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5 Ways To Stop Global Warming | TGFbro

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Subscribe by clicking here! - http://full.sc/12NaNRT You can also buy our merchandise by going to our website here - http://www.tgfofficial.com In this video we show you the perfect ways to stop global warming, follow these steps carefully and you could save the world. But please share this to friends!
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Text Comments (449)
FuzzyTheCat (1 day ago)
Sooooooooooooooooooooo long ago...
Logan Cooper (6 days ago)
1:27 so you're telling me he was listening to a microwave
Steven Miller (8 days ago)
Why jay shouldnt be a parent 1:08
xx_n3dz 456 (10 days ago)
Bruh I remember back then when global warming was just a joke when will people realise
TheyDidntBanMe (12 days ago)
They look so young
Kailey Wu (23 days ago)
Kailey Wu (23 days ago)
David Altass (1 month ago)
1:06 when you lose a game of fortnite
murp madness (1 month ago)
why is this in my recommended 5 years after it was uploaded O.o
Tomo Games (1 month ago)
This video was made on my birthday
Gabriel waterfield (1 month ago)
Nick Eve (2 months ago)
Nah tell me why this was uploaded on my birthday ......IM COMING TO YOUR WEDDING IM GONNA COME DOWN FROM MK TO BIRMINGAM
Henry Newbold (5 months ago)
270000000 quid
L S (6 months ago)
Look at how young they look!!! 😭♥️
Darflix (6 months ago)
Wow 2013..
Awesome Aaron06 (6 months ago)
1:08 that time when u have had enough of losing at fortnite
Esther Botchway (6 months ago)
You are mentaly sick
Esther Botchway (6 months ago)
Your stupide and your chanel is shity
Clewsy (6 months ago)
Stop being childish
SassyEmz xx (6 months ago)
Don’t let me sink down the comments,please
bluekeybord (7 months ago)
i saved 200 KM/H using these tips, thaks luv!
King DG (7 months ago)
Ben Baxter (7 months ago)
Who’s watching this in 2018!
Phantom Concord (7 months ago)
what a crazy
Fuzzy EU (8 months ago)
I saved 183874767485930487384923048486575886094867674859303947573856793759787997907785746454343231224354545657635342343745738496949683634346516284626485767947593759364902947607854958403850484958706987078473648djencjgyhifhtrgjhcd38587948766947475 pounds hows that?
ronnoc_ym_aggin 420 (8 months ago)
why was the blue car diving in the cycle lane
Lewis Critchley (8 months ago)
Cleggo TriesYT (8 months ago)
This is legit 2 mins from my home wtf
Thunder core (8 months ago)
0:33 i internally screamed that is disgustin! lol
ItsWiiill (9 months ago)
i saved £6.23 and now i can afford a goldfish
Roger Lewis (9 months ago)
The draw water cost money for the soap
Jessixa (9 months ago)
2:28 jay invented the 100 layer challenge
Nathan Andrew Davis (10 months ago)
Is this like a re-upload of an old video from nearly 5-years ago?
liam coultas (10 months ago)
2:30 the cameraman breathing ahhahah
Xerium (10 months ago)
Lion Yeet (11 months ago)
FloppyTwig2245 (11 months ago)
A Random Guy (11 months ago)
Watching in 2019
Alphastarseeds (11 months ago)
we are comming out of a ice age still so its not global warming
TickledPickle (11 months ago)
How to fall downstairs: Step 1 Step2 Step4 Step8 Step16 Step24 You have fell downstairs.
BlackPather bp (11 months ago)
Any one 28 June 2018 boi
ARSENAL IS THE GOAT (7 months ago)
BlackPather bp yes
xxx Aditya xxx (11 months ago)
My teacher ask me a question how to stop global warming and I showed her this video
Apple Polo (1 year ago)
I saved £100 but the fish tank water was shit
Gregor Emmanuel (1 year ago)
Romells clothes gone 0 to a 10
TSP2100 (1 year ago)
so helpfull thx guys
MuRTagh and MoRE (1 year ago)
my life
matthew burrows (1 year ago)
XxpaysagorxX (1 year ago)
i saved about 0.0000003 euro
awesomeolie (1 year ago)
i saved 1.28 thousand
dan roberts (1 year ago)
This year is 4 videos old
Jessica Zoe Murdoch (1 year ago)
I saved £0 pounds
Bill Kontostolis (1 year ago)
Yo like Rommel is not that muscular as he is now
MICHAELOCONNELL 2468 (1 year ago)
2018 anybody
Zach Selis (1 year ago)
I saved £-10000000
Mantas Playz (1 year ago)
MrBrowning42 (1 year ago)
broke ma tv and ma nan sliced my throat
Aj's allotment garden (1 year ago)
The red handles on the actor reason why is he choking it like a chicken 🤔🤔🤔
Void Cloyd (1 year ago)
How are you not at 50mil subs?
Jordan Jay-ß (1 year ago)
Yous should do anuva video like this ahahaha 😂😂:)
Ryan44118gaming (1 year ago)
Never stop Yak (1 year ago)
Zach Leake (1 year ago)
BTS SugaCube (1 year ago)
0:30 I have the same fish tank 😂😂
Elijah Johansson (1 year ago)
i saved $-8,214,082.99 ;-; thanks alot for this life hack
Dat Little Seagull (1 year ago)
im watching this at 999k views
Tom_Reeve_12 (1 year ago)
I'm going to try these steps
aidanb2008_YT (1 year ago)
I saved £199.
Agentc03 (1 year ago)
The water has probably got fish piss in it at the start
Freddie Waters (1 year ago)
I like dees guys
jonzh (1 year ago)
2:30 mans not hot
bruvImApaki (1 year ago)
I saved minus£1,700
Dion Daniels (1 year ago)
Monkey D Luffy (1 year ago)
Police came lol
Monkey D Luffy (1 year ago)
Police cam lol
Yorick Arts (1 year ago)
life changing
Curtis Spencer (1 year ago)
After turning off my appliances why won’t it turn back on? ... Guys plz help me
Football-master007 (1 year ago)
I didn’t leave my Xbox on standby and I ended up spending 30p quid instead. Wonder Why??!
Gabriel Giroux (1 year ago)
1:05 me whit my pc😂😂😂
Jo Davies (1 year ago)
tgf bro 2018
GTA5/ Dirtbike (1 year ago)
i like that the litel bike ackshley has kawsaki on the side of it
lil weetabix (1 year ago)
I saved my nans hip socket
eddie gordon (1 year ago)
JustPurple (1 year ago)
10 bucks
Heath MacDonald (1 year ago)
he said that there was 5 steps not 6 lol
Jacob Squires (1 year ago)
Anyone else miss these kinda videos
charlie burgess (1 year ago)
0:25 rip fish
Mario Andrei (1 year ago)
I saved -300 £
GuyInARoom (1 year ago)
I save exactly -267$ and i got sick.
mini reaper (1 year ago)
The tv smashing looked fun
Daniel Sumigora (1 year ago)
2017 anyone?
pick off (1 year ago)
Thwack (1 year ago)
you're gonna get the police cal- Oh wait.
lil weetabix (1 year ago)
Light bulb vs romels 5 head
Josee Anne Joly (1 year ago)
Jay doing the 100 shirts challenge before it was a thing!
Roblox// Aestheticss (1 year ago)
Never click bait boys
PINE Panda (1 year ago)
Never stop making vids
Kyle houlihan (1 year ago)
Might as well just kill your self while your at it. Won’t use any water, electricity, or gas, and you won’t release any body heat either, FOREVER. Therefore reducing global worming and saving you money at the same time.
joel gonzalez (1 year ago)
FlorenceBallardA3060 (1 year ago)
I lost it when Jay put on all those hoodies!
GamingBrosEmpire (1 year ago)
this video caused global warming

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