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Adjusting to client requests and established brand packaging

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There are situations when a client has established branding or such as a logo or preexisting packaging and it is not feasible to re brand. In such cases, diversity and flexibility is vital and the designer needs to be able to adjust by meshing the client's concept with the designer's own unique vision. In this case study, the established logo of Awakened Heart Productions, by way of what appears to be a rather rudimentary illustration that looks like a first grade art assignment, strategically suggests that they produce content for children. The client's objective to convey their expansion into digital 3D animated content required the melding of their 2D illustrated logo with 3D animation without changing the original form of their logo. There was no need to transform the logo into a 3D model because Awakened Heart Productions (AHP) decided it was important to maintain the illustrated look of the logo in order to reaffirm their continuing commitment to produce children's' content in the traditional formats. Although at first glance the two styles of graphics seem to clash, that is precisely the intended effect.
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