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Up to 50 girls report sexual harassment at Swedish music festival

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Sweden's top youth music festival has hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons. Up to 50 young girls have reported sexual harassment there - including one case of suspected rape. RT LIVE http://rt.com/on-air Subscribe to RT! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=RussiaToday Like us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/RTnews Follow us on Twitter http://twitter.com/RT_com Follow us on Instagram http://instagram.com/rt Follow us on Google+ http://plus.google.com/+RT Listen to us on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/rttv RT (Russia Today) is a global news network broadcasting from Moscow and Washington studios. RT is the first news channel to break the 1 billion YouTube views benchmark.
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Text Comments (402)
euniceitsme jj (2 months ago)
Revan (2 months ago)
Well what does security do anyways?
Rusch (8 months ago)
fuck you muslim losers
LadyAmaltheaUnicorn (2 years ago)
Good, the type of people who go to these concerts are lefty immigrant supporters, let them have a taste of that "multiculturalism" they love so much
Karmelo Pičkindim (2 years ago)
It's just as likely that a native Swede would have done this if poor refugee's hadn't done it!
Brendan Alimony (2 years ago)
We have to teach them how to pick up chicks, you can't just start grabbing tits and ass right away.
Captain Morgan (2 years ago)
Where's Captain Sweden when he's needed?
IAM HARDWELL (2 years ago)
rip sweden thanks to ur left wing idiot
tHeWasTeDYouTh (2 years ago)
fridgemagnett (2 years ago)
Wonderful - let's invite all these nice, religious people to come and live in our countries. They will give us 'cultural enrichment', and will respect our laws, and respect our women and children. Multiculturalism is great.
seraph1er (10 months ago)
haha. sarcasm is great
Marc king (2 years ago)
Regress to race and gender separation maybe the answer....gender separation in every aspect of society and separate the races also....problem solved
Beno B (2 years ago)
I would rape those afghan mothers and sisters one by one, how would they feel?
ZephoN (2 years ago)
That's what you get for opening your gates to a Muslim invasion.
ninja jin (2 years ago)
9 months from i see Swedish girls giving birth to kids with a goathee mustache
Kremlin Bot#33 (2 years ago)
Hahahaha. Tolerance.
Sobuka (2 years ago)
What type of security is there?! I am losing interest in this story.
5haman (2 years ago)
ok wait, wait, WAIT !! Go easy on them. They might have had a "sexual emergency".
lukomoon (2 years ago)
at least the young UK girls and boys are fighting back and raping the mudslim women,, lol eye for a eye, have fun
96donov (2 years ago)
you know when you out at some event theres always people drinking theres always one or two girls passed out around muslims those girls would be raped and they wouldnt remember anything apart from being dirtied up by muslims
Hans 68 (2 years ago)
Scum, back to Afganistan i would say, and drop them in Taliban territory.
Will Patterson (2 years ago)
are there any swedish men with balls?
Wugar M-zadeh (2 years ago)
I don't understand why Europeans bear such situations
Kris (2 years ago)
1:07 *LOL!*
Darrell May (2 years ago)
If Foreigners cannot respect the Laws of the Host Country(whether the Foreigners are refugee or not),,they should not be there!!!
Karen Mik (2 years ago)
Fucking hate all fucking Muslims, get the fuck out from our countries. Fucking hate them all.
Guldar Heel (2 years ago)
Do they deport them after being arrested?
Filmdude (2 years ago)
i dont think refugees are interested in music festivals at this moment, nor have the money to pay a ticket the swedes are weirdos anyway, just look at the 'russian submarine' story, how can u take them seriously
Ammo150 (2 years ago)
Dirty fucking afghanis, pieces of shits!!!!!
Thyalwaysseek (2 years ago)
Another example of how the humanoid species is advancing?
Solowarrior1221 (2 years ago)
yep yep yep this is what happens when you open the border and yell come on in
Deo Proximo (2 years ago)
Meanwhile there's deafening silence from the Swedish Feminists.
Dalton Morgan (2 years ago)
Putin just announced he will soon open the "Tomb of the unknown rapist" to commemorate those who "liberated" eastern Europe from the Nazi's
lordme88 (2 years ago)
Racist woman, ofcourse they should not report such generous thing. They should welcome this behavor with open arms like the mainstream media is.
Brandon Johnson (2 years ago)
this is not acceptable, man up
Jimmy (2 years ago)
Free health care, free schools, and free sexual assault
Delta Nichols (2 years ago)
then the parents of these girls needs to get their hands on these bastards and cut some nuts off. I'd kill me a bitch that would even this of harming my child. swedens need to take back their country from these waste of air pussies. dont need a gun, knives, ball bats hell fist work just fine. let these fucks come to my town in the US and try that shit. right before i end their blood line id make them fuckers drink pigs blood and eat some bacon.
DrTheKay (2 years ago)
Sexual harassment as in "I was touched inappropriately" or sexual harassment as in "I'm a special snowflake and I bumped into someone as one is likely to do and expect at a concert and so I'm claimin harassment because nothing is ever my fault"
CateSimulate (2 years ago)
Fucking filth. Makes me spitting mad this shyte.
Omar Coming (2 years ago)
UHM, excuse me but, why not just round up these groups of young muslim men, and imprison/deport them? Instead it seems like the leaders of these countries/EU, are being apologists for the perpetrators...
anonamous365 (2 years ago)
every time I hear somebody promoting open boarders I want to find out where they live and take a shit on their lawn. Need to start makeing a Google earth layer with suggestions on where to take a shit.
Herr Wahnsinn (2 years ago)
Even better idea and perfect policy, remove all windows and doors from open border scum's homes.
Jimy Damian (2 years ago)
Stay the f home u little dumb girls!!!
Live Free (2 years ago)
butt head (2 years ago)
Just another day in liberal paradise.
lolfeg (2 years ago)
Fucking retards why they mad at refugees. They are people like us. If you don't want them in your country, well then let them come here in Antartica
Cutie Marxist (2 years ago)
Bring more refuges
stevie6621 (2 years ago)
Ban these satanic festivals and muslims..
Daniel Smith (2 years ago)
Where are the Swedish MEN?
Do something goddamit
Jennifer Bestemianova (2 years ago)
Here in Moscow in my neighborhood move some Swedish families, they are good people good families. I been able to make friendship with some of my Swedish neighboors and i been able to ask if they miss their homeland and why they decide move. They answers are always similar, they move looking a secure place for their families and childrens, they also praise a lot our Russian authorities work, the security we live in Russia. So i realized their home is not a safe place to live, in part because lack of protection by their Swedish authorities in their country
Anonymous Anonymous (2 years ago)
*Economic rapefugges*
Reply (2 years ago)
A bunch of Swedish men in the comments section trying to blame their shit on muslims.
define crazy (2 years ago)
what can you expect when the girls and boys are drunk and the girls are horny and wet at the festival?
Long Nguyen (2 years ago)
You reap what you sow Sweden.
Ednagettobed (2 years ago)
Enjoy your experiment in cultural enrichment.
justice4germans (2 years ago)
that happens at every music festival but they only enjoy ass grabs by whities, not icky black men, they report those.
snipervictim (2 years ago)
There you go the white man has his reason just look at history here in the USA anytime white are feeling the pinch of the other they come up with the rape of the white woman it is classic time proven bullsht to keep the others in their place.
When you hear of rape in European countries, you think of stupid Muslims raping women. It's become the norm now, so i guess it's time to deport all Muslims and close borders to Muslim Countries.
Julia P. (2 years ago)
When you living in Afghanistan or Central Africa and hear about raping, you immediately thinking about white europeans who occupied your country and already a lot of years rape and kill your people...
George Ibn Washington (2 years ago)
The sexual harassment reports will be turned into brutal rape cases by the police. Still not a single credible rape case on youtube even though it's the age of 4k smartphones.
coptic777 (2 years ago)
pajac debeli (2 years ago)
shut the borders now!
PEG400 Grenier (2 years ago)
doesn't Islam allow sex slaves?
LombardMilitia (2 years ago)
Don't worry, they are just the mentally unstable friends of McCain and Shitanyahu...
Dashed (2 years ago)
So will the youth vote for right/nationalistic parties yet or do they want to be raped and murdered on the streets? The choice is yours
emy (2 years ago)
So.. how is the mass immigration working for you, Sweden?
Julia P. (2 years ago)
I think like was working Sweden occupation for Afghanis.
Link Knight (2 years ago)
it's SWEDEN. where girls are arrogant enough to walk around public transportation with a tape measure to check if you are "man spreading". Apparently you can't have balls over there. smiling at a girl or making eye contact will make you a rapist. THE MOST POLITICALLY CORRECT SHITSTORM IN THE WORLD. MEANWHILE they are bringing in thousands of muslim men, even encouraging them to come by saying "sweden needs real men". and these same muslim men want to enact sharia law and say they want the women of sweden to be "covered from head to toe". it's illegal for newspapers to print the race of an offender of a crime they report on.
K27R (2 years ago)
Strong evidence that Muslims belong in the Middle East, not Europe, because they destroy Europe. Let them destroy their own country instead.
Nie Jawnie (2 years ago)
0,o Please read about ISAF and RSM. P.S. As far as i know Swedish troops are under the lead of ISAF, not part of OEF.
Julia P. (2 years ago)
But Sweden already occupied they country and destroyed it (when participated in war in Afghanistan). Now it got fight back. What the problem?
Frank Geeraerts (2 years ago)
They wont like the European winters.................Next political move...... they will invade your homes by new laws forcing you to let them in !
Phantasmos (2 years ago)
what are girls doing at Stockholm concert? Where are the parents? Women on the other hand..... odd police allow girls to mingle w/men!
Phantasmos (2 years ago)
what are girls doing at Stockholm concert? Where are the parents? Women on the other hand..... odd police allow girls to mingle w/men!
Lake of Fire 5 (2 years ago)
rape all swedes!
SubHek (2 years ago)
Your gov't has abandoned you Sweden. Man up and fight back.
Julia P. (2 years ago)
Sweden sent own soldiers to Afghanistan, so now they got just fight back)
Peter C (2 years ago)
Rapeugees welcome! isn't it sweden?
I like Birds (2 years ago)
Fuck Merkel.
Mumbʟes005 (2 years ago)
WAC Rage (2 years ago)
I live in sweden and i was in that festival and its not swedish people that is touching the girls. Its the fucking reefuges! Idk Why we bring in these mother fuckers just kick the reefuges out!
Julia P. (2 years ago)
You brought they because you destroyed they country. They not invited you to own country, but you came. Of course not alone, because alone you too coward, but together with US & UK troops. So, one criminals rape another criminals, nothing new here.
Here we go again with the refugees, share how the French and Americans soldiers rape women and children. SHARE THAT.
SirVolkerStein (2 years ago)
Why am I not surprised. Sweden brought them in, the Right wing told them not to, and this is what happens. Its only going to get worse.
konic40 (2 years ago)
be honest, Sweden has been the rape capital in europe before the immigrants
Sam Song (2 years ago)
It's just how refugees say "hi"
cultural enrichment my *ss ^^
Ondskan Bolton (2 years ago)
Was made for the "religion of peace" guys, wasn't it?
EllisD (2 years ago)
Russia supports the Syrian governments use of chemical weapons
MyRightious (2 years ago)
if they tolerate it they must like it.....the rest of the world are showing less signs of sympathy for them because they do nothing and let it happen again and again and again.What kind of men are they that allow their women to be raped by invaders....they are already conquered.
zimmerman84 (2 years ago)
you wouldn't put a fox in your chicken coup and expect it to integrate 😕
The Power of Greyskull (2 years ago)
Automatic deportation for the offenders and their immediate family. Regardless of race or sociological background. note that I didnt mention race or Islam so save your virtue signaling weakness and emotional bs.
Avi Goldberg (2 years ago)
*RT is Zionist Bolshevik Propaganda BS* Breitbart is another Zionist spewer of rubbish. The festival was attended by FEMEN who were touched by a man without sanction - so you got bumped on the dancefloor... Groping and raping occurs when Zionists pay and transport Moroccan gangsters into Sweden, remember Cologne, Jewz led Moroccans on a rampage
bigearedmouse17 (2 years ago)
Vote out of EU like the UK did and set the wheels in motion about getting your balls back.
Arnold 0 (2 years ago)
2nguyen2 (2 years ago)
The Swedish people asked for this.
stazzou (2 years ago)
So who got financed by the Soros mafia this time ? The 50 whining girls or the alleged rapists ? Maybe some israeli "journalist" was there and taped the "event" as usual ?
Charles Kerr (2 years ago)
Well Europe has defeated its self. Thier mothers have raised daughters unloyal to their brethren and willing to sacrifice them to the jewish guilt they will be served the moorish.. odd yet appropriate suicide self hate – via @haystacktv
timstring0902 (2 years ago)
Those people who had seen women only in burqas and now suddenly they are in between these European women. You can understand how these animals will behave in such a situation. Poor Europeans, suffering because of their own hypocrite propaganda influenced gov and media :(
So Sorry (2 years ago)
But Music is Haram in Islam........According to Sharia law ....they should be beheaded
Abiola Sulaiman (2 years ago)
Yes. Because Sexual assault did not exist at all before "refugees" and "multiculturalism".
tracey davenport (2 years ago)
deport the savage bastards
it was wishful thinking on their part
Hard4Jesus (2 years ago)
Don't western women tend to lie about sexual harassment and rape though? Who should we believe?
Zachary Angel (2 years ago)
Get used to it , Afghanistan aren't muslims All they do is rape , 5 of them were executed in Iran because of rape.
Dumb question: why would immigrants attend a Swedish music festival? I assumed they would not like that kind of music.
alfred koenig (2 years ago)
Time for the Vikings to start planting battle axes in rapefugee faces.
Zachary Angel (2 years ago)
Not going to pity the girls get drunk and then have sex .

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