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The Socratic Method: What It is and How to Use It in the Classroom

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Published on May 22, 2003, Award-Winning Teachers on Teaching guest lecturer Professor Rob Reich, Political Science, speaks on the Socratic Method, what it is and how to use it in the classroom.
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Mr Scratch (3 months ago)
Robs a little bitch that reads from a sheet. Get a real teacher so these kids can learn.
Paul Harris (6 months ago)
Over many years, I have spent a good deal of time with the Plato dialogues and Socratic method. I personally believe that though greater clarity of conception and more specificity come out of the Socratic method than out of mere belief and presumption, no attention is given to variety of epistemological conception in these writings. For instance, I have never seen in Plato's works - any mention of the distinction between connotation and denotation in arriving at an understanding of an idea. I think Kant made a significant breakthrough in epistemology by adducing in his Logical Table of Judgements, under the category of Modality, that we actually live our lives on three levels of "truth:" Problematic - (one's own opinion), Assertoric ( consensus, or agreement with others), and Apodeictic ( that which is incontrovertible by induction alone - e.g., If I, you, he, or she - touches the third rail, the result will be the same, regardless of opinion, belief, or debate.) It is apparent to me that in human affairs - truth IS agreement...
Thomas Anstett (1 year ago)
The Socratic method is best employed as a close reading strategy.
Shinja Okinawa (1 year ago)
Make sure you don't get to a point someone might learn something.
Edythe Weeks (2 years ago)
Nice lecture.
Rozi (3 years ago)
why is he reading? that's unprofessional
Alice Sultan (3 years ago)
The sad part is that I'm in sixth grade and I needed to look this up for school
Tomato Fettuccini (1 year ago)
No, that's the good part. Learning is good, and learning how to teach yourself is even better. If you're not learning, then you might as well be dead. There's more than enough to learn about in your lifetime.
sudipt raj (2 years ago)
Glenn Hanson (2 years ago)
+DarkRose The good part is that you did!
J B (3 years ago)
I came here for the boobs Edit: And the nips at 2:23
jay Roberge (2 years ago)
+ScumbagnKiller B That's EXACTLY WHAT i WAS THINKING!!!
Matt Paradee (3 years ago)
"We use the Socratic Method here" 9:57
Brian Tumor (3 years ago)
Hmmm, he must have gotten awards for being 'less boring', because he is still quite so. I imagine he would be bored himself if he didn't have a printed sheet in front of him. If he truly understood the Socratic Method and the focus of his speech, his understanding and conviction would have been his guide. Learning and the Socratic Method are examples of dynamic thinking, and neither hackneyed scenes from an old movie nor droll, carefully structured sentences give life or respect to these notions. Also, a boring lecture is not worthy of the excitement of learning.
Martin Rayner (5 months ago)
Pompous jackass.
Paul Harris (6 months ago)
He's a young professor yet, and has not yet shed the reverberations of didactic methods...
Paul L (3 years ago)
socratic method produces people like Bill Gates...professional bullshiters..who will never finish school in a traditional way. btw Windows suck...encouraging people arguing in circles more or less like the spins in the news room of Fox channel.. the bullshits will be awarded greatly... The entire 30 min was a big waste of time....teachers dont teach...students dont learn..a society of ignorant people is much easier to fool and govern.
Michael Green (3 years ago)
thanks for only posting half the fuckin video,,,, nice job assholes
Arab Katib (3 years ago)
In Islam, we don’t have this shitty "Socratic Method", this "method" doesn’t make you learn! Religious teachers in Saudi Arabia schools encourage giving DIRECT answers to students, (I am not Saudi), this help you learn more! It is the way used in Japan. People getting lots of answers and growing in mind is better than running after simple pre-answered questions.. I did a couple searches on YouTube and Google asking: Why university professors never give direct answers?, I studied once under some American teachers, and they were AWFUL! Many of us actually never learned ANYTHING! They never answer your questions. They just give you more questions! Today, I am filthy rich, and what I do has NOTHING to do with what I "learned" at universities! People in the West should DITCH the so called and filthy "Socratic Method", and just answer their students directly when they ask a question, like good old age teachers.. it always works. Answer them quickly so that they can MOVE ON to the next knowledge, don't make them ponder over pre-solved problems and pre-answered questions. Cut the chase and TEACH FAST! However, with that being said, I cannot help but think that there is some sort of conspiracy at work here, were the educational system doesn’t really want people to learn so they they won't compete in the future for their teacher's jobs or higher leadership positions, that can actually somtimes affect and change society.. My thoughts. Greetings from Arabia, Dubai, UAE.
Martin Rayner (5 months ago)
Might explain why there's such a profound level of academic retardation in the Islamic world.
Promotionitinc (1 year ago)
I don’t think you understand the purpose of the Socratic method
Arab Katib (2 years ago)
+Rob Darling Lmao!
Rob Darling (2 years ago)
Indeed you are a liar. And a fool. And a woman.
Arab Katib (2 years ago)
+Rob Darling The last time I've checked, I am Educated. And I am not a liar.. And.. who are you?
mevilight (3 years ago)
everyone knows that the Socratic method does not work
yolol (2 years ago)
i found it to be bombastic rhetoric at best.
Isle of Mull FPV (2 years ago)
You claim " everyone" knows something. Curious proposition.
Zed Zidar (2 years ago)
Really? I did not know that. I thought it is a good tool.
Reg Cheeseman (3 years ago)
Pretty good but where's the rest of it?
George Marsh (4 years ago)
Chinese had taught history by the 'Socratic' or dialectic method, on interpretation of facts but not all on moral issues since the Han Dynasty. Confucius taught moral philosophy by the dialectic method also.
Donald Hernan (4 years ago)
I find it interesting that this speaker never asked a question during his entire presentation. Isn't that ironic?
Tomato Fettuccini (1 year ago)
He did comment on the irony of it at 4:37, right at the beginning of his lecture.
Are Jaye (3 years ago)
+Donald Hernan Not really. The Socratic Method is not effective when simply imparting facts, as this professor was doing. it's not intended to be used in every learning situation.
Chris Clements (4 years ago)
you will never know the answer ... kingsfield    iiii  To Sir with Love...  Sidney's teaching method was both sage on the stage and Socraic 
Rachel Armstrong (4 years ago)
I disagree that the Socratic Method is about following the discussion without influencing it to a certain end. Socrates did not simply want students to be aware of their own biases; he clearly wanted to lead them to agree with his conclusion, but he did so in a way that directed their thinking step by step so that the conclusion became their own. The best way to learn about the Socratic Method is to read and study the Socratic dialogues by Plato. 
Jale Harris (5 years ago)
Is there a part 2 to this?
Joy Park (4 years ago)
See the PDF on this lecture:  http://web.stanford.edu/dept/CTL/Newsletter/socratic_method.pdf
Stay Tuned (5 years ago)
awesome , came to learn about the socratic method , even ff th milf bewbs

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