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Comedy Show Jay Hind! Boothnath on Fashion Weeks hilarious video

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Jay Hind! Episode 22 - Segment 4 : Do these Fashion Week idiots ever take people's opinion into account? Well they should - because it seems People hate nothing more than Fashion...no not even Akshay kumar evokes such strong emotions. We aren't even able to show some of the reactions as they might cause severe distress in your sensitive minds. :)))
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Prashant Soni (10 months ago)
Nowadays speed post changes too much of what you have explained Mr. Raghvan. Article from Delhi to Mumbai delivered in 2 days only through speed post. Even in remote area it doesn't take more than 10 days if you sent parcel from remote area of Kashmir to remote area of Kanyakumari. You must look at latest statistics of Indian Post of last one year.

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