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Wilson Amplifeel Men's Shoe Review

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http://bit.ly/AmplifeelM The Amplifeel from Wilson is all about support and stability! A mid-cut design at the top with a Velcro strap to secure it locks in the ankle and protects you as you move in any direction. 3D-Fs technology in the forefoot provides added lateral stability towards the front of the shoe as well. Under foot, there's a near perfect blend of cushioning and responsiveness, feeling comfortable yet still propelling you and keeping you connected to each step. Serious players will be pleased that the shoe is also backed by a six month outsole durability guarantee. For maximum protection and modern style, look no further than this unique mid-cut offering!
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David Cárdenas (1 year ago)
Las mejores Zapatillas para jugar al padel, que me e comprado en 5 años, las wilson amplifeel, una pasada, te brindan mas seguridad y agarre en las diferentes canchas que e jugado, indoor o al aire libre, también Nike tienen unas parecidas pero la zuela patinan mucho, aseguran mucho el tobillo y no impide la movilidad. me encantaron
Spyros Mitrakos (1 year ago)
First i would like to mention that i do apreciate the videos and reviews of the warehouse but lots of the tennis shoes tested are for clay like this one but you guys always test these shoes on hard court..so the feeling and the traction you have with a shoe isn't the same in hard court to a clay court right? But anyway i am searching for a shoe that has great stability and protection for the ankle since recently seems that i have a pain in the ankle area (propably tendon) but i didn't twist my ankle rather that i think the injury was caused of the direct impact in a hard court wearing inapropiate old shoes so i was wondering if this one will meet my necesities that has the grip in the ankle or if not then which one could you recomment?Also i am living in Colombia at the moment so aren't many options here do you guys have a branch in Miami or any good retail tennis shop with lots of variaties to choose near this area?I believe its much better to try different shoes than buy it online so that you can see which one feels better on your foot, choose the style you like more wearing it and the right size as well since many times this can differ depending on the model.
Tennis Warehouse (1 year ago)
@Spyros Mitrakos, All of the shoes that we playtest, have an outsole that is designed specifically for a hard court, or for all court surfaces. Some of the shoe companies that we carry, will make their most popular shoes, in hard court and a clay court versions. These Wilson Amplifeel Shoes, are a good option for some added ankle support. I would also consider the adidas Barricade 2017 BOOST, and Asics Gel Resolution 7 shoes. Unfortunately, we only have one retail shop in the U.S., located in California. Troy, TW
Nicholas Saw (1 year ago)
Hi TW, I am currently wearing a NB 696 which seems to be wearing off. Can you guys recommend a durable shoe that is also not too pricey? My budget is around $100 - $150. I have considered the Yonex Eclipsion or Wilson Amplifeel. PS: I have a narrow foot. Regards, Nick
Nicholas Saw (1 year ago)
+Tennis Warehouse Alright thanks Troy I will look into it.
Tennis Warehouse (1 year ago)
@Nicholas Saw, The Yonex Power Cushion Eclipsion is a good option. I also recommend the Asics Gel Resolution 7 and adidas Barricade 17 BOOST. If I had to pick one I’d go with the Asics Gel Resolution 7, which is my personal favorite, and fits well for a narrow foot type. Troy, TW
Hugh (2 years ago)
HEAD - NZZZO PRO (Speed) & REVOLT PRO 2.0 (Power) Shoe review?
Fear Critical Apex (2 years ago)
Hey tw, when would you guys be reviewing the new Head lynx edge string
Tennis Warehouse (2 years ago)
@ Vortex Designs, We are working on some other string playtests at the moment, but we will note your interest and keep it in mind for future playtests. Andy, TW
Aaron Santos (2 years ago)
hey guys cant really find a video of this bag (http://www.tennisonly.com.au/Yonex_Pro_Series_Backpack_Black_Red/descpage-YPSBPBR.html) in your channel, youve done a yonex backpack vid on one but its not the exact one, is it alright if you could like send me a vid of how it looks like and its features or just post it? cheers
Tennis Warehouse (2 years ago)
@ Aaron Santos, We don't have a video for that bag currently. All the information we have on it will be listed on its product page. Andy, TW
Gavla Tennis (2 years ago)
3D-fs technology? ROTFL :-D
manchusabre (2 years ago)
When will the prince phantom review be posted? Also racquet release date please.
manchusabre (2 years ago)
Cool, thanks. Maybe we can get some bonus footage of phantom test.
Tennis Warehouse (2 years ago)
@ manchusabre, We are just testing an early prototype of it and don't have any information currently on a release date. Andy, TW
Paul Leonardo (2 years ago)
Good review. Any ETA on the Prince Phantom release date? Thanks!
Jay Nainani (2 years ago)
@tenniswarehouse, which racquet is Chris using? thanks, Jay
Robin Robin (2 years ago)
It's the Prince Phantom yet to be released.
eccentral3 (2 years ago)
Wilson, I think you just accidentally made a basketball shoe. If the fit is more roomy in the mid to forefoot vs the rush pro version 2.0, could get consideration down the road after I'm done with my current collection of shoes.
saigonbond (2 years ago)
Were these designed by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin?
Z A C H B O W E N (2 years ago)
Great review! I like it very detailed.
francis drice (2 years ago)
Yahoo Yahoo
potatorampage (2 years ago)
nice prince phantom
Nathan IMGtennis#1 (2 years ago)

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