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JTP 5 years in JUMPSTYLE | together we strong | Reupload

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К сожалению наши видео были удалены,но мы решили их возобновить для вас.Приятного просмотра) Unfortunately, our videos were deleted, so we decided to renew them for you. Have a pleasant viewing)
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Text Comments (11)
Pascal H (8 months ago)
How is it possible that I haven't seen this video before yet xD
refletsdelame (1 year ago)
super ! what the song at 01:00 ?
MrFerdimand (1 year ago)
Hans Zimmer Time Neilio Remix
Exley sangre azul (2 years ago)
music 5:20 !! shit... one list!
The searcher (5 months ago)
Frontliner - Time
Kamil Kiwek (2 years ago)
Song 5.20 ?
The searcher (5 months ago)
Frontliner - Time
jessse james (2 years ago)
how long dose it usally take to learn full jump
Zereft Jumper (2 years ago)
Y (2 years ago)
The animation I feel like challenging
Gohan JS (2 years ago)
Lov It <3

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