nice to watch this 2 years after it came out but jay is licked of his bean
Ele P (18 days ago)
Smoking and drinking alcohol, baddd
savagemonkey X (18 days ago)
sophia discowatcher (19 days ago)
We love a daytime drinker 😂
This doesn’t work you’d have to vape the whole bottle to get drunk
ShopWithJewels (19 days ago)
Vape urine
ShopWithJewels (19 days ago)
Or air or sum random shit
Johnny Jones (19 days ago)
If you don't like this your just CHILDISH
Johnny Jones (19 days ago)
When you hit the bong for the first time and then take a jagerbomb through your arsehole... there's you two tgf bros after this vid😂😂😂
ellie xo (19 days ago)
rah this video compared to their latest, the quality and editing difference is mad
Thałia (19 days ago)
Jay gets drunk easy
🧡 (19 days ago)
ⁱˢ ᵗʰⁱˢ ʷᵒʳᵏ ʷⁱᵗʰ ʷⁱⁿᵉ?
neil mckinney (19 days ago)
Hi guys 🤗🤗🤗
James Johnson (19 days ago)
Deffo some experience on the bong or something eh lads haha😜, had a shit day this cheered me right up cheers boys😂😂
John Sir (19 days ago)
Would mouth wash work?
John Sir (19 days ago)
Use mouth wash
Angus Jones (19 days ago)
I have to try this.
TopMan123 (19 days ago)
bucket suckers
Declan Collins (19 days ago)
Crack head hillbillies from gta
Teresa Augenti (20 days ago)
Dude counter OVER 9000!!!!!!!
Battle Ground Survivor (20 days ago)
Its actually vaping becouse its alcohol vapers becouse of the air pressure that heats it and turns it into vapor
OkThenKaty (20 days ago)
and I thought they couldn’t get funnier 😂
ttv tv twitch tv (20 days ago)
Nah they getting high on alcohol
ttv tv twitch tv (20 days ago)
Joey Marrey (20 days ago)
This is actually really fun to do btw but if anyone does do this, remember that you can’t vomit up the alcohol from your lungs, if you do this too much in one sitting you will get alcohol poisoning. It gets you wankered very very fast. Plz don’t die xoxoxo
Erik Medina (20 days ago)
That’s f##kin boss man!!
Infamous Dun (20 days ago)
Is it weird that im actually doing this rn?
Hayden HILO (20 days ago)
4:40 Wazzappp
Aaron Heap (20 days ago)
Marcos Martinez (20 days ago)
What are you two? Irish or Scottish?
Marcos Martinez (7 days ago)
+Random stuff oh, thanks for telling me
Random stuff (7 days ago)
Marcos Martinez English (city Called Birmingham)
red dog (20 days ago)
You can die from doing this you know
Joe_Rollercoaster 12 (20 days ago)
This is the Guide still getting high illegally👌
CENTRA STUDIOS (20 days ago)
Look like Zig and Zag at the start.
Not going to credit the original person who did this. Great
Coco Bell (20 days ago)
Jack Mutha Fuckin Banner this is from two years ago gtf
Demonic Sans (20 days ago)
*age restrictied video* FEK YOU YOUTUBE
Izzy Pyle (20 days ago)
*startes the video* my brain: are there already drunk?
Dustin Stanley (20 days ago)
You're making everything look cool by getting high but they're having it under a controlled environment so it is safe so what are they really doing
Jacob Brooks (20 days ago)
Don’t seem any different to be honest
Jube (20 days ago)
thanks youtube for recommending this to me 2 years after it came out
Lars van Laar (2 days ago)
Dylan Norris (8 days ago)
Tyrese Liu (12 days ago)
oiiii true
Jesus Moreno (13 days ago)
The F2 (16 days ago)
Jube Same 🤣
Lewis Tolhurst (20 days ago)
Your mum looks like a slice of bread
Hurlok (20 days ago)
fake ass fack
Philandra Costello (21 days ago)
In dyin
Rock & Roll (21 days ago)
Can I fart?
Devils Worst nightmare (21 days ago)
I miss “wha du ya meeeaaann”
Layton Smitj (21 days ago)
There joking aren’t they?u don’t act like that 😂
CAR MADNESS (21 days ago)
Should of used a straw in the top of the bottle
doctor_ fou (21 days ago)
4:44 he is so black u can't even see him
doctor_ fou (6 days ago)
+No.04-09-02 wot??
No.04-09-02 (7 days ago)
U wot bruv
Person IsUnique (18 days ago)
Let me guess, in your recommended 2 years late as well.
Me Mes (21 days ago)
FBI open up
Zay Gaming (21 days ago)
R they drunk or high
Andres Hughes (21 days ago)
So that’s what Hey Arnold looks like now. I feel old
Kameron Bennett (21 days ago)
Does this glitch still work in the latest patch 1.1?
Red Menace 0 (21 days ago)
So doing this when I turn 21

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