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✅ 10 Hairstyles For Long/Medium Hair - Men’s Long Haircut Styles

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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Hey guys, Here are 10 Long haircut styles I’ve been playing with since I’ve grown my hair out :) Click this link for my Hair Growth Facebook group: https://m.me/ThomasInAction?ref=hairstyles_in_action Once you get inside messenger, click get started and follow the prompts :). Men’s Long Hairstyle Number 1: Wild & Free (this is literally just having your hair down) Over the past year while I’ve been growing my hair out I’ve been wondering how long it would take for my big curly hair to go down instead of out. Part of the reason I always felt like cutting it was because I just never thought it would look good out and I was just oh fuck sake, but my perseverance definitely came through for me and I’m so pleased I waited because now I can wear it out and I actually feel like it looks good! Men’s Long Hairstyle Number 2: The Man Bun I know this is a super obvious one but within this one hairstyle there so many variations that all give different vibes. There’s the: - Messy Bun - The High Bun - The Low Bun - The Cap Bun - The Neat Bun And the list goes on and on... speaking of, I have just started a Manbun series on the Channel called Man Bun Monthly, This community is full of man bun wearers and the idea is to bring you tips and tricks to keep your Man Bun at it’s best, so remember to subscribe so you don’t miss any of those! Men’s Long Hairstyle Number 3: The Tri Braid The Tri-braid is a new one for me, I’ve only been able to start wearing this since my sides kind of got over 7 inches long. In order to braid your hair needs to be pretty long, I’ve found the seven inch mark is the sweet spot for my head and I’d encourage any guys with much longer hair to try this one Men’s Long Hairstyle Number 4: The Boof Look The Boof look is a New favourite of Mine. I’ve been on Pinterest quite a bit lately, like when am I never on there and I’ve been seeing this look quite frequently. I’ve managed to recreate the look myself a number of times and thought it was so groovy. This look is how to own the stages of where your hair is growing out and not down. Definitely on my favourites list. It’s unique, not every mother fucker is wearing it and only few can pull it off. Is that? Leave a comment below. Men’s Long Hairstyle Number 5: All Out With A Broad Brimmed Hat I wore this look a few weeks ago when I went to Couran Cove for my friend Tom’s birthday. It’s a real indie/alternative kind of look, but I really like it. It’s pretty much just the boof look with and round hat just chucked on top. Men’s Long Hairstyle Number 6: The John Snow This hairstyle is inspired by the one and only John Snow from Game of Thrones. It’s pretty much a man bun with the back hanging down. To my knowledge you call that a “High Ball”. It’s kind of like a Man Bun Mullet looking thing. And the cool this is this hairstyle works with both for guys with long and medium length hair. Mine getting on the longer side now so it doesn’t look exactly like John Snow’s anymore but still you the my drift. Men’s Long Hairstyle Number 7: The Thor The Thor hairstyle is a pretty cool one. I can pull this one off when my hair is straight. This look is similiar to the John Snow, except it’s straight, looks better only when long and instead of putting the hair into a bun, it’s made into a pony tail. It’s cool because this hairstyle can be really messy or tidy depending on your mood and doesn’t take much effort either. It’s a Win Win. So unfortunately YouTube won’t let me write more than this for the description so for the other 3 long hairstyles for guys make sure you watch the video :) Thanks again for watching this video and remember to give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed it as it really helps me grow and create more content on youtube. Love You! Equipment used to make this video: Camera used to film this video: http://amzn.to/2Crt0K3 Cheap tripod used for this video: http://amzn.to/2EdLQVk Lighting used: http://amzn.to/2zPVnP4 Microphone used: http://amzn.to/2ltTQcj Editing program used to make this video: Final Cut Pro X Come Follow Me Here: Website: https://thomasinaction.com/ Pinterest, Instagram & Twitter: @thomasinaction Snapchat: tgard46 Facebook Group: https://m.me/ThomasInAction?ref=hairstyles_in_action Other videos about long hair: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i-QtM9XeKUE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PfmUdtOlDZw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gDgYUv6LiNs&t=4s
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Text Comments (142)
CekBack (5 months ago)
6:10 what the heck
Steven Watson (18 days ago)
Your my friend I always wanted your so full of +energy I had long hair I rock John snow went for a hair cut she cut to much off I going to grow it out can't wait to it hangs down hair keeps sticking up what ever produced I use top block
Ezria Daniels (30 days ago)
He have around the same type of hair, so I really enjoyed this video
Hefvulon Kenoranth (1 month ago)
The body of the hat is too small for you, but other than that it looks pretty good
Celina K (1 month ago)
6:12 love it, might work well with the hat? It's up there with Sherlocks haircut and Eliot Waugh's hairstyle. :( wish they were more popular
Mar Are (1 month ago)
Step 1: Have that hairline
t7i (2 months ago)
Thomas you look like a football player
Taylor Leger (3 months ago)
It takes balls to grow long hair if you are a man, but I'm doing it anyway
Taylor Leger (3 months ago)
Thinning hair out will help it not be quite as poofy
shadow clasher (3 months ago)
how long did it take
Dixiedixon01 (3 months ago)
3:11 the bottom half of the face kinda looks like just Cobain in 1994 before he died, not talking about the hair or body
John moss (3 months ago)
High messy and high neat was awesome...the hat looks is very good...
KEGZ (3 months ago)
3:24 smile more.🤔
Big Smoke (3 months ago)
my hair is curly and when i brush it it becom wavy and i want to make my hair long like you but i can't my brother tell me that it will be afro , but my hair is not kinky or coild , is just wavy and dry , and my father don't let me to grow my hair out :'( , my brother want cut my hair like Drake xD, and my father want me make my hair the short brush hair , but i want my hair long like you
P. K. (3 months ago)
Low messy
Edwin Garcia (3 months ago)
Have you used a hairband? I have the same hair as you I used it during the awkward stage.
Music Lover (3 months ago)
you kinda look like Harry Styles from 2014
freak nature (3 months ago)
Oh my God it's Loki
freak nature (3 months ago)
It good
Carter Klan (4 months ago)
Hey Thomas, so my hair is around 10 inches on top, but like 5 or 6 on my sides because I used to have an undercut. My main problem is that my hair is really thick, and even with it's length the weight doesn't seem to make it flow downwards. I can do the man bun, but any other hairstyles seem to be impossiblr because of the thickness, and my side length. Any tips?
ach nix (4 months ago)
All look good except for what you wear in the video. Looks so fuzzy and flimsy and makes you look old... made me aggressive almost. I wanted to Just grab it put in some lotion really bad ^^
Its me OrtHer (4 months ago)
Please give me 'Jon snow hair style look' link
8bitPopCorn (4 months ago)
I think very few people can rock a hat... But you are definitely one of those people❤️
Hey broh were you from? Always see the subtitles in portuguese da um salve pa nois ai jao
Blue bag Zay (4 months ago)
Pleas make a video on number 9 hairstyle teach us how to get that hairstyle
BronzeAlive (4 months ago)
Fuck I want long hair, I’ve got a long disconnected undercut, and I really want sides but I’m afraid to go through the awkward stage!! But I’m gonna give it another try!
Le Cobra (4 months ago)
Rename your video: "How not to look good with long hair."
Thomas In Action (4 months ago)
LaggzMcGee (4 months ago)
What kind of hat is that
MISTY WITCHER (5 months ago)
In India if a guy grows hair, people doing a Bullshit comments on someone's life, how to counter it? In my school there is a rule to not grow long hair, in college same, now in my office same rule.. FML... I'm not living a life what I want...
Jayden Kenyon (5 months ago)
Yoooo loki
Elvin Ochoa (5 months ago)
Hace un video de cortes como dejar creer el cabello
Robby Grimmett (5 months ago)
Love the broudbrim hat look
Ignacio Perez (5 months ago)
your hair is amazing but can you tell some hair styles with long straight hair
El Virgo (5 months ago)
I didn't understand how to make the Beyonce one
Nicholas Bennett (5 months ago)
why is this ja'mie king
ImAHuman (5 months ago)
Hey Thomas!
M Wasim pervez Jaan (5 months ago)
M Wasim pervez Jaan (5 months ago)
You are growing up😔
Gabe Magee (5 months ago)
That vegemite thingy looks like something youd see on a greek statue, kinda weird but funky
marcelo bustamante (5 months ago)
4:47 better call it the loki man
Carlos Fonseca (5 months ago)
New sub here! I found you from your monthly check ins, and I’m in the process of starting my grow out. Would you recommend growing your hair out how you did, where you did the undercut first, or would you have rather grown it all out at once?
Goose Neck (5 months ago)
Pretty sure your gay
Thomas In Action (5 months ago)
Duh, Get a grip, get a life and get over it lol
Evandro Paul (5 months ago)
Thomas, can you make a video about trying to grow a beard? I can grow an okay chin beard and mustache but the sides are patchy and won't connect to the chin. Not even my mustache connects with my chin beard
Enrique Cabrera (5 months ago)
Evandro Paul some people genetically dont grow a full connected beard. Also age. If youre a teenager your hair folicles are 100% set. Youre going to need some age depending on person until you find what your max beard is going to look like
Evan F (5 months ago)
Thomas you seem like such an awesome person!! 🙌😬
Armando Sturzenegger (5 months ago)
You look so fresh + the content and edition is excellent. Creativity at it's best.
Ahmed Refay (5 months ago)
I've been growing my hair for 2 years, but i need somthing to give me that look after getting out of the shower while my hair is Wet (MY HAIR IS WAVY)
I really LOVE the brim hat look!!
blake Butler (5 months ago)
My hair is curly at the Ends and wavy and rlly big and it's so long now
Chris Bird (5 months ago)
You look like Athelstan from vikings
Enter Valhala (3 months ago)
Kitty DeathBeam oh yeah
Abraham Montano (5 months ago)
Chris Bird omg yes
Saiprathik Chalamkuri (5 months ago)
Hey man love the video because you hair and mine are the same but yours seems a bit too dry. I would suggest that you slow down on the shampoo use and you’ll end up getting a more natural and luscious look!
Vox (5 months ago)
I’m OFFICIALLY obsessed with your channel, I don’t know why you don’t get more recognition.
ItsRainzz (5 months ago)
Can you double Dutch braid tutorial
Brady Galloway (5 months ago)
Yes. Yes. Yes. Also, thanks for responding to my snap! Love ya!
drake kramer (5 months ago)
Hey I really want to grow my hair out I’ve got to 6” on top and 2” on the sides before I cut it I have really curly red hair very similar to you’re texture. Need some advice. Thanks. Love your vids keep up the great work.
Sam Raimo (5 months ago)
Thanks! Im currently growing out my hair, which sucks because in january it was long but then i thought it would be funny to cut it into a bowl cut. fuck, regrets. since then ive gotten it trimmed once and it is all one length (like all the hair is grown out on top to about mid ear length) so my hair is about 10 inches on top and an inch or two on the sides, so it falls down halfway on my ear. How long do you think it will take for it to grow to about jaw length?
Josh Brandy (5 months ago)
The hat looks great
gordod*wn (5 months ago)
fix ur narrow palate eww
White Berry (5 months ago)
I love the Jon Snow style 😍😍😍
khiry 10 (5 months ago)
The bof look and the hat look are amazing
khiry 10 (5 months ago)
Finally new videos pls don't make me wait that much again
Elizabeth Hodkinson (5 months ago)
Favourite is the Jon Snow! I also love the hat!!!
Thomas In Action (5 months ago)
Awwww LIZ! thanks for swinging by. Love and Miss you! xoxox
Fish Astronaut (5 months ago)
I think #7 looks more like Loki especially 4:49
Catfish Man (5 months ago)
Hat looks really good on you.
TheMelZagers (5 months ago)
Damnn when the video starded I thought "ow the hat suits thomas very good" then at the number 4 i noticed it was a style 😂
Brandon Marshall (5 months ago)
high messy bun looks so good on you omg
AnKoNaToR (5 months ago)
Question to you hair guys... I’m male, thick hair... but on my hairline, I have loads of baby hairs.. why is this?
AnKoNaToR (5 months ago)
Princess Vanessa thankyou so much :) x
Princess Vanessa (5 months ago)
Can I say something? I'm a girl with thick hair I also have baby hairs there I think it's just new hair growing and this new hair is more noticeable cuz it's on hairline u can see easily. Don't stress, own it, I think it's cute!!👸👑💜💗💜💗😃
Rogue Warrior (5 months ago)
Hey Thomas! Really love what your doing. Your hair growth has been really amazing to watch. I just have one question. How long was the top of your hair before you started growing out the sides?
Tracy Mendiola (5 months ago)
What is that type of hat called?
Edgy Adam (5 months ago)
I have weird hair. It's kind of like yours, but a bit more curly (just sometimes though), with less volume. Right now it's a bit shorter than yours. Which one of these styles would you recommend?
Normanne Z (5 months ago)
Medium neat!
Fursty (5 months ago)
Where is the side braid😭
Thomas In Action (5 months ago)
the was the tri braid, did you see that?
Genderfluid Curlz (5 months ago)
Loved the scroll look it would look cool as men usually don't wear it. We just need the right attitude to pull it off 😊 loved the looks and specially the hat 😍
Genderfluid Curlz (5 months ago)
Thomas In Action I love your physique and would love to know ur routine. U mainly focus on hair but that would be great 😀 and also maybe recreate some photos maybe trending or old school hairstyles or looks that would be fun 😁
Thomas In Action (5 months ago)
Woohhooo I'm glad you loved. Yeah the scroll one seems to be in the favourites of a few! thanks so much for watching! Any other video ideas you'd like to see from me?
Isa (5 months ago)
I love your content, i have the same hair type and length and few times thought of cutting it but now i won’t
Thomas In Action (5 months ago)
YASSS I'm glad. Long hair is the best! Thank so much for watching!
Cameron Frazier (5 months ago)
Love the hat 😍 definitely gonna try to get one
Thomas In Action (5 months ago)
YAssss it's so cool huh. I got him from Uniqlo. it was only 30 bucks :)
Fonsi Torres (5 months ago)
Hey Thomas! First, thank you for what you do! and congrats on your growing channel! Me and you have pretty much same hair type in a natural state, so I come in every now and then and check out what you've done with yours hoping I can do the same one day haha. So far, none are possible. Really digging #4! Im growing out my hair, and Im at a (super) awkward stage now, hoping I can do a man bun within the next 4 months. Almost there! but I feel it looks very unhealthy too. My diet is shit, so I know that definitely doesn't help out to a healthy grow. I'm even getting a receding hairline which worries me. Now my dad officially has more hair than I do. Not cool. Any tips? Any recommendations on type products I can buy (or avoid) to wear out during day/night mostly in very humid weather so it can look 'natural'? I really like how hair of the guy with the mustache looks. Mine just looks 'dry' and puffy all the time. Thanks again Thomas! Cheers.
Fonsi Torres (5 months ago)
Thomas! Thank you for taking the time to reply and helping me out. Really appreciate it! Thank the Hair Lords I'm not in a regrowth specialist situation haha (hopefully never) it's not that bad just some widows peak going on. I do need to start taking care of it more to avoid that in the future. I will be checking out your recommendations and keep growing the crazy mane! Can't wait to get over this awkward stage. -_- Again, thank you and best of luck!
Thomas In Action (5 months ago)
Heya, a) I'm glad you enjoy my content and are loving look number 4 at 2:47. b) If your hair is looking unhealthy here is a video I made about the products I use to keep mine in good condition: https://youtu.be/8U18pjjzy18 c) with your receding hairline, you are best of seeing a hair regrowth specialist. None of my content really revolves around gaining back lost hair as I've never had the issue nor can I give an educated response on the matter. For all my hair growth tips and tricks that I've discovered in my last year of growing my hair out, you should go through and watch my hair growth check-ins. There TONS of content in there to watch. here's a link to the playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cMC8sHwKpsg&list=PLLD-a7CKCtPHSAIuKSPud8ysx1pNJsk1z d) There's SO many things to take into account for attacking humidity. I'll put it on my list of video idea and get to it when I can. In the meantime, though I have another video about ways you can decrease hair volume: https://youtu.be/69YibSpAKuM Yours in good hair, Thomas
Berthier (5 months ago)
my look is atm like "JOSH MARIO JOHN" https://www.instagram.com/spizoiky/ even my beard i can do alot with it manbuns or just going wild messy
Shucheng Qian (5 months ago)
Love your styling videos. I am super jealous of your curly hair, it adds so much volume. I have straight hair, so sometime it looks flat. Any tips for people with long straight hair like me?
Shucheng Qian (5 months ago)
I actually don't think I suit curly hair. I have a topknot/men ponytail at the moment. Are there any simple ways to add volume to straight hair other than a perm? Btw, love your braiding videos. You should make more of them. xD
Thomas In Action (5 months ago)
Heya! thanks so much for the love. I really appreciate it. If you are looking to rock curly hair, I have 2 questions for you first: 1. Firstly, do you suit really curly hair? 2. Have you ever considered a perm?
christoph picard (5 months ago)
Top 20 love you keep going
Thomas In Action (5 months ago)
Cheers guys! stay cool :) x
naseebah owens (5 months ago)
These are some awesome hairstyles I can’t wait for the next video! ❤️
naseebah owens (5 months ago)
My favorite is the boof look its so beautiful my hair is really curly like that! ❤️
Thomas In Action (5 months ago)
Yay! I'm glad you loved it. What was your favourite style out of the bunch?
W4it (5 months ago)
I grew out my hair, then cut the sides, then decided I wanted to grow them out again. That is the most awkward part when dealing with long top and short sides. Just waiting to the point i can pull it all back and tie it up again. Love these styles btw, never really tried braiding my hair, but it always looks cool when I see others do them.
W4it (5 months ago)
As far as styles I would do, wild and free because I'm generally not one to like putting a lot of effort into my hair. For work, I do similar to manbun to just keep my hair out of my face throughout the day. All of them are pretty cool styles tho :)
Thomas In Action (5 months ago)
Thanks for watching! I know what you men re the short sides and long top. I just grew mine out for the past year and a bit. The struggle was real lol. I'm gld you liked these styles. Which one was your favourite?
mishotheking (5 months ago)
grow your beard !
Matt V (5 months ago)
Really love the legothor look. Really fucking awesome to be honest!
Matt V (5 months ago)
I'm a total sucker for messy hair though & buns... such a pity my sides isn't as long as my hair on top which i just figured out is just a little bit over 10 inches. A wild guess i'd say my sides are either 4 or 6 inches. Something like that.
Thomas In Action (5 months ago)
Thanks for watching! I love the Thor one tooo! They are actually all so dope.
Taylor Gene (5 months ago)
Where'd you get the hat from? :)
Thomas In Action (5 months ago)
Hey there :) I got it from Uniqlo. It was only 30 bucks :)
MusicalAspie (5 months ago)
I like the vegimite scroll. I think it's my favorite!
Thomas In Action (5 months ago)
YAY! thanks for the input. I'm glad you liked the video! What else would you like to see from me?
Xx101xX (5 months ago)
I luv fedoras, I’m planning to do the same thing you’re doing with that hat when my hair gets longer
Thomas In Action (5 months ago)
Do it! I'm loving it a lot.
EndlessUpdates (5 months ago)
very cool look man :)
Thomas In Action (5 months ago)
Thank you! Which one was your favourite?
spider man fan 447 (5 months ago)
i really wanted to see the bob with the sides long, that was my favourite when you had an undercut
spider man fan 447 (5 months ago)
keep doing you my guy
Thomas In Action (5 months ago)
If I'm honest, I'm not really a fan of the bob with all my hair long. I guess "Wild and Free" is bobbish but yeah. When it's straightened I'm just not a fan.
Daniel Badel (5 months ago)
You look so cute with that hat 😍
Thomas In Action (5 months ago)
Thanks! it's from Uniqlo. It was only 30 bucks!
Abdallah Daoud (5 months ago)
Hey man, i really need your help, two years ago i tried to grow out my hair, and sadly i used a wrong product that f* up my hair, i shaved to buzz cut like 10 times and it's damaged as hill Ps((i have very thick hair wavy little bit))
Antymony Pl (5 months ago)
I have long nose. I get it smaller by keeping my hair loosely. What else I can do ? Help xd
Flight (5 months ago)
Contouring is great but idk if you'd go for that 😅
Thomas In Action (5 months ago)
I would think that having longer hair could help it blend in a bit more. What to you mean by loosely? can you link me a picture or something?
Sociopath (5 months ago)
Your hair is a bit longer than mine..but close! Love u
Sociopath (5 months ago)
Thomas In Action what is your overall goal? I know that your goal were a bun..but do u have a new goal?
Sociopath (5 months ago)
Thomas In Action i Think my goal is to my nipples Maybe a bit longer
Thomas In Action (5 months ago)
Nice one! what's your overall goal?
Yasin Abdillah (5 months ago)
Thomas In Action (5 months ago)
DomScoots (5 months ago)
Love the videos! Keep it up
Thomas In Action (5 months ago)
Thanks mate! will do :)
Aayushmaan Joshi (5 months ago)
That hat looks dope❤️🔥 i love hats too, with formals you could wear a top hat with the buff hair. Looks great
Aayushmaan Joshi (5 months ago)
Thomas In Action hahaha...glad I could be of some help
Thomas In Action (5 months ago)
What an excellent idea! So many people actually as me what to do for their formal/prom hair during the growing out stage and this is genieous!
2 Married Pandas (5 months ago)
I love that hat 🎩!!! Where did you get it? It’s so cool!
ImAHuman (5 months ago)
Thomas In Action gi
Thomas In Action (5 months ago)
I love it too! I got it from uniqlo :)

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