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'They smoke crack...' Being 11 in a Rio favela - BBC News

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BBC News went to Maré favela to meet 11 year-old twins, Samira and Samir da Silva, to learn how violence affects their daily lives as they grow up in a Rio de Janeiro's shanty town. Brazil's shanty towns are often associated with criminality and high death tolls and in 2015, more than 100,000 students had their classes cancelled because of shootings near their schools. Subscribe to BBC News HERE http://bit.ly/1rbfUog Check out our website: http://www.bbc.com/news Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/bbcworldnews Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/bbcworld Instagram: http://instagram.com/bbcnews
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Text Comments (4158)
T Tay (1 day ago)
I thought they meant those kids were crackheads
kirsten minta (1 day ago)
BBC have started using clickbait ??Shock horror
carolineleiden (2 days ago)
Birth control, and lots of it.
Alejandro garnica (3 days ago)
I clicked on this because of the crack stuff on the title with kids in the picture. Clickbait?
Giovanni Colin (3 days ago)
I think this should open peoples eyes that some kids can grow up and be normal kids playing outside. It’s sad
John McTim (4 days ago)
What a beautiful bond they have between them.
Eric91611 (5 days ago)
Waited through the whole video for these kids to smoke some crack
Gmoneyman (5 days ago)
I completely miss understood the title lmao. I thought it said “ They smoke crack 11 year old”
Portia Watson (6 days ago)
Click bait?
Albertan (6 days ago)
The crime was going downhill in recent years Is it still that bad in there ?
Amy Bruch (6 days ago)
And the BBC televised this shit? You wonder why millions of people despise the media. How dare you propagate these children. How dare you film and release this trash! Aiding and abetting.
acct4u (6 days ago)
PLEASE control your STUPIDITY if you can!!
free chicken (6 days ago)
I am SO dissapointed. They don't smoke crack. Frick you BBC.
Mark Jacob (7 days ago)
BBC healine misleading, No kids smoking crack..Fake News
Nicolas Martinez ? (7 days ago)
Wot do you expect it’s bbc news they use kids just to get views no one was smoking any thing
lolly rod (7 days ago)
I thought that the kids smoked crack...... click bait fail.
Mark Bowen (7 days ago)
Preposterous boast, but alas
Dana May (7 days ago)
Kids shouldn't be exposed to this.. I tried it once many years ago.
Michael Bradford (8 days ago)
Click bait title much?
NELSON (8 days ago)
the girl is very cute probably she will be model
Landen Pruitt (2 days ago)
NELSON that’s a Brazilian stereotype lol
Stormy Keifer (8 days ago)
Screw you BBC news...headlining to appear the kids smoke crack...got to lie to get attention...that's sad
Hunter Smith (8 days ago)
Damn, i thought only the pauls clickbaited. Guess not.
Hassan Tahir (9 days ago)
I thought u cpuld only sniff crack
Kim Cheee (9 days ago)
You can’t smoke crack....if you didn’t know this was fake from the title then I don’t know what to say
The moms got a nice rack...
GEMINIz _ (9 days ago)
Take me to moisty mire but not loot lakeeee
kittyyna (9 days ago)
I honestly hope they move somewhere safer, so they can live a good life without being scared all the time.
Daiden Briana (10 days ago)
Thank God the title is not real.
Jd,s Cooking (10 days ago)
Klick bait
Saucy a3e (10 days ago)
Click bait 😂
AdamTGG (10 days ago)
This was uploaded on my 9th Birthday lmao
FUNKY GAMER (11 days ago)
so cute good mother.
wowwowweebs (12 days ago)
looks like Harran
Nita Beachbum (12 days ago)
City of god R.I.P Benny the coolest Hood in the ...
aRtiSk zOMbi (12 days ago)
We need people coming to these countries and helping them. The issue that I see is that people like them are coming to safer countries but the bad people come along as well - and illegally at that. What I believe would solve this issue is if we (those with stable governments and modern technologies) were to set up programs to help these poorer countries governments. It would be challenging but would be worth it in the long run and would solve a lot of problems. I’m sure it would help families like theirs. We could create food programs, housing programs where we can help with affordable and stable homes, and even help with getting rid of those on the streets whom are causing lots of these problems. All I’m trying to say is that there are other ways. This is probably (hopefully) one of the more peaceful ones... but it comes with a bigger price to pay... Anyways, that is just something I wanted to get out there and have people read, I want to make this world a better place (I’m sure most of us do).
Regs n' Bacon (12 days ago)
The little girl kinda looks like a young Camilla cabello in the thumbnail, so cute
Bullet - Fortnite (12 days ago)
And we still let immigrants bringing this stuff over come in with little or no effort to seek a better life, but yet leech off of the government and take the taxpayers money.
MasterYGamer1 (12 days ago)
BBC news wants a BBC 😁
Rob Ryan (12 days ago)
False heading. Fuckin douchebag
Whitney T (12 days ago)
Skzkx Xlskkxkz (12 days ago)
Rio favela reminds me of Ravioli😕😕😕
Sky Adams (12 days ago)
I thought the kids were the ones smoking crack🤣🤦🏽‍♀️
Supertimerocket (13 days ago)
I like the dog
Zidni Borna (13 days ago)
15K ulikes and 13K likes😂😂😂
Jadden (13 days ago)
FBI yes it’s this video and the comments
Give my Cat Likes (5 days ago)
Jadden niggerfaggot
YourSugar DaddyLia (13 days ago)
Poor kids..
Aiden Posey (13 days ago)
The girl’s voice is deeper than the boy’s. They are twins
Maria Gradilla (13 days ago)
Why these misleading titles
Painting wings (13 days ago)
Omg I want to adopt the whole damn family
RuinzCFW (13 days ago)
Click bait
Aden Kyle (13 days ago)
*i was really waiting for the youngins to hit the crack pipe*
BB Gaming (13 days ago)
They soo cute
mr certified kettle (13 days ago)
11 year old crackeds sounds great
BigDaddy Daniel (13 days ago)
I thought the kids were gonna smoke crack 😂
Jaka Jerman (13 days ago)
Their computer looks like trash can
the girl looks her https://youtu.be/t2aiWqtki9A
blake walker (14 days ago)
If she is smoking crack and they are smoking her crack of Rock And another crack is being smoked by cock.. you can definitely say there is a crack epidemic and I'll take 3.
Young Kings (14 days ago)
Nice clickbait
MTJT 12 (14 days ago)
There house looked pretty cosy
Joi Axom (14 days ago)
Misleading thumbnail, Misleading title
Last Call (14 days ago)
So they live in a bad area but are well off u know have WiFi flat screen televisions pc etc and do not do drugs I grew up in a bad area and had non of those things and had a mom with a drug habit were my tv spot light
nicholas Bonfanti (14 days ago)
Why would you be waiting for the kids to be smoking crack we know to stay away from you
Laura Monge (14 days ago)
Clickbait af
Remy_ Teddy (14 days ago)
Whoah new rainbow update looks realistic
Literal Trash (14 days ago)
alexis alvarez (14 days ago)
Son of a bjenejenen i fell for it 🤦🏽‍♀️
TeCh TwIns (14 days ago)
Can someone tell me why the girl looks like Bae from Game Shakers.🤯🤯🤯
Haruhi Senpai (14 days ago)
I thought the kids were gonna smoke crack 😨
Riley Brooks (14 days ago)
Omg this is trashy clickbait
Desiree Victoria (14 days ago)
The government needs to take care of the crime there
JustAScorpio 2.0 (14 days ago)
Yall lied. I knew them kids weren't smoking crack😭😭 clickbait much lmao
Maureen Elam (14 days ago)
they smoke crack? click bait please who ever posted this channel
CoilyPrincess 1008 (15 days ago)
They need to change the title. I thought the kids or their mother was on crack... What a way to get views.
Gage Pope (15 days ago)
no dad lol
Coolbeans (15 days ago)
They are so beautiful! I feel bad for them but they manage to keep a straight face..
GAME FEVER SP (15 days ago)
It's actually very sad to know the children and adults of that place can't live their life in a comfortable manner.
Mia Merry (15 days ago)
Such a misleading title...though thank God they are not in those stuff
E X (15 days ago)
Well I drink coke
RebelBelle (15 days ago)
I get a lot of annoying scammers from Brazil on Instagram
Abigail Landaverde (15 days ago)
Wait I thought it said that the kids smoke crack
SuperDuperAlisha (15 days ago)
Getting clickbaited by the BBC in 2018 lmao
miquel renjaan (15 days ago)
I thought it said that these 11 yo kids smoke crack..
Ashley Alluring (15 days ago)
shookkith sister (15 days ago)
1:53 *Me dancing*
GrafittiGlitter (15 days ago)
I feel mislead..
MoneyZeus (15 days ago)
What’s so surprising I just see a regular day in brazil
Vitor Hugo (15 days ago)
Do you think that Brazil, a country the same size of America, with 200 millions people, is just a giant favela?
Baby Lydia (15 days ago)
What the fuck of a title is that???damn i thought the kids smoked crack🙍
The Green Fire (15 days ago)
OK YouTube I will watch it
Nigga Nugget (15 days ago)
BBC clckbaiting???😂😂😂😂
V0ID (15 days ago)
They do drugs over there? When I was in Favela I used to hit trickshots.
jest6r (16 days ago)
Yeah this was sum clickbait
Sidiki Traore (16 days ago)
the title is so misleading... clickbait
seeker (16 days ago)
Cute kids.
Secret Zexyula Teloiv (16 days ago)
They are crackheads
The love bear Profile (16 days ago)
You made me think the kids where gonna smoke dangnabbit.
FroJo u know the deal (16 days ago)
Why put it like that, everyone thinks that these adorable twins smoke!?!?!?!?😭😤
agust d enthusiast (16 days ago)
I came to see kids smoking crack im disappointed
Chris Watson (16 days ago)
That girl is gonna grow up to be a real beauty.
dj Lui (16 days ago)
Fuck police
Neil LeFrancis (16 days ago)
Clickbait, this doesn’t show the kids smoking crack.

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