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The Notorious B.I.G. - Somebody's Gotta Die Lyrics

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Somebody's Gotta Die from the album Live After Death (Disc 1) Writer : C. Wallace, Sean Combs, A. Hester, Nasheim Myrick, Carlos Broady Producer : Nashiem Myrick, Carlos "6 July" Broady, Sean "Puffy" Combs
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Text Comments (249)
Josh Valle (21 days ago)
here, here CALICOs!!!!!!
kaydon christie (22 days ago)
B.I.G is not die
Daniel Dimino (25 days ago)
I get chills when he says retaliation for this one wont be minimal
Gumbo Jambalaya (27 days ago)
best biggie song
Risus Sardonicus (1 month ago)
Menace II Society anyone?
Sami Rifai (1 month ago)
guys english is not my first language, but i speak it very well, and i have a small dream to become a rapper one day so since i was a kid i was basically listening to the like of biggie , pac and eminem...but sometimes i happen not to understand every line in their music why the fuck is that? :/
BETEGALEX (1 month ago)
He said "Yo Rock, set em up", no question, wet them up no less than fifty shots in his direction. -just imagine that verse... this track's awesome.
Dave FxPro (1 month ago)
Joe RICHARDSON (3 months ago)
It's 2018 in we still bumping like it just drop 💪😎
I HATE YOU!!! (3 months ago)
He predicted he's death.
Sciencz (4 months ago)
puff daddy killed biggie
Jay Limage (5 months ago)
This shyt is legit a movie the sinister beat, background effects & the story = Classic
Johnnie Searcy (5 months ago)
I start to get a finny feelim throw the mask on in case his ni**as start swillin
Antonio G (6 months ago)
Best story tellers Scarface Pac Biggie Nas Trick daddy
William Miller (7 months ago)
Did this way before the rap shit bust the gat shit "Puff" won't even know what happen ... Puff who? Never ever hurd someone call anyone puff. Was he talking to Diddy I never got the impression they was tight like that if so all the conspiracy makes sense on another note Big was the G.o.a.t.
Ricardo Longo (3 months ago)
William Miller Biggie and Puff (Sean Combs, aka Diddy) were as tight as it gets, to the point I can't think of one without thinking of the other. The meaning is that Puffy, as the owner of Big's label, didn't want him to go back to his criminal life, which is why he has to be extra sneaky going after Jason.
Brett Drake (7 months ago)
This man was so far ahead of his time! They don't do it like this anymore....not even close! Rap these days is so garbage. I've been a hip hop head my whole life. I can't stand any new rappers....smh....i mean,I grew up on this. Kids these days don't know what real hip hop is.
Man pc (8 months ago)
Poet in rhyme. Rip biggie
Vincent White (8 months ago)
His word play and story telling so vivid
CK ROY (8 months ago)
The best lyricist to grace this planet, sleep well Biggie!! What a talent
KING SWIFT (9 months ago)
The oops coincides with the ringing of the doorbell letting you interrupting his stream of conscience to actually begin the story
BlackPill Tv (9 months ago)
man the baby crying hits you hard.
Vaas Montenegro (10 months ago)
Biggie made one too many songs about death
Daniel Dimino (10 months ago)
Let the gunshots blow
Rhomayyann 213 (11 months ago)
"Exchange hugs and pounds before the throw down How it's gonna go down Lay these niggas low-down Slow down Fuck all that planning shit Run up in they cribs And make them cats abandon shit"🔫👌💯💯
Emil Kovachev (11 months ago)
A person that does not have the ability of the English language, should not make songs at all.
Aaliya's Life (11 months ago)
Pimp Snooky brought me here. Lmao I had to remember this shit.
Aurélien ****** (1 year ago)
fuks with him
Seafoamfucker (1 year ago)
In the end, did somebody really gotta die?
Jay Limage (5 months ago)
Seafoamfucker cluffhangee
Mark Christian (1 year ago)
Room To Breathe. illest
Robert Trowell (1 year ago)
Don't ask me why i'm motha fuckin stressed
Frenchford (1 year ago)
who is lil pump
YounG Raw (1 year ago)
God damn why haven't I heard this
Chrissy_love_animals (1 year ago)
I miss this type of music!! It just wasn't about the beats, it was the lyrics as well! I don't know what the hell these new rappers be talking about cause I can't relate to drinking lean and taking Zanny to get high. Bring back the REAL street shit we see and deal with on a daily.
Biggie Smalls (1 year ago)
His storytelling and flow ability combined is unmatchable.
Bojan Anastasov (1 year ago)
Pa sho ako e sramota sramota e ovoj svet .sekogash svetot bil takov kaov sho e .samo sho ima slika sea.i ubao e zimno vreme.
Bojan Anastasov (1 year ago)
Znaesh deka zimno vreme e ubavo .
Halal Walal (1 year ago)
"Nigga turned around holding his daughter" Daym that gave me the chillz and the baby crying. 😢
tomassy88 (1 year ago)
what a storytelling..Biggie is the best ever!!
THomas Côté (1 year ago)
Alpha Lucci (1 year ago)
I see you added a lot of your own lyrics 😂
goblin (1 year ago)
man I miss dis man I am from Harlem where Biggie is from when he came out........Rap was never da same
fresno 559 (4 months ago)
he's from brooklyn
kingxfblvckhevrts (1 year ago)
How raw is this song?Rate 0-10.I'll give clean 18 at least
daniel ormerod (1 year ago)
did he diss snoop? hahaha
Ryan Overton (1 year ago)
Storytelling at its finest!
Jade Keepness (1 year ago)
such a fire track fuckjng biggie 😣 wish you we're still alive killing shit!
me Lizzardo (1 year ago)
2:18 it is PERSIAN WHITE ,not VIRGIN WHITE !!!
Big G (1 year ago)
2:18 -----> its "PERSIAN WHITE " u idiot! not VIRGIN WHITE !!!
PBN.Seatbelts (1 year ago)
Lyrics are off
Young Willy (1 year ago)
YOUNG WILLY - WARNING (From the Notorious Big Album "Ready to die") check it out now! Vid on my profile.
COREY FISHER (1 year ago)
nobody told stories like my buzin..miss u b.i.g #brooklynforever
AJ WhorrorMan94 (10 months ago)
COREY FISHER hope you know he wasn't calling it Brooklyn he said "I'm Crooklyns finest you rewind this bad boyz behind us."
Yung Chino (1 year ago)
snoop oopps
raji ben taleb (1 year ago)
hahahah when he said selling records like snoop you hear the oops cause that was the time of east coast west coast beef so as an east coast rapper he wasn't supposed to like snoop thats why the oops hahah GENIUS
Mark Joel V (1 year ago)
Who can make a better story than this? Biggie was on another level. GOD level
Aaron Bynes (1 year ago)
No other rapper today could make a story that paints a picture. Matter of fact I can't even understand most rappers today.
Chaz Morel (11 days ago)
J Cole
Tiano Flow (3 months ago)
rico story- speaker knockerz meek mill - tony story
Sung Ra (7 months ago)
Closest would probably be Cube and DMX, I think.
Young Tevoo (8 months ago)
Joyner Lucas
Jeffery Hendrix (11 months ago)
Ace Rhymes true
I almost cried at the end. poor baby will grow up fatherless...and obsessed with revenge
Dingo dyno (1 month ago)
well thats how it was in the 90s and down, shiz was real back then and this is what happened in cities like NY and where im from LA, and if you want this to hit home, look at the recent events like the GOP shooting, Las Vegas shooting, Florida shooting and Game convention shooting, until the house and Republicans regulate gun laws then this will keep happening, but they wont as we have seen, because the US cares to much about there guns and money to let them go like the NRA
B33RUS (11 months ago)
I get you, it's like dance with the devil. The storytelling is of a very high level. Fuck man, hiphop used to be so fucking good.
Ivan Hernandez still...
Ivan Hernandez (1 year ago)
its a song
I-Love-CO Mountains (1 year ago)
Fuck i forgot how hard that track went.
Tijane lacase (1 year ago)
Tijane lacase (1 year ago)
real shit
MOONIIM GHOUALI (1 year ago)
we can all agree PAC killed biggie with the greatest diss record ever see grab your glocks when you see tupac call the cops the cops when you see tupac Westside riders
Tangina Hendricks (2 years ago)
Just NO
Humayoon Khan (2 years ago)
3 AM, best bedtime story ever.
Davlo Music (2 years ago)
Check out my remix to this on my channel now! Given it a modern yet darker twist.
Ryszard Kiliński (2 years ago)
Biggie went god-like on this joint.... NTBT. Not to be touched, man.
montazmeggett (9 months ago)
big cant be touched?? lmao . pac by far
Ethan Max (1 year ago)
Ryszard Kiliński what's even more amazing is the life after death album he didn't write no lyrics down for it , he just spit the shit off the top of his head
God (1 year ago)
Ryszard Kiliński I literally, and I qoute.. LITERALLY, worship his black ass.
Henry (7 months ago)
this song is not a diss snoop dog said that biggie wrote this song foe him showing that he wants to sell records like snoop
Vadims Larionovs (1 month ago)
He mentioned Snoop's name once? Does it mean that the song was wrote for Snoop? Funny.
Vadims Larionovs (1 month ago)
dafak. At that time Biggie had sold more than Snoop. Snoop wasn't a shit back then.
Takafi Elias (2 years ago)
Alliance SK8 yup, i watched that interview too 😉
Ayush Shrestha (2 years ago)
After 2pac got shot. Everyone claimed that this was diss to Pac. Then Biggie claimed that he dissed this to Snoop Dogg and said he never hated Pac.
Joseph Simmons (1 year ago)
+I AM WHAT I AM oh ok, my bad
I AM WHAT I AM (1 year ago)
+Joseph Simmons I was talking about AFTER Pac passed.... but it was definitely who shot ya that had Pac feeling like homeboy was trying him
Joseph Simmons (1 year ago)
+I AM WHAT I AM ...as far as I remember, the track they thought Biggie was dissing them was that track.....who shot ya!..
I AM WHAT I AM (1 year ago)
+Joseph Simmons it was Long Kiss Goodnight
Straight Facegang (1 year ago)
+I AM WHAT I AM whatttt
Tato Murusidze (2 years ago)
is this song diss ?
I AM WHAT I AM (2 years ago)
no its not you stupid fuck
Fonseca 4400 (2 years ago)
yes diss for 2Pac
Whsh (2 years ago)
This song is so well-done.
Swloesuki (2 years ago)
some one told me this was meant to be warning part 2 is that rue ?
Crono (2 years ago)
What's interesting is something like this does happen. And has happened. It doesn't have to be Biggie's story. It can be anyone's.
Tim Verwoerd (2 years ago)
Gunz For Hire - I'm A Criminal
leet moka (2 years ago)
"Pitiful is he in critical? Retaliation for this one won't be minimal. Cause I'm a criminal". Raw
Sing ain't lie.
Classic (10 days ago)
I see thank you buddy
EpicMRPancake (10 days ago)
+Classic His homie 'Sing' is the dude at the start that tells Big about the shootout between Jason and C-Rock. Sing says he knows where Jason and his crew are holed up at, so they go together to enact a revenge attack on him. When Biggie sees Jason just chilling with his crew, it confirms what Sing told him: That they're at their crib without weapons, even after they just shot Biggie's friend (kind of unusual).
Classic (1 month ago)
what that means
FocuzSongs (2 years ago)
please Check Out my remix :)
6godmatters (2 years ago)
im the1000th
Whsh (2 years ago)
1000th like
Whsh (2 years ago)
"Ay yo playboy!"
Anyone know any songs like this and Bad Guys Always Die? I enjoy listening to raps about generic revenge stories.
Whsh (2 years ago)
+Notorious P.I.G PIGGIE SMALLS yup
randrews25 (2 years ago)
air conditioner (2 years ago)
Everything with raps was better in the 90s--better lyrics, better beats, smarter niggas releasing shit.
Marco Mendoza (11 months ago)
heavymentalist (2 years ago)
odessa kane is a very good new emcee btw
heavymentalist (2 years ago)
not smarter just realer they went through real shit we still go through most mces or phoney rhymers now a days are out of college and grew up rich or something no offense but my life as a kid was fucked up and still trying to get through the struggle but nineties hip hop always makes me a little sane to get through
IeatNuggz (2 years ago)
+Crono no but tbh I really can't find any decent rappers now days even underground has changed
Incognito Jones (2 years ago)
+Jamie ASHCROFT LOL. As annoying as he could sometimes be he is not the worst rapper out there.
Trivesh Vassen (2 years ago)
Awesomeness! If you loved the storytelling you NEED to check out Shakey Dog by Ghostface off Fishscale. Stylistically and content-wise, it's the sequel to this blockbuster
honcho quavo (2 years ago)
holy shit that's dope
honcho quavo (2 years ago)
holy shit that's dope
Rayshawn Cannon (2 years ago)
200,000 views this bs but yet young thug got 35,000,000 views on some bs. Rap will never be the same.
Fernando M (9 months ago)
Rayshawn Cannon well that's because this song is hella old and there was no youtube back then
IeatNuggz (2 years ago)
Don't worry man if we start making fucking true g rap boom again it will come full fucking circle
dyckmanlady25 (2 years ago)
When NYC was the place to be.The block was the center of the universe..And all them Drake niggas was in the house, hiding under thier Mama cuz the kids on the block didnt accept they ass! R.I.P NOTORIOUS B.I.G
View Master (2 years ago)
The Illest MC to ever to spit on any mic... Not even close, all comparisons are without merits and utterly meaningless.... R.I.P Frank White...
Paul Hightower (7 months ago)
Thank you View-Master he is the greatest and always will be the greatest
Omer K (3 years ago)
BIGGIE, the god of all thing Rap
GADoubleG03' (3 years ago)
Pac - philosophical king. Biggie - flow king. Eazy - diss king. Ma boi MattyB better then all dem mudderfukxers.
Sup Bro (2 months ago)
i think em is the diss king
emiliano holguin (2 months ago)
How is easy the best diss king ??? Eminem has ended careers easy didn't even write his shit
Muana Fanai (3 months ago)
Rick ross burger king
AA/AD J (5 months ago)
jottaz1 you're wrong at all. Guess you're right He didn't even write his lyrics but that was back then when he was with NWA group. But after NWA broke as Eazy E worked as solo and make his own label(Ruthless Record) he finally could think to write his own lyrics and you know what? All Eazy album he made in his label, Ruthless of course he write his own lyrics in his album then. Real Muthapuckkin G lyrics also were made and written by him and the two rapper on it. Read and fact from Eazy E before you tell us that Eazy didn't write his own lyrics. Eazy could even wright his own lyrics after he left NWA and then work for his album in his own label dude.
AA/AD J (5 months ago)
Whats up nope. Eazy E is the gangsta rap king. That because he is the godfather of Gangsta rap.
Honorable Crown (3 years ago)
This cat said 'True indeed, but yo nigga let me proceed/ Don't fill them clips too high give them bullets room to breathe/ Damn where was I? yeah, one night in town!!! OMG this is lyricism at its finest. So here's the narrative: Biggie and his homeboy is loading up weapons to go retaliate when BIG tells his boy not to fill the clips up with too many bullets so the gun won't get jammed basically! And then after getting off the topic he jumped back into his story by saying "Damn where was I?" ....lmao fucking genius! Long live the GOAT BIG!!!!
Gurkirat Dhillon (1 year ago)
"give them bullets room to breathe" bullets stop you from breathing, pretty cool
Honorable Crown (2 years ago)
+rafael asis​ yes indeed
rafael asis (2 years ago)
Damn, man!! I feel your translation about that line. I replay that line like 5 times. Biggie was I mean IS the best story teller ever.
Abel Herrera (3 years ago)
+Honorable Crown Thank you very much for the explanation!!...CAPTAIN OBVIOUS!
Jose Rubio (3 years ago)
this shit right here cant even explain how much rap done changed since this
Dfax Dfax (3 years ago)
Squeeze 6 nothin shorter
i'm tryin to sell records like snoop, OOPS, even he knew that beefing shit was bullshit, and the ones in it didnt even start that beefin shit
jondough7777777 (3 years ago)
+them hogs were mean momma, but not mad i stand corrected, had my dates wrong.
illyrian PRIDE (3 years ago)
this is what i call real HIP-HOP and real RAP  we miss u niggaaaa 
Logic Prime (1 year ago)
You cant listen to hip hop.... rap and hip hop arent the same thing.
dante saraci (1 year ago)
tall rak (2 years ago)
SS Nazi listening to Hip Hop !!
Alex Palmire (3 years ago)
+Mara Salvatrucha ms-13? lol
Hamdaoui zakaria (3 years ago)
O.D. (4 years ago)
it's "in the mix, bitch" , not "in the mist, kid"....  just thought ya might wanna know so ya don't look like a tool.
Fernando M (9 months ago)
OGDooshbagg nah I'm pretty sure he clearly said it
O.D. (3 years ago)
Okay, I can concede that he may say "mist", but he definitely says "bitch", not kid.  Either way, BIG was the man.
Jose Rubio (3 years ago)
+Honorable Crown lol right an yea def a legend
Honorable Crown (3 years ago)
+Jose Rubio thinking don't make you right jose!...lol either way it goes, BIG is a genius right?
Jose Rubio (3 years ago)
+Honorable Crown i think your mistaken..
olly kalfk (4 years ago)
Big & Pac - Best story tellers of all time!
Carbon Cell (25 days ago)
Pac is alright. Biggie is perfecto
Steven Singh (27 days ago)
olly kalfk And Eazy E, big pun , big L , Mc Ren , ice T !!!!
AA/AD J (8 months ago)
Pac, Biggie and Nas. True legendary rapper in 90s ever.
oKdizzle (11 months ago)
No way, immortal technique is way ahead. Pac & BIG are immense lyricist though.
Jerry Graves (3 years ago)
You mean best rappers of all time
tj54441 (4 years ago)
i love how he says sell records like snoop oops because snoop was at his peak at this time and biggie gave him the shoutout but said oops because he was beefing with death row haha genius line
Roy Rock (4 years ago)
Haha, that was like a movie. I was visualising everything. Wish he was still here. No one like him.
Jake Brown (4 years ago)
Moncola williams. He never took at shot at snoop he was complimenting him then he says oops because he forgot they was meant too be beefing with the westcoast . Snoop and biggie were friends .
Jake Brown (4 years ago)
Moncola williams. He never took at shot at snoop he was complimenting him then he says oops because he forgot they was meant too be beefing with the westcoast . Snoop and biggie were friends .
Zelym (4 years ago)
2:22 - 2:44 was boss
roosterkitten (4 years ago)
the whole 1:47-2:44 was. haha. and that is IF we have to chop a favorite part of the track ;)

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