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Traxon’s 20 Year Anniversary

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The brand name Traxon was established in May 1995, together with the founding of the company Traxon Technologies in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Flexibility, simplicity, and innovation are the guiding principles that formed what Traxon stands for as a brand today. Traxon’s dynamic lighting solutions have been implemented in numerous renowned architectural landmarks worldwide including Flame Towers at Baku, Christ the Redeemer Monument at Rio de Janeiro, Silo 648 at Helsinki, YAS Marina Hotel at Abu Dhabi, and National Stadium at Warsaw. Today as a brand under OSRAM, Traxon products and solutions continue to transform creative visions into unforgettable lighting experiences, elevating architectural, entertainment, hospitality, and retail environments around the world. See more: http://www.traxontechnologies.com/traxon20
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