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Fashion designer vs Taylor

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Khizar Asif (21 days ago)
phansi aaali laaash...lol
Khizar Asif (21 days ago)
Tähïr Khän (2 months ago)
Superb yaar,, 😂😂
Rajinderpal Singh (3 months ago)
Dekhiyan inko Meri movie ka clip
atul dogra (3 months ago)
best of the best
Mohsin Maqsood (5 months ago)
Pehle Badi tu Baahu Bhalli Likhi Weh....
Saiqa Shafqat (10 months ago)
Azizi you are so funny Jin ek mint da Vail nai je Hai best dailog
sameer marwaha (11 months ago)
Yaar plz is aurat Ko bolo hase mat she is so disgusting
ankit saluja (1 year ago)
amrinder singh (1 year ago)
This is best. Extremely funny. I wonder how come it has such less views. 😂😂😂😂Great job done. "tere combination de sadke jawa, topi ainak naal ni raldi te ainak muchaan nu ni suit kardi, muchaan lele vechan waliya laayian te ainak mistri padhaun waali laayi aa "😂😂😃
sk sukh (8 months ago)
amrinder singh it's chemistry parhaaon waaliya ......

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